10 Best Pillow Brands for a Good Night’s Sleep!

It is a fact that pillows are essential to our slumber comfort. In case the pillow is not up to the mark, we can experience an uncomfortable sleep at night, which will make us feel rather hopeless the next morning.

The sort of pillow you require is figured out to a large extent by your selected sleep position. However, the quality of these pillows will depend significantly on the company that creates them.

Best Pillow Brands in the USA- Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

10. Five Star

This one happens to be a popular company that has produced a fantastic sleep aid in the innovative Down Alternative Pillow. It provides a pillow that is filled with extremely soft cotton fiber and has a resilient, shape-protecting layout.

Every side of the pillow is encircled by a couple of heavily-stitched gussets, with a gap of 1.5 inches between every single row for creating a firm pad that one can cradle in his head all through the night comfortably.

The product will make you feel that you reside in a luxury world. Several essential features of this amazing item from the company include a lucrative 1-year warranty, no-shift support, and completely hypoallergenic attributes.

9. Sleep Innovations

This company provides a comprehensive sequence of products for comfort and superior luxury. A wide array of pillows are included, emphasizing memory foam technology for long-lasting resilience and top-quality support.

Sleep Innovations create pillows of many styles at present, providing you with various choices that can fit your sleep position requirements.

The company helps ensure that all the pillows provide the best air circulation technology for a comfortable sleeping surface all through the night.

Moreover, it will be possible for the user to keep the pillows happier and their best for many years to come. Some notable features of these pillows are high thread count, open-cell ventilation, top-quality memory foam material manufactured in the US, and a strong warranty.

8. Good Life Essentials 

The pillows this company provides are outstanding for all types of sleep positions. It is available in 3 sizes for maximum comfort as well as conformity. Each size is quite large and has been made from Certi-Pur-US-accredited foam.

All the materials are hypoallergenic and can prevent dust mite gathering from providing better sleep. The pillow’s interior has been manufactured from top-notch memory foam.

This helps to make the pillow extremely adaptable, and the essential features consist of 100% machine-washable materials, simple cleaning, a hypoallergenic surface, and a lucrative 5-year warranty.

7. Classic Brands

This company is known to provide top-quality products for home and personal use. Their products include some extremely powerful pillows that offer optimum support and comfort.

These pillows have been manufactured from resilient materials, which have been designed to provide luxurious comfort while properly supporting the neck and head for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Amongst the best features of these Classic Brands pillows, mention may be made of innovative technology, including thermal regulation and cooling, a fully washable memory foam, and so on.

6. Mediflow

Mediflow is known to provide some effective pillows for all types of positions. It is amongst the prime manufacturers of the amazing Waterbase pillow, which provides users with a feeling of relaxing their heads in the best possible way.

This pillow is outstanding for any pregnant woman as well. It can mold to any area of one’s body to support the knees, back, stomach, neck, or head.

This pillow is 100% adaptable, available in gel and water fill, can remain cool through the night, is made in the US, and provides instant comfort.

5. DC Labs

The pillows this company provides are ideal for stomach and back sleepers. The innovative slim design of these pillows will allow individuals to have proper support while sleeping at night.

The slim design of the pillow will help to align the spine properly while keeping the neck and the head cradled in optimum luxury and comfort.

The pillows manufactured by DC Labs are noted for their super slim profile and exclusive designs for additional support. Moreover, the pillows have been made from 100% hypoallergenic materials.

4. Snuggle-Pedic

This company produces outstanding pillows for stomach and side sleepers, which are the Kool-Flow pillows. It is extremely durable and has been made from top-quality materials to offer long-lasting comfort.

Moreover, the product comes with a lucrative 20-year warranty for the users’ convenience.  Snuggle-Pedic likewise provides the users with a 90-day sleep trial for testing out the benefits offered by their pillows and provides a complete cash-back guarantee during that period.

The pillows from this company use eco-friendly materials, are manufactured in the US, and provide excellent customer service.  

3. Malouf

This company emphasizes a specific design of memory foam (gel-infused) which can mold to the consumer’s body flawlessly and also provides him with a luxurious softness while sleeping.

The company is dedicated to offering fantastic customer service, and the pillows are backed with lucrative warranties to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

In fact, they come with a 5-year guarantee, and the materials for making these pillows are extremely resilient and simple to care.

2. Sleep Better

Sleep Better happens to be amongst the leading producers of pillows in the US at present. They come with a wide variety of fantastic choices for individuals who are searching for additional luxury, the best support, as well as great values.

They come with a dedicated product line, given that they specialize in slumber comfort. These pillows are extremely simple to care for and manufactured in the US. The materials are highly quality, and the customer support deserves special mention.

1. Coop Home Goods

This particular company comes first in this list of the top pillow brands in the US at present. Coop Home Goods is known to bring a wide array of luxurious pillows onto the market.

The come in different styles, which provide the customers with endless selection choices for getting the comfort level according to their preference. These pillows will also support almost any slumber position, and they’re strong and resilient.

The company also provides a 100% guarantee and uses hypoallergenic materials for its products.

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