List of Most Popular YouTube Stars

YouTube is one of the most famous social media going around. Lots of people use it and lots of people also follow them. The channel that has great content those channel owners earn good amount of money and became famous as well.

Few of those famous YouTube stars are mentioned below for your Inspiration:

Shane Dawson

Dawson is an American YouTuber. He is an actor, comedian, film director but Dawson has become famous on YouTube through the comedy video. His comedy has gained many people attraction and people has liked his video.  Dawson has done most of his video with the help of Lauren Schnipper who is a famous producer and has done many productions as well. Dowson channel name is ShaneDawsonTv. Dowson has over 6 million subscriber and more than 1 billion viewers. Dowson has another “Vlog Channel”.   

Liza Koshy

Koshy is an American actress and a famous YouTuber. She was born in 1996, March 31. She is known mainly for her YouTube channel and the comedy she makes in YouTube. She has done the role in Hulu original television series, she played the role Aday Walker in Tyler Perry’s horror comedy film BOO! A Madea Halloween, The Explorer in YouTube Red original series Escape the Night. She also co-hosted in the variety show. She has a total of 14 million subscribers also 1.5 billion viewers. She has won few awards as well. She is very favorable to the teens her comedy is very favorite of the teens.


PewDiePie is the YouTube name, the original name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is a Swedish YouTuber. His channel name is “PewDiePie” also. This channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube having 34.8 million subscribers. This channel is also the most viewed channel having 8 billion viewers. Due to popularity, he was given the opportunity to cover the indie games. He mainly publishes the learning video in his channel that has grabbed the attention of huge people. Thus, he has also ranked the number one YouTuber around the world.

David Dobrik

David Dobrik is an American YouTuber. But Dobrik s from Slovakia. But he stays in America. He generally publishes funny video in his channel. Dobrik has 5 million subscribers in his channel. He had been the part of a collaborative channel called the “Second Class” previously. He has another channel which is his new channel which already has 0.3 million subscribers. He is very popular among young people. He has gained great popularity among the young people and he also makes a video which will be chosen by the young people.


LazarBeam is the YouTube name his original name is Lannan Eacott. He was born in 1994. He Is a gamer in YouTube he makes videos regarding games. He initially gained popularity by the Madden Challenge videos. His popular videos are tiny, talentless created players. His other videos are the GTA V mods, Beam NG, Happy Wheels etc. He has more than 1.1 million subscribers in his channel. His main viewers are the gamers because he publishes the videos regarding various games that help the gamers a lot. He also provides many links of the mod games.

James Charles

James Charles is his YouTube name her original name is James Charles Dickinson. She was born in 1999. She is an American personality and an American YouTuber. She is a makeup artist of America and a model. She was first known to be the male Covergirl spokesperson from then on, she became famous. On her YouTube channel, she mainly publishes the videos of makeup. So, her main followers are girls. She has more than 27 million subscribers and she also has 169.3 million views. She is also very popular on Instagram. She has a total of 3.2 billion followers on Instagram as well.

Dude Perfect

This YouTube channel is of a group of five person who generally publishes videos of sports. These channel owners are Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. They all were basketball players in college and in University. This channel regularly uploads various sports entertainment videos on their YouTube channel.

The members of Dude Perfect group have several Guinness World Records. This channel has over 5 billion views in their flagship channel. This channel has over 29 million subscribers as well. This channel is very popular around the world and the 8th most subscribed channel on YouTube.


Markiplier is his YouTube name his original name is Mark Edward Fischbach. He was born in 1998. He is an American YouTuber. But he is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. He has originally started his career in Cincinnati, Ohio. But now he is staying in Los Angeles, California. He generally publishes survival on horror games in his YouTube channel. Fischbach in, his channel has over 8 billion views and over 19 million subscribers. Fischbach channel is one of the 25 most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard was born in 1992. She is an actress, a comedian also a writer. She gained popularity creating video content for BuzzFeed primarily. She is also a famous blogger. She vlog regarding the beauty. She started eponymous YouTube channel after she became famous for her vlogs. Her channel has reached 4.5 million subscribers.

She has participated in theatre productions of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, and The Crucible in Stamford University. From these theatres, she gained popularity in acting as well. Her YouTube channel is growing and through this, she is gaining more popularity.

The Dolan Twins

The Dolan Twins is the channel name of two twin brothers. Their names are Ethan and Grayson Dolan. They are mainly known as the Dolan twins. They were born in 1999. They are American YouTubers. The main content of their channel video on their YouTube channel is the comedy. The mainly became famous by the video-sharing application Vine.

They have over 6.4 million followers on the Vine application. On their YouTube channel, they have 4.4 million subscribers. For their world tour, they gained the title of “4OU” tour. They have main subscribers and viewers in their channel of the young generation.  


Jacksepticeye is his YouTube channel name his original name is Seán William McLoughlin. He is an Irish person. He has got various professions such as Irish producer, game commentator, and internet personality. In YouTube, he is mainly known for his comedic Let’s Play series on video games. He also publishes vlogs in his channel. He gained his popularity in YouTube by his comedy videos.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is a very young YouTuber she was born in 2001. Only in 17 years old she has gained great popularity. She is a lifestyle blogger. She makes videos of her lifestyle what she does in her everyday life. This thing has gained great popularity among people. Her channel is also very new but within a short time, she has gained great popularity.

She has more than 3.1 million subscribers on his channel. She uploaded various short of things on her channel like vlogs, lookbooks, DIYs, hauls, and many more. The first video on her channel was, “City Inspired Summer Lookbook” this was published in 2017.


Ninja is his YouTube channel name. His original name is Tyler Blevins. He was born in 1991. He is a very famous gamer. He is also famous streamer. But he mainly gained popularity through the YouTube. He has been part of many famous game teams like Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Warriors. In his channel, he has many games like H1Z1, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Halo. He is a very famous Fortnite game player. He became famous through his game playing as well as the Ninja YouTube channel.  

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is her YouTube channel name but her original name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger. She was born in 1985. She is from the Orange County, California. She is an American YouTuber. She is not only YouTuber but also a famous singer, a songwriter, makeup artist, fashion designer, and model. She gained popularity primarily by music. The beginning of her career on music was on MySpace with 25 million plays on his self-released music that made her hugely popular.

Her debut album, Beauty Killer which was released on 2009 under the Popsicle Records. She is a famous singer a YouTuber, but she is also well known for her other talents like fashion line, Beauty Forever, and his transgressive, gender-bending appearance and persona. She was very famous even before her YouTube channel.    

Lilly Singh

The Superwoman is the YouTube channel name of Lily Singh. She is a Canadian YouTuber. She is a famous motivational speaker and comedian. Among her other talent is that she has also taken part in rapping and acting in the film. Her YouTube channel has 5.5 subscribers and she also has over 660 views in her channel. She is very famous for mocking takes on everyday life, this thing was greatly appreciated and liked by the viewers, Thus, through this, she gained popularity.   

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