24+ Actionable Plumbing Company Marketing Ideas

At present Housing development and Real Estate Business are improving day by day. In every residential building or in flats plumbing works are essential for making water line, seawage line and other allied works. To run a plumbing business you must have a license from Local Corporation, municipality or so.  

How to promote your Plumbing business?

  • Design a website and make an attractive slogan with a professional brand representative logo.
  • Support a local charity or local sports to get exposure among new people.
  • Make sure to list business in web directories and register on Google Maps to allow others to access you easily.
  • Tie-up with related business partners to get more orders.
  • Provide your services online through a website or application.

To run a successful plumbing business a healthy fund is required as capital. Good numbers of efficient workers are required to run this business. Plumbing is one such industry where you should be able to find a decent amount of customers if you target them the right way. As it is not just about fixing some pipes, there are more to plumbing than that of.

Below are a few important points to know for Plumbing Business marketing which helps you to get more Customers and Increase awareness of Business.

-Internet marketing:

  Apart from tradition way of marketing, the generation we are working with, would always look up to the internet for the answers and their everyday challenges. This creates a need for investing in internet marketing and growing the business with it.

If you have landed here, that mean you have been searching the plumber marketing tips and ideas on the internet.

-To open a website:-

The main thing any business owners requires a functional website that is ready Customers. Having a website you need to keep in mind for designing your website need to focus on contact information email address, phone numbers etc.

For designing a website you can hire a professional web designing company to get your task efficiently done.

-Inclusion in local directories:

   Plumbing being a local business, your potential customers are going to find you through local business listings and that is way having your business listed in local directories is vital.

No one saves the hard copies of local business directories like Yellow Page book to look for local business. Adding your business to these directories will build trust and increases your chances getting found easily by your customer.

-Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a great place to interact with your customers. It helps you build a stronger relationship with them and win their trust.

When you interact with your audience on social media, you get to know what those at a higher level, find out what their needs are and you can then offer them your services. Share DIY videos to help your customers. You can offer special

Deals and coupons to your media followers. Run social media contests and sweepstakes.

-Paid advertising

This is a type or marketing model used to promote a business online. Where you run paid ads on the search engines and the advertiser pays a small fee when a potential customer clicks on that ad and lands on your website.

Paid advertising brings in traffic and increases exposure for your business. The best part of this search engine marketing method is, you will only be charged when someone clicks on the ads you run. Running paid ads on search engines is a common practice and has a lot of benefit.

-Offering Joint Discount:-

Provide discounts on the invoice when someone purchases from both the business. For instance, anyone who purchases from both the business on the same invoice gets a 10% discount.

That converts a customer into making a purchase because plumbing charges can be higher when there is a bit emergency in the house.


Every business, no matter what industry they are in, must have a blog on their website. That is your space. Use it shares updates experience, news and valuable information with your customers. Content is the king and search engines love content.

Building unique and engaging content around your keywords helps you get your audience’s attention. Building unique and engaging content around your keywords helps you get your audience’s attention.

-Attachment with Real Estate Promoters:-

A contact can be made with Real Estate Promoters who builds many residential complexes. In complex having flats with facilities of sports complex, swimming pool, shopping malls etc.

There is having mass opportunity of plumbing works. If a good contact with brochures, pamphlets etc.can be made with them, the business can be promoted in a good mode.

-Build Good reputation:-

Providing good service and building a good reputation takes years of hard work. After a job well done, your customer leave a feedback  on social media because in local listing your reviews show in search results and highly affect customers decisions in choosing you over other plumbing companies.

-Join an Home  Owner’s Association:-

    Search your local area and find HOA that are ready to work with you. A lot of them don’t have a designated plumbing company, instead, they would just go online and find one when they encounter an emergency. So why not reach out to them and ask to put you on their list, so that you are the first one to get a call when the need arises.

-Network in Local Community.

Networking builds a lot of connection! Attend local events, corporate promotional events and meetings, take a bunch of business cards with you and promote your business there.

Net work is a great way to organize events or find existing meeting events in your area where you will be able to meet new people and build connections. It’s even a great idea to host one in your area, and the exposure and brand awareness you get with this will be unreal.

Attend meetings even within your own neighborhood or local schools and parks and educate them about plumbing and teach them some basic, so that they think of your first whenever they need one.

-Partner with a Builder

  Partnering with a builder gets your hands laid on a big plumbing job. Find builders who are expanding into newer areas can easily get you sub-contracting work for a large number of homes.

Provide competitive rates and negotiate the terms and conditions with your partner, and you should be good to go.

-Referral Discounts:-

    Leveraging customer discounts is a great way to get your existing customers to come and get new customers.

And people trust referrals that are coming from someone they trust over selecting some unknown plumbing company off the internet they know nothing about. Design your referral, so that both parties get a discount.

How to drive sales to your Plumbing business?

  • Promote services by making videos such as how to fix plumbing videos etc.
  • Manage your social media pages with the latest happenings, learning videos or video testimonials.
  • Ask clients to write reviews on social media pages and the official website.
  • Advertise your business by distributing coupons, pamphlets, brochures through offline or online mode.
  • Spend some money on print advertisements and radio advertisements.

here are some important faqs about Pluming Company to get more detail and grow business

1. Who is the target market for a Plumbing business?

Clients are typically either business or the residential clients. Plumbers usually get business through references or marketing, such as direct mail. For plumbers, it is easiest to purchase a mailing list of persons who previously have worked with plumbers or who have used plumbing services in the past 6 months to one year. Then submit an offer for promotions to those people.

2. How can you make your Plumbing business profitable?

To improve the competitiveness of a plumbing business is to scale the company and likely go into company with other businessmen to provide a comprehensive service. A plumber might, for example, collaborate with an electrician to provide various services. Contracting with construction firms will also raise earnings. Remodels and refurbishments will make a plumbing business a big source of revenue. 

3. What marketing strategy you can implement in your Plumbing business?

For your plumbing business to be marketed, a multi-pronged strategy would usually be required first. You could have established contacts in the industry if you had previously worked as an apprentice. You will not be able to take customers from your former employer with you but, based on your old reputation and that you were working under a master plumber, you can encourage new customers to make a business with you.

Direct mail is another way to start a business. You will tap into a target audience for your services if you are purchasing a mailing list of individuals and businesses that previously paid for plumbing services. Please send them a promotional offer to about your plumbing business. 

4. How can you keep the customers coming back to your Plumbing business?

Become known for something in your industry.  Can you, for example, be the first plumbing company in your area to arrive on time and clean up the job? Plumbing companies have a bad reputation for being dirty, late, and having poor customer service. Be “the other company.”  You can specialize as well.

Get the plumber that only works with certain types of enterprises. Read about your particular needs and budgets. They will take care of them and never again will they do business with a general plumber. Typically a plumbing business can be started with one plumber. If the demand exceeds the ability of the plumber, additional plumbers may be hired if employees or as independent contractors. 

Plumbing is one of the trending and demanding business if you have skill to be best plumber. There are huge potentiality lying in this Industry. Here is the infographic which gives you more idea about History of plumbing. Do Read below

plumbing business history

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