Getting Traffic But No Sales: 25 Tips to Improve Conversion!

Every online owner goes through the phase where they get traffic but fail to capture the sales. 

You might be receiving a good amount of visitors per day or getting likes on Facebook ads. But still, your business is not getting any sales. 

The problem is more obvious when you are starting your business or it’s an early time.  There are lots of factors that play a vital part and it can be solved if you find them on time. 

To make sure you get the best out of your traffic, along with sales and profit for your business here is how you can solve the problem. 

things to do online business driving traffic no sales

What Should I Do to Increase Sales from Traffic?

Since there are lots of ways for an online business to get more traffic on their sites, the problem occurs when you have traffic but no sales. 

To find out the root problems, first, it’s important to objectively evaluate all points that can be the potential cause for this.

Also before you start, it’s important to ask the basics that you need to understand : 

  • Know if you are driving the right audience 
  • Consider focusing on one niche 
  • Make sure you are selling the right products to the right person 
  • Follow up with capturing emails to get more customers 
  • Keep testing and trying the experiments and other functions
elements increase sales for online business

For that, here is what you need to understand and do to solve the issue. 

Check Your Navigation On-Site 

Navigation makes it easier for your customer to understand where to go and find what they are looking for. 

In most sites, navigation helps the customers to find the homepages, product pages, checkout process by using the navigation menus. 

benefits having navigation on website

You can find it at the top of the header navigation as well as the footer navigation or bottom of the site. 

Image source: marketing&brandingagency

For example, if you have clothes websites, With the header navigation, features the shop button.  

By this, the customers either get the idea of a collection of pages where products from all brands are listed. 

Or it navigates to the drop-down menu shorting the categories like shorts, sweaters, T-shirts, etc. 

Based on what business you can divide into different pages where the customer wants to visit. For example: About us, FAQ, Shipping or Contact us 

Image source: crazyegg

Takeaway:  Make sure your header and footer both navigate properly, Your customers are new to the sites, if they don’t know where to go, they will quickly quit the website. 

Also, check the links and make sure it matches the pages you linked into. If you don’t have the correct links or broken ones, the chances of hurting the sales increase. 

Verify Again Who Are You Targeting 

The common issue you can find here is you are targeting an audience that is not interested.  Maybe your audience selections are too broad. Or maybe the wrong audiences are getting the approach. 

What you are offering should comply with what your audience finds interesting. You can’t just randomly sell anything to anyone. When you target, here is basic information to look for : 

  • Age
  • Occupation 
  • Location 
  • Relationship Status 
  • Interest 

Pro Tip: Perform A/B tests to understand how your ads are performing and also narrow down the target. 

With this, you can target the audience you want for the site and improve the numbers of sales you are getting. 

Analyze Your Website Traffic 

Since you are getting traffic, there is no doubt that people are visiting your site. But to understand which kind of audience you are getting, you have to do analyzing first. 

There are different tools you can use and it will help in improving the conversion. 

You can use Google Analytics to understand how sales funnels are working. With this tool, you can also get which step is failing to capture the audience’s interests. 

You can also go with Hotjar which allows you to record the behavior of your audience.  This will help you understand what exactly makes your audience bounce. 

Image source: evolvingdigitalllc

For example, Consider your audience is visiting and choosing what to purchase. They are even doing all steps and going through all sales funnels but they are dropping off when checkout starts. 

With the help of Hotjar, you can check what makes your audience drop the checkout process. And you can fix it according to that.

Check Your Website Overall Look 

No one wants to deal with a website that looks like a mess. This can be the reason why your customers are dropping the purchase. 

With the help of easy and great design on the website, you can leave an impressive impression for the first time. 

Make sure your page structure is logical and intuitive. And arrange your products neatly along with the descriptions and information needed. 

Convince Your Audience With Product Descriptions 

No matter how amazing a product you are selling, if it doesn’t have the product description, more of the buyers will drop the idea of purchasing. 

Your product discretion is important to help your audience to understand what they are purchasing.  It’s equally important for ranking in Google and generating organic traffic. 

Image source: convertize


tips writing product descriptions that sells

It is not just about convincing the buyers but also making them well informed. 

Pro Tip: Don’t run the generic product description and specification. Keep it colorful and add high-quality images. 

Work On Your Customer Support 

According to the PwC report, more than ⅓ of consumers in the US will walk away from the website to choose another brand if one person has a bad exercise.

Having great customer support is a big factor to improve sales. But make sure you are offering the services which are convenient, fast and pleasant. 

When you have an online business, you can use Chatbots and Live Chats. Not just they are efficient and easy to access but allow the customers to get their solutions in real-time. 

Image source: proprofs

why having chatbots for online business

With these options, you can be targeted by the wide range of customs who leave their carts abandoned if they get stuck with some situation while shopping. 

Pro Tip: Keep the live operator option so the customers who have something more to know can easily switch.

Retargeting  The Visitor Of Your Website 

It’s important to understand that not all of your visitors are going to purchase when they are visiting for the first time. 

Depending on what you are selling and how they might need a few more trips to finally choose something to purchase. 

With retargeting, you target your customers who previously visited your sites but left without buying anything. 

benefits of re-targeting for business

Here what and where they spend their time, you consider all those actions to target them again for the visit and even for purchase. 

It’s important to see where they spend their time, for example, are they browsing some specific pages or products? Or they added a few items in carts but abandoned it last minute?

Image source: pure360

You can use email marketing for sending out discounts or promotional codes. Also, you can use the paid ads to retarget them. 

Takeaway: Retargeting might take some time in setting up but it’s a powerful and effective tool. 

To make it more visible, you can choose popular options like Facebook ads or campaigns too. 

Better Options And Price For Better Shopping 

If your customers are visiting the website,  browsing the pages, and even reaching the checkout point. But from here, they drop and abandon the cart 

Well, this means you do have a good conversion rate from product browsing to checkout. But there might be some issues with your pricing or payment options that are stopping your customers from sales. 

You can consider these points to improve : 

  • Offer a wide choice in your shipping rates, consider choosing inexpensive standards to a costly express post. 
  • To make it effective, consider the revolution of your shipping and product pricing costs. Make it more attractive to your customers. 
  • Go for the free shipping threshold and encourage your visitors to do more purchases. 
  • Add options like Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc like mobile payments at the checkout stage. 
  • For a new purchaser, you can offer a first-time discount for applying it at the checkout point.

Takeaway: The point is to make your checkout process as easy as you could. The better you have options in payments and checkout, the more conversion rate you will get. 

If you are getting your customers on the final stage of the buyer’s journey, it’s your responsibility to keep it hassle-free for them. 

Reduce The Abandoning Cart Scenario

The most struggling part where your conversion rate suffers the most is the abandoned carts. 

This means you are getting your customers where you want them to be and they have almost purchased the items but there is something that stopped them at the very last stage. 

Well, there are different ways where you can improve the recovery and bring your customers back to complete what they were purchasing. 

This includes : 

  • If you have to review your cart option, remove it, and add a slideout cart to directly take your customers to the checkout process. 
  • Customize the email that you send for the abandoned cart to make it effective. 
  • Add discounts or promo codes that can be applied when the customer checkout after purchasing. 
  • Sent different emails for the abandoned carts and multiple times. 
  • Add the buy now option in your every product page that can help customers to skip their checkout process.

Also, consider the buyers who are using the mobile or any other devices. Optimizing the process and improving the cart can deliver a smooth experience. 

This can help in increasing more conversion in sales. 

Here are a few points to remember :

  • Use the progress bar showing the steps 
  • Allow the checkout 
  • Show the value of purchase on each step 
  • Allow access to changing numbers in orders
  • Give reasons to get your audience register

Keep Your Website Trustworthy 

One of the major reasons why you don’t have sales is your site looks untrusty vibes. It might be because of an unsafe purchasing process or lack of transparency. 

Whatever the reasons are, you need to keep the site trustworthy for the audience. 

Well, building trust when you don’t have sales is difficult. You can add the live chat through which you can introduce your site and help the customers. 

Next, you can use your social media for building trust. Have an online presence so your audience knows more ways to connect with you.

Image source: webfx

Keep the account active, interesting, and upload more about your business to show your customer. 

There are different points that you can add to make your website trustworthy at first glance.  It includes : 

  • Easy navigation
  • Design with high quality 
  • Press or featured news from authority resources
  • Reviews of the products 
  • Testimonial 
  • Awards 
  • Guarantees
  • Social media presence 
  • Blog with up to date content

Pro Tip: People like stories, add one about your company and team. Add more personal elements to keep it more open and transparent. 

Keep It Good For Mobile Phone Too 

The majority of websites these days are not accessible with mobile phones. Not only is it more accessible but also gives ease in shopping. 

The main concern here is your site looks different and it can make their functions affected. 

Before you launch your mobile version make sure to check your homepage. Also, it gives you more understanding of how your website will work on different devices. 

Point is, your site will differ depending on the devices your customer uses. 

That’s why it’s important to check if there is any problem like slow speed in loading or freezing with your website. 

Takeaway: Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly so the customers can do their shopping easily. 

If you don’t have the mobile version, it’s crucial to get one and also keep your website light for the different devices. 

Make Your Homepage Honest & Direct 

Your homepage is like a display window. It needs to keep changing and fresh so the customers can understand what you are selling. 

Also, it plays an important role in encouraging your customers to visit and purchase. 

One of the important aspects of your homepage is a visual brand and how it looks.  If your display is having the right color pallet, logo, visual brand identity, and easy to read texts. 

It includes the call to action too. Make sure you have all the correct CTA  attached to the homepage. 

There is another part that means who you are speaking to?

Your homepage clearly knows about their market. Don’t go with mixed options or target everyone. It’s confusing and makes your homepage look messed up. 

Focus On Clear Policies 

For doing business, it’s important to build trust and make your customers feel comfortable when they are shopping. 

One of the points that you can consider here is to keep your business transparent. 

When it comes to your customers, make sure you are the utmost honest,  clear, and open. 

And that includes your company policies. Important information like shipping times,  returning policy, etc should be clear and easy to understand. 

Your customer should know how your company functions. And also the information should be accessible as they are important for the purchase. 

Takeaway: Not offering clear instructions or access to policy work is a barrier and people get confused. This leads them to stop their purchase and exist. 

In case of not reading the policy before, your customer can end up with a bad experience with your business. And this will lead to more losses. 

Check Your UX On Multiple Devices 

UX design or User Experience Design is an important part of the online business. However, understanding which one is the best one and helping your business to grow is a crucial step. 

If you are using a UX design that is not good and working poorly on different devices, it can be the huge reason behind why you are not getting the sales. 

The purpose of having the UX design is basically for improving the user experiences. If you are designing is not providing these things, including: –

  • Helping your users in finding what they want 
  • Making the buying process quick and fast 
  • Helping in paying faster 
  • Making them return if they don’t want to purchase at that moment 
  • Pleasing the emotions and experience of your customers while they are browsing 
  • Showing them what they want 
  • Finding the product that fit their requirements 

If your UX design is failing in doing any of these things, it means you are having a poor UX.  The prime goal for any business online is to understand who their customers are and what they are looking for. 

It includes knowing the ways to keep them happy and satisfied when they are using the services. 

Maintain Your Ads & Pop-Ups 

Remind your customers what are the advantages of getting a free subscription from your website.  It can help you in doing more conversions from the traffic. 

But make sure you manage how many times the customer will get the pop-ups.  

Image source: pinterest

Consider the situation when the customer is getting back-to-back pop-ups, not this is just irritating but it takes too much time for the customer. 

As a result, they will quit and choose some other site to do shopping.  Don’t go with any kind of ads that are too excessive. You can end up losing your potential customers.

Highlight Your Best Products On Homepage 

As mentioned, the Homepage is your display window like retail stores have. Showing your best product on the homepage makes more purchases. 

Pick two or three products that you believe are the best of yours. Even if you have a hundred,  go with the best ones that are your best sellers or most purchased items.

Image source: crazyegg

Make the banner eye-catching so the visitors like to click and see what else you are offering. 

Choose the product images that can be perfect for the highlight. 

Pro Tip:  When you are choosing the photo, keep it eye-catching, unique, and must have the product description. If there is something that will hold the attention, a highlight in the banner. 

Create The Urgency 

It’s important to create a sense of urgency. The target should be the impulse buyers and they are ideal as such customers see something they want to purchase and buy it on spot.

Creating the urgency reinforces those impulse feelings. In case of lacking the urgency,  your customer will not feel to purchase and it can give them space to have second thoughts. And here is when lots of people drop shopping. 

Using the countdown timers is effective and one of the ways to create urgency among your buyers.

When they have limited time to purchase, customers are more into inclining their purchase. Also, it will increase the number of people who will be interested in what you are purchasing. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

How to boost sales if you don’t have one?

Show the site is a credible and trustworthy business.  Write blogs to help people and solve their problems. Make sure you have a clear call to action so your visitors know what to do once they are on your website. 

Why is your online business not having sales?

The prime reason is the traffic you are directing to your website, even if it does look good. They are not the right audience. The one you are pitching right now is not interested in your items.  Or maybe your site is missing some important key element. 

How do I make my online business successful?

The basics includes creating a more engaging web design,  advertising more on social media,  boosting the trust of people in your product, and making your SEO better. 

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