Top 10 Oracle competitors and Alternatives

Oracle is One of America’s multinational computer technology corporations, headquarters in Austin, Texas. Their main work is to sell database software and technology.

Enterprise software products like enterprise resources planning software, human capital management software, enterprise performance management software, and customer relationship management. Their net income is $13.74 billion.

It was one of the third largest software companies in the world in 2020 by market capitalization and revenue. Larry Ralph Ellison is the company owner, and 132,000 workers area unit operating within the company.

List of Oracle competitors:


Walldorf is home to a multinational German software company. It was established in Weinheim, Germany, in 1972. was founded by Dietmar Hopp and Hans-Werner Hector. Klaus Tschira, Klaus Wellenreuther, Klaus Plattner, and Hasso Plattner.

Their net income is EUR5.383 billion, and they provide services based on application. Besides enterprises, resource planning, database software, and technology are also selling the company’s products.

They also sell human capital management software and supplier relationship management software. In 2015 they launched their principal e-commerce store.

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Financial management, human capital management, and student information system, a cloud-based company in America.

In 2012 it launched an initial public offering, which increased its value to $9.5 billion. They mainly sell subscriptions as it’s their primary source to gain income. This company was founded by David Duffield, also CEO of the company.

Fortune magazine ranked workday as one of the top five companies in all 100 based on employee satisfaction.


Charles Ranlett Flint from Endicott in New York founded IBM in 1911. It was first named a Computing-Tabulating-Recording company and later changed into IBM in 1924.

They sell products like computer hardware, middleware, and software which provide hosting and consulting services.

This organization has the highest number of annual U.S. patents that any company has ever produced, and they have held this for 28 years. Networth of the company is $5.74 billion. The present CEO of the company is Arvind Krishna.

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Snowflake is one cloud computing data warehouse business founded in 2012 and launched in stealth mode. Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cranes, and Marcin Zukowski are founders of snowflake, and the total net worth of the company is US$ 680 million.

They offer warehouse services and cloud-based computer code packages to store and analyze info.

In 2019 the corporate was hierarchal in the Forbes cloud, and they proclaimed that they’d be turning into headquarters with a principal government workplace. Snowflake was established on 23 July 2012 in California, U.S.


Teradata is an American software company that was formed in 1979. Their main headquarters are in San Diego, United States. They started this with a collaboration between Caltech and Citibank, one of the advanced technology groups.

The total internet price of Teradata is $129 million. It provides business analytics, cloud merchandise, and consulting. It provides Teradata Intel iCloud, a secure managed cloud for knowledge analytics.

They planned to research the engines of a core computer database. It additionally also can even also be deployed on-premises and may also trade goods infrastructure.


 VMware LLC is an American company specializing in cloud computing and virtualization technology. The main headquarters of VMware is in Palo Alto (California). The company’s net worth totals US$ 2.05 billion.

It was created in 1998 by Diane Greene (Mendel Rosenblum), Scott Devine, Edward Wang, and Edouard Bugnion.

The company also offers desktop, server, cloud management, application management, and network security products. Rangarajan Raghuram serves as the company’s chief executive officer.


Charles Geschke & John Warnock were the founding partners of Adobe in the year 1982. They oversubscribed Postscript page descriptions language. Adobe Systems Incorporated was one of the Yankee international computer-software firms.

The headquarters are in San Jose, California. It specializes in software and content creation, including graphics, photography, animation, video, motion pictures, illustration, etc. They expanded their company into digital marketing software in 2021.

The company’s total net value is US$ 4.82 billion. Adobe developed Adobe Pro web development.

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Alteryx was established in 1997 by Dean Stoecker, Olivia Duane, Adamas, and Ned Harding. Alteryx, a computer-software-based company, is located in Irvine, California, and it also has a development center in Broomfield, Colorado.

The software was specifically designed to allow advanced analytics to all data workers. The company’s total net worth is US$179.7 million.

Alteryx products include Alteryx Connect (Designer), Alteryx Promote (Supporter), Alteryx Server (Analytics Hub), and Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Alteryx Analytics Gallery is another cloud-based website.


Marklogic was founded in 2001. It was located in San Carlos, California. It’s one of the few private companies that employ less than 500.

The company’s total of $100 Million in revenue. They have many customers, such as Erie Insurance Group, Jhonson and Jhonson, U.S. Army, and Chevron and Chevron. They were rated as a Visionary in the market for data warehouses in 2017.

Marklogic has products like multi-model NoSQL databases for access to manage, store and search.

Amazon Web services

Amazon Web services is an alternative to Amazon Cloud services, which offer cloud computing platforms and API. It has one of the services of Elastic computing cloud.

Total revenue is US$ 62 billion, and Amazon Web services deliver its services to customers via different networks of AWS.

They also provide select portion security to the users and because of that it’s become the biggest competitor of Oracle.

Their products include networking, database, management, machine, developer, application, etc. In 2017 they started to help the military and young adults of the United Kingdom. Presently the company is currently led under the direction of Adam Selipsky.

Oracle Competitors

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