Ultimate Guide To Set Up & Optimize Live Video For Small Businesses

Live streaming became a huge thing even before the pandemic hit the business and pushed owners to use virtual ways.

One of the reasons behind this is the study in 2018 that says the average numbers of consumers spend 83 minutes daily on consuming videos.

The number increased in 2020, as it becomes 92 minutes. That was enough reason to convince the owners to start the live streaming and connect with the customers.

Well if you are planning to start to set up the live video for your business too, there are some basics you should cover first. Also, it will help in optimizing the best from it, here is what can help you.


What do You need To Know About Live Streaming?

It’s a pretty common thing now, live video or live streaming is basically a one-way chat that you do on video. It’s similar to video blogs.

The biggest difference that sets live streaming apart from your other ways in video marketing is, here your audience is seeing you in real-time.

It also gives more chances to interact and connect with the viewers while doing the live stream.

There are different platforms where you get the options to set up your live video.

However depending on what you choose, the length and features are also different.

Some of the best platforms that you can consider are :

Facebook Live

One of the most popular platforms due to its capacity of targeting more audiences, you can start your live streaming on Facebook.

Image source: searchenginejournal

There are simple settings that you need to do and you are ready to go.


If you want to consider the live stream platform especially for video gamers, this one is the most popular and one of the leading names.

Image source: hubspotblog

Twitch has better reach to gamers, so if you are considering that you can choose this too.

Instagram Live

Well, Instagram Live is another option that is popular, easy, and simple for live streaming.

It’s because of the app as they prioritize the live content more on their platform, and you don’t find this on Facebook.

Image source: thebiz

Also if you have huge numbers of followers on Instagram, this can help in getting better engagement.

YouTube Live

Youtube started their live streaming too, you can set up for this apart from posting the regular videos.

The live broadcast also comes with other benefits, for example, it’s searchable on the platform. It means, it’s searchable for Google as well.

Image source: forbes

This also allows you to connect with the viewers who are not following you.

Why Small Should Consider Live Streaming?

Across the globe, live streaming is becoming the next big thing that ever happened to the business industry.

The power of live streaming helps the brands to improve as well as enhancing the communication with their targeted customers.

Integrating this with your marketing strategies can help in getting better engagement and broad audience interaction, here are some of the reasons why you should consider it :

Its Fastest-Growing Tool

Live video is one of the most popular tools that are growing fast for marketing purposes.

There are so many platforms that are promoting live videos. Also, lots of businesses are finding ways to get their business start by using streaming.

It’s Improving The Brand Awareness

Live streaming is offering a huge advantage to the brands. As its boosting brand awareness by publicizing.

One of the things that keeps the video streaming apart from the rest is it’s real-time and richness in nature.

Image source: Adespresso

With this, you can have more opportunities and you can do a better experiment in your content. Also, you can keep it short or long.

It Fostering The Engagement

More than any other content, video formats are considered highly engaging especially live videos.

It’s unique in that it facilitates engagement from users in real-time. Also, it gets more attention from the audience.

Well, the real-time connection helps in fostering personal relations much better and you can get chances of conversions.

It Helps In Understanding Customers

Live broadcasting is incredible when it comes to experimentation.

You can use this for understanding what your audience likes or interests on a much deeper level.

When you do the live streaming on a regular basis, you can notice the difference. Some of tour live streaming will get a better response than the others

This shows the type of content that excites your customers and engagement the most.

You can experiment with content and see the response. Also, you can ask for opinions when you are doing the live streaming.

It’s Cost-Effective

Well for small businesses, this should be the best thing as you are saving so much money on advertising, if you are doing the live streaming like an expert.

Image source: Postplanner

You can invest little, depending on what platforms you are using.  If you don’t want to, then there are platforms that can be perfect for your low budget too.

It Helps in Establishing Trust

To become successful, it’s important that your brand holds the trust among the others.

Live streams are helpful and it provides transparency to the viewers.

Image source: MSPoweruser

You can become the voice of your brand and show the side of your business through live streaming.

This helps in getting the engagement and you can do the real-time conversation,  Also people get to see the person behind the brand which helps in establishing the trust more.

What Drives More Engagement On Live Streaming?

There are reasons why businesses, regardless of their size and type are preferring live streaming.

And to make sure that your streaming is going successful, there is behavior that drives engagement.

why live streaming drives engagement

Well, no doubt but humans are born curious. It’s In their nature and they are eager to do more new discoveries.

Live streams show content that is not common and it’s not something that can be found anywhere else.

This feeds the curiosity of people and that attracts them to engagement more.

Sense Of Belonging

Every streaming platform offers a session for doing streaming that comes with limited duration.

That’s why live streaming doesn’t have lots of thousands of views on repeat. The numbers and ids of users, as well as subscribers, give a sense of community.

It helps the viewer feel like they belong to some group and the rest of the people there are also who share the same interest.

Desire For Recognition

People work so they can get recognition and it’s in nature. When it comes to viewers, it’s not anonymous and the viewers can see each other.

Also, it makes them visible to the brand which they like. It increases the chances of recognition.

Especially when you are doing sessions like Q&A where you take answers along with mentioning the name. It helps in boosting the recondition feeling.


Live streaming allows the viewers to take part in the sessions. The comments get on broadcast and the person who is doing it can read and talk about it.


The content used in live streams is unique and connects with people.

Also, the content is designed to interact with the streamers and this makes it more interesting for people.

What You Can Consider To Live Stream About?

There are different things that you can do the live stream about. However, it’s important that you are offering something when you choose to record the live videos.

Here are some of the ideas that you can consider to start with :

Broadcast Interviews & Testimonials

Live streaming can be turned into interviews. You can do short interviews with your clients, employees, etc. If you have access, you can invite famous personalities too.

Image source: androidpolice

This allows you to show the human side and it helps in connecting the brand with the audience.

You can inform and update more about your business. However, make sure that you are not only focusing on your brand as it will lose the interest of your audience.

Make sure that you are providing fresh and engaging videos to your viewers.

Launch Your Product

You can use the video for launching your products and to make the announcement.

Especially when you are announcing on a grand scale, you can make your event live so the rest of the audience from different countries can connect with you too.

Show How The Business Works

People always get intense when their favorite brands show them their company function. It’s interesting , new and emerging.

You can use the live video for showing how your company functions.Also If you have the product line, then you can also with the manufacturing process, etc.

You can invite people to show and explore how your company actually works.

This will help in creating the connection and establish trust too.

Have Q&A Session

One of the famous content types that got adopted by lots of brands and businesses these days is Q&A sessions.

Image source: dealspotr

It helps in letting your customers or viewers ask the question that they have, and you answer them directly.

When you do this, make sure you pick the most important and relevant ones.

Also mention the name of the person who asked the question. This will help to make the customer and viewers happy.

How To Set Up Live Videos On Different Platforms?

Now when you understood the bright side of live videos and where you can consider starting.

Here comes the important point and i.e. how you can set it up?

As mentioned earlier, there are different platforms where you get the features and services to start the live streams.

Based on what you chose will help you in deciding how long you can make the videos? What other features will you get? Can you save live streams for later watch or not?

Well if you are looking for how you can set up your live video, here is what you need to know.

Instagram Live

Instagram offers you to do streaming and get the attention of millions of audiences.

Also if you have good numbers in advance and have content that you want to have more reach, this one is ideal to choose.

Here is how you can set up for Instagram live :

1 . Swipe up to go to the Instagram stories.  You can see the story’s camera, and there will be live options on your screen’s bottom.

Here you will see how many followers of yours are active.

 2 . Make sure you are ready to go live. The app will take a few seconds to ensure that you have a connection and once it gets confirmed, the live stream begins.

Well, when you are streaming, there will be access to some features that you can use :

  • Use the filters icon and it will apply the Instagram filters to your live. It can be fun and you can use it to make your live look better.
  • You can DM or Direct Message during your live stream, for that you require to use the message icon that is in the shape of a paper plane
  • If you want to share the question submitted by your audience, you can simply click on the question mark.
  • To comment back to your audience, you can use the comment box and type your comments.
  • If you want to add another host to your live stream, you can tap on two faces on your screen.
  • To share the image in your stream, you can use the camera roll.


You can use a phone or computer both for going live on Facebook.When you are live, you also appear on your group, page, and event.

Also, you might show up on news feed and Facebook watch.

Using App :

  • If you are using a phone and app, here is how you can go live.
  • Visit the form where you want to go live, it can be page, group, event, etc.
  • Click on the live option, you will find this to your bottom of your post composer
  • Now here you need to write the description, you can tag friends,  locations, and collaborators.
  • Once you are done, you can click on start live video and the live broadcast will begin.
  • When you are ending the stream, click on finish.

Using built-in webcam :

If you are using the desktop and using the built-In webcam for this, you can follow these steps to set up.

  • Go to the live video icon that locates beneath the what’s up mind status.
  • Here you will be taken to the live producer tool and here you can choose the source of your video. Click On use camera.
  • Here on your left, write the description, add title, tag people, places or if it’s for donation, you can add that too.
  • Check if you go live, click on the button to start the live video.

Using the messenger rooms :

This one works only If you are using chrome. Also to go live on messenger rooms   here are steps for you :

  • Set your messenger room and run. Here you will get the live option in the corner of your right hand.
  • Give the title to the video, it’s optional.
  • Choose the forums where you want your video to go live. You can choose a page, group, or your time, etc.
  • Now choose your audience and click next.
  • Participants can leave or choose to confirm, you have the feature to remove participants if you want.
  • Click the Start and it will go live.
  • Once you are done, you can end the live sessions by clicking on the send button.

Youtube Live

Apart from sharing your videos, you can also do the live streaming

  • Make sure you have the verified channel on youtube
  • Ensure that there is no restriction on you for doing live streams for the next 90 days.
  • To use the mobile option for streaming, you are going to need at least 10000 subscribers

 Here are a few steps that you need to consider to set up :

Using Desktop

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Click on the create button, you will get this one on the top right corner.
  • Choose to go live.
  • Well, it can take24 hours to get our account activated for live streaming.
  • Choose webcam
  • Add title and add privacy setting
  • Click on more options if you want to add subscription, monetization, chat, and promotions.
  • Now click next and it will automatically take a welcome photo in thumbnail. You can change or retake afterward.
  • Click on Go Live
  • When you want to end It,  select the end stream

Using Mobile

  • Open your app
  • Click on the camcorder option on the top right.
  • Click on go live.
  • Add the title as well as do the privacy setting
  • Go to More option for adding the description, enabling or disabling the cat,
  • monetization,  age restriction , promotional disoliure etc.
  • Select Next to upload the thumbnail.
  • You can share the link on social media by clicking on Share.
  • Now choose to Go live.
  • To end, click on finish and choose ok.


Well the platform itself suggests what you can expect when you use it. You can share the videos through the internet, apple, iOS, Android, etc.

 To set up. Here are steps for you :

  • Log in to the Livestream producer
  • Open the program you want to share
  • Choose output source if you are taking video from another source
  • Click on save, however it will need the image to save it.

If you are using a desktop,  click no camera.

  • Go live via the preview
  • If you want to limit the screen, choose zoom in. Click until you get the green brackets. The audience won’t see the screen beyond your choice.

Tips For Live Streaming On Different Platforms

Since you get different options where you can do the live streams. It also gives you the opportunity to achieve your goals and use the platform to gather the audience.

To make sure you are doing that, here are some tips based on different platforms that you can consider:


  • Check the connection, it should be strong before you go live.
  • Response to the comments that you get on videos and thank them
  • Make your description catchy to tell what the video is all about.
  • Keep the background noise as low as you can.


  • Test the live before you go for streaming.
  • Give advance notification, use the stories to promote live stream.
  • Choose a day or week and fix a time so the audience knows when they can participate again.
  • Get someone with you, it can be a fan, business partner, or creator.
  • Ask questions and do the Q & A session live. You can ask questions on stores and collect to answer on the live stream.
  • Turn on your comment moderation.
  • Save the live video and use the story to upload it.

Youtube Live

  • Test your setup before you decide to go live
  • Keep the bitrate as it should not have outbound bandwidth in excess amount.
  • Use the network that can be reliable and check the internet connection.
  • Use only professional hardware as well as software encoders.


  • It comes with advanced features, use it for making videos in quality
  • Create a backup stream in case of a bad connection.
  • Use the features like bonded network, hard encoding,  ad-insertion, etc.
  • Try to get a strong internet connection. 

How To Set Up For Smooth Streaming?

There is a lot of work you need to do before you set up for the live streaming.This can help you in making sure that your streaming is going successfully.

Also, the more you prepare, the better and confident you will be on screen.

Here are a few things you need to set up :

Keep The Set-Up Easy

When you decide to stream, it’s important to pay attention to what kind of equipment you are adding.

The more you increase the numbers in equipment, the more complex your setup is going to be.

Image source: mattstauffer

If any of this equipment fails then it will affect all of your show.

That’s why make sure you are doing a simple set up and this will keep the technical errors less too.

Check Your Bandwidth

 Before you go live, check your networks and availability of bandwidth.

This makes sure that the streaming is viewable to everyone. Also, you can connect well without extra distraction.

Have Backup Ready

Even if you have a simple setup, there are chances something can go wrong, That is why you should always have the backup ready.

Get the access to items that can go wrong or you need replacement urgently. Always have extra memory cards and storage. 

Use Backup Account For Testing Stream

To make sure that your streaming is good to go, you need to test. And for that use the backup account that.

You can create a  new account on Facebook, and use this for seeing your Livestream as an audience point of view.

Spend Extra On Audio

If your audio is bad, there is nothing that can save the stream.

Your setup requires you to focus on how your audio sounds. It’s important as if your audience doesn’t know what you are saying, they won’t sit for long either.

Spend Time On Generating Topics

Lots of businesses feel conflicted when it comes to generating topics for their live stream.

However, this will become easier once you get the habit. As time passes, this gets much and much hassle-free.

The more you interact with your customers and viewers, the better you will get the idea of what your next topic should be.

Double Check Automation Publishing

Youtube and Facebook offer you to automatically publish the stream, choosing time on your own.

This is also called scheduling the event. Well, the feature is helpful but always works.

That’s why to do the double-checking and make sure your scheduling is right. 

 What To Do When You Are Streaming Live And After?

Once you are all set for the stream, the next step that you need to do is to start the process. 

To make sure you don’t end up doing mess-up things, here are few things that can help. 

Use External Display To Monitor 

When you are streaming, it’s important that you have confidence monitoring. That’s why  get an external display that can help in providing perspective. 

You can see how you look and it will help in seeing as a viewer too.

Respond To Comments 

Make sure your comment section is on, and keep your focus on how you are interacting with your viewers. 

Image source: youtube

Answer to the questions or respond to the comments that you are getting on live streaming. This will make your stream look more interactive, 

Look At The Camera 

When you are streaming, it’s important to make your eye contact with the camera.  Don’t look elsewhere or on the monitor for Assistance. 

Some steamers use the reference monitor and place It below the camera. It makes it easier to access, however when you place it there, it can be tempting to look for a long time. 

Make sure you are not looking and focus on the camera, so the audience knows you are talking to them. 

Give Yourself Time Before Start 

Going live is not easy, and you are going to need time to get your thoughts straight. 

Keep your mind straight, so you can deliver the best of your performance when you are talking to your viewers. 

howto look confident while live streaming

Give yourself proper time so you can relax and stress-free. 

Add Extra Person Or Guest 

Going live alone can make your look nervous, and you can end up getting a low energy level at some point during Livestream. 

Image source: Later

When you have a guest or someone extra with you,  It will keep your streaming more engaging and fun. But also it will balance the energy. 

Share Your Video On Facebook 

You can use Facebook and create your group, or you have one, you can share the link to your recorded live video. 

You can get more people who are interested to join your group. It will increase the number of people who will watch the live show next time.

Your Title Text Is Important 

It’s important that you have a good title for your live video.  It can be tricky to come up with something catchy, but it will attract more viewers who might be interested. 

SEO, especially if you are using Youtube, also google can’t understand by reading video content to know what your page is about.

Image source: epiphanvideo 

That’s why to use the keywords, description, video tags, etc. 

Keep Consistent 

If you are starting out, live videos can be a daunting task. But it can become easier once you become habitual of it. 

That’s why consistency is important, go live on a regular time and make sure your viewer knows when you are going to be live. 

Image source: hubspotblog

Don’t be inconsistent as it will increase the frustration. 

How To Ensure That Your live Stream Is Going Right?

Live streaming is an effective way for generating engagement with the audience and this can be authentic.

However if you are not planning it already, there are chances that your viewers might notice.

When you are doing the live streaming, there is no chance of making mistakes and It will be visible.

If the quality problem is there or you didn’t check the network beforehand, this will make your viewers leave.

live video mistakes to avoid

This can be nerve-wracking, and that’s why you should make sure that your live streaming is going in the right direction.

Don’t Do Streaming Because Everyone Is Doing

Well everyone is doing streaming and this can add the pressure too.

However instead of doing live streaming just for the sake of it, take your time to get prepared for it.

Also, your live stream should not be entirely scripted. This is not an audition, and you can make a few mistakes.

But make sure you are familiar with what you are talking about.

Make sure you have key points in your head. Focus on keeping it casual and expanding your goals.

Add Title When You Are Streaming

This helps in avoiding any kind of confusion when you are doing the streaming.

Also, it makes the viewers tune with what you are going to talk about. A clear title can help in giving the idea about what streaming is going to be.

Image source: Didit

More people will add later as no one can join together when you go online, so the headline will help in giving context to the audience.

Control Whatever You Can

Your live stream can be a disaster if you fail to control a few things around you.

For example, avoid any place where the crowd or noise can be strong. This can be chaotic

That’s why choosing a place or somewhere that can be locked. It will remove the distractions.

Make sure there are no distractions, and people can see clearly and hear.

Market Your Live Streams

However you can do the spontaneous live streams and it can make things fun.

But if you can’t do that every time, the drawback of this is you won’t get the audience that you’re supposed to get.

That’s why you need to do the marketing. You can share the streaming calendar and post the updates when the streams are about to go live.

This will get more people interested and exciting for your live streams.

Communicate With Your Audience

When you do the live streaming, the important point here is to generate more and more segments.

Instead of focusing on making your streaming perfect, focus on how you can engage the people who are watching you.

Focus on the comments, interactions, and feedback you get.

If you have the time, you can also answer or respond to their questions. Make your streams more interactive so more people like to join you.

How To Promote Your Live Video Streaming?

Live video is a tool and one of the powerful ways that you can use it for marketing.

It’s important that you follow the points that can help in keeping your video streaming valuable. Focus on why and for what you are doing the live stream in the first place.

Not just that, you are also going to need to promote your live stream, so more and more people can connect. You can grow your audience.

ways to promote live videos

Here are some of the ways that can help you :

Do Promotion On Social Media

No matter what platform you choose, make sure you are promoting it all on your social media.

For example, if you are going live on Instagram, use your Instagram, Twitter, etc to promote the event.

Image source: wishpondblog

Even though there are some number of followers who are following you in all of your accounts. There will be a certain number who are following on one platform.

With this, you can gather your audience at the same place and get more people to watch your live video.

Add Verbal Calls To Action

With the live videos, you get the unique opportunity that lets you connect with your aside.

That way you can make most of it by exactly telling what you want.

Lots of live streamers promote their videos by saying to share them on a timeline or with friends.

You can add the verbal CTA to your videos.  You can add at least two or three times. Here are how you can do it :

  • Mention it after you introduce yourself or the viewers
  • When you are in the middle of the transition.
  • In the end when you are about to sign off.

By adding it smartly can increase the chances of getting the shares. However, make sure you are not overdoing it.

Add Visual Call To Action

 Visual call to action is even better than verbal. This allows you to ask viewers to do tasks as many times as you want without making them repetitive.

Graphics are the best because you can use them frequently.

You can create some of the transparent png files that you can add when you go live.

There are some common phrases that you can use such as :

  • Follow us @Yourstorename.
  • Share the video
  • Catch us every Tuesday
  • Subscribe
  • Follow Now

You can leave these graphs on your screen as long you want. You can keep it as a border or you use it as a prompt for sharing the video.

Share Clips On Your Social Media

You can promote your video even after the stream ends. The live video doesn’t have to end after that.

You already promoted with the others. There might be people who missed it, you can save it for later use.

Post it on your social media and this will help you in driving traffic to your broadcast. This will also help in getting a boost in growth for your next video.

You can upload 15 or 30-second clips from the previous live video.Highlight the important points and events, you can share the best moments.

Go For Cross Promotion

One of the easiest ways to get more followers, you can promote another streamer

Reach out to similar streamers like you and you can consider featuring them in your stream.

You can do it in lots of ways, some of the best are :

  • Live-in with the same room
  • Do the interview
  • Do remote or video conferencing
  • Precoard the interveners
  • Feature their stream or clip to your stream
  • Review their point of view that they point out in the streamer.

Make sure you use the tag, so it can show in their timeline or the feed.

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