177+ Best Memer Bio For Social Media (Examples)

We all are hooked up to memes and jokes these days, and jokes become viral on social media, like the selling of hotcakes on a cold day.

However, for your page or account to be successful, you have to have a good bio appropriate for your account. Check out the below bios, and I hope you enjoy it!

Best Memer Bio For Instagram

 -A joke a day will keep your problems away. #joke

-If I was a doctor I would prescribe you jokes every day after lunch and after dinner!

-I may not be a doctor but I do know laughter is a medicine capable of curing a lot of ailments. #laughter

-I wish people were like chocolate bars, tasty, delicious, and not making life difficult with a hundred questions!

-Haven’t we all eaten the entire cores of apples at some point in our lives because we were too lazy to walk to the dustbin to throw away the core? #lifehack

-Love to make jokes about others because life has already made a big joke about me!

-If you believe that laughter can solve a lot of problems, then follow my account and you will have made the right decision!

-I am currently making jokes about my life and laughing at myself, and I can finally understand why my peers used to laugh at me! #jokes

-Find me a funnier joke than my life; I bet you can’t! #mylife

-I wanted to be able to make people laugh, but my life has taken care of that already! 

-You should probably learn to laugh at yourself before other people do! #mylife

-Humor is a blessing not everyone has!

-I could not live my life without jokes, and if you feel the same too, you shall also not be able to live your life without following my page!

Meme Bio Ideas

-Jokes have made my life tolerable!

-A sense of humor in a person already makes that person a lot hotter! #humourous

-If you ever want to laugh, take a glimpse of my page! #followmypage

-Propose to me with jokes and memes, I would love that! #memeandjokes

-I would recommend you to like and subscribe to all the joke pages and accounts that you come across because there is no doubt that a laugh now and then makes the world and your life a better place!

Memer Bios for Twitter

-Making jokes and making people laugh is what I do best, so follow me if you want to laugh as well! #comedy

-There was never a person who complained of laughing too much in his or her life! #laughs

-I do not understand Twitter but I am still amazed at my capability to spend hours and hours on Twitter reading tweets that do not make sense to me tweeted by people who are complete strangers to me! #laughter

-I suffer from a disease called laziness but no matter how lazy I am, I do not disappoint my followers! So follow me to get a daily medication of humor! #laugh

-Laughter never killed anybody! 

-Nobody has ever died of being too happy! 

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Memer Bios for Instagram

-If you are having a bad day, just scroll down your feed to check out my memes and jokes! #joke

-Hey I am sure my posts and jokes will make you happier on a gloomy day, so follow me to have a funnier day! #happiness

-I keep waiting for Friday to come from the night of Friday as well!

-I do not know if the camera hates me more or if I hate the camera more! #camera

-Struggling to keep my head above the water!

-My sense of humor is my defense mechanism.

-It is my sense of humor that keeps me going through life! # humor

-I laugh when people expect me to cry and that is my crazy strategy to life!

-A joke and laughter will treat you much better than a doctor and his pills! 

-I never claim to be perfect but I do know for sure that all my jokes are! #happylife

-Perfection has never made anyone happy, jokes have!

Memer Bios for YouTube

-To live a happy life, follow jokes instead of following celebrities! #jokesrock

-Is it not funny that everything that any politician says actually becomes a joke by the time the sound waves reach the audience!

-I was born to be a comedian, but I became an engineer! However, I am still making people laugh! #engineerjokes

-My aim in life is to make jokes so that I can make people laugh and break their monotony!

-Trying to reach the stage where I am able to spread smiles at the same rate rats were able to spread the plague. #smiles

-Spread the smile from one face to another, as it is far better than spreading the coronavirus! 

Memer Bios for TikTok

-Jokes are what is giving people the strength to pull through this terrible pandemic! #pandemic

-Follow my page and I can assure you that my jokes will give you enough reasons to smile and feel better! 

-Do not pollute the air with meaningless love, it is better to find jokes and memes in the air, or on social media, whichever you prefer!

-You will not be disappointed by my collection of jokes, follow my page to be happy! #followmypage

-Laughter is contagious, and so should the act of spreading smiles be! 

-You might be in the need of a laugh, just notify me, I will be willing to help you!

-I might be lonely, but I know how to make other people laugh! #laughs

-Hey guys, here I am, a simple girl, fed up with the world and just relying on jokes to keep going on in life! 

-I am at that stage of life where canceling plans makes me more excited than making them! #lifetales

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Memer Bios for Facebook

-The year 2020 is the year where we need the most number of jokes to keep our spirits up amidst all the devastations!

-The biggest boost for us is when someone comments that our hard work has paid off, and they are smiling just because of the jokes we created! #jokemaker

-Hey guys, my aim in life is to spread smiles to as many people as possible and if you like the jokes on my page please share them with your friends as well and help me in reaching my aim!

-I could be a comedian but my parents insisted I become an engineer! 

-World would be such a cranky place without the existence of jokes, so do follow my page because my page has some jokes that can cut through any crankiness! 

-Diamonds are not cheap, but the jokes on my page are free! So you should know which one to choose! #followmypage

-Hi, my parents think that I am a complete failure but when I find my followers commenting that I have made them happy, I feel that I am successful! #love

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