Pinterest Marketing: 20+ Tips & Strategies for Small Businesses

More than 250 million people are on Pinterest. And it’s a big number for small businesses to get such a crowd. It’s an opportunity to expand your reach and get the audience you are looking for.

Pinterest has an audience that can be targeted with the right use of strategies and marketing plans. It can help in driving traffic, reach the audience, and boost sales.

According to records, Pinterest helped companies like Wal- Mart,  Exxon Mobile, and Apple to generate a fortune of 27%. With the business account on Pinterest, promote your small business on one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

pinterest marketing for small business

How to Do Pinterest Marketing for small business

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Pinterest has this Pin it button to encourage the audience to pin the content on their board. The engagement still counts even if the user is not using the platform.

The same thing goes with a pin. 

You can also add the prompt of ‘ Pin It Later’. And to create the one, add the URL of the pin you want your user to save. Now post it on social media platforms.

Describe what you shared and use the phrase ‘  Pin It for Later.  It’s an effective way of driving traffic to your Pinterest. Also, it helps in building the repins for the future.

Add the Watermarks

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To avoid someone stealing or taking credit for your image, use the watermarks on the picture you pin. You can add your company’s name or the URL as the watermark.

Using watermarks helps when people repin your pins, so the followers will not get confused if it belongs to the person or someone else.

It helps in establishing the brand, and those who are interested in similar pins would know where to visit.

Add Keywords in Pins

To promote your pins, add at least 20 to 30 keywords.  These are important and recommended by Pinterest for getting you noticed.

But don’t exceed the number of keywords, so it just shows to those whom you are targeting. Using lots of keyword help in covering up all sorts of searches. 

Also, it places the pin in the right category. The keywords work as targeting categories that match the type of content you posted.

Pro Tip – Use creative keywords. Make something on your own. 

For Example,  Dollar shave. For promoting razors as a  Father’s Day gift.  They used the keyword with their products, and even though it’s not the correct description of what they sell.

Image content –  How to optimize keywords in your Pinterest profile?

  • Keep the same username
  • Easy to remember the account name
  • Put the keyword in the about me section
  • Mention in board names
  • Expand the keyword in the board description
  • Pin the description with keywords.

Share DIY tutorials

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Do-it-yourself or DIY are the staple content on Pinterest.  When although creating the same thing is quite hard but people do try or at least pin it for later.

Images that are used in making the DIY  tutorials get lots of clicks and a high amount of engagement.  Also, it shows the content you want to share.

Go with Light over Dark images.

The color of the image is vital for increasing clicks and engagement.  According to the search, Light color images get better repined as compared to dark color images.

Warm colors like Red also get better repins than blue tints. Focus on the contrast of colors that can attract the attention of the audience to your content.

Pro Tip – Keep the dominant color always lighter as much as you can.

Give a Short but Effective Descriptions

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Descriptions are equally important as the image on Pinterest.  It gives information about the product you are offering. Also helps in convincing the users to click and know more about it.

Descriptions are valued as you can add the keywords which are trending on Pinterest. Make sure your description does not exceed 300 words or at least write 150 words.

Write the descriptions according to the audience you want to attract. Test your descriptions and see if it resonates with what you are hoping for.

Adding links is effective but simple. It helps in increasing the clicks and chances of pins. Keep the links short in length.

Include your website’s link on your profile page. It can help in driving better traffic from Pinterest to your main website.

Add Testimonials

Social Proof helps the audience to know what your brand is all about. Testimonials can be added as image format and pin it on your board.

If the visitor wants to know more about the brand or product, they can click on the board to get full information.

Be Consistent and Pin Often

Consistency is an important factor in marketing.  With Pinterest, you have to pin at least five times per day. Maintain space between all five pins.

The afternoon and Evening are the ideal time for the pin, as you can get the most active engagement during these times.

Spacing helps in reaching a new and more audience. Also, maintain a schedule, so you never miss a day to post your pin.

Sadly, Pinterest doesn’t have advanced scheduling, but you can use any third-party tool for that.

Share Product in Action

Showing images on Pinterest won’t boost sales all alone. For products like Printers,  the buyers will like to see how they prints and the final results. 

Well, Pinterest has a video option. But the video is short so add the best features only. 

Including people and the context helps in making the video more attractive to the eyes. Also, it engages people and boosts sales.

Use the Rich Pins

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To add more dynamics to your pins,  use the rich pins. However, the business account is allowed to use such pins. Separate these pins and add links to your site.

Rich pins include recipe pins, articles, apps, products, etc. Pins like Article show the title, publisher’s name, author, and date.

Add metadata and validate to your site, then use the pins.  Only one rich pin is allowed per domain.

To boost sales,  product pins are helpful. With these pins, you can provide the information, availability, and where its users can buy.

why brand needs rich pins

Guest Board for Quality Content 

Guest  Boards allow other people to add similar content to your board.  You can create this board on your business account. 

Invite influencers to pin the content there. Not just it increases engagement but it also makes the Pinterest algorithm better. Famous brands like Lowe and Etsy have these boards, and they get frequent visitors.  

The guest board helps in bringing new content as well as point of view. It helps in adding influencers’ expertise and boosts authority.

With the guest board,  the chances of your content showing up in more feeds increase too. By this, you can reach a new audience and the targeted customers.

Google  Analytics for Tracking the Growth

Regardless of what kind of business you are doing, Google Analytics is an important tool for eCommerce or marketers.

When you are promoting the pins, you can track the traffic sent to your board by promoted or regular pins. It helps in knowing how the users are interacting with your pins and where they are moving.

With pins, you don’t get conversion tracking information, but you can check the clicks you are reviewing on your pins.

Check the overview of each month to know where your visitors are moving from one page to another.  You can check the drop off too.

Add the Price Tags 

Price tags are effective in grabbing the attention of your customers.  When you are promoting your products, add value as it helps your audience to take one step closer to purchasing.

Add a buyable pin or in the alternative, you can use rich pins too. Add the text along with regular pins if you are not using the buyable pins.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) about Pinterest Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.

How can I use Pinterest to promote my business?

To promote the business on Pinterest, start with creating content that can captivate the audience you target.  Be consistent and plan your content.

Use the SEO to optimize. These are basics to promote and make sure to follow the strategist  which can make this effective.

How to boost followers on Pinterest?

For increasing the followers, make sure to post the original content that fits the requirement of the audience.  

Repin the contents from famous or relatable people, use keywords, and make Pinterest easy to follow.

How many boards should I have?

30 to 50 boards are the benchmark for the business Pinterest.  Mix the contents  to make it relatable and useful and separate boards to keep it easy to follow.

How to choose the right preposition for curated and original content?

Stick with 50 % original and 50% curated content pins.  In the case of images, keep it around 75% and 25%

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