164+ Personal blog Bio For Social Media (Examples)

Every blogger needs a bio for his or her page. A bio is just that first impression that tells an onlooker whether he or she should spend more time going through the blogs of the person or not. Lucky for you, we have a collection of bios that you can use for your social media account or page! 

Cool Personal Blogs Bios

-Hey people! I am my own person and I love blogging because I just love to share the small incidents of my daily life with people! #mylife

-Hey everybody! I blog on everything and anything that spikes any hint of interest in me! Do check my blogs out!

-I live my life by writing. #writer

-Nothing helps me express more than writing! #followme

-If you find anything amiss about me, be sure to check out my website; there has to be a blog on what was going wrong with me!

-Do not mess with me lest you want to be featured in my blogs! #blogger

Funny Personal Blogs Bios

-Hey! I need followers because I am running out of friends!

 -I am just another girl, living in this patriarchal society and trying to find a way to keep sane amidst all the insanity! #saneblogger!

-I can go on writing and writing until I hit a writer’s block! #writer

-There are days when I would rather write out everything than open my mouth to speak!

-Writing gives me a freedom that I do not find anywhere else! #writing

-I would gladly write down manuals and memos and everything else you ask me to, but do not make me speak out, because my oratory skills are not good at all! 

Short Personal Blogs Bios

-Hi guys! I love to eat and I love to write! So I write about what I eat! Do check out! #foodblogger

-Hey! I am a dancer and an admirer of dance! So check out my page to find my reviews on various dance videos! #danceblogger

-Someday, I will quit my job and take up writing for the benefit of my soul.

-I do seem to have a quirky take on life! Follow my blogs to get a closer view of my life! #Iblog

-I can never seem to be able to explain properly with my mouth, my hand just writes and explains things better!

Personal Blogs Bios for TikTok

-If you see something you like, maybe a pup cuddling with its mom, you tell your friends about it; Whereas, I just write on my website about it! #writingislife

-In my life, I keep getting amazed at little things every now and then. One day, I just decided to write about my experiences so that people can read it and get entertained! #bloggerlife

-Every blogger does not have to be a great author or a great critique or some accomplished spokesperson. A blogger can also be just a simple person like I am! #bloglife

-Hoping that my blogs will make your days a bit happier! #followme

-I write when I am sad, I write when I am mad, I write when I am happy, I write when I am lonely!

-The first rule about talking to a blogger should be never to ask when the next blog is coming out! #bloggerlife

Personal Blogs Bios for Twitter

-Thes best thing about being a professional blogger is that I do what I love to make money! #freelancerblogger

-The writing world is so vast, it just gives me immense happiness when I am able to express through writing!

-I am happiest with a notepad and a pen in my hand! #writngdiaries.

-I blog about my life because I cannot talk about it! 

-A blogger’s life is interesting because a blogger gets to choose what to write and what not to, there is nobody to pressurize! #blog

-All a blogger can want in life is encouragement and love from the readers! So read more and love more! 

Personal Blogs Bios for Facebook

-A blogger’s life revolves around writing down his or her own views on life and hoping that their readers can relate too! #abloggerlife

-We do not do a nine to five job, we do a whole day and whole night job!

-Love what I do! If you love my work as well, please do encourage me as your encouragement makes my day! #loveyoureaders

-My followers mean a lot to me and if you want to mean a lot to me too, you have to follow me! 

-I hope that I am able to bring a little smile to your lips! #smile

-Blogging my way to my glory! #blogs

-If my blogs inspire you or even if my blogs make you reflect on life for even a minute, please take a moment and share my blogs with your close friends! #shareblog

-I may be a human sloth-like my mother believes but I never compromise with responding to my reader’s comments on my post!

-I may be a blogger by profession, but by passion, I am a panda! #bloggerdiaries

Personal Blogs Bios for Instagram

-Being a blogger is way cooler than working at a nine to five job! 

-The perks of being a blogger is that you get to travel a lot! #bloggerlife

-Travel more, blog the most! #bloggerlife

-My travel diaries are what I blog about. If you like traveling then make sure that you check out my posts! 

-I basically write to keep an account of my thoughts and feelings, if you feel that you can relate with my thoughts then please keep on reading more! #bloglove

-A blogger’s life is found on pages! 

-Only a blogger can understand the joy of knowing that his or her blogs bring joy to the readers! #blogging

-All I wanted in my life is to be able to share my pain, my joys, my sorrows with people without being judged, and thanks to my blogs and my caring readers, I am able to experience that! 

-Life is made of grammar skills and vocabulary! #blogs

Personal Blogs Bios for Youtube

-A blog a day, keeps the mind fresh and negativity away! 

-Staying happy and blogging away my quarantine days! #quarantineblog

-Follow me to get a view of my hilarious life! 

-My secret to getting a lot of followers is not very secretive after all, I just post and write about dogs! #dog

-I write my stories with the hope of inspiring someone out there to write their stories down as well! 

-The best thing about blogging is the fact that your words and your thoughts get carried across so far and wide that you can almost feel a connection with your readers! #blogger

-Blogging is my passion and I love the fact that it is my profession as well.

-I share my love with my readers through my blogs! Hope you receive them like I receive your love from your comments. #happyblogger

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