22+ Actionble Media Buying Agency Marketing Ideas

Whether you are leading a brand new start-up agency or a digital media firm, you have to market your agency in a better way. Due to a highly competitive environment, the clients are left with more options to choose from. So, in order to reach under the radar of such clients, you need to implement the proper form of marketing strategies.

How to promote your media buying agency

  • Enlightening the targeted customers about your business can be done if you choose to put up banners and signboards everywhere in plenty. This will ensure promoting your business faster.
  • Business directories are one of the most powerful tools when it comes to promoting a business. Make sure that you have your business enlisted in the business directories.
  • Distribute leaflets with all the details about your business. This will promote your business in a way better than any other available to you.
  • Think of a unique name and design an amazing logo for your business. This will ease up the process of promoting your business and disburden it as well.

Here is a list of ideas that will help your media buying agency to cement its rightful place and get more Customer and increase Awareness.


Testimonials mainly highlight what the customer thinks about you. This method of clients expressing the story of your company’s success is tried and tested.

It is one of the first things that people catch an eye on. Don’t shy away from asking your clients to provide a statement about the project you just finished for them. This helps in building trust amongst the potential customers to and your brand.

You shouldn’t try to make a common mistake by including the testimonials that are too enthusiastic and benign. Testimonials are introduced to reflect the issues of interest from your target audience.

-Word of mouth

To generate a good ratio of word of mouth, there is only one simple thing to do i.e. doing a good job. People tend to trust more when the recommendations they receive are from friends and family.

You have to excel in the departments of providing services and results to your customers. These are the two key areas where you have to put all your effort in.

Once the customers are satisfied with your services, they will be telling good things to their colleagues, friends and families about your media buying agency.

-Business Cards

Business cards are one of the oldest tactics of business but are still relevant in this digital world. You will have no idea when you are going to meet a potential client in any social event.

So using this old trick from the bag can surely help the agency to create a brand of its own. The ability to hand out a business card to people you find whether at dinner or in some vacation spots, makes the agency and yourself a reputable prospect for the customers.

-Industry Awards and Accreditation

Nothing beats the joy of your media agency getting accredited by a respected third party. When your media buying agency is awarded for all its hard work and the award that was given, mainly works as a symbol of approval from the reliable sources in the industry. It will surely go a long way in marketing your media buying agency.

-Boost from Press

The kind of boost your media buying agency will acquire from the press can really transform the agency’s credibility and notability overnight.

Look for local newspapers in your community and note down the names of the journalists who would be willing to write something regarding your entrepreneurial journey.

And if you are especially favored by a reputable journalist, he or she can cite you as a figure of authority which is a great boost for your business.


Advertising is one way of securing your reputation. The main objective of advertising is to communicate with the customers in a more artistic way.

You can advertise your media buying agency in all the places where the target audiences are looking for credible information. Advertising plays a humongous role in today’s competition amongst the various industries.

But the cost of advertising doesn’t come in cheap, so be prepared to spend some money which will be proven effective in the long haul.

-Event Marketing

Events are the best place to socialize with fellow agencies and other professionals. You have to utilize these events to market your media buying agency. Yet the method of event marketing is still an underutilized form of strategy to market your agency. But there are ways that you can promote your media buying agency at events. Some of them are as follows-

(a) You can become a sponsor at an event. And there are lots of perks attached to it

(b) Choose the best person from your agency to speak at an event

(c) In order to stand out, run some fun activities and offer free merchandise

(d) Try to attend and be part of award ceremonies occurring amongst the numerous industries.


Irrespective of the business you are trying to promote, networking is one of the crucial steps in turning your business into a profitable aftermath.

For some people, networking can turn out be not much fun, but believe me associating yourself with the perfect kind of people in your locality will definitely boost your business.

So whenever you get to socialize with people keep your business cards at ready. At the end of a conversation, you can sneak in your business cards.

-Brand Establishment

The definition of a brand is that a promise which is kept. There’s a lot of effort which goes into creating a brand. The interaction between your agency and a prospective company is the perfect opportunity for establishing a brand presence in the minds of your clients.

Thoughtful messaging via advertising and design of your agency’s logo conveys an important message that is bound to evoke feelings in customer’s mind. This is an efficient way of creating your brand notability.

-Speaking Gig

You can volunteer yourself as a guest speaker in numerous major conferences related to marketing or any other subject matter.

In that way, you can change the viewpoint of certain audiences so that they look up to your agency with utmost priority. But the speaker should know everything about the subject matter and the ability to speak efficiently at a public event.

Loads of people attend these kinds of conferences, so keeping them engrossed with your speech will culminate into the expansion of the ratio of potential clients.

-Professional Website

Whenever some people hear about your media buying agency, they are more likely to search for its internet presence. So it has become quite a basic step to create a website for your agency. Take some time out to create a cohesive and professional looking website.

You can easily have access to the top-notch templates for blog writing which will make the site appear more in the searches, with the help of SEO writers.

-Social Media promotion

There is no doubt that social media is a powerful tool in hand, and its vast capabilities cannot be expressed in a single blog post. So start building communities within the realm of social media to market your media buying agency. It plays an important role in connecting your agency to huge number of potential clients.

The best way to promote your agency through a social media is by being active on Twitter. The things that you can do to market your agency are as follows

(a) You can regularly share your work and the awards which you have won

(b) Create private lists to follow clients, brands and competitors

(c) Build relationship with the brands by sharing their content so they will share yours as well.

How to increase sales of your media buying business

  • Using social media to reach out to more people about your business is one of the most judicious alternatives available to you. Make proper use of social media and watch your sales rising.
  • The newspapers and television channels are some of the advertising platforms where you can opt for putting up an advertisement for your business. This will eventually lead to higher sales.
  • The price that you are charging for your service will be one of the most important determining factors of your sales. So set the price only after a proper survey of the market.
  • Offer discounts at regular intervals. Doing so will attract more customers towards using your service and hence your sales will be driven up significantly.
  • The reviews from a few of the customers happy with your services will ensure that more people are using your service. This will also take your sales to a higher path.

here are some important faqs about Media Buying Company to get more detail and grow business

1. Who is the target market for a media buying agency?

The first thing when you market your business, make sure that you prepare and create ways to reach your target audience, which usually are businesses and companies that want to publicize their products or services through their advertising expertise. Many firms, corporations or non-profit organizations are also clients of advertising agencies. An ideal customer of a specific agency would be beyond the marketing area of an agency and would require continued research. 

2. How can you make your media buying agency profitable?

By providing services in addition to conventional ads, a media buying agency will improve its profitability. For instance, if any of these services are needed, an organization will provide consumers with public relations or social media services. Media buying agencies   can produce billions of dollars annually, but most have substantially lower annual revenues. Most companies, depending on their position and characteristics, generate tens or hundreds of thousands per year. Nevertheless, millions in annual sales are not unheard in.

3. How can you make money through media buying agency?

An advertising agency makes money by charging consumers for advertising campaigns. In most situations, an organization will without pay pitch a possible customer. The firm is contracting to carry out the latest promotions if the consumer likes the pitch.

4. How media buying agency is benefitted from advertising?

A good media buying agency can bring lots of enquiries but also lead to some sales as it is badly targeted and poorly worded. To measure the effectiveness of your Media buying agency is quite important. 
-A well-designed advertisement for a media buying agency can:
generate sales or enquiries;
-improve your company image;
-create awareness of your products or services;
-get the word out about a sales promotion or offer;
-help establish you in a new location.

Due to Technology Enhancement, Media buying is become more simple but more technical. Compare to Traditional media buying, you have a lot of freedom to settle your buying as per your budget. Here we came up with infographic which gives you more idea on difference traditional and modern media Buying.

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