30 Attractive Offer Ideas for Small Business Marketing

Without proper marketing, the business can’t leave an impact on the market. Especially in small businesses, marketing helps in making the audience aware of the product or services you offer.

Also, it helps in connecting with the audience and to find potential customers. By doing the right marketing, a small business can get its brand to recognize.

Marketing for a small business aims to find the ideal customers and share what you can offer to them. To do that, it’s crucial to understand how to identify the market and stand out.

Offering ideas can solve the problem of skeptical customers. The attractive offers lure the targeted audience to try your service or products.

Well to boost up the number in sales, Offers and incentives can be an effective tool to use. It can help in repeating the purchases and setting a new loyal customer base for your small business.

Types Offer Ideas for Small Business to attract Your Customers

1. Double Money Back Guarantee

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Hardly around 5 % to 10% of people return their products, only if the purchase is way worse than they expected. It depends on the business to improve its quality check before they parcel.

Well, a Double money-back guarantee helps in lowering the risk. Those buyers who are purchasing due to any doubts regarding quality, service, etc. This will give assurance.

Pro Tip – It’s a simple yet dramatize way and you can  apply it on the products with low price

2. Guarantee for Longer Time

Lots of people look for a longer time of guarantee. For example – a one-year return guarantee or lifetime guarantee. These offers apply to tables, shoes, tools, vehicles, etc.

It can be a 30 or 60 days guarantee too, depending on what you are selling.  If your product can’t reasonably last, then make sure to add a criteria list. Some buyers might take advantage of the unclear situation in the future.

3.Buy One, Get One Free

The buy one gets one attracts most of the customers. It’s one of the most used offers in all kinds of business, especially on lower-cost items rather than services.

Also, it’s a helpful offer for you in getting rid of inventory you don’t need in the future. It helps in keeping the profitability along with attracting the customers to buy more than buying one.

4.Free Delivery

Companies that offer delivery services, most of them offer free of cost service.  Highly used in the food business but now it is becoming famous in e-commerce businesses like Amazon, eBay, etc.

According to research, 9 out of 10 buyers do the purchase if free delivery is available. For them, it saves them money and for the buyer, it increases the sales as well as customers.

5.Certain Amount Off Discounts

Discounts attract people, especially numbers like 10%, 25%, and 50%. Depending on what you are offering and to whom you are selling.

Companies that sell products from students tend to have offers like this. Students have lesser income and most of them look for reasonable prices.

The same goes for the clothing business, the buyers are mostly younger and such discounts help in saving money without degrading the quality.

As for the seller, the offer can help in selling the products which have flatlined in the market.

6.Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers or cards offer a certain set of amounts for buying the product or service. But many customers buy more than what they are looking for.

The Gift vouchers increase the buyers to browse more and it’s nearly impossible to stop finding a product that is not slightly more in cost than the gift voucher.

Offering gift vouchers help in attracting buyers and new customers. It’s an effective and powerful tool for marketing your brand as well.

why gift card beneficial for business

7.Free Trials

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Free trails or use before you buy offers are often used to build trust in the customers. The offer is mostly used in high-value products or costly services for computers and technology.

Customers don’t invest money directly if the price is too high. But with Free trials, they can understand why the product or services are useful for them. It helps in getting an idea too,

Free trails also work with food and drinks. Before selling the actual products, many businesses test their sample products for free. 

You can get feedback and understand if the customers will like it or not.

8.Loyalty Card

Loyalty card becomes a hugely successful marketing strategy for reviving new customers. Over the 10 years, food and low-cost restaurants are highly using this tool.

For example, Subway, Starbuck, and Nando offer their loyalty card to increase their sales. Most of the customers come back to do more shopping to enjoy the offers and discounts.

It helps in boosting up the awareness among the people. Also, it helps in strengthening the relationship with your loyal customers.

why need loyalty card for business

9.Price Match

Price match means you are giving total control to your customer by saying ‘ If they find the same price anywhere, you will pay the difference amount’. And surprising, this works in favor of buyers a lot.

For a buyer, a Price match guarantee means the company is already offering a lower amount. For them, it saves from looking out for the same amount anywhere.

As for you, the business won’t lose their customer because of the price. And your brand will compete no matter how much the economic climate changes.

10.Package Deals

Package deals are beneficial to encourage the buyer to spend a little extra by offering them a package. Mostly holiday companies and food outlets use the offer to lure more customers.

Well, Amazon is also using the package deals by giving the combination of suitable products in one package. Such deals cut a few amounts from the original rates.

The prices and quantity are important factors people consider while buying package deals. Like meal deals, most of the customers will buy if they are getting free drinks or a bag of chips.

11.Buy Now, Pay Later

It helps in lowering the hesitations of the buyers by offering to pay later. Companies like Amazon, car manufacturers, and high-end technology brands opt for such offers.

However, for small businesses, the offer might be not too helpful but it can be used for making a loyal customer base. But pay attention to what you are offering and if it’s okay to pay later.

Lots of time people don’t pay it, you can introduce an EMI option to divide the prices into small parts. It will be easier for paying back

12.  Cash Back Offer

The idea of offering cashback is to make the audience spend their cash back credits hard to get more cash in return.

Providing the offer motivates the buyers to purchase the product from you. Instead of choosing the competitors, the cashback offer motivates the buyers to shop from you. 

13. Limited Edition Offer 

Limited edition for ideas to showcase the limited items from the inventory, the offer applies on selling the one kind of item for a limited time and its availability. 

The offer means you must know the selective audience you want to aim with this. Not everyone will be interested in buying the limited edition but aim for those who might be looking for the same thing.

It can be art, books,  paintings, etc, amazon also offers similar offers on its items from time to time. 

14. Pre- Publication Offer 

The offer is mostly used by the publication house for references work. The idea is to offer a special deal of getting reserve copies to the readers before the publication time comes. 

The readers can get reserved copies and save money. You can set the offer around 10 to 15% for attracting more people to use the offer.

15. Announcement For Price Increment offer 

To inform the people about the price increment, the offer can help the audience to shop for the product before the price changes. 

Also, don’t bluff about price change just to increase the sale. Your regular audience might get the lie and it can ruin the image and break the trust

Price increase announcement offers inform the buyers beforehand about the changes. It also helps in getting the old stock out and the customers get their products at the old price.

16. Membership Offer

Running offers on membership can help in boosting the people to sign up. Also, it’s a good strategy to introduce membership and campaigns to the audience.

Membership offers can be discounts or coupons for saving money on shopping. Not just the audience feels like they can get the discount but membership itself is a promotional offer. 

You can offer gifts, incentives like offers in membership, and save the money of the buyers. 

17. Group Discount Offer 

Group discount offer aims to the professional people, club, or industry.  For example, the magazine business can offer special discounts to the group of accounts for their magazine.

It attracts the audience who are looking for booking in groups, It saves the overall money as compared to the original price. 

Group discount offers can be an ideal tactic to attract the attention of people by offering them a better price and sales. 

18.  Gift Shipping Offer 

If the product you are offering can be sent as gifts, you can add a gift shopping offer before the holiday starts. It does not just build a good reputation of yours but the customers feel happy to be your buyer. 

You can send them reminders if the customer has bought the orders previously.  It can help in boosting the annual gift orders.

19. Rush Shipping Offer

Most of the buyers want their orders to get shipped as early as possible. Instead of wasting their time, they will like to buy the products from the company that can deliver it fast. 

Rush shipping offer fits well for such customers to get their parcel quickly. You can offer same-day delivery, overnight shipment or express mail, etc. 

20. Student Discount Offer 

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There is a large part of your customers who are students and have a limited amount of income. To aim for those buyers, you can offer student discounts. Not just they will feel valued but save the cost too.

There are lots of technology, transport, gadgets, etc like companies offering the student discount on their product. 

21.  Free Gifts offer

Gifts can be useful as an apology, appreciating, or warming the relationship that between you and the customer. People love getting things for free and it motivates them to feel loyalty toward the brand.

Also, it helps in increasing awareness of brands in the market. It saves money on doing promotions as the customers do that for you. 

why give free gifts to customers

22. Random Reward offer 

People can do extra for enjoying the rewards in return. For a small business, having such buyers can help increase the buying of products more. 

Not just offer your customer on a special day but doing random rewards can boost their behavior of repetition. They will feel valued and positive to shop more from your brand. 

23.Coupon Codes For Online Store

Coupon codes help motivate the buyers to purchase right away before the time expires. The coupon codes are used in cosmetics, food, clothes, etc. 

With the help of coupon code, you can introduce your brand with the new customers.  Also, it can help in creating awareness regarding the new products you launched or services you added. 

If you have a certain kind of inventory left that you want to get rid of, coupon codes can be extremely helpful in this case. 

how coupon code boost sales

24. Payment Free Gifts

To promote certain kinds of payments or using a mode, you can add free gifts. For example, if you want the customer to use their cards, you can add free gifts on every purchase they made using the card. 

This can promote the people to use the payment mode you want but with free gifts, they will buy more from the store. You can add more gifts as per your liking. 

25.  First Time Shopping Offer 

In today’s market, there will be hardly any companies that are not offering this offer. From Dominos to Amazon, every site offers a coupon or deal for the first time purchase. 

The offer can have its own limitations and eligibility criteria. But most of the companies are offering this to invite more people to shop from them. 

You can limit the maximum value on which the coupon can be applied. You can fix the first time offer on 50%, 25%, 10%, etc. 

26.  Quantity Discount Offer

Quantity discount offer helps in increasing the sales as the more buyers will purchase, the better discount you will offer. 

For example, if you are offering books online and your buyers purchase five books. Add a 5% discount or you can offer a subscription with a lower per issue price. 

It helps in maintaining the sales flow along with brand engagement with customers. Also, the buyers will get the product they are looking at an affordable range. 

27.  Introductory Price Offer 

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For the new customers who recently started to shop from your business can get discounts or price off on certain products for a time being. 

The introductory price offer also helps them in trying something new without paying the actual price. 

This offer boosts the new buyers’ engagement and helps in making them familiar with your brand.

28.  Loyal Customer Offer 

Loyal customers are those who kept coming to your store to buy the items for a long time. These customers are the main and important on which you must target.

These customers are your regular buyers and offering them free goods, special buying and discounts show that you value them. 

Loyal customer offers can include multiple rewards, price reduction, or free shipping like services only for your regular customers.

why loyal customers important for business

29. Loyalty points offer 

You can add this offer to your existing loyalty program if you have one. The loyalty points can earn buying more products or services. Even the points did not pay off immediately but it can be beneficial for the next shopping trip. 

Loyalty points can be used when the buyer is signing up in your business. This can help in motivating the buyers to do purchase more for earning and using their loyalty points.

30. Limited Time Offer 

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Limited time offer works as a promotion for the brand by setting a kind of urgency in the buyer. It works in favor of business owners as you can sell their larger quantity of products fast. 

Limited time offers mostly aim at the already base of customers you have. In this offer, the customers get a set of prices or discounts on specific products for a limited time. 

The buyers feel an urgency to get the best of the offer which ends up increasing the sales and you can get better customer engagement too. 

Frequent Question Answers ( FAQs) about Offers ideas for Small Business

1. How do I attract the customer with the offers?

To attract the customers, focus on the audience you want to attract.  Motivate them by offering discounts,  bigger offers, etc. 

Boost the perceived value and sales to cover the new customers but also to build a loyal customer too. 

2. What are the famous offers for promotions?

Some of the good offers that can be used for promotions are flash sales, limited time offers,  buy one get one,  discounts, coupons, free samples, etc. 

3. How to write a discount offer?

To start the discount offer, write the simple one, and describe the terms. Make it simple to understand for the people without taking effort. 

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