Top 11 Nescafe competitors and Alternatives

One of the biggest coffee specialist companies in the world, Nescafé, was introduced to fans in 1938 in Switzerland. Initially, the brand began to make coffee in 1930 through the initiative of the Brazilian government.

Their primary plan was to preserve the remnant of the yearly Brazilian coffee harvest. With time, proper marketing strategy, and sales measurements, Nescafé has become the first company to introduce freeze-dried coffee to people.

The company is outshined due to its flavors, natural aroma, and goodness and generates billions of revenues annually. 

Nescafe competitor’s list:


Another best coffee brand that starts the morning of Americans is Folgers. Commercialized in 1850, Folgers has gradually become a renowned and trustable brand for instant, ground, and single-pot coffee.

It’s an American brand, introduced in North America – yet serves in Mexico, Asia, and Canada.

Through its robust and intense taste and flavor, the company became the best-selling ground coffee company in America in the early 1990s. Presently, Folgers is the first highest and strongest competitor of Nescafé, with billions of profits each year. 

Mondelez International

Another famous company to dominate the world of coffee is Mondelez International, Inc. Also known as Mondelēz, Mondelez is an America-based multinational coffee brand.

It offers a pile of foods and beverages like dairy products, a series of coffees, bottled water, ice cream, breakfast, baby food, cereals, and more. Mondelez International is the strongest competitor of Nescafe.

With an annual profit worth US$28.72 billion (as of 20210), Mondelez ranked 108th in the list of Fortune 500 of the largest United States corporations in 2021 by profits.

The company currently serves roughly 160 countries, making it one of the biggest rivals of Nescafé since 1923. 


Widely known for its crafted coffee and unique aroma, Starbucks is another biggest competitor of Nescafé in the American market and in the global market.

Commercialized in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl, Starbucks now serves 84 countries and their territories with the deliberate support of 33,833 (2021) employees.

From coffee and caffeine beverages, tea, and smoothies to tasteful sandwiches and baking items, Starbucks has every gourmet food item to offer its customers exceptional taste. By operating almost 33,833 stores worldwide, the company has possessed roughly US$31.39 billion in assets reported in 2021. 

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Maxwell House

Maxwell House, the oldest American coffee brand, has placed its position in the world of foods and beverages by only manufacturing and selling coffee. Since 1892, the company has generously served people with its outstanding coffee quality for over 100 years.

Honestly, Maxwell is the oldest and the most robust competitor of Nescafé of all time. The company is highly known for its genuine coffee production and authentic taste making it the highest-selling coffee brand in the United States.

Joel Owsley Cheek first commercialized it. And now, the brand makes billions of revenue each annual year. 

Mount Hagen

The brand is known for its ground coffee worldwide, which is highly organic. This company is another competitor of Nescafé but indirect.

However, by making instant organic coffee, the company has grown a large customer base with loads of reliability and authenticity in coffee and beverages made of 100% Arabica beans.

Mount Hagen is the world’s first-ever certified organic freeze-dried coffee brand that sells coffee with the US Department of Agriculture standards. Now the company values worth billions of dollars by harvesting mild and naturally rich flavored coffee. 

Waka Coffee

If any brand can fulfill the taste requirement of the 21st century, it’s undoubtedly Waka Coffee! Founded in 2018, Waka efficiently produces premium-level coffee for the new age generation to make life a bit easier.

By offering quality instant coffee and teas, Waka has jumped into the competition of the best coffee brand in the world and is soon to compete with Nescafé by significant revenue, customer base, and sales. 

Douwe Egberts

Introduced in 1753, Douwe Egberts is another powerful competitor of Nescafé with a massive margin of sales and popularity. Although Douwe Egberts is a Dutch company, it has accumulated name and fame worldwide by offering unique quality coffee and beverages.

The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and deals with coffee, tea, and tobacco with intense specialization.

Initially, it was famous as the Tabacco brand; later, in 2017, it launched aluminum coffee capsules across supermarkets, maintaining the standards of EKO organic. 

Jacobs Kronung

Thinking about a cup of coffee, there comes the name of Jacobs Kronung in the heart of today’s coffee enthusiasts. Generally, it’s a German company producing the finest premium roasted coffee since 1895.

Commercialized by Johann Jacobs 100 years ago, the company has placed its footmark in major countries and international markets. Due to its high-grade coffee beans and quality flavor, the company has become a robust competitor of Nescafé in the recent era.

Jacobs manufactures their coffee from selected coffee beans from the best regions and composes its packaging with utmost care and luxury. 

Costa Coffee 

Costa Coffee is the subsidiary company of The Coca-Cola Company, initiated in 1971 in London, England. Although it’s a British-predominant company, Costa has its business spread worldwide in over 3,883 locations.

Its wide range of foods, coffee, and other beverages like sandwiches, tea, iced drinks, snacks, etc., helped the company reach the pinnacle of success. With utmost efforts and initiative of 

Sergio Costa, the company now generates over US$1,46,25,05,360 each year. It’s one of the leading coffee brands to defeat Nescafé with 18,412 employees and 3,401 stores across 31 countries, including 1,280 outlets overseas. 


Another brand famous for its coffee and beverages is McCafé. Established in 1993 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, McCafé is one of the leading coffee brands to compete with Nescafé.

Being the subsidiary company of McDonald’s, McCafé spread its business and presence worldwide, especially in the United States.

It’s a coffee-house-style food and beverage chain that has gained extreme popularity for the distinct aroma and taste of coffee, especially espressos. 

Nescafe Competitors

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