30 Best Podcasts For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs (Free)

A podcast is one of the fastest-growing formats in digital that have strong penetration among different ages of demographics. 

However, when it’s to content marketing, Podcasts are still a bit unusual. 

There are still lots of marketers that haven’t started their podcasts, but there are lots of business podcasts that can help small businesses & entrepreneurs.

More than 40 million people are there who are turning to podcasts for different reasons. These podcasts are inspirational, motivational, educational, and entertaining. 

podcasts for small business entrepreneurs

Compared to the early stage when the podcast was introduced in the early 2000s, the broadcast medium has changed dramatically. 

What Podcasts Should You Listen To In 2021?

The podcast is impactful and can help you in learning lots of things about business, market, and trends. Different successful entrepreneurs share their stories, secrets, and tips that can help in boosting your business. 

why entrepreneurs should tune in podcasts

To start with, here are some of the best podcasts for you to start with – 

1. Build And Monetize Podcast 

Lindsey Anderson hosts this podcast. She is an expert consultant, coach, and also a digital entrepreneur. 

She helps the people who want to build their business and monetize it.  The podcast episodes focus on sharing advice that can help in building the brand. Also, she helps in understanding different ways by which businessmen can earn a profit. 

The podcast is highly recommended if you are : 

  • Freelancer 
  • Podcaster 
  • Virtual Assistance 
  • Speaker 
  • Author 
  • Consultant 
  • Coach 
  • Web Developer 
  • Expert 
  • Speaker 
  • Solopreneur

Why Should You Listen?

The online world is changing and to make sure you are keeping up with all the changes, This podcast provides a reliable source and practical knowledge. Also, it’s not very academic which makes it interesting to listen to. 

If you need more reasons then you can consider the podcast for : 

  • Understanding how to launch your business
  • Knowing about how to market and establish brand 
  • Creating an authority brand in the market 
  • Generally interested to take your business forward 

2. The Tim Ferriss Show 

Tim Ferris hosts the podcast. He is a bestseller author of the book called “ 4- Hour Workweek”.  His book was translated into 40 different languages and even more. 

The book, as well as the author received good reviews from Newsweek and New York Times. 

Tim Ferriss focuses on providing a creative approach and promoting the concept of smart work. In his podcast, he shares tricks and tactics that can be used in personal and business life. 

Why should you listen?

The podcast is helpful for the new business or entrepreneur who wants to know more about problem-solving etc.  

From here, you can learn new tactics, tricks, and tools so you can use them for your business.

3. School Of Greatness 

The podcast was hosted by  Lewis Howes. The podcast was launched in 2013, January.  

It’s one of the scaled and top-rated podcasts that you will find for business and self-development available on iTunes. 

Lewis started the podcast by sharing his story after he got injured. Even After facing the adversity that ended his dream of becoming a football pro. 

 He started his new venture in business and mastered marketing,  product design,  human behavior, and how to add value. 

Why Should You Listen?

The podcast is inspiring for the small business. But also helpful if you want self-development along with excelling in the business. 

You can get tips, motivations, and lots of meaningful interviews that Lewis did with business leaders. 

4. The Goal Digger Podcast 

The podcast is hosted by Jenna Kutcher. And they broadcast every week too.

With each episode, Jenna shares different strategies, essential hacks, and tips related to excelling in the business. She also focuses on social marketing,  earning online, and designing career paths. 

She also has lots of kept secrets and interviews with people in the industry who are famous. 

Why should you listen?

You can learn about tips,  tricks,  secrets, and hacks to the business. 

With this, you can also listen to the weekly episodes to know more about how you can design your carry, do better in marketing your business on social media, etc. 

Also, you can get the interviews of Lori Harder, Amy Porterfield, Melyssa Griffin, and Jamie Ivey, etc. 

5. Entrepreneur On Fire 

The podcast is hosted by John Lee Dumas. His podcast won the award of iTunes for the best content. 

John does interviews with different entrepreneurs and experts in business as well as marketing. He did more than 2000 entrepreneurs’ interviews. 

The podcats revolve around the small business. And especially target the people who want to start with the small business and want sound advice and light on different important questions. 

Why Should You Listen?

If you are looking for a podcast that you can listen to every day, Entrepreneur On Fire offers fresh episodes on different content every day. 

Also, the podcast has interviews with Tony Robbins,  Tom Ferris, Seth Godin, etc. This one is originally for small businessmen and entrepreneurs. 

You can get the answer to your different questions.  The host talks about business highs and lows.  

6. The GarryVee Audio Experiences 

The podcast is hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk.  He is famous for his delivery of practical advice and digital marketing to expand the business. Also, he is considered a marketing legend. 

Gary also has authority when it comes to discussing the strategies related to business. He has grown his business from $3 Million to $60 million. 

Why Should You Listen?

For those people who generally wanted to listen to Garry, The podcast is educational and inspiring. 

Well for small businesses and entrepreneurs, this podcast includes advice and tips featured by Garry and another guest that he invites for discussion on different topics. 

You can get informational discussions about entrepreneurship,  culture,  tech, etc. 

7. Akimbo 

The podcast was hosted by Set Godin. 

He gave authority in modern business. And his podcast is mainly focused on culture.  The host talks about the importance of culture and the role it plays in business. 

Set talks about how businesses can succeed by understanding the culture and its impact. Akimbo signifies the sign of possibility, strength, and posture. 

Why Should You Listen?

Apart from talking about the impact of culture on entrepreneurs and business, Set talks about a topic like marketing. 

To those who want to know about marketing and the detailed information, it’s a helpful podcast to listen to. 

8. Start-Up Podcast 

This podcast is inspired by Alex Inc on ABC and has a different approach to the show. 

Startup podcast is made in a documentary style with storytelling that features different entrepreneurs from all around the world. 

They feature interesting stories and the strategies behind how entrepreneurs started their startups. 

Why Should You Listen?

Not just the style is different in the podcast but also the entrepreneur’s features have learning lessons that can help new startups or enterprises to know the market better. 

In their one episode, they podcasted Moktar Alkanshali and the search for the perfect coffee.  The story included different paths and ways that he took for convincing the market for his coffee.

9. Rise And Grind With Daymond John 

The podcast is hosted by Daymond John who is also from Shark Tank and a prominent name in the US’s successful businesses today. 

The idea of the podcast is inspired by Daymond book‘s Rise And Grind.  

He invites different famous personalities in the business market and they discuss improving performance, power, and productivity. 

Why Should You Watch?

Daymond John’s podcast featured Gary Vaynerchuk, Wendy Williams, Tyler The Creator, etc. They all share about their ways and different techniques which is inspiring for lots of people. 

Also, you can learn about strategies that they used for overcoming the adversity and hustle to create their space. 

Not just that, if you want to learn more about how to better perform, improve your power and increase productivity, This is one of the podcasts to try. 

10. HBR Ideacast 

The podcast is hosted by Sarah Green, she is the HBR editor. 

She also takes interviews of titans apart from discussing the recent article of Harvard Business Review 

The podcast now has biweekly episodes.  With the 10 to 15 minutes episodes,  the podcast discusses and informs different news to the entrepreneurs. 

Why Should You Listen?

If you are busy and have no time to listen to the hour-long episodes of the podcast. You can try this one, as the duration per episode is only 10 to 15 minutes. 

Also to those who want to read Harvard Business Review but have time issues, this podcast features all the articles and important information to listen to. 

In their interview with titans,  you can listen to Eric Schmidt from Google. The podcast is convenient and informative at the same time. 

11. We Study Billionaires 

The podcast is hosted by Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson. 

The podcasts follow the profile style type, however, it includes all the ideas and tips  The both hosts take a closer look at the life of successful leaders in entrepreneur and business around the world.

They do interviews and studies with the billionaire and share the pointers given by the guest directly. 

The show is quite similar to Business wars where they focus on enterprise but the owners, as well as businessmen, share their takeaways. 

Why Should You Listen?

The podcast does study the billboard and their approach to the niche. They have interviews with Howard Marks and Warren Buffet. 

To anyone who wants to know about large businesses and their ways, this podcast will help you in learning. 

Also, they share tips, pointers, strategies, and takeaways which will help. 

12. Building A Strong Brand 

The podcast is hosted by Donald Miller.  Also, the show focuses on branding and the way of using it for connecting with customers. 

The show is for small businesses and entrepreneurs to learn the branding. Miller shares the information and important details in a fun and entertaining way to the listeners. 

Also, he takes interviews and discusses different entrepreneurs to talk about branding.

Why Should You  Listen?

If you want to know about scaling your branding and standing out from the crowd, the Building A Strong Brand podcast can help. 

Also to those who want to learn the efficient ways to get their message out so they can connect deeper with the audience, Miller has interviews and different strategies to learn and grow with it. 

13. Business Wars 

The podcast is hosted by David H. Brown.  Business Wars feature major plays of their respective industries and their battles with other companies. They dissect ideas between the wars. 

Some of the major podcasts he did were on Coca Cola and Pepsi. He dissected the business and talked about what happened in real life. 

Why Should You Watch?

Even though the podcast is majorly focused on the enterprise. But you can learn the important points that they played vital roles in.

Also if you are interested in learning more about clashes of the titan’s episodes, they have a battle that happened between Adidas and Nike,  American Airlines and Southwestern, Monster and Red Bull. 

14. How I Built This 

The podcast is produced by NPR and hosted by Guy Raz. . In his podcast, he researches and talks about detailed stories regarding successful companies. 

However, ist handful but he talks about the key players that illustrated their journey of being entrepreneurs. 

Why Should You Listen?

How I Built This shares an interesting podcast that contains lots of valuable lessons for the businessman. To those who want to be an entrepreneur or starting the journey, they can learn those lessons and apply them to their business as well. 

15. Mixergy 

The podcast is hosted by Andrew Warner. The show is fun and informative, also Andrew has goals for each episode which digs deeper to get essential facts. Also, he provides insights into the failure and success of the entrepreneur.

According to the producer of Mixergy, the aim behind this podcast is to bring out the stories that can help the listeners in changing their life.

They interviewed thousands of founders who started their startups. In their interview, they have useful information that the startup would need. 

Why Should You Listen?

Mixergy is a fun podcast but you get the information that will help you in guiding your success path. 

Also, it’s for you if you are planning to launch your startup, then this should be on your list. Apart from this, you can learn from insights, stories, and what worked from others or not. 

Especially for those who like to hear the podcast where the host is not afraid of asking uncomfortable guests to the guest, this will be something you will enjoy.  

The podcast is the perfect balance between fun and informative guide to a small business as well as entrepreneurs. 

 16.  Outside In 

The podcast is hosted by Charles Trevail. This one is dedicated to showcasing the business personalized because of their customer-oriented. 

Outside In features different leaders, media personalities, academics, and names in several businesses.  Charles Trevail discusses customer-first culture and how to foster it in your business. 

In the podcast, the host uncovers the top brands and discusses what makes them special in the business. 

Why Should You Listen?

Outside In has entertaining topics but also helpful advice and explores the philosophies as well strategies on customer-oriented culture. 

The philosophies are shared by the business leaders and the things that are considered as best in the world. 

17. Content Champion Podcast 

The podcast is hosted by Loz Jams. And the show digs deeper into the art and science behind content marketing. 

Content Champion Podcast offers episodes that contain step by step guide to bringing new and latest ideas for the listeners.

 It includes sharing of different tools and tactics for small companies who want to leave their mark on online. 

Why Should You Listen?

The Content Champion Podcast is highly for anyone who wants to know more about content marketing.  

The podcast is largely based on small businesses and entrepreneurs who are aiming to improve their content marketing. n

Also, it includes everything that will help you to cover the basics to understanding the right way of creating and market content. 

However,  you can learn different tools, strategies, and tactics that you can apply in your small business too. 

18.  Lead To Win With Michael Hyatt 

The podcast is hosted by Michale Hyatt who is a bestseller author of the New York Times.

The podcast has its tagline which is popular and it says – Weekly Leadership Lessons For Lasting Success. 

Michale talks about different tools and takes the insight of different topics. He covers personal development to productivity for sustaining success. 

What You Should Listen to?

To anyone who wants to learn and improve their leadership quality, growth in personal development and boost productivity, the Michael Hyatt podcast is ideal to listen to. 

You can also learn how to sustain your business as well as your success.

The entrepreneurs can learn about different tools that will help in succeeding in their goals and business. 

 19.  RISE Podcast 

The podcast is hosted by Rachel Hollis, who is a best-selling author and entrepreneur. 

She started this podcast to take the challenges that entrepreneurs face. In her podcast, she takes interviews with entrepreneurs, offers advice that is applicable. 

Rachel shares the tactics that can be used for running the business. Also to become a better entrepreneur for new people in the market. 

Why Should You Listen?

RISE Podcast is exclusively for entrepreneurs, Everything here is to target the new people who are either planning to start their journey or already in the market.

Through the podcast, you will also learn how to kick the habits like procrastination. Also, you will get an understanding of how to change the mindset of keeping it positive. 

20. Breaking Down Your Business 

The podcast is hosted by Brad Farris and Jill Salzman. 

The show is in the format of a normal friend chat and both of the hosts approach the problems that small business owners focus on.

They feature their episodes with a length of 20 minutes and easy to listen to. 

They have topics like “ 5 Things “ and answer the questions that are most obvious like how you can earn money without driving yourself crazy. 

Why Should You Listen?

Most of the podcast acknowledges the common issues and questions inside the mind of small business owners. 

If you are one and starting the business, you should listen to this.  Also, the podcats are short and digestible.  They also feature different tools that small business owners should use. 

21.  The Strategy Hour Podcast 

The podcast is hosted by Emylee Williams and Abigail Pumphrey. 

They both started the company Thinks Creative Collective which helps entrepreneurs who are creative and want to start their businesses strong. 

They share marketing strategies and advice to help the business to grow. The host also takes interviews of top creatives in the related industry to provide much better insight to the audience. 

Why Should You Listen?

The podcast is highly recommended for women in business. 

However, it’s for everyone who wants to start the business along with showcasing the creative side too.  Here you can learn the advice and marketing strategies in business. 

22. Youpreneur 

The podcast is hosted by Chris Ducker. In 2009, He experienced an unexpected realization when he burned out the business. 

Chris decided on his new goal which was to become Virtual CEO. And he did succeed. Well, the entrepreneur now works for six-hour a day and four days a week.

With his podcast, he shares the inspiration and ideas on different topics like delegating,  persona branding, outsourcing, productivity, and marketing.

Why Should You Listen?

 If you want to work less and live more, or you follow the same thoughts, this podcast will help you in how you can achieve that. 

With Chris tested strategies and tactics will help you in understanding different aspects. As for the solopreneurs, this podcast is especially useful and valuable to run their business. 

23. Being Boss 

The podcast is hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. 

They both created the small business podcast that will help entrepreneurs with a creative mind. Also includes graphic designers,  writers, artists, etc. 

They acknowledge the people who have a rebel in their nature. Also, the host specialized in business branding and business coaching. 

The podcast covers everything that includes being real on social media. Also, they have lots of the basics that the podcast covers. 

Why Should You Listen?

Being Boss is the ideal podcast you can try if you are creative. Also, they have a podcast that will help you in learning different aspects of small business. 

You can learn about how you can do branding, use social media to understand the value of being humble in business. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why do businesses need podcasts?

The podcast is helpful for a different purpose, it can help you in understanding a lot of experiences that are shared by the giants in your industry. Also, you can take lessons from their strategies and what worked for them.

How a podcast can help the new entrepreneur?

 There are lots of podcasts out there that are helpful for new entrepreneurs. Being new to the industry, there might be lots of questions you will have, listening to a podcast can help in solving but also you will get data that will help in guiding the better success. 

How a podcast can improve entrepreneurs?

Generally, those who listen to the podcast have good listening skills which is an important skill for entrepreneurs. Also, you will get better knowledge and information directly from the businessman and experts from the industries. 

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