200+ Meme Page Bio To Make Your Own

Memes are everybody’s current favorite, whether teenagers, students, or young adults. Even our family elders enjoy memes when we share the memes with them.

More and more people are creating meme pages to publish their memes. A proper bio is a must for these pages, and to help you we have a collection of bios! Enjoy!

Meme Page Bios For Youtube

YouTube is a website where an individual can upload self-created videos for free and watch an unlimited amount of videos just with the help of an active internet connection, some of which can be downloaded and enjoyed later on without any internet connection.

One can also share the link of a video with their friends and close ones. Every YouTuber creates a channel and uploads his/her self-made content in their respective channels, aiming toward subscribers who subscribe to their channel for future updates and like their content.

meme page bio

Similarly, some YouTubers aim to attract subscribers with their sarcasm and funny remarks and make their videos completely based on memes. Here are some meme page bios for YouTube that would help you attract the mass to your YouTube channel.

  • Memes are the best medicine for heartbreak, a temporary failure, or for any sort of sadness!
  • If you are as addicted to memes as we are, then you are in the right place to feed your addiction! #memefun.
  • No addiction is good, except the addiction to memes! #memefun.
  • Let us help in making everyone in the world a little happier, by sharing memes!
  • Memes are a man’s second-best friend, the first place obviously belonging to dogs!#memelover
  • Be it monsoon or be it summer, we rely on memes to make us happy! #memelover
  • There may be bad days in your lives, but memes are there to help us get through such days! #memelover
  • Memes are our oxygen and they help us overcome our bad days! #memes
  • A person will have bad days because nobody can have good days at a stretch but we have the proper medication for your bad days, and that is memes! #memefun
  • A meme a day keeps stress at bay! #memes
  • Let us all celebrate the usage of memes and let us acknowledge how it helps us to get through our bad days! #memes
  • What can be a better way to spend your quarantine days other than scrolling down your feed and laughing at the hilarious memes that we make to keep you entertained!
  • Bored during quarantine? Worry no more, our memes will keep you entertained and help you to keep your cool during these days! 3meme
memes bio for instagram

For your page or account to be successful, you have to have a good bio appropriate for your account. So do check out the top memer bio.

Meme Page Bios For TikTok

TikTok is a short (15 seconds) video-streaming app where individuals can entertain themselves by watching short videos and can also create videos themselves.

It is considered to be a platform to showcase innovative ideas and is also a lot famous among celebrities and social media influencers.

Some of its videos become viral, giving rise to new trends, and for similar reasons, it is used by some content creators to share their memes in the form of a short 15-second video to entertain its viewers.

Thus, here are some meme page bios for TikTok that would help the content creators, grab the attention of the viewers towards their meme videos.   

  • I love memes more than I love my friends! #memes
  • I have memes for breakfast, memes for lunch, and memes for dinner! #memefan
  • When the day comes, I will probably propose to my girlfriend with a ring and a presentation of the best memes! 
  • There was never a truer love than the one between me and memes! Follow me if you can relate to it! #memelover
  • Seeing the world from the perspective of a memer! #memes
  • When you know that memes are what keep you going, why to deny the fact, just follow us already!
  • Follow us to get the best memes on the internet! #memefan
  • If love is a piece of art, then I sure am Albert Einstein! #meme
  • I may be messy but the memes I make are not! Check them out! #memer!
  • Do not judge a meme, because if you do, you will be for sure the content of the next most viral meme on the internet!
  • We realize that our sense of humor is making it difficult for other people to date us, however, that should not be the reason why you are not yet following us! So go ahead and follow us!

Meme Page Bios For Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media apps worldwide as it brings people closer by providing facilities like chatting and video calling.

Individuals using Instagram are free to form their own accounts and pages where they can share statuses, photos, and videos of their own interest. They can also make short videos called reels which they can further share with viewers worldwide, or they can keep their post private.

Some creators opt for Instagram as their most suitable social media to post and share their memes and gain followers; thus, for those meme creators, here are some meme page bios for Instagram that would help grab instant attention towards their Instagram meme pages.

  • The world would be a far better place if schools taught children to make memes!
  • If I ever become the President of the country, I would make memes a compulsory subject in schools and colleges! #memefan
  • Follow us to find out how effective our memes are to make you happy!
  • Follow us to get your daily dose of humor and laughter! #memes!
  • Memers are artists and they deserve to be acknowledged as well!
  • Do what you love, do not let society stop you from your dreams!
  • Did you try throwing an apple at the person you want to stay away from you? It is bound to work! #meme!

Meme Page Bios For Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site with billions of users as it connects people worldwide with the use of the internet.

People here make their accounts and pages for different purposes, like promoting their business or social issues or sharing memes, slogans, or quotes on certain topics.

Individuals can add on friends, scroll through videos, and can also post their photos and videos publicly or privately as per the user’s choice.

Here are some meme page bios for Facebook which would help the Facebook meme pages grab the attention of the mass towards their meme contents. 

  • Do not pass your days away in misery, you have memes to keep you happy! #memefan
  • Always up for a meme fight! #memefan
  • Creating and sharing memes in the hope of bringing a smile to everyone’s gloomy faces!
  • Welcome to our page! We share the latest and the best memes to liven up your day!#memefan
  • Sharing memes is my hobby, laughing at memes is my passion! #memelover
  • Memes are my rays of sunshine as they help to lighten me up! #mememaker
  • Love everyone who loves memes because we are all a part of the meme family!
  • Making sure that you come across a good collection of memes on your newsfeed!
  • When my exam results were not up to the mark, and when I was going through my breakup, memes helped me to get through! #mememaker
meme page bio

Meme Page Bios For twitter

Twitter is a social networking site having billions of users worldwide who interact through messages known as tweets.

Individuals who are registered can like and share posts and can also retweet tweets, while unregistered users can only view the posts and tweets which are publicly available.

Even in the case of Twitter, making a post public or keeping it private remains in the hands of the user. Twitter users can also follow each other and are free to express their views; thus, here are some meme page bios for those who share memes via Twitter, this meme page bios will surely help them grab the attention of the mass.

  • People say that whatever does not kill you, just makes you stronger, but I find it makes me a lot more disappointed! #memelover
  • Hey be ready at 6:00 am tomorrow! The trash picker will be there to pick you up!
  • Date a member, you will never be depressed!
  • I will never understand the necessity to stay serious in life because we are doing pretty well living our lives laughing at memes! #memefun
  • What is the use of technology when the photos of food on the internet do not fill up your tummy!

Cool Meme Page Bios

Memes are currently in high demand amongst students, and teenagers, even elders, tend to like memes these days.

Memes are jokes which work like mini pockets of laughter in our day-to-day life; people with their day-to-day savage replies tend to form memes themselves and share their points of view with others in the form of memes.

Individuals tend to bond over memes nowadays; thus, here are some cool meme page bios that would help those meme creators draw more attention to their memes and would further help them to spread happiness in the form of their sarcasm and memes.   

  • I can live without my friends, but I cannot live without memes! #memelover
  • We are living our lives as if we will never have to study ever again!
  • I have always loved memes but this quarantine has made me realize how important memes are to us!
  • Knowledge of memes should be made a legitimate topic to judge the importance and intellectualism of a person! #memefun

Looking for more? So make sure to check out the best memes board names for Pinterest.

Short Meme Page Bios

In this busy world, people don’t have the time or the patience to read a long funny story, even for their refreshment. In such cases, short and crisp memes come to the rescue.

.People love to go through memes since it works as a way of refreshment even amidst a busy working schedule; not only do memes make them laugh, but they also work as a small packet of happiness amongst all the stressful situations.

Thus here are some short meme page bios that would grab the attention of the viewers towards your page and would make them scroll through all your memes. 

  • I cannot imagine a life without memes!
  • Dating apps should give a trailer into each candidates’ life to make me interested enough to join it! #memes
  • Relationships are weird these days; some are even shorter than my temper! #memes
  • I get high on memes; Do you do, too? #memelover
  • Memes give me wings! #meme
  • Drunk texting? Na, duh! Drunk and meme-making is what I prefer! #memelover
bio for meme page

Funny Meme Page Bios

Every individual nowadays seeks some good quality funny memes to vent out their stress and to find some moments of happiness.

Amongst all our busy, stressful schedules, every one of us deserves some amount of relaxation, and nothing can be better than some funny memes that can make us laugh and can help us release some amount of stress.

Thus in order spread happiness and making people laugh here are some funny meme page bios that would make people visit your page and scroll through your memes since bios are very crucial to let people know about the overall content of your page.

  • Why be drunk and sad when you can be drunk and have fun while sharing memes! #memefun
  • Invest your time in memes because they will always make you happy unlike humans because there is always a chance of them hurting you even when you invest your time in them!
  • Arm wrestling and gun fighting duels are a passe, meme sharing duels are what should be brought up! #meme
  • I never compromise on sharing memes because they make me happy!#memefun
  • If only there was a job that paid to laugh at memes all day, I would be a millionaire by now! #meme
  • When you say drugs, you mean cocaine, LSD, or whatever else, but I mean memes!
  • My parents scowl on me because I stay glued to my phone sharing memes all day, they do not realize how healthy my addiction is compared to other people!
  • Share memes and you are doing a good turn! #memefun
  • Sharing memes is a noble job because you are making so many people happy! #memelover
  • Benefits of memes- makes people happy! 
  • Advantages of memes- Happiness! Disadvantages of memes – None! #meme
  • Someday, I will be a parent who will be lazing about watching memes with my kids! #memefun
  • Memes are the best creation of this century! #memefun
  • In today’s world, love is rare, but memes are not! Share memes and be happy!
  • It is a happy time when you have love in the air and memes on everyone’s newsfeed!  #meme
  • If you think you need a boyfriend to be happy, you are wrong because you need a superb meme page to be happy!

Bio For Meme Page With Emoji

In today’s fast-moving world, when people are too busy with their work, we only get a few seconds to grab their attention towards our page, and to do so, we need to provide them with a short snippet about the overall idea of the page to attract them to the content in it.

Thus it is very important to have bios for the meme pages. Here is some bio for the meme page with emoji that would help attract individuals to the respective meme pages.

  • Meme addiction is a good addiction!??
  • Memes are the best medicines, it keeps you healthy!??
  • Memes that you can relate to….??
  • Memes that turn your sadness into happiness.?❎?✅
  • Having a tiresome day again?? Taking a little break with memes seems like a good idea.?
  • Memes are small pills of happiness in your day-to-day life.??
  • Want to try crying and laughing at the same time??… These memes are for you, then.??
  • Get addicted to memes, not drugs!?
  • Breakup hurts, but memes don’t….?❤️
  • Having a stressful day??…take meme pills right now! ?✅
  • Memes that are surely better than your toxic ex!?❤️?
  • Memes that make your life worth living❤️❤️
  • Make friends over memes!??
  • Memes that make your life a bit easier.??
  • Let’s become memeoholics together!?❤️
  • Appreciate the happy moments of your life with memes.❤️?
  • Memes that make you laugh out loud.??

Instagram Bio Ideas For Meme Page

Instagram is currently the most popular social media website amongst teenagers, and they tend to spend most of their free time on Instagram watching reels or chatting with their friends.

Thus, Instagram is a very influential site to make the memes go viral with proper meme content and an attractive bio, thus here are some Instagram bio ideas for meme pages that would instantly grab the viewers attention towards the respective meme page such that they can’t resist themselves from checking out the meme content of your page.

  • Make your life a lot more interesting with memes.
  • Memes that you can’t resist sharing.
  • Are you bored??….check memes!
  • Try memes to impress!
  • Memes that never grow old.
  • Memes that sparkle your life with happiness.
  • Savage memes for savage people.
  • Memes that compel you to laugh.
  • Evergreen memes for evergreen you!
  • Memes are permanent in this temporary world.
  • Memes that are more loyal than your ex.
  • If memes were an art, then I better be the Picasso of it.
  • Bonds created over memes are surely the purest form of bonds ever made.
  • My life might be a mess, but my memes are not.
  • Give rise to the memer inside you.
  • Finding ways to keep yourself happy??…look at the memes out here!
  • Memes that never let you turn the depressing mode on.
  • Let us use our humor to create memes together.
meme page bio

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