10+ Top Pepsico Competitors and Alternatives

PepsiCo, Incorporated, with its headquarters in Purchase, New York, is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation interested in the production and marketing of a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, as well as salty, sweet, and grain-based snacks and other foods. Pepsi Cola, their flagship product, sells more than 100 billion cans annually. 

PepsiCo has 18 distinct product lines that offer a selection of high-quality goods that deliver nutrition and refreshment. Nearly 200 nations and union territories sell PepsiCo brands. It is the world’s second-largest producer of soft drinks.

PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become the country’s largest-selling food and beverage company.

List Of Pepsico Competitors and Alternatives

Coca Cola

Year Founded: 1886
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Coke, usually known as Coca-Cola, is a carbonated soft drink. It is the most well-known brand and the leading producer of non-alcoholic beverages worldwide. Diet Coke, Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta are the top five soft drink brands in the company.

The company sells juice drinks, water, sports, and energy drinks, as well as ready-to-drink teas and coffees, in addition to soft drinks. Other brands include Minute Maid, Dasani, Powerade, and Vitaminwater. The corporation uses the largest beverage distribution network in the world to distribute its products to nearly 200 nations.

One of the most valuable firms in the world, the company is valued at roughly $79.2 billion. It is widely present worldwide, and travelers will encounter it in any nation they visit.

Red Bull 

Year Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Fuschl, Austria

It enhanced attention, alertness, endurance, and reaction time and was developed for situations of increased mental and physical stress.

It gives both bodies and minds a boost. Numerous scientific research has demonstrated this drink’s effectiveness, which is also widely recognized by the general public.

The company has successfully built a global brand for its category. To strengthen its brand identification, it has continued to engage in continuous and effective promotional campaigns and has also sponsored well-known sporting events.

Red Bull is recognized as one of Pepsi’s key rivals because of their significant geographic footprint.


Year Founded: 1867
Headquarters: Vevey, Switzerland

Henri Nestlé, a German pharmacist, started Nestlé in 1867. It began by making infant formula for children who were unable to breastfeed.

Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, which was founded in 1866 by American brothers George and Charles Page, and condensed milk company Nestlé amalgamated in 1905. The Nestlé Group was created by them. There are 308,000 workers in the company.

Nestlé does not sell effervescent soft drinks, in contrast to PepsiCo. However, they face off in the tea and coffee. Portions for dairy and bottled water. The majority of PepsiCo’s revenue over the previous year was generated by those segments.

In the whole food sector, Nestlé is in charge. In 2019, it was recognized as the most valuable food brand. Nestlé outperforms PepsiCo in terms of revenue thanks to its broad product line.


Year Founded: 1871
Headquarters: London, UK

Unilever was established in 1871 by William Hesketh to manufacture Sunlight soap. Later, the business increased its product offerings to include personal, home, and cosmetic care items. Additionally, it makes meals and drinks.

Lipton, Lipton Ice Tea, Brooke Bond, Lyons, Buanvita, Bru instant coffee, Pukka Herbs, and Red Rose Tea are a few of its well-known beverage brands. With its global headquarters in London, UK, Unilever has 168,832 employees and generated $58.2 billion in revenue in 2019

Monster Beverage Corp

Year Founded: 1935
Headquarters: Corona, California


Monster Beverage Corporation was established in 1935 as Hansen’s by Hubert Hansen. Initially, the business created and offered juice goods. To concentrate entirely on energy drinks, it changed its name to Monster Beverage Corporation in 2012 and sold its juice, soda, and other non-energy drink brands to Coca-Cola in 2015.

 It holds a 43% market share in the US for energy drinks. Monster Energy, Predator, Reign, Mother, Relentless, Full Throttle, NOS, and Burn are some of the company’s energy drink brands. Around 148 countries around the world sell the products. The company has 3,429 workers working for it at its Corona, California, headquarters. Revenues for Monster Beverage Corporation in 2017 totaled $4.2 billion.

PepsiCo wants a piece of the expanding market for energy drinks in the beverage sector. It took over as the only distributor of VPX’s Bang energy drink at the start of the year. Additionally, Rockstar, a maker of energy drinks, was purchased.

In terms of sales, Monster Beverage Corporation falls short of PepsiCo, yet it dominates the market for energy drinks. It’s uncertain whether PepsiCo will succeed in dethroning it.

Dr. Pepper Snapple

Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Texas

Texas is the home base for the American soft drink manufacturer Dr. Pepper Snapple. It manufactures and distributes non-alcoholic beverages throughout the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. 2007 saw the establishment of it. It has a sizable assortment of brands.

Packaged Beverages, Beverage Concentrates, and Latin American Beverages comprise the company’s three primary business segments. It provides several flavors of ready-to-drink teas, beverages, juices, coconut water, and water that are both carbonated and non-carbonated.

It holds a dominant position in the American beverage market. The brand’s portfolio has been partly shaped by its acquisition of other brands. Dr. Pepper Snapple is a well-known Pepsi rival due to its well-known brand and solid reputation.

General Mills

Year Founded: 1866
Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cadwallader Washburn established General Mills in 1866 as the Washburn “B” Mill. The business, sometimes known as Washburn’s Folly, produced wheat flour. A second mill known as Washburn “A” Mill was constructed by Washburn in 1874.

However, the Washburn “A” Mill caught fire and exploded in 1878, killing all 14 of the night shift employees. A new mill was built immediately, but it had better technology and safety procedures. The business joined with three other mills to establish General Mills in 1928.

Several processed food items are available from General Mills. In the markets for snacks and food, it rivals PepsiCo. To dominate the European food and snack sector, the two businesses teamed up in 1992 to form Snack Ventures Europe (SVE). Annual revenue from the joint venture exceeded $1 billion.

It was Europe’s biggest snack company. General Mills sold PepsiCo its 40.5% ownership stake in the partnership in 2005. According to the income disparity between the two businesses, General Mills made a mistake by firing SVE.


Year Founded: 1930
Headquarters: Hemel Hempstead, UK 

Britvic was first known as British Vitamin Products (from 1930 to 1971) and was founded in Hemel Hempstead, England. In 1977, it introduced Britvic, the first non-alcoholic alternative adult soft drink.

By acquiring various soft drink businesses, including Fruité Entreprises, Robinsons, Tango, R. Whites Ebba, Bella, and the soft drinks division of C&C, the company has developed into a recognized global brand. Its most well-liked libations include Tango, MiWadi, J20, and Drench. The business generated $1.89 billion in revenue in 2019 with 4,795 employees.

With a presence in about 50 countries, Britvic only works in a few areas. There is no likelihood that it will ever be able to compete with PepsiCo.

Britvic is partnering with PepsiCo to support its strategy for international expansion rather than trying to go against the tide. In Great Britain and Ireland, the business manufactures and distributes a variety of PepsiCo goods, including Mountain Dew, 7Up, and Pepsi.

Pepsico Competitors

FAQs for Pepsico Competitors

Which drinks come under Unilever?

It includes milk drinks and Lipton packaged drinks.

Is Britvic sold in India?

Yes, but this can be purchased online.

How many flavors come in coca -cola?

There are 127 flavors of coca-cola in the world.

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