Top 10 Nokia Competitors and alternatives

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Nokia was pivotal in establishing the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). Up until the beginning of 2011, Nokia dominated the global mobile phone market.

Year Founded: 1865
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

Nokia is a Finnish communications and information technology business that has entered numerous areas throughout the years. In the early years of the mobile and smartphone era, Nokia became a dominant force in the worldwide mobile market.

Nokia gradually lost market share to competitors like Samsung and Apple due to its sluggish adoption of newer smartphone technologies, and its mobile company started to lose money. Nokia sold its phone division to Microsoft in 2013.

List Of Biggest Competitors Of Nokia

Nokia is one of the top telecom infrastructure firms as of 2022. Currently, Nokia faces stiff competition from companies like Huawei, Cisco, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Google, Siemens, Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry, and ZTE.

In the service provider network infrastructure market, Nokia’s primary rivals are Huawei and Ericsson, with the latter placing second with about 15% of the market. Along with these companies, Nokia is a rival in several other crucial fields, such as 5G, edge computing, extended reality (XR), and smart energy. 


Year Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Chinese multinational provider of telecom products and services is Huawei. The business’ initial focus was on producing phone switches, but it has subsequently diversified into the construction of communications networks and the manufacture of communications equipment.

The Chinese businessman and engineer Ren Zhengfei founded and served as CEO of Huawei Technologies. As a tech giant, Huawei has collaborated with telecom giants like British Telecom (BT), Vodafone, Orange, and T-Mobile.

With an estimated brand worth of more than 65 billion dollars, the corporation has become the most valuable telecom infrastructure brand in the world due to its ongoing performance.

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Year Founded: 1984
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Cisco Systems is a California-based business that develops, produces, and markets networking hardware, software, and technological services. The corporation has recently generated a net income of more than 10 billion US dollars, with yearly revenues of about 50 billion US dollars.

The Chief Executive Officer and Chair of Cisco are Chuck Robbins. The business is a major player in the market for telecom equipment, coming in second place to Huawei among top telecom infrastructure providers.

One of the top manufacturers of gear for IT networks is Cisco. The company outpaces competitors like Huawei, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Nokia in the market for enterprise network infrastructure.

Cisco also performs well in the market for security appliances, coming in second place to market leader Palo Alto Networks. Cisco is also one of the more well-known companies in the markets for IT automation, hyper-converged systems, and cloud infrastructure.

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Year Founded: 1876
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

A multinational corporation, Ericsson provides telecom services and engages in the production and marketing of telecom equipment and infrastructure.

Lars Magnus Ericsson founded Ericsson as a telegraph repairing shop before he produced Ericsson’s first-ever telephone equipment. The CEO and President of the Ericsson Group are Börje Ekholm.

It has developed into one of the world’s top telecom infrastructure firms and network service providers.


Year Founded: 1985
Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States

Known for creating some of the best processors for android phones and various other equipment like displays, chargers, etc., Qualcomm is an American firm concerned with designing, producing, and marketing digital wireless telecommunications products and services.

In 2021, Qualcomm made 33.6 billion dollars in revenue, of which over 22.5 billion dollars came from sales in China alone. In 2021, Qualcomm spent close to 7.2 billion US on research & development as it carried on with its innovation in the wireless communications sector.

Qualcomm’s president and chief executive officer is Cristiano Amon. The system-on-chip (SoC) integrated circuits from Qualcomm, whose mobile chip designer is in charge of the Snapdragon family, are utilized in mobile handsets and other wireless products.


Year Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

Talking of Google, the list would never be complete without Google. One of the most renowned companies in the android sector, tech giants Google are by far Nokia’s biggest threat in terms of the OS both of them use.

Both companies manufacture mobile phones based on Stock Android. However, unlike Nokia, Google does not have a patchy history, and thus, its reliability is huge. Therefore, Google is a great alternative to Nokia.


Year Founded: 1847
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany


Siemens AG is a European conglomerate giant mainly focused on industrial manufacturing. Siemens AG is the biggest industrial manufacturing company in Europe and a multinational conglomerate company.

The company’s primary divisions, which correspond to its core business operations, are Industry, Energy, Healthcare (Siemens Healthineers), and Infrastructure & Cities. Because of its massive revenue and funds, the reliability and strength of Siemens AG make it one of the best alternatives to Nokia.


Year Founded: 1976
Headquarters: Los Altos, California, United States

Known for being one of the pioneers in the technology sector, Apple Inc. is an American multinational that seriously poses a great threat to Nokia. Apple, when founded in 1976, revolutionized the entire technology sector.

With iOS, Apple has posed android with a never-ending race for being the best. Apple’s products, like their iPhones and MacBooks, are loved by the tech geeks, and thus, Apple seriously is a major threat to Nokia.

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Year Founded: 1969
Headquarters: Suwon-Si, South Korea

Samsung is a household name, one of the most prominent names in the telecom and manufacturing sector in terms of electronics. From chips to speakers to phones, Samsung does it all.

And they do it with a poise not many can manage. Samsung has built a solid reputation that defeating it is almost impossible now. With the largest market share currently, Samsung is an absolute contender of being Nokia’s biggest threat.

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Year Founded: 1984
Headquarters: Waterloo, Canada

Starting in 2016, BlackBerry Limited granted permission to outside firms to create, produce, and distribute smartphones bearing the BlackBerry name. To create a new 5G BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry Limited and the Texas-based firm OnwardMobility signed a new licensing agreement in the summer of 2020.

As they “sought to reinvigorate the legendary BlackBerry brand with an Android-based, next-gen Wi-Fi handset,” OnwardMobility worked with BlackBerry Limited and FIH Mobile (a Foxconn subsidiary).


Year Founded: 1985
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

ZTE Corporation is a telecommunications-focused technology business with a small amount of state ownership in China. Wireless, exchange, optical transmission, data telecommunications equipment, telecommunications software, and mobile phones make up the bulk of ZTE’s operations.

ZTEsoft works in the ICT sector and focuses on giving telecom operators BSS/OSS, big data goods and services, as well as businesses and governments ICT, smart city, and industrial products and services. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) classified ZTE as a national security threat in June 2020.

Nokia Competitors

FAQs for Nokia Competitors

When was Nokia established?

Nokia was established in the year 1865 as a single paper mill. However, the Nokia we know is the Nokia Corporation, which came into operation from the year 1967.

What is the best feature of the Nokia phone?

Nokia phones are best known for their durability, which is unmatched. It is said to be so tough that some of the phones are expected to survive even bullets.

Are Nokia phones waterproof?

Nokia’s model, Nokia 800, is expected to survive 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes, which is a big deal.

What are the best alternatives to Nokia?

The best alternatives to Nokia have to be Google and Samsung.

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