Nestle Marketing Strategy: Unveiling The Sweet Secrets Of Success

I remember feeling amazed that most of the products I have been using since childhood belong to Nestle.

Nestle has made it into the homes of so many families. Ever wondered how a company could be so successful at most of its ventures? ?

Nestle has nailed everything from being a trusted baby food brand to being a star in the confectionery and beverage game. Let’s uncover the secrets of Nestle’s fantabulous success. ⤵️?

About Nestle

Nestle is a food and beverage company. “We all know, duh!” ?

But did you know that it is the largest one in this industry? It is also the world’s number-one coffee company. “Well, we secretly knew that one!”

With over 2000 brands, a presence in 188 countries, and 344 factories in 77 countries, Nestle has for sure made a mark. 

It has a stunningly diverse product category classification- pet care, water, baby food, confectionery, prepared dishes, cooking aids, and whatnot! ?

Nestle’s History in Short

Before decoding Nestle’s triumph, let’s agree that Nestle is not an overnight success?.

Its roots go back to the merger of the Anglo-Swiss condensed milk company with Henri Nestle’s baby food venture in 1905. 

It won’t be wrong to say that Henri Nestle was the man who wrote the first chapter of Nestle’s success story.✍️

In the next few decades, Nestle kept evolving to become the largest player in the food and beverage industry through the two world wars and the Wall Street Crash, from dairy to convenience food to nutrition, health, and wellness.

QUICK FACT?- As per its 2022 annual report, Nestle sold the maximum in the powdered and liquid beverages category (25.2 bn CHF), followed by pet care (18.1 bn CHF) and nutrition and health science (15.7 bn CHF). 

Marketing strategies of Nestle

Now, let’s move on to the fun section?. Wouldn’t it be exciting to uncover the strategies Nestle used to attract such a loyal pool of customers? 

Well, to your pleasure, here is how Nestle ate the marketing game without leaving any crumbs. ✅️

Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Nestle regularly interacts with its consumers on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Nestle uses social media to announce its new launches, discuss its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) measures, create engaging ad campaigns, and so on.??‍?

With separate pages on social media for its brands and a YouTube channel to post video advertisements and engaging campaigns, Nestle is doing it all!

Nestle’s Website Overview

Compared to its competitors, Nestle has a very good website presence. Nestle has adopted an interactive approach in designing its website. Its website is very well-optimized and quite engaging for the users.

The company has tried to build a transparent relationship with its customers, and one of the ways it does so is by providing a plethora of information and updates on its website. The company has region/country-specific websites, which again improves its local presence. 

Collaborations with Celebrities

From George Clooney to Amitabh Bachchan, Nestle keeps collaborating with influential celebrities loved by their audiences. People tend to easily trust the products and brands recommended by the celebrities they identify with. 

Truly, who doesn’t enjoy seeing their favorite products being used by their favorite celebs??‍♀️

Keeping up With Trends

Be it the “Good Morning” campaign or the “Cup Song” movement, Nestle has always been forward in using prevalent trends to its advantage. 

This strategy not only enhances brand engagement but also improves its image as a brand that respects the diversity and value of its customers. 

Raise your hands if you took part in the “Cup Song” movement, too!?‍♀️

Localization of Products

I am sure you must have heard about the Instagram-famous Matcha KitKat by now! 

Did you know that in all the 188 countries where Nestle sells, instead of offering a uniform set of products everywhere, it encouraged the customization of its products to fit the taste and preferences of the locals?

For example, Japan has over 300 distinct flavors of KitKat, including Wasabi, Sake, and Matcha. Similarly, Maggi has multiple instant noodle variants in terms of seasoning and grains like its oats and wheat flour versions. 

Ask Nestle

Ask Nestle is the company’s attempt to create a platform that builds diet and nutrition plans for children. There is not only the involvement of experts in generating these recipes, but a community factor is also in play. 

Moreover, the portal is quite engaging, and the options are flexible to cater to the varied requirements of its users. You can not only create meal plans and track the growth of your child but also interact with experts and community members. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, you could try it for yourself.


Nesternship is the internship program offered by Nestle under its CSR. The posts calling for such internships are not only invitations to applications but are also marketing posts. 

CSR is a way to improve its image as a company worthy of people’s trust. And, Nesternship is a way especially to get young people on board. 

Would you apply for Nestle’s internship as well??‍?

Multiple Price Strategy and Product Diversification

In most Nestlés products, you will realize several packaging options target different income groups. This strategy is a win-win for both Nestle as well as its consumers. From a 10 rupee single packet to a combo of 8 packs, there is something for everyone. 

The success of Nestle has majorly been dependent on its diverse product portfolio. This helps the company lower the risk factor and enhance revenue even in a competitive industry.

Consistent Goals

Nestle has always adhered to its ‘Good Food, Good Life’ mission. Against rising infant deaths, Nestle introduced nutrition-packed baby formula.

With women entering the workforce, Nestle launched its line of instant meals. Nestle’s strong commitment to its goals has given it a competitive advantage of consumer loyalty.

Sustainability Initiatives 

Nestle announced using food-grade recycled plastic recently. It has also uncovered its plan to invest considerably in the sustainable coffee production of Nescafe. 

Nestle claims to stand against deforestation and in favor of minimizing its carbon footprint. Hence, Nestle is creating a mark for itself by focusing its marketing on sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

What are your thoughts about it??

I have also listed the top Nestle products for you!

Let’s take a look, shall we??

Top Products of Nestle 


Nestle built one of the most popular brands of instant coffee around the world☕️. It not only provided a more easy alternative to traditional coffee-making but was also more economical for a large section of coffee drinkers.

QUICK FACT?- Were you aware that Nestle partnered with Starbucks in 2018 with the aim of revolutionizing the coffee industry? This venture included the Starbucks Ready-to-Drink (RTD) range of coffee.


I am pretty sure you take the ‘KitKat break’ now and then?. This deadly combo of chocolate and wafer is popular in more than 80 countries with flavors like peanut butter, red bean, etc. 

QUICK FACT?- Did you know that Nestle was the first to introduce milk chocolate? Yes, you heard it right! Nestle supplied condensed milk to Daniel Peter, who used it to create milk chocolate. In 1904, Nestle, having bought part of Peter’s business, began the sale of milk chocolate.


The hero of so many households, Maggi started primarily as a brand of flavor enhancers that added taste to meals. Today, Maggi is the leading instant noodles brand with an insane mass following in many countries. 


Boost provides a range of nutritional drinks aimed at providing the right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It even offers Boost Glucose Control for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. 


Cerelac, offered by Nestle, is one of the most common baby food brands?. Cerelac is commonly used in Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, and the Philippines.


With Nestea, Nestle introduced iced tea in the market, available in various flavors like black, green, white, and red tea blends. This one product has won the hearts of people. 


Are you a passionate coffee lover who would like to make Barista quality coffee at home? Well, you should give Nespresso a try. It’s already a part of many coffee-loving homes with no place for large and complex espresso machines.

Toll House 

Toll House is the 75-year-old brand of Nestle which gave birth to the original chocolate chip cookie. It also sells baking ingredients, cookie dough, and even allergen-free morsels.?

Pure Life

Nestle’s Pure Life is a leading bottled water brand. Pure Life distributes bottled water in more than 100 countries.

Grab a steaming cup of noodles ?along with your Nescafe☕️while I tell you all about the Marketing Mix of Nestle. 

Nestle Marketing Mix 4P Analysis

  • Product 

The product portfolio of Nestle is massive, especially when compared to most of its competitors. There are over 2000 brands across various categories offering an attractive product mix. 

The primary focus of Nestle, however, has been on powdered and liquid beverages, milk products and ice cream, prepared dishes and cooking aids, nutrition and health science, waters, and confectionery.

  • Place

The distribution channel of Nestle is something for it to be proud of. 

With a huge network of intermediates between the product and the final consumer, the company employs about 2,75,000 people worldwide. Nestle’s operations are spread across 77 countries. 

Nestle is very careful in ensuring the quality of its products. It also adheres to a zero waste and zero defect philosophy. And most importantly, Nestle believes in actively interacting with its customers.

QUICK FACT?- Nestle sells the most in the North American region (33.0 bn CHF), followed by Europe (22.3 bn CHF) and Asia, Oceania, and Africa (21.0 CHF).

  • Price

Nestle has offered variety in terms of size & packaging of its products and their price. Nestle’s pricing strategy is based on market segmentation, setting a fair price for its wide range of target audiences. 

Moreover, Nestle offers its products in bundle packaging as well, which directly enhances its sales. 

For products that are pricier than their competitors, Nestle introduced mini pouches that allowed more people across various segments to purchase its products. 

I have been fond of their mini pouches, especially while trying my new product. What about you? ?

  • Promotion

Nestle’s promotional strategies have always been on point. It has collaborated with celebrities for its advertisements. 

The company’s focus has been generating advertisements with a storytelling narrative to bring out the specific benefit of the product. This is how they enhance their product visibility creating space in their consumers’ minds. 

Nestle has been actively using social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook to engage with its customers. It regularly posts cooking tutorials and product-specific activities on its social media, like in the case of Maggi. 

Have you ever tried any of their recipes??‍?

Nestle’s Top Campaigns

Why don’t we take some time to look at some campaigns that Nestle launched? ?

I am pretty sure you must have seen some of their related videos on YouTube! 

If not, then maybe go check them out.

Follow me while I discuss the Top Campaigns of Nestle. ⤵️

  • Creating Shared Value

‘Creating Shared Value’ is a constant commitment by Nestle to enhance value for its shareholders and to positively impact all connected stakeholders in the long run?. The company places special emphasis on improving the quality of life for a healthier future.

  • Nescafe Plan 2030

In an initiative towards sustainability, Nestle has partnered with farmers to help them transition to regenerative agriculture. It’s an attempt to adhere to its commitment to zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Generation Regeneration

It is one of the most impressive campaigns of Nestle, which emphasizes environmental vulnerability. It encouraged its followers to consider plant-based or at least a flexitarian diet in a collective attempt to build a resilient future.

  • WASH Project, Ethiopia 

In partnership with the Red Cross, Nestle aims to improve water and sanitation facilities in African communities.

  • Nestle Cocoa Plan

Nestle has launched this initiative to enable cocoa farmers to run profitable farms for which training and better quality plants are being made accessible. The initiative also caters to highlighting the issue of child labor in cocoa farming. 

  • Healthier Kids

Nestle launched the “Healthier Kids” campaign on social media focused on the nutritional needs of children and their involvement in the kitchen. It also aims at providing nutrition education through school programs and healthy recipes for parents. 

  • Empowering Women

Nestle has been an advocate for a gender-inclusive and gender-balanced workplace and workforce. To empower women, Nestlé emphasizes gender-neutral internal policies. ?‍??‍?

  • Nestle Needs YOUth

Nestle launched this campaign to equip young people with skills that would help them thrive as entrepreneurs or professionals in the future. 

QUICK FACT?– With the Nestle Needs YOUth initiative, the company is expecting to train over 300,000 young people and make them job ready by 2025.

  • Instant Connections Campaign

In the streets of Germany, Nescafe attempted to connect people by letting them reward each other with free cups of coffee. Campaigns like this prove to be instrumental in shaping unique brand experiences.

  • NaturNes “First Family” 

It was an animation-based campaign launched by BBH London and Publicis Conseil. It aimed to reignite the memory of the first lessons parents learned on their parenthood journey and highlighted the brand’s natural preposition. ?‍?‍?‍?

Key Takeaways

Nestle has been impressive with its reach and flexibility to modify according to local tastes and preferences. ✅️

It keeps experimenting with its marketing strategies to maintain its consumer base. 

If you are planning to start a brand of your own, you could learn a lot from Nestle’s initiatives!?

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Nestle Unique?

A presence in around 188 countries with an astounding product portfolio is a major factor that makes Nestle stand out.

Besides, Nestle’s take on health, nutrition, sustainability, and its creative campaigns also make a mark.

What is Nestle’s most popular product?

Nestle has successfully penetrated a wide range of categories in terms of products and brands.

Powdered and liquid beverages, however, remain the best-selling products of Nestle, with brands like Nescafe, Nestea, Nesquik, and Coffee Mate. 

How many brands does Nestle own?

Nestle has an absolutely impressive portfolio with over 2,000 brands. It offers products in categories like healthcare nutrition, pet care, baby food, water, chocolate and confectionery, cereals, and the list goes on. 


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