Top 10 Best Newspapers in the USA

At present, newspapers happen to be an important source of news for a lot of Americans. In fact, these contain news on all the current events as well as informative articles on politics, sports, advertising, and art.

The United States has got the largest reader of newspapers on the planet, and the majority of these readers are aged 40 years on average. There are in excess of 13,000 newspapers in circulation right now in the US.

Top Newspapers in the USA

Apart from the daily newspapers, weekly and monthly newspapers are likewise quite popular in the nation. Here, we have mentioned the top 10 newspapers in the US right now.

10. Houston Chronicle

Being founded in the year 1901, the Houston Chronicle is known to deliver comprehensive coverage of local issues, and it likewise covers national as well as international news.

Apart from 825,000 daily readers as well as 1.5 million readers on Sundays, is regarded as one of the leading newspaper sites, and it averages approximately 96 million page views every single month, apart from 15 million visitors as well.

9. New York Daily News

This is an American newspaper that has its headquarters in New York City, USA. It is the fourth largest circulated newspaper in the US at present on a daily basis. The company was established in the year 1919 and had its very first days in the US, which was printed in tabloid format.

The newspaper is at present owned by Mortimer Zuckerman, and its headquarters is situated in lower Manhattan.

8. Newsday

This is a daily newspaper in the USA that mainly serves Suffolk and Nassau counties as well as the Queens borough on Long Island. However, Newsday is circulated all through New York City at present. In the year 2009, the weekday circulation of business flavor was 377,000, which had been recorded to be the 11th highest in the country.

This is likewise the largest amongst the suburban publications. In the year 2012, the company expanded so as to include the news of Westchester and Rockland County on the website. 

7. The Washington Post

Also referred to as WaPo, the Washington Post is actually owned by a company known as Nash Holdings, and it is known to publish national politics or federal government primarily themed content.

The newspaper has already been awarded as many as 47 Pulitzer prizes till now. So, We can consider The Washington Post as the best Newspapers in the USA.

6. Chicago Tribune

This one happens to be a significant daily newspaper which is based in Illinois, US. At present, it is owned by Tribune Publishing Company and was founded in the year 1847. Previously, Chicago Tribune claimed itself to be the greatest newspaper on the planet.

It continues to be the most popular newspaper in the Chicago metropolitan region as well as the Great Lakes area.

At present, the Chicago Tribune happens to be the eighth-largest newspaper in the US according to circulation.

5. New York Post

This daily newspaper in America is distributed mainly in and around New York City. New York Post happens to be the seventh most widely circulated publication in the US, and it is the 13th oldest newspaper in the country as well.

The daily was established in the year 1801 by Alexander Hamilton. It turned out to be an esteemed broadsheet during the 19th century and was named the New York Evening Post. Since 1992, the New York Evening Post has been owned by News Corporation.

The headquarters is situated in New York City at present.

4. Los Angeles Times

Usually known as the LA Times, this newspaper happens to be a daily newspaper service that has been published in California since 1881.

It had been the biggest metropolitan newspaper which was in circulation in the US in the year 2008 and the third most widely distributed publication in the nation.

In the year 2000, the LA Times was purchased by the Tribune Company when it acquired the Times Mirror Corporation, its parent company. And the adjoining areas.

3. The Wall Street Journal

This one happens to be a business-focused daily international newspaper which is based in New York City.

It is published by Dow Jones & Company six days every week, along with its European and Asian editions. The Journal happens to be the biggest newspaper in the US by circulation.

2. The New York Times

This newspaper is actually an American newspaper which is based in New York City with international readership and influence. It was established in the year 1851, and till now, the New York Times has succeeded in winning 122 Pulitzer prizes which is more than any other publication in the country.

It has got the biggest combined print and digital circulation of any daily publication in the nation. According to circulation, the New York Times has been ranked 18th on the planet.

1. Tampa Bay Times

Founded in the year 1884, the Tampa Bay Times happens to be the largest newspaper in Florida at present. It has been able to chronicle the development of the Tampa Bay region with excellent journalism and has won as many as 10 Pulitzers plus many other awards over the years.

Top Newspapers

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