27+ Proven Bottled Water Marketing Strategies To Follow

There is a very famous saying that water is the elixir of life. It is one of the natural elements present on the planet Earth. Everyone is entitled to the water provided by nature. However, all sources of water are not free of contamination.

They can bear a wide array of diseases due to the harboring of pathogenic microorganisms, mainly in the form of bacteria. However, if you filter the water using appropriate technology, it becomes fit for drinking and used for numerous other purposes.

How to promote your Packaged water business?

  • Make sure to design an amazing logo and a suitable website to let your customers know about your online presence.
  • Make sure to collaborate with other business dealers and local distributors.
  • Always remember to get listed in the book of business directories.

If you have started a business with bottled water, then you will be facing a lot of competition in the present scenario. Therefore, it raises the big question, did you think about how to go with the marketing? This might give you an idea of the checklist of growth strategies for businesses to do the same.

Here we are presenting proven ways of marketing a Bottled water Business.

Focus on Bottle Packaging:

Some people might say that what is on the inside actually matters but it does not hold true for this product. Customers get very attracted to the packaging.

If there is some image or write-up that can grab the attention of the common people, it is a win-win situation for you. Packaging also includes the shape of the bottle. The shape should be such that it is easier to hold and is easily portable. This will help to create a Brand Identity.

Look into the color of the packaging as well. Blue is the most preferred color in this particular niche while some opt for a transparent hue.

The clarity of the water is easily visible through it. All of these features about packaging play a vital role in increasing the sale of packaged bottles.

Hence, make sure to keep the packaging as attractive and as vibrant as possible so that it pulls the customers towards it. This is one of the important Growth strategies for business.

Hashtag Marketing:

The effect of social media in marketing can never be overlooked, especially in the present scenario. The major reason is because of the fact that almost everyone has access to the internet these days.

Since it is easily available, it directly extrapolates to a social media account. The most common ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The global outreach of these applications is amazing, and it would be foolery not to use its potential to the core. There are many entities of social media marketing that have become viral in the market, but one that really caught the fire was the use of a hashtag. Hashtags will help you to get through to your Potential Customers easily.

It is very hard to believe that hashtags could play an important role in the marketing world. However, relevant hashtags do play an important role in attracting more views.

Mention the Brand Name Properly on the Package:

This forms a crucial Packaged bottled business marketing idea. To increase brand awareness, mention the brand name on the packaging properly. Whenever a brand name is being formulated, a lot of thought process goes into it. A brand name is important for building and holding the trust of the people.

If you don’t design the packaging in such a way that the brand name doesn’t come to the forefront, then all of the efforts become a complete waste. You can even supplement it with a brand logo and slogan.

You can refer to the Right Business slogan guide to get some ideas for the same. There are some basic shapes in the Logo that you should stick to when designing the package for aesthetic concerns.

The important consideration to be kept in mind when including the brand name in the packaging is that it is catchy and can be identified by a single glimpse.

It can be read easily from the shelf and the chances of someone choosing a bottle where the name is attractive is found to be more along with the size of the font, the style, and the color matters. You can also easily Attract New Customers.

Use the Correct color Scheme:

The color scheme may sound like a tiny Packaged Bottled Business marketing idea. Not enough emphasis can be given to its importance of it. However, it does form a vital marketing idea to the point where it becomes absolutely imperative.

Choose such a color schthathich is very vibrant and amiable for the eyes matches the brand’s vibrant. As mentioned before, most companies try to match the scheme with water. Though it works most of the time, there is no associated creativity.

You can take some steps to go a little out of the line and experiment but never leave the baseline of the brand at all. Everything should be in line with the values of the brand. You just have to find the perfect balance. This will help to increase sales as well.

Begin a Referral Contest:

Throw a referral contest where the customers can refer to anybody, and with every referral, the customers get 15% off on their next service. Create competition amongst the customers and them to get referrals for more discounts. This is one of the modern ways of marketing that has been found to be very effective.

This is the main reason why the referral system has gained so much popularity. From a business point of view, it is a marketing masterclass as well.

You will not be at any monetary loss as such. There will be a reduction in profit for a particular period of time, but the benefits that you can reap out of it, in the long run, are going to totally make it worth it.

This will not only help the customers get discounts, but it will also help the business in getting more customers at a faster pace. At the end of the day, that is one of the main requirements of a packaged bottle business, and it serves the purpose adequately.

Set Up Small Stalls Nearby:

One of the effective Packaged Bottled Business ideas is to set up small stalls of packaged bottles all around the town. This will contribute maximally to the marketing without you even realizing its true potential of it.

Yes, you do need a little bit of manpower to pull this off, but the outcome will make the investment look very small.

This has two advantages; firstly, it will help create a lot of brand awareness and increase followers. This is one of the most important aspects of marketing, especially when you are new to this particular niche of business.

Secondly, it will help to increase sales as the number of stalls; more will be the customer turnout ratio. As the footfall increases, there will be a massive spread of word of mouth for business as well. Thus, it is an advantageous strategy from all angles.

Hire the Right Kind of People:

A company is known by its staff. One of the best Packaged  Bottled Business marketing ideas is investing in human capital. Hire the right set of people who have the same vision for the business, and it’s for them.

There have been incidences where a business has completely tanked because the employees were not ideal. The right people will help Target Customers as well.

Those people should have the desired skill set to take the company forward and help in expansion. This puts even more emphasis on the point that only passion and emotion are not enough.

A person should be capable of taking a company to the height it deserves. A Creative Entrepreneur will always hire the right kind of people.

Register your Company Website on Other Service Websites:

While having your own website is the first requirement, that is one step that almost every company will do. You need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Service websites are very helpful in such a case. They are websites that host a number of other web pages.

People looking for a particular product or service can enter this website and then make their choice based on their niche of interest. It is very important to market your website properly as it is the first form of communication with your customers.

As said, ‘The First Impression Is the Last Impression.’ You have to hit the bullseye at the first shot, and service websites help you get that right and promote more cross-promotions.

The website acts as a first impression. Your customer base will increase rapidly once you use the service websites. Thus, it has been touted as an effective strategy to get your business noticed.

E-mail Marketing:

Having a huge database is one thing, but having a relevant database really makes sense. At the end of the day, it is this relevance that matters, and it will help you bypass a lot of redundant customers. You should identify the people who have more chances of placing an order of bottled products and then act accordingly.

This is the way where you can collect relevant data. Mail these people regularly to keep In touch with them and keep them updated about all the new offers. Setting up a newsletter is quite easy.

Ask for the email address either when a user enters or leaves the site. Always take their consent to keep them updated through emails. In case they feel that these newsletters are junk and useless, they might opt to unsubscribe.

Since this has been found to be so useful for generating new customer leads, Email marketing campaign examples are studied in detail, especially in business schools.

Feedback and Reviews:

Customers are regarded as the ‘King of the Market’ as they run the whole show. Hence, it does become important to keep a note of the feedback from the customers. Ask them for their opinion about your product or services. You will also get a reality check.

No business is flawless. It is important to identify and iron out the issues as soon as possible. One potent method of knowing about them is through feedback and reviews. They are honest opinions most of the time and thus hold a lot of value.

Make a customer-friendly feedback form and get it filled out by all the customers after they have bought the product and Get Quality Customer feedback.

Do not forget to keep a proper note of this feedback, and it is important to start working on them as soon as possible for better client satisfaction. If you do not do so, the whole process will be a waste of important resources.

Whatsapp Broadcast Messages:

If you have a smartphone or any other related device these days, the chances are that you use WhatsApp for messaging and sharing media. Whatsapp Marketing for Small Businesses is extremely beneficial.

Make a list of Local Event Management Companies, Local Companies, and Festival arrangers and send them Product Catalogs with the Best Deals.

Remember to send more pictures and offer updates and success stories, which attract the customers the most. A pictorial representation of anything sticks to the mind for a more extended time and has a more significant impact on the subconscious. Broadcast images are a perfect example of it.

You should keep in mind that what you send should be according to the bottle packaging business you are trying to advertise. The customers can be very unforgiving. If you send irrelevant content, it can tick them off, and they might choose to unsubscribe.

Have a Collection of Testimonials:

Is the company doing great? Perfect. Does everyone know about it? No. There is no point in hiding the success stories in your office. Success stories and testimonials need to be marketed properly to catch maximum attention.

It might sound a little like self-boasting, but it is absolutely compulsory that other people are aware of how your product has satisfied the needs of the customer. This is a direct appeal to the mentality of the people.

Whenever someone is looking to buy a product, they tend to check for these testimonials and feedback before making their decision to make a purchase. Thus, it is a potent influencer as you should highlight the positive statement for customer service.

This acts as an effective, packaged bottled business marketing idea. Remember to add some bad customer reviews as well to add some credibility to it.

Do you know which are the top leading bottled water brands? If “NO” then do check out the top best-bottled water brands in the US.

Google SEO:

This is, again, a very important tip for the Packaged Bottled Business marketing idea Marketing technique. If you are into online marketing and do not know about Search Engine Optimization, then you are missing out on something big.

There is a very famous saying that content is king. It is extremely applicable in the case of SEO. When you are creating an online presence for your business, make sure that it includes appropriate keywords.

These are the terms that are used frequently by people to look for a product or service only. When this matches the content on the website, it gets a hit, and people get redirected to it. Thus, it is effective in increasing traffic. Google SEO will help you to promote your website.

Although there are a number of search engines, there is no denying the fact that Google is the most viewed website today. It has made the lives of everyone so easy, as everything is just available with a click.

All you need is a working internet connection. The popularity that you can achieve by using Google SEO definitely makes it a marketing strategy worth undertaking.

Twitter Marketing:

Twitter is one of those platforms which makes everything viral. Every individual is not generally on Twitter, starting from all the famous personalities, bureaucrats, dancers, and actors to the general public.

Since it is a platform that can reach out to many people at once, that too uses a mere 140-word limit. You must use space judiciously, and it should have a maximum impact on marketing. Also, create a social media plan for Twitter.

Select a unique hashtag and start a Twitter trend regularly. These twitter marketing trends help get a lot of traction and become a nationwide Twitter trend. Nowadays, everything and anything can trend and become famous.

Things are not restricted to orthodox and conventional methods these days. Use Twitter accordingly for the best outcome. Make sure that you have ideal knowledge regarding Twitter for business.

Give Free Samples:

Ideally, customers first always would want to try the product and see how it is. To give them satisfaction, make sure to give a few free samples so that they can have a look at the quality aspect as well.

There should not be any compromise in the quality of the free sample. In fact, you should look into it that the best is given by this process.

This is because this free product is important to create a primary impression that is good. If you look at any famous business around the world today, they are where they are because of the customers. Even if you tend to host a giveaway, do it with a good heart. When you offer a free sample, more people will be interested in your business.

You may not emerge out with a lot of profit eventually, but in the end, the benefits are truly amazing. This will also help in building a strong relationship with the customers. In fact, this is one of the important steps to Starting a Small Business.

Website Marketing:

The website is one of the first few ways to attract potential customers. Almost every business organization has a website of its own for the purpose of marketing and advertising. It highlights all the important sectors related to the business effectively. 

This is one of the first communication one has with its customers and also makes your online presence felt to the largest extent. Hence, make the first impression count. If you make it too complicated, people will exit as soon as they enter. Make sure that you are concentrating on Responsive website design.

At the same time, keeping the website very detailed involves topics such as the business, products offered, services offered, success stories, etc. It is always advisable to take the help of an expert for creating your website as it can make and break your business. Also, do not forget to promote your website.

Do a People’s Survey:

If your business is planning to launch a product, it is essential to know what people think about the new product or what extra things they want should be added to give the best client service. It is applicable for newly established companies, and that want to test the waters.

It can also be used by businesses that already have a name for themselves but want to expand their horizons by introducing something novel. The opinion of the people who will be availing the product and services is of utmost importance. You should know about a customer service survey in detail to make maximum use of it.

This customer service survey makes a brilliant Bottled water Business marketing idea and shall always be used in case of a new product launch.

Facebook Groups:

The importance of social media for marketing cannot be stressed enough, and Facebook currently is the number one social media platform when it comes to business-related stuff. Facebook has several groups related to various businesses, such as tuition, clothes, shoes, flats, paints, etc.

It is a platform on which one can share what they want, as long as it is in accordance with their rules. You can post content related to your packaged bottle business as well. You can even create a Facebook group for business and reach out to a maximum number of people at once.

Make sure that someone from the business joins these groups and keeps track of it regularly. Customers post a lot of queries on these groups. The key to converting clients from Facebook is to be ‘Pro-Active.’ Facebook marketing will make your business successful.

Give Printed Business T-shirts:

There must be a few customers who would be the regular ones of the business. It is important to keep pampering them. Printing some catchy business T-shirts will help in increasing brand visibility as they might wear them and put pictures on Instagram. This will help to Market your New Business.

Hence get a few T-shirts printed for all such customers or potential customers. They will always remember this gesture. Do not compromise on the quality here as well. It will speak volumes of your genuine attitude. It does not necessarily have to be a t-shirt every time.

Some other options include mugs, cups, clocks, etcetera, which are easy to use. You should keep some overheads aside for investments such as these from your profit margin. The bond that will be formed with your customers is definitely something that you will cherish forever. This is one of the Best Advertising Methods that you should try.

Signature of Email:

This might be a tiny aspect of marketing your business, but it does form an essential part. Make sure that every individual who is working in your business does have a proper signature. This will ensure that the staff is genuine and there is no scope for any kind of fraudulent activities to be undertaken by them.

Addressing them also becomes easier as your approach becomes more personal. The digital signature should include his or her correct name, designation, phone number, and email address. This gives a very professional look and creates an impact. This will help Take business next level.

The digital signature can be used for a number of purposes, especially the ones related to paperwork. Even speaking from a legal point of view, a digital signature is absolutely compulsory. You should have a proper database to store them and use them as and when needed.

Write for Various Other Blogs:

Blogging is a passion for many if you belong to this category, you can transform your passion into something useful by blogging about your business. There are many service websites on the internet that are very famous and have lakhs of subscribers.

It is advised to write for these blogs frequently. Important considerations are that the blogs should be relevant, easy to understand, and easily interpreted by anyone. It should not be age-specific; that is, someone from 10 years old to 50 years old should be able to understand and relate to it.

If you are lucky and your articles get accepted, then you can enjoy some free traffic, and this will give extra coverage to your website. In the blogs, do not forget to mention the website link and contact number. Moreover, it will add credibility to your resume. Business Blog Marketing will be beneficial for your business.

Run Radio Ads:

In the new age of advanced technology, the use of radio has lessened significantly than it was before. However, the radio comes as a savior for every office-going person as they tend to listen to it daily.

They get their daily dose of entertainment in the form of songs and ad jingles in order to pass the time during the long driving hours through the traffic. You can market your New product through radio ads.

Some even like to hear the news on the radio. Thus, there are still quite a few people who use the services of a radio. Make sure to invest a little in Radio Ads and try to capture the interest of the abovementioned people regarding your business.

Distribute Pamphlets:

This is one of the most traditional and orthodox methods of marketing that is still followed these days but with lesser intensity. People tend to think that during this age of virtualization, what is the point of paper advertising?

Well, there is still a certain section of society that doesn’t have access to a TV or internet at all times, but they might need to buy a packaged bottle.

Moreover, colorful and attractive pamphlets do grab the eyes whenever someone sees them, and they tend to inquire more about it automatically.

Thus, get pamphlets designed that are relevant and attractive and have someone distribute them in the busy areas. In your pamphlets, you can mention the launch of new products.

Offer prizes and discounts:

Who doesn’t like to play a game, especially when there is associated prize money? This strategy is based on positive reinforcement. Just like the referral code was a potent method of getting more people interested in your business, you can even go one step further.

Provide offers like someone who has bought five bottles in a month will be eligible for a lucky draw for a considerable amount.

You need to incorporate some coding systems to keep track of the bottles going off the shelves, but most beverage companies do that, so it won’t be a very difficult task.

You can even provide attractive discounts to your frequent customers, albeit with efficient tracking. You should hold a contest for Engaging More Customers.

We hope you do try and use at least a few of them in the days of your business and see instant growth in the market in no time. If you are looking for that big push to escalate your business to the next level, maybe a few of them will be sufficient for it.

Do you know that deciding a name for the bottled water business is a little bit challenging? Don’t you worry, check out the best-bottled water company names.

How to drive sales to your bottled water business?

  • Try to fit into the local community with the help of charity events, business meetings, or any trade shows.
  • Do not hesitate to provide discount offers on bulk orders.
  • Social media works best in the current digital scenario. Try to spread the message through a Facebook banner ad or other.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the customer to drive more business.
  • Keep an eye on the competition and be consistent with the marketing campaigns.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What kind of license is required when you start Bottled Water Business

-Pollution Control certificate
-Registration of a trademark
-Certificates from the Chemist, microbiologists
-Pest control certification
-No objection certificate from the Gram Panchayat, wherever applicable
-Water test report from the authorized laboratory of the raw water
-ISI certification from the Bureau of the Indian Standards
-The sanction layout plan
-The medical certificate for the workers
-The electrical load sanctions

How to label your water bottles in the bottled water marketing business?

The best thing about bottled water advertising is that they are fully customizable. One can design a bottle and also label it in the way you want so that it uniquely represents your brand.
Some of the important things to include whenever you label the bottled water are mentioned below:
-The motto or slogan
-Your email id
-Your phone number
-Website address of your company
-Official address
-A photo or a logo

Which are the different ways of using branded promotional water bottles?

-In the swag bags
-In the tradeshows
-In charity runs 
-In the reception area of hotels
-In the company meetings

How to make promotional water bottles for your Bottled water marketing business?

Firstly decide whether you are looking to buy bottles with the labels present on them or you want to order the labels themselves. After you make a decision, you need to decide the size as well as the quantity you need. 

What is the sales strategy for your bottled water business?

-Focus on the image
-Turn the customers into the connoisseurs
-Position your product as a sign of wealth 
-Offer convenience

Is it compulsory to have an in-house laboratory?

Yes. The lab must be fully equipped to carry out the chemical; the experts must conduct physical and micro-logical tests prescribed by the IS-3025 and the tests.

Water is one of the most demanded products in the market. People love to care about their health so they prefer quality water.

But this Bottled water is good to drink? That is the Big Question to know. Read the below infographic to get more detail about it.

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