10 Potato Chips Marketing Strategy To Boost Your Business

The success of a potato chip producer does not rest on the demand and supply only. What matters the most is the number of sales generated and the increase in product sales to know that new customers are also purchasing the product.

In order to reach such a position, it is essential that you market the business properly and make the most of it.

How to promote your potato chips business

  • The best way to let people know about your potato chips business is by putting up signboards and banners in sufficient amounts everywhere. This will promote your business better than any other alternative available.
  • The local distributors will be of great help as far as promoting your business is concerned. All you need to do is collaborate with them.
  • It is necessary to think of a unique name for your business and design an amazing logo. This will make the whole process of promoting your business less burdensome for you.
  • Business directories are one of the best ways to promote your business. Make sure to get your potato chip business enlisted in the business directories.
  • Another efficient way to promote your business is by distributing leaflets with all the relevant details about your business in them.

Best Ways to Market Your Potato Chips Business

Create buzz

Though this is one of the myths in the world of marketing, for a product like potato chips, it is essential that you have a buzz around the product for it to sell better.

Word of mouth very well escalates into direct sales and brings your brand to the forefront. Interaction with the customer base through social media and other media and making meaningful conversation with them aptly creates this buzz and helps market the product better.

Try and judge the communication channel of your target consumer group and use them to converse with them and engage brand participation.

Public Relations

When we say that word of mouth is essential, then it is noted that there is no better way to enhance it than using the PR tools available to the company.

With a well-written press release from the company, you can surely grab the media’s attention and get featured without actually paying to promote the content.

A well-written piece about the product, an inspirational story related to the brand, or an insight into the product’s making can catch the reader’s fancy and make them immediately buy your potato chips.

The only thing you need to remember is that the content you put up for the media has to be more informative and less promotional so that it doesn’t look like direct advertising!

Geo-locational marketing

With the advent of the global positioning system, it has become easier to get location-specific data.

You can get in touch with a marketing company to get such data about your consumer base so as to know where they concentrate mostly and which area can be the next big sales point for the potato chips.

With such location-specific data, you can increase your supplies to the areas and also open up new selling units so that the demand is met and more customers are roped into trying out your potato chips.

Don’t forget to check out the trending hashtags for the potato chips business.

Start unique marketing campaigns.

You can start marketing campaigns that will help you to connect with the customers and increase their engagement with the brand.

You can ask the customers to submit a flavor of their taste that they would like to be incorporated in the potato chips or maybe ask them to submit a catchphrase for the brand, which will be printed on the packaging.

These unique campaigns will further ensure that the customers know more about the brand and will positively boost sales.

Healthy snacks

With more people knowing the adverse effects of having such fried chips on the body, it is seen that they are moving towards snacks that are healthy.

If you want the potato chips to connect with this set of customers, then it is essential that you target the product to their needs. You can have baked potato chips for these sets of customers.

Such a variation will bring in more sales as people who did not consume your fried potato chips will now opt for the baked version so as to get the taste as well as remain in shape for a healthy life.

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In this age of digital advancements, it is essential that the potato chips business has a website up for consumers. There are many people who would want to check out your website to see if the brand is credible enough to be purchased and consumed.

Hire a professional web designer who can make a stunning website for you, listing all the flavors and various types of potato chips that you sell.

All this information, along with some reviews about the taste of celebrity chefs, will do wonders on the website so as to make it catchy and attractive.

Social media

Most of the customers will want to stay in touch with the brand through social media. Having a page on Facebook will allow you to reach out to a maximum number of people, as there needs to be no mention of the fact that Facebook is densely populated and nearly all your consumers are active on this platform.

If you can manage an active Facebook page, then the consumers will stay attached to the brand, and also they can give you direct feedback.

You can upload the new flavor launch and such things and offer on your Facebook page so as to let the masses know about it and then cash in on the opportunity created!

On package offers

You can use this effective technique to rope in sales. The packaging of the chips can have certain codes which, if a customer can collect in the next five packs, then they are subjected to get a cashback or maybe a freebie from the company!

This will make sure that the customers come back to the store the next five times to buy the chips and win the cashback; it will give an immense boost to the sales for sure!


Chips are a great companion when people watch TV. If there is a sports event coming soon, then try and make a tie-up with the event so as to showcase your chips as the official partner.

It will help you to garner more sales during that particular time and also make sure that you create advertising content for the season and lure people into having the chips!

Chips Market Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Trends in the Chips Market

  • Health and wellness: As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, there has been a growing demand for healthier chip options.
    ➜ This has led to the emergence of new players in the market, offering alternatives such as vegetable-based chips and baked chips.
  • Flavors and textures: Consumers also seek more variety in chip flavors and textures.
    ➜ From spicy to sweet and crunchy to chewy, manufacturers are experimenting with new flavor profiles and textures to meet consumer demand.
  • Sustainability: With environmental concerns at an all-time high, consumers are looking for more sustainable packaging options.
    ➜ This has led to adopting of biodegradable packaging materials and shifting towards more eco-friendly production processes.

Challenges in the Chips Market

  1. Competition: With so many players in the market, competition is fierce. Smaller companies find competing with larger, established brands increasingly difficult.
  2. Changing consumer preferences: As consumer preferences continue to evolve, manufacturers must keep up with the latest trends and adapt their product offerings accordingly.
  3. Health concerns: Despite the growing demand for healthier chip options, many consumers are still concerned about traditional potato chips’ high fat and sodium content.

Opportunities in the Chips Market

  • Innovation: With the introduction of new technologies and ingredients, there is much room for innovation in the chips market. Manufacturers can experiment with new flavor profiles, textures, and packaging options to stand out from the competition.
  • Online sales: The rise of e-commerce has opened up new opportunities for chip manufacturers. Companies can bypass traditional distribution channels and reach a wider audience by selling online to consumers.
  • Global expansion: With the increasing popularity of chips worldwide, global expansion has great potential. Companies can tap into new markets and introduce their products to a wider audience.

How to drive up the sales of your potato chips business

  • Witty use of social media is perhaps the best way to reach out to more people around the world. This will lead your sales to move to a higher path.
  • Opting for advertisements in paid advertising platforms such as the TV and the newspapers is still one of the most helpful means to increase the sales of your business.
  • The most important factor that determines the sales of your business is the price. Before setting up the price of your products, make a thorough survey of the market about the existing rates.
  • Customers will automatically tend to buy from you when they have in front of them sufficient discounts and offers frequently. Do not forget to do this.
  • The reviews from your happy customers will bring in more customers, and eventually, your business will experience higher sales.

If you are thinking of starting a potato chip business? Check out the catchy potato chips slogans and taglines.

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