22+ Effective Preschool Marketing ideas

Since you have made a decision to venture into the preschool business, I can safely assume that you love kids. Why wouldn’t you?

They are lovely. But since you are a kid person, you have no idea how to become a marketing person or where to start.

How to promote your preschool

  • Putting up signboards and banners everywhere in plenty to let people know about your business is certainly one of the best ways to promote your preschool business.
  • Distributing leaflets about the details of your business and the specialties of your preschool is indeed on the list of the best ways you can opt to promote your business. 
  • To disburden the process of promoting your preschool business, you must think of a unique name and design an amazing logo for your business quickly.
  • Business directories are one of the most helpful tools you have to promote your business. Make sure that you have your business enlisted in the business directories.

The good news is, after reading this article, you will go through a metamorphosis and come out as a marketing “guy”. Since times have changed, the method to properly market has also changed with time.

list of some marketing ideas for Preschool business that will provide you with a clue so that you can start and grow your business

-Host Event

The goal of hosting an event is to let the local folks see your preschool facilities. The event could be anything an open house or an art fair, or the most crowds are pleasing one, a BBQ.

Offer quality time to your potential candidates and their families and slowly but steadily imprint the numerous facilities your preschool can offer. You can introduce workshops regarding the issues of child care, such as dealing with tantrums. Improve eating habits etc. This will keep them engrossed in your conversations.

Make sure that there are enough materials for the local folks to take along with them. Materials such as leaflets and pamphlets provide more information about your preschool business. And don’t forget to ask the people for e-mail sign-ups.

-ATL (Above the line) Marketing

If your marketing budget is good enough, then it’s not going to hurt to try some Of the Line Marketing techniques. Above the Line or most commonly known as ATL marketing, caters to a large group of people known as the masses. Some of the techniques used in this particular marketing strategy are-

  • Radio Ads
  • Newspaper Ads in a local newspaper
  • Giant hoardings

-Tie-ups with Gated Community

Firstly, list all the gated communities where most of your target group resides. Secondly, get permission from these societies or gated communities to organize an activity or event that will benefit both parents and children.

Let me tell you, the part where you need to get permission is the toughest among others. You can easily generate leads and build brand awareness through these planned tie-ups.

A TIP: Plan seminars such as “Breast Cancer Awareness”, “Best out of waste for kids”, and “Expecting Mothers”. These activities will help you connect more with the parents.

-Get your business in Google Maps and Google Business

If you are one of the established business owners, the chances of your business being in Google are more; you might just have to claim it.

In a world where the Internet is used for finding almost anything, it is better to register your business within the same domain. Google Maps will help internet users to locate your preschool without much delay.

Google business will help your website and your business to attract attention from your target groups. Since everyone is into this, why not you?


Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools to grow your business. When you are doing everything right, the world is bound to travel. But the thing is, it’s not going to be enough, and I am pretty sure you can feel it too.

What we can do is introduce a referral program for all the clients, so whatever their work is they’ll definitely be interested.

Tell them how they can earn money by simply recommending your preschool business, and if they can bring some clients, they will be greatly rewarded. This is just a good way to turn your clients into advocates for your business.


Educate your Community with original content which will never go out of the market. Blogs work profoundly when you do something for the readers to enjoy and educate.

You can write blogs on why playing, and learning goes hand-in-hand and write learning stories that have inspired you all your life. Blogs work great as an add-on for your website. Don’t forget the fact that quality speaks better than quantity.

Select one good post rather than posting regularly with average content. You need to choose a post that is worth the reader’s time. Make sure to hire an SEO writer to attract the traffic of potential clients to your blogs and websites.

-Get Networking

Networking In your local community is an essential part of marketing not for selected businesses but for every business.

No business has suffered any loss after implementing this marketing strategy. Your words are most valuable and of interest to a group of local parenting and mother-to-be individuals. Make sure you become an important part of such groups because this is where all the target clients are hanging out.

Talk to them about the necessities of early education, transitioning to school, and choosing a childcare service to keep the ongoing connection growing. Don’t forget to slip in your business cards or flyers during those fruitful conversations.

-Advertising Your Business

Advertising, if done correctly, has the power to fetch you a lot of profits. Irrespective of ad forms, you can use this marketing medium to convey the necessary information to your audience properly.

People are generally receptive to good content advertising, and it won’t hurt to create an ad that looks enticing as well. Today, ads are not only limited to newspapers, TV, or a magazine.

There are ads that are invented for the sole purpose of establishing a market in the online world. For example, you can create ads on every social media platform. Ads such as PPC are used to popularize your business website, eventually, your business.

-Video Marketing

There is a reason Video works better than writing in the world of marketing. It is because people will start to believe if you provide them the ability to see it for themselves.

Of course, there are businesses that misuse this vital form of marketing, but I suggest you stay true to your word.

So, whether you are speaking on a topic that is of current interest or sharing videos and pictures of kid playing (get permission from their parents, of course) together, people find videos somewhat irresistible.

-Business Website

If your preschool business doesn’t have a web presence yet, I suggest you do it right now. These days people are entirely dependent on the online world in search of information.

And if they can’t locate you, they will most likely ignore your preschool. Thus, you are missing out on many potential clients. If you are going to, then it is recommended to make a website which is guest friendly, so that the visitors don’t suffer any issue while surfing.

You can also upload photos of kids having a great time to make the website look more fun since it is a website for preschool. Hire an SEO writer to make the website more visible in search engines.  And lastly, your website should be both desktop and mobile-enabled.

Business Website ideas for preschool by Themktgboy
colorful Business Website ideas for preschool by Themktgboy

-Social Media

There are lots of online conversations which happen quite often on social media platforms. So if you become a part of that conversation, you can influence them greatly with the choices they’ll make.

In order to so, you have to engage more in the world of Social Media. Sure, it can be overwhelming at times, but you need to hold your ground because then, only you would be able to reach a wider set of clients for your preschool business.

This is a great platform to share the content you have created and market it accordingly. With the help of this medium, you can reach out to industry influencers who are able enough to help your business. Social media play an important role in humanizing your business, which is always good.

-E-mail marketing

Now that you have obtained and built sign-up lists, it is time to put that to good use, and email marketing is the best one to start with. But don’t spam their inboxes with a daily dose of e-mails.  

Use this medium of marketing to send out newsletters once a month to your target audience with their permission to inform them about all the new spots that have opened up, a special discount offer, or an upcoming event.

In this way, you are not spamming but maintaining your business’s presence in their inbox.

How to increase Enrollment in your preschool

  • Using the social media platform to let more people know about your business is one of the best alternatives you have. Once you use social media in a witty manner, you will experience higher sales.
  • Paid advertising platforms such as newspapers and television channels will enlighten more people about your business, eventually raising sales.
  • The price you charge for your service is the most important factor determining sales. You need to make a comprehensive study of the market about the existing rate of the service before setting up the price.
  • The reviews from a few of the customers happy with your service will attract a major chunk of customers from the market, and eventually, you will experience growth in sales.

FAQs about Preschool to grow your business

Who is the target market for a Preschool?

Your key client is working parents who have young children who would rather want to send their children to preschool. You may also want to match your services in a certain population based on your position and the unique needs of your local community. The types of customers you cater to often rely primarily on the fee you charge.

How can you make your Preschool more profitable?

Although cost reduction is a good way to raise profitability in some sectors, preschool is not one of them. Quality is what all parents want, and, in general, your business must thrive so that you can meet the standards of parents and keep their children happy. Additional activities for parents, including music lessons, Yoga, and dance, can be provided as one way to raise sales.

In the preschool, you could also employ a full-time cook to make healthy recipes for the children and add the cost of ingredients and labor to the child’s monthly business fee, saving parents time to cook their children’s meals daily.

How to keep the customers coming back to your Preschool?

Knowing your target market and developing a unique brand for your preschool is important. For example, a variety of preschools may help rich families cater who want to have unique educational opportunities for their children at an early stage.

Although such a preschool might not be appealing to a few, seek to come up with something special that will draw customers to your preschool. Obviously, there’s nothing to suggest that children are truly disturbed and that parents want to give them a safe place to play and learn.

What is the growth potential for a Preschool?

Given that high-quality children’s care is a basic requirement for most families, there is a steady stream of preschool customers. Your preschool business’s growth potential will largely rely on your city’s demographics. Find out the local population’s age breakdown.

Preschool education becomes important for Children. In this Stage, Children learn many things while playing. That’s why Preschool is a trending business among Underdeveloping Countries. Here is the Infographic which gives you a detailed idea of why preschool education matters in a child’s Life. Read Below.

why preschool education matters

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