25 Most Common Paid Advertising Mistakes & How to Fix Them

The paid promotion offers fast results and increases the reach. However, it’s not magic that will do wonders.

With the paid promotion, you buy ad space on social media and search engines to promote your services or products.  

The paid promotion has different types like display ads, pay per click (PPC), and pay per impression (PPI).

Well, nor optimizing your ads in the world of stuff and neck to neck competition, it’s obvious to end up in pitfalls.

common mistakes in paid promotion

Especially for small businesses, paid promotion is surely the help but not following the right strategy and keeping it on the right track will not show any difference. 

To optimize the paid promotion, make sure you are not making the same mistakes.


Reasons Run Paid Advertising Campaigns:

But before you jump to know about the mistakes, let’s get a brief on what small business prefers paid promotion and for what. 

Paid promotion is different as compared to traditional outbound advertisements. Online ads can be helpful for the business as – 

By search ads, your brand gets 80% of brand awareness.  For a small business, it’s a huge number and with a reasonable brand, you can get more sales. 

Also, almost 46% of people fail to identify if the search results are paid or not.

types of ads for small business

Instant Visibility 

Advertising your products and services on social media helps you in getting instant visibility. It makes your brand more amplified and you get more interested people. 

Small businesses consider paid promotion to guarantee space in the feed. Social media covers large numbers of products, services, brands, and other things. In a crowd, your brand can turn not visible to your target audience. 

With the paid promotion, the brands can space and reach that makes it visible to the targeted people. 

Customizable Budget 

Paid promotions can be customized and fit according to the budget. 

Well for small businesses,  this is one of the beneficial features; not just you can adjust what you need but also you get to pay for what you want. 

Also, you can start by doing a small investment and see the results. If you think it’s for you then there are plans and other ideas too.

Control Over Targeting Audience 

Paid promotion includes ads and you can control whom you want to see these ads or not. 

Each platform has its way of showing ads that give you targeting parameters. Along with focusing on users from your demographic, you can go beyond that. 

It includes buying behavior,  personality, etc. You can directly show your ads on your user’s feed. 

Not just you are getting your targeted audience but also you can control who can see your ads. This saves the extra effort and makes it easier for you to promote your brand.

Exposure To Brand 

With the paid promotion,  the small brands get the chance of getting more exposure. 

From boosting your brand awareness to promoting your product, the small business gets benefits overall.

The business appears again and again on users’ feeds, making it easier to remember and recognition for boosting credibility. 

It also drives more purchasing behavior and engagement.

There are 80% of users follow the brands on their Instagram and the majority of 30% of users do the purchase they find from there. 

For example, Ubereats use Instagram videos for introducing the services during mealtime.  

The ads are not just serving the information but also making it easy to remember.

Get Insights Of Market 

A small business also gets an idea about how their customers are reacting toward their ads and content. 

Which content gets appreciated or which ones, with this you can get what your customer wants from you.  With this, you get better control and also an insight into the market. 

You can use the data and narrow down your target audience. For a small business, the more clear you are about the audience, the better performance you can do.

Get New Customers 

Paid promotion helps your content, services, and products to reach more people. Alone you have limitations but with paid promotion, you can target more people from different areas. 

Not just you get more people but it increases the customer engagement, conversion rate and you get new customers. PPC has a 50 % chance of getting sales in organic visits. 

What To Know Before Using Paid Promotion?

Paid promotions are affordable and fit the most of the budget  But you still have to spend money on it. However, it can be wasted if you don’t have effective marketing efforts.

When it comes to promoting on social media,  there are lots of people who are using this. 

According to  Statista,  the research done in 2019,  more than 91% of US companies are using social networks with paid placements for promoting their brand. 

The competition is high here too. It will affect but for avoiding this focus on working on the content and quality of the overall campaign. 

Also, it needs close attention along with constant monitoring,  analyzing, and adjusting. Lots of platforms offer the tools to do it but you should focus on analyzing it. 

Ideally, small businesses require to use both organically and paid promotion to get benefits from it. 

Using paid placements is helpful to get numbers in brand awareness and attracting people to your website. 

Mistakes That You Should Avoid With Paid Promotion 

So when you are choosing paid promotion, make sure to keep these common mistakes in your mind. 

With this, you can easily know what to ignore and where to focus. Mistakes in the paid promotion can lead to destroying your image and also affecting the conversion rate. 

Pay close attention to what is working and what is not, when you know the mistakes other businesses faced, you take necessary precautions and steps. 

1. Focusing On One Kind Of Platform 

There are different ad proforms, getting stuck with one is surely the possibility. 

However, instead of focusing on one kind of platform, try others too. For example, if you are betting one Facebook and Adwords, make sure you post some banners on websites too.

image source: Wordstream 

Choose the website carefully and according to your budget. Facebook is one of the ad platforms based on customer demographics, interests, and behavior. 

Adwords whereas work for a complicated approach. It includes targeting your ads on specific keywords. The searches are generally done on Google, Yahoo, etc.

You can also consider  Linkedin, Reddit, etc. Also when you have a limited budget, focus on bidding, and go slow. Stretch your budget as you can adjust.

Choose the niche which comes with less competition.  It can help in getting more clicks and reach to make the paid promotion work effectively. 

2. You Are Choosing Wrong Platforms For Promotion 

Lots of times promotion didn’t work well because you are not choosing the right platforms for it.  

Maybe the platforms you chose for promotion are not visible or easy to understand by your customers. 

Each platform has its benefits and even has disadvantages too. Not all fit the results you are looking for, before choosing the platforms you must decide if it’s comfortable for the audience or not. 

tips choose image for promotion

3. You Are Not Creative 

Image source: workstream

The creative part refers to the image of your ads. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of ads or platform you are using, if your image is not clear, attractive, and professional, there is no chance anyone clicks on it. 

The paid promotion works to grab the attention of the audience. And for that, you are going to need attractive images. 

Sometimes you can choose the images even though it doesn’t go with what you are offering. 

4. You Started Too Early Or Late 

Promotion works when you launch it on time. Well, even you are doing paid promotion, it won’t work because of it. 

Timing is the key and you need to find when promoting your brand or product is beneficial for you. With paid promotions, make sure you launch the campaign at the right time along with detailed planning.

Not just you decide when the campaign will start but how long will your audience go to interact with ads and promotions.

If you start a too early promotion, your audience will probably forget iit or feel bored. When you do it late. Lots of viewers will not catch it before time runs out. 

5. You Didn’t Plan Before

Using paid promotion for getting more exposure to your brand and products can help. However, planning is a must and you should do it in detail before you jump in. 

The paid promotion always starts with market research, analyzing the competitive, budget, and deciding the goals.

The goal should be specific, smart, measurable, realistic, and timely. When you know what you want in the end, you plan everything according to that direction. 

Look for the platforms that can help you in promoting your product and brand.  Paid ads campaigns should be checked to know how better you can get profit from it. 

Without planning your ideas and why you are needing the paid promotion in the first place can make your time, money, and resources wasted on the wrong things. 

6. You Are Not Tracking Results & Metrics 

Image Source: NelPatel

When you are getting your online marketing efforts, the biggest mistake you can do is not knowing the ROI or Return On Investment. 

With the help of tracking and measuring metrics, you can get the answers. However, it’s deceptive. 

For example, If you are largely depending on  CTR or Click Through Rate. And you are investing in optimizing ads from it.

 Here you are mostly focused on the metric but another side, you have a situation where those clicks are not turning into conversion or sales.

So, when you are doing online advertising, the first thing you can do is to learn how to track the results and measure ROI on a regular, monthly, and weekly basis. 

First set your goal with the help of a tracking system. It will help you in getting ideas about where exactly your traffic is coming from.

Also, you try a tool offered by Google. It helps you create URLs for tracking. With this, you can track your campaigns as well as conversions.


7. You Are Not Retargeting 

Image source: NeilPatel

Retargeting Or Remarketing is one of the ideal ways to get the best use from your advertising budget. 

Targeting that audience who doesn’t respond positively on the first try. With retargeting you are giving one more option to your buyers to try the brand. 

It’s cheaper if you consider the ads running for cold customers and also simple in setting it up.

Retargeting works like this – when your visitors visit the main website or any landing page that you selected for retargeting, their computer saves a cookie, and based on that, ads platforms know if someone visited the site before. 

By planning retargeting ads, you can target your customers who once visited your website but left without trying anything. 

why small business focus remarketing

8. You Are Not Scaling The Ad Campaigns 

Image source: Quickclicks

The first phase to run the ad takes time, then launching a different one and tracking the results for optimizing the best from it. When you do this, you can easily know which ad is working for you and which is wasting money.

Also, it gives you a complete picture of which ad is performing so you know where spending more will be beneficial for you. 

Once you get the campaign that helps you in getting the desired ROI, the next step should be scaling it to see where it can go and how much profit you can gain.

9. You Are Not Optimizing The Page 

Your promotional campaign will lead your audience to your landing page. And it’s the point where everything ends, if your landing page is not attracting enough people will still leave. 

No matter how much money or time you spend on promoting your products or brand, if the visitors are not impressed with the landing page, it won’t work out for you.

Make sure to optimize your landing page and keep it mobile-friendly. Unresponsive pages also lead people to exist on the site. Pay attention to its responsive time.

Do not make any glitch to the website. Your audience should have a clear idea of where to go and what to do. Also, make sure to offer a call to action options. 

Do not let your audience search for it or make it difficult to get in contact with you. 

10. You Are Putting All Eggs In One Basket 

Start with few plans for promoting your products and brands, Use options like Facebook ads, google rewards, etc. But don’t put the limitation on the overall suspects.

The options did not end here and you got lots of platforms to try out. So don’t invest in one thing to see the results. Make sure you try more and more options that fit your company’s type.

You can also use Reddit and Linkedin to know where the customers look to get information. You can use the data for planning, making strategies, and setting goals. 

11. You Don’t Have End Date 

Running a promotional campaign without the end date gives you no defined data for metrics and targeting your audience. 

It’s crucial to have an end and make sure to decide this before you start the promotions. When you do the promotions and run ads with limited time, the people feel more excited to watch it,

You get better attention and also you know how long you are going to invest in this.  You can easily get confused and end up losing to your competitors. 

Apart from this, the search pattern changes along with keywords and other factors. It will affect your budget without showing much of the results. 

12. You Are Not Using Google Shopping 

Image source: Adespresso 

For an e-commerce business, Google shopping ads are a great tool for attracting attention. 

Google shopping ads feature product images and show them on the top of search pages. You can use it for getting the most of the feature but with high-quality images, you can get sales too. 

13. You Are Lacking In Integrated Approach 

The idea of using paid promotion for attracting more attention to conversion rates. But don’t fix yourself with high budgets. 

Simply using high budgets for promoting your content is not the guaranteed success. However, the key is to offer something engaging to your audience. 

Combine it with the right channel and add a bit of paid amplification. You got a successful promotional campaign for you.

But the main point is to offer something interesting and engaging to your audience. It should be something directly from your brand, engaging, and interesting. 

Not just its overlooked part but also the most important one too. Pay attention to your content before you start to promote it. 

14. You Are Not Considering Paid Influencers

 Image source: Adespresso

Engaging content whereas helping you in attracting more audience to your brand. But what most of the brands don’t pay attention to is paid influencers.

Especially for the small business, considering the paid influencers to share the content and interesting features. 

Paid word-of-mouth promotional can help you in boosting the effect and market strategy, When influencers share about some brands, their followers pay attention and it sparks organic interest.

There are lots of influences you can get help from, Before approaching them to pay attention to if they fit with what you are offering. Also, make sure they have a good reputation in the market too. 

tips get influencer for brand promotion

15. You Are Not Updating & Measuring Strategy  

To get successful business strategies for marketing, you are going to keep it updating. The market keeps changing and so do the preferences, the ideas, and strategies effects when you have a rigid approach. 

It includes the influencer’s activation too, you need to pay attention to every change and set the flow,  measure the plans, etc according to that. 

Keep your approach changing so your audience stays interested and comes back for more. Also, pay attention to influencers and make sure to keep them updated too. 

16. You Are Not Using Twitter Promotion 

Image source : thesocialclinic 

Twitter is a bit expensive as compared to others but nowadays it has become one of the hottest promotional platforms for small businesses. 

With the help of Twitter, you can get more credibility and recognition from all over the world. 

Also, you can contact famous people on Twitter or can do promoted tweets for your brand. Once you get into a trending name, it will gather you lots of attention and potential buyers too. 

reasons promote brand on twitter

17. You Are Not Using Youtube 

Since lots of people are relying on video-based information because it’s faster and easier to understand. Lots of companies are approaching youtube for promotion as well. 

Thus, youtube is considered the King of video content. Also, you can promote your products and services through it. 

Youtube has the potential to increase the numbers of customer engagement. Also, it puts your business in front of your customers so they won’t miss anything. 

You can do a paid promotion on youtube as well.  Lots of companies ask the youtube creators and influencers to share the specific product with their customers in their videos. 

Image source: searchenginejournal 

By this, you get attention from their viewers. Also, Youtube added the disclaimer for showing the paid promotion in videos to make it easier. 

As a small business, you can either consider approaching the influencers or you can run ads on youtube.

benefits promoting brand on youtube

18. You Are Ignoring LinkedIn 

Image source: businesslinkedin

According to the social media examiner, LinkedIn ranked 3rd in the most popular content promotion strategy among the business. 

From that, there are 18% that are effectively used for distributing the content. 

Well as per the  InsideView,  the platform delivers more B2B  leads than any other networking options or blog options. 

why use linkedin for promotion

However, Linkedin may not be the best way for getting leads as compared to other options. But it does guarantee the quality and you can get the organic leads that stay for a long period. 

You can set the promotion according to who you want to see it. It focuses on preferences and targets the people you want. 

You can promote your brand via LinkedIn in three ways. – 

Sponsored Updates 

Image source: hubspotblog

It’s an advertising model where the content is displayed as a sponsored update in users’ feed. It helps in re-approaching your audience and also you can keep the customer engagement too. 

Image and text Ads 

Image source: BusinessLinkedin 

With the Ads, you can promote your brand on the website. The platforms allow you to use ads in text or images forms on prominent places across the website. 

Sponsored Inmail 

Image source: StrategicIC

With Inmail you can use LinkedIn for targeting the audience segment for promoting your brand as well as the content 

19. You Are Not Promoting On Reddit 

Image source: hootsuiteblog

Reddit is one of the overlooked platforms for promoting content. Whereas the platform is one of the visited and credible by the users for getting information and discussion. 

Reddit can help promote the brand, it’s made up of Subreddits which is based on different categories, interests, and topics for discussion. 

You get the targeted subreddits for promoting your content. Well, Reddit comes with restrictions and it has lots of rules against promoting content. 

Since using Reddit for promotion is not easy but it’s worth the try.  It also has a tag that shows the advertising and a link to show the promoting post.

Clicking on the link will lead to the determine location by the advertisers, 

20. You Are Not Spying 

Not paying attention to what your competitors are doing can be the mistake you should be avoiding. 

You can get lots of help from how your competitors are doing.  Focus on how their promotions are working, what kind of ads, platforms, etc they are using. 

By knowing the results, you can adjust your plans according to that. Also, their experiences can be a reference for you to choose what fits your promotion or not. 

When you are choosing the promoting channels, get the list of competitors who share the same as your mind,  products, or services. 

Use those data for choosing and making final decisions for making strategies for your paid promoting brand. 

21. Your Audience Selection Is Too Narrow Or Broad 

Defining your audience is an important part of any business. But knowing if it’s narrowed down or too broad is also crucial to consider. 

Most of the advertisement didn’t work or get fully utilized because the targeted customers are not selected carefully, 

When you don’t do it properly, your message didn’t get delivered properly to your audience. In the end, your advertisement and promotions failed to perform its work. 

Choosing too broad an audience means you are not going to get many quality clicks. You are properly paying for something which doesn’t guarantee you the conversion. 

On another side, your audience selections can be too narrow. The audience selection is too small which increases the risks. 

Also, it increases the price per click and it becomes more costly.  To make your paid promotion work, make sure you have clear ideas about who you are showing it. 

tips find your audience for small business

22. You Are Not Focusing On Content 

Before you promote and pay for it, the first thing you must focus on what you are promoting. 

No matter your promotion or budget work if your product or content is not quality enough.

There are several ways by which you can plan how you are going to promote your content, product, or services. Choose the right option to connect with your audience. 

Also, pay attention to language and craft, the tone of promotion affects how people will receive it. 

You can write blogs and promote it, run contests, host events, etc. 

To make your content perfect for promoting and investing it, you first need to decide what kind of content you want to promote. 

Not all kinds of contents are for promotion.  Focus on who, why, where, and for what you are promoting it. 

factors make content ready for promotion

23.  You Are Doing Wrong Keywords Section 

Using the wrong keywords can do a reverse effect on your promotion. 

Instead of promoting, your campaign can end up diminishing the relevancy. On top of that, it can affect ROI badly too. 

Choosing the right keywords and promoting your content both hold an important part. Start with minimum numbers like 5 to 20 as per the ad group. 

Make sure your keywords are relevant, trending, and have the potential to attract people.  Also, it should match your variations. Avoid adding misleading keywords. 

24. You Are Doing Too Much Of Everything 

Promoting your content to some extent seems natural but overdoing can make you look too desperate. 

For small businesses, building your reputation is important. Also, doing a paid promotion should be on limits. Don’t overdo it as it will end the credibility. 

Be picky about what you are promoting and make sure not to get distracting. In the end, people will buy from you for what you are offering, not what you are promoting.

Even though organic is considered the best, in today’s situation, it’s getting difficult. Paid promotion can help you in getting noticed and increase the number of visitors. 

For small businesses, it’s beneficial, profitable, and helpful. But along with this, you should know when to stop as well. 

25. You Are Not Testing 

Testing is of utmost importance and it can save you from great hassles in the future. Launching your promotion before doing the A/B testing will not give any clear image of the results. 

However, by testing the methods, you will know the clear data, elements, and what else to add in future campaigns. 

The basic elements that include in A/B testing are the post length,  post style,  hashtag use, and emojis. 

Pay attention to using the images. And it includes what you are choosing especially in colors and contrast. The type of shot and what kind of color scheme you are choosing are important too. 

things check before paid promotion

There are chances that what you planned and what you are seeing are two different things. It’s common to have these errors but when you do the test, you can fix it quickly. 

Also the platforms you are choosing, pay attention to which one is working for you. When you do the test and keep tracking the progress, it helps you in focusing on successful promotion for your brand. 

Why Should You Pay For Promoting Your Content? 

These days, producing quality content is not the only thing where the business should focus on. 

According to marketers, the quality of content always rises, but this seems difficult and complicated when you have lots of competition. 

Also, you need tools and tactics to get your content noticed organically, since it’s not always useful,  small businesses can choose another way to solve the problem, or at least reduce it. 

It’s Too Crowded To Get Noticed 

Image source: coschedule 

Since social media came into the picture, companies are thriving to use the platforms for their product promotion. 

There are millions of posts, content, and ads shared on social media to get the attention of the audience. However expecting to get noticed organically, it’s more like magic to happen. 

It’s not impossible but it will take time and even there are chances that your content might just get hidden above all other posts. 

To get yourself noticed, paid promotion is a helpful tool. You can ask influencers or do it on your own,  use social media, or post videos. By all means, you are offering a different way to get yourself seen in the crowd. 

It’s Cost-Effective 

Paid promotions are far cheaper than any other option. But not just you get affordable prices but also you can adjust depending on your requirements. 

The best part of paid promotion is ist fits any kind of budget. If you are trying it for the first time, you can start with a small investment. 

And based on what is working for you, expand it and make it efficient for promoting your content. 

Not just that, many platforms allow you to fix the budget. With this, you never have to worry about overspending without your knowledge. 

Strategically adding ads and placing it so your audience can notice you help in saving lots of money. 

It Offers Fast Results 

Depending on getting noticed organically takes too much time. Also, the results are long term and need lots of efforts in developing a market strategy. 

To get promoted, your focus should be on creating content that can be something new. And promoting your product or brand, the small business needs a new and different approach. 

Also, it depends on the algorithm of social media and how it will show your content to your audience. 

Well-paid promotion allows you to skip the complete process and just place your ads. Choose the platforms where you find your customers and have the best possibility of getting leads.

With a fast result, you can easily know if the approach is working or you need to switch. 

It’s Helpful To Get Bit Extra 

Since creating content to promote it takes time, also organic is surely the best but if you want fast results, paid promotion can be helpful. 

With the approach, you can get more chances of getting people to see your ads. It also makes sure to get the leads to your website.

However, depending on what options you are choosing and what medium you are going with, the result of ads depends. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do small companies need to be paid promotion?

Small companies need promotions since the market is crowded. With regular numbers in posts and promotions, it is difficult to get noticed by the target audience.

With the paid promotion, the business can promote their content, brand, and services to the people they want to see. 

How paid promotion works?

Paid promotion allows the business to promote their content to specific audiences and attract traffic to increase the leads.

Paid promotion increases the chances of people noticing your content by sharing it on spaces like social media platforms It includes all the factors where you can get the people to notice you.

What is the purpose of paid promotion?

Paid promotion works similar to any other promotion ideas. The basic is to increase brand awareness, create loyalty, and generate leads. 

But instead of doing organic promotion, here you pay for giving an extra push to those platforms where people are mostly engaged. 

Is Instagram worth a paid promotion?

For small business social media platforms is the best way to engage with the customers. Including paid promotion on Instagram, you boost brand awareness and vanity metrics.

Also, it directs the traffic and for that, you can use an ads manager. 

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