Top 10 Best Pest Control Companies in the US

It can be quite tough to come across the best pest control companies since the biggest companies are not known to operate in every state, and they don’t offer a complete range of pest control services.

Pests have the ability to interrupt our daily lives, and it is imperative to eliminate them once and for all. Pests can be expected to be found throughout the year, so it is important to come across a proper pest control service. It will not be possible for you to see 100% improvement in just a single treatment.

Best Pest Control Companies in the US

It does take time, and the best pest control services are going to work with you and also educate you on how to deal with the pests successfully. There are lots of such pest control companies in the US, and here we have mentioned the top 10 of them.

10. Southern Pest Control

This company is amongst the leading pest control companies in the US and serves property owners in Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, and Tennessee.

This company serves in excess of 30000 property owners, and Southern Pest Control comes with retail outposts throughout all the areas served by them. This company provides a service known as Pet Lovers, which helps to exterminate any infestation on the pets, such as fleas, fire ants, and ticks.

Southern Pest Control provides different types of services such as bee nest eradication, mosquito service, and ant service. However, the service of this company is focused only on residential properties and not commercial establishments.

9. Braman Termite and Pest Elimination

It happens to be a family-owned pest control service that has served commercial and residential clients throughout New England ever since 1890. All the employees here are properly certified, licensed, as well as insured.

This company makes use of an integrated approach for pest control, including state-of-the-art treatments as well as non-chemical techniques which are safe for pets and individuals.

The services offered by Braman consist of consultation, inspection as well as pest identification, one-time treatments plus preventative programs, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs, bird management, weed control, termite elimination, as well as mosquito control. 

8. Modern Pest Services

This happens to be a reputed brand in the US right now when it comes to pest control. Being experienced pest control experts, the company provides optimum protection for businesses and households along with personalized services for customers who require such services.

The ant extermination procedure of this company is taken care of by expert professionals who will be able to identify the issues by evaluating the extent of damage and choosing the best treatment methods to implement. 

7. Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions

With over 60 years of experience, this pest control company is one of the very best in the US at present. They have been so successful because of being consistent in the provision of top-quality pest control solutions.

They are experts not just in terms of ant extermination; they likewise offer a variety of pest control services, including roaches, flies, rodents, and so forth.

Moreover, the service technicians of Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions are properly trained, and they know that their reputation depends on their clients. 

6. Western Exterminator Company

This pest control company offers dependable pest control services for both commercial and residential clients in California, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon.

Western Exterminator Company is known to offer consistent, quick, and dependable service for its customers. Their professionals have been properly trained in the most recent pest control techniques, and they have been operating since 1921. The company is reputed for its green-certified products and also the innovative pestfree365 program.

Though its services are only available in 6 states, the company has become quite well-known at present. Right now, this company is reputed for providing termite, mosquito, bed bug, cockroach, and ant treatments. 

5. Bell Environmental Services

This happens to be the pest control company that has served customers in and around NY, CT, NJ, and PA since 1963. The Instant Freeze service provided by the company helps to exterminate bed bugs and is likewise safe on electronics and furniture as well.

Their exclusive non-toxic and safe program helps you to treat all the locations where the bugs can hide, and you will be able to stay within your house safe as well.

“Green” pest control methods have been practiced by Bell Environmental over the years for getting rid of pest problems in commercial as well as residential buildings. Their experienced staff has the ability to solve any type of pest problem out there. 

4. Clegg’s Pest Control

This particular pest control company is known to adopt eco-friendly treatment methods for getting rid of ants and other pests in your residence, workplace, and other surrounding areas. In fact, they deal with bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, and other bugs with 1005 success.

The pest management plans of Clegg’s Pest Control are tailored to the specific situation. They are not going to treat every home and office in the same manner since the factors causing the pest problems might not be the same everywhere.

The experts have more than 50 years of experience, and they are going to identify the problem first before figuring out the most effective solution out there. 

3.  Bulwark Exterminating

Founded in the year 1999, this one happens to be a family-operated pest control company providing different types of pest control services. Bulwark Exterminating was founded by brothers having lots of experience when it comes to pest control solutions.

The company has been ranked among the top 20 pest control companies in the US. It is reputed for using products having low toxicity such that it is 100% safe for all those who have these products in their houses.

Being less than 20 years old, Bulwark Exterminating mainly focuses on pest control in the residences. 

2. Orkin Pest Control

This is amongst the largest and most well-known pest control companies on the planet. The company is known to serve residences and businesses both in the US as well as internationally.

Orkin can boast of having dedicated services for bed bugs, termites, ticks, and mosquitoes. They likewise come with specialized services for fleas and carpenter ants. It is the dedication of this company that helps to set them apart from the rest in the competition.

In case you have got a pet, this company will aid in getting rid of fleas once and for all.

1. Terminix

Terminix is known to be amongst the most reputed pest control companies on earth. Founded in the year 1927, the company is known to serve both residences and commercial establishments at present.

It provides a guarantee to the clients known as the Ultimate Protection Guarantee that provides lifetime damage coverage to the clients such that there is no need for them to invest any money for termite treatment once again. Moreover, the money of the clients will be refunded to them in case they are not fully satisfied.

Terminix is known to offer pest control solutions to lots of locations throughout the US. They are known to offer termite treatment, pest control, mosquito control, bed bug treatment, and other similar services to their clients. 

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