How to Optimize Linkedin Business Page for Maximum Sales

Well, People who are related to sales probably know about social selling. 

However, the term has gone from a theoretical concept to becoming an important part of the sales process in the modern era.

Social sales mean the technique of lead generation where the salesperson interacts with the prospects via social media platforms directly. 

According to Kathleen Schaub, there are 75% of B2B buyers as well as 84% of C-level executives who are using social media for making the decisions of purchase.

Well, LinkedIn is one of the powerful tools that becomes one of the platform’s ideals for increasing sales. However, if you are looking for ways that can improve your business profile, this article might help you. 

How You Can Make Your Profile Better On LinkedIn?

When it comes to sales outreach, it’s crucial for optimizing the complete circle. So it can help in making sure that it will convert and be highly personalized too. 

Well this, you can get all the right numbers to boost your effectiveness in the sale. This is why you should focus on making your Linkedin business profile better so you can get the results you are hoping for. 

ways improve LinkedIn prfile

Update Your Profile 

Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure you have added all the latest events that can help in boosting your profile

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If you achieved something or learned something new or certification, add to the profile with the new information. 

Ask For Recommendation 

You can ask others to recommend you. Also, make sure you are not asking someone with whom you haven’t worked with. 

At least you have worked for six months. 

Well, you can get the review from the boss, but also focus on adding the reviews from clients as it will add more credibility.

With the help of testimony, the other buyers will have an easier time deciding. 

Do the URL Customization 

You can customize your URL to It’s helpful for making it easier to search for you on Linkedin. 

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Also, it’s good for linking and printing on your business cards. You can add the middle initial or numbers if you have the common name. This will help you in setting your profile apart. 

Remove The Jargon 

When you are making your profile more approachable and efficient for sales, it’s important that your profile doesn’t contain any kind of jargon. 

Don’t use any kind of buzzwords, not just they are overused but also make it difficult for others to read your profile.

Follow More People 

It’s important to boost your reach and that’s why you should follow people who are related to your industry or topic. 

You can follow the individual who shares the content and keep updated on following trending topics.

This will help you in staying top and you can get the topic to mention as points to the inmail message too.

Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn For Maximum Sales 

Well to know how you can optimize your Linkedin For maximizing sales and getting more profit, here are some of the ways that can help you  

tips for linkedin profile to get sales

Optimize The Linkedin Profile 

As mentioned above, you need to make sure that your profile is well optimized to attract prospects. 

Linkedin allows the users to customize their profile URL. It’s important for SEO purposes and it makes it easier to find the person. 

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Use your name in the URL, but if it’s already taken by someone else on Linkedin, make sure you choose something which is close to your name.

Also, add the email signature as well as other social media channels to your account. Not just that if you have the web pages, you can add that too.

Add High-Quality Photo 

Your Linkedin profile represents the face of your brand too. That’s why make sure you are using the high-resolution photo on your profile. 

It’s the first thing that anyone will see when they visit your Linkedin profile. Also by uploading the professional photo, you can increase views by 11%.

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Also, it’s important to understand that when it says ‘ Professional ‘, it doesn’t mean to upload boring photos. 

Make sure that you smile and look approachable. Keep your posture relaxed. Also, 60% of your photo should be taken by the face, and keep the background simple as well as clear. 

Add Summary To Solve Some Pain Points 

When you are writing the summary, follow the formula of 3 x3. It means to make it three paragraphs and use only three sentences each. 

You can reiterate the purpose of your LinkedIn headline in the first paragraph. You can use the summary for expanding the information about your experiences and personality. 

You can add what you can do and what you did.

For the second paragraph, you can elaborate on the specific projects which you have undertaken. Mention the solution to specific pain points. 

As for the third paragraph of the summary, you can add a concise CTA or call to action. This will help the prospect to know why and how they can contact you. 

Make It Easier To Connect With You 

This is one of the obvious but still, important points that people end up making mistakes. 

Make sure that the prospects can easily contact you. And for that, you are going to need to fill in the information about yourself in detail as well as carefully. It’s one of the overlooked points that you must follow. 

Add the email address, social media like Twitter handle, if you have a blog you can add that too. 

You can mention your phone number if you find it alright. However, it’s optional. 

Also, Linkedin focuses more and gives more authority to profiles that have 100% completed profiles. 

Use Strong Statement As Headlines 

To make your profile sales-ready, you should focus on making the content strong as well as craft a strong headline.

Make sure that you are keeping your headline creative, appealing as well as focusing on the people you are looking for. 

When you are using the headline, don’t just use it for conveying the destination. Instead of this, you can use the headlines as a mini value propositions statement. 

Add The Awards Or Honors 

Well, there are chances that you haven’t got something huge, but still adding the awards and honors can build strong credibility. 

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You can use the section as it has a lot of advantages for boosting sales. List the work-related achievements, awards, and honors to this section. 

Also, make sure you are not getting too much carried away. keep it professional and avoid adding the high school awards. 

Use Skills, Education, And Recommendation 

When you add the education, you get the chances of appearing in search engines up to 17 times more as compared to those who don’t. 

The prospects look for someone who has the skills and knowledge that they want. That’s why you should add education and qualifications. Make sure you are listing in reverse chronological order. 

You can mention the additional certificate or online courses. Also, you can add workshops that you have undertaken. 

Linkedin also allows you to add any skills to the profile. But when you add, make sure it’s relevant to your role. Don’t add random things which just make the visitors confuse and mismatch. 

Join The Groups, Make Connections 

Show your interested prospects that you have a common interest. This is why you should join the groups and make a connection on LinkedIn. 

Build the networking but make sure that you are not losing the quality as well as quantity. Focus on both aspects. You can connect with your existing customers, prospects and coworkers. 

Also the more people you are connected with, there are more chances you to appear in searches of other people too. 

Use The Prospecting 

Well, LinkedIn is a tool that is useful for prospecting. See who is commenting and looking at your post. See the interactions with your prospects and what else are considered good fits for your product. 

Engage With More People 

Start discussions by commenting on other posts. 

See what others are posting, if there is something interesting for you, make sure you are showing you are integrated. 

It’s important to engage with more people who share your interest. This will help you in boosting sales and make your profile efficient for it. 

The more strong relationship you have, the better visibility you get on this platform. 

Also the more you put yourself out, the better and stronger connection you will make. This will also increase the chances of getting more sales. With more interaction with a targeted audience, you can make your profile efficient for getting better results in sales. 

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