20+ Proven Concrete (Cement) Business Marketing Ideas

Building upon a business relationship is significant for any business, especially when the business is related to the supply of hardware materials like concrete.

If you are looking for some creative ideas to build up the marketing for your particular company business, then have a look below.

How to promote your concrete business

  • You can enlighten the people about your concrete business by outing up signboards and banners on your business in plenty everywhere. This will serve your purpose.
  • The local distributors will be of great help in promoting your business. You need to collaborate with them to promote your business fast.
  • Business directories are extremely powerful tools as long as promoting a business is concerned. Get your business listed in the business directories, and your business will be promoted automatically.
  • A unique name and an amazing logo for your business will help make the whole process of promoting the business easier. So think of a unique name fast and get a logo designed as well.

Marketing Ideas for concrete business:

Take your concrete business to the next level with these Best concrete company marketing strategies.

Shake Hands with Connection Providers

The easiest way to get marketing for your business is to get yourself a network. There are various industries and associations that you can join in building connections. The associations are usually full of links.

So, when you get associated with such industry associations, connections and potential clients are sure to come your way.

Also, there is another perk for you if you join make such a successful team. You can advertise your business at a very nominal cost and also get free marketing as the associations often hold such events.

Going Digital

In this era of technology, which can bring more opportunities than going digital? Concrete company marketing involves a lot of hard work, but with the natural use of technology, you can market your business in friendly ways.

Open your website and also sign up for your concrete business on apps like Pinterest and Instagram.

Putting up your business on Google Maps will not only help clients to find out about your business but also provide directions to reach your shop or office if necessary.

This makes your business easily accessible. Take the help of experts to ensure that your social media page gives instant responses.

You can also post pictures related to past projects and tag all the images with relevant tags.

Create and Spread Digital Content

One strategy for concrete company marketing involves the use of digital content on the highest note possible.

Digital content is one of the best marketing strategies that you can use for a long while. Create content and spread it across various social media platforms like Twitter.

Many expert content creators can create the required digital content for you. You can publish the same content on your website as well.

Other than textual content, you can go for short audio and video content as well. Or you can also use pictures and small one-liners or two-liners to market your business digitally.

Pay Equal Attention to All Your Existing Clients

Often while following up on leads, missing out on the existing clients is shared. But as said previously, along with searching for new clients, it is equally important to pay attention to all your existing customers.

Contacting your existing clients to follow up on the work or to interact ensures that keep yourself on their mind.

This can earn you referrals and also ensure that no cracks happen between you and all your customers. Your behavior towards your client and work and your business reputation are also allies for your concrete company marketing strategies.

Starting a concrete company? So make sure to read out the things to know before starting a concrete company.

Maintain your ROI

Marketing involves a huge amount of expenditure. So market the right way. You can get a marketing scorecard and start tracking which marketing campaigns gave the best turnout.

You can focus on that campaign and develop more creative campaigns similarly. The scorecard also helps you to further cut down on campaigning costs by ranking it by revenue. You can get maximum marketing with minimum expenditure this way.

Focus on the Supply

Concrete company marketing needs a good action plan. One of the best ways is to carve out a niche for your supply. You can start supplying in bulk for construction companies that deal mainly with construction projects for a certain field.

If you tie up with contractors dealing with the building of high rises, then it is added marketing for you at almost no cost. You can use this tie-up to get other clients.

Set up Stalls

You can set up stalls at relevant fairs and expos to get better exposure. There are various kinds of meets and galas organized by associations and related industries where you can put up your stall and market your product through friendly interaction.

You can also distribute business cards and small material samples for more attractive marketing.

Socialize and Attend Business Meets

All kinds of interactions are essential for marketing. You can go and introduce yourself to the business people while you go out to attend business meets and events.

Also, interacting with the experienced and the aged in your fields will leave a good and lasting impression on you and help you to find more markets for your business.

Socialize and casually bring up your business while distributing your business card and inviting those present.

These are great tools for business planning and can gain you customers and also help in your concrete company business marketing.

Track Your Connections and Market

Once you have built a strong working relationship, ensure that you record all your professional encounters with your clients.

You can use a CRM to keep a record of all the data and give it to you at the correct time. You can use the data to channel your working relationship and gain more projects and also do your concrete company marketing in your way.

Get the Brand Tag

The tag of a brand always attracts more attention. It is one of the most affordable and approachable ways to market your material.

You can work towards making your brand by associating with specific projects and putting that up on your profile. The more high-ranking projects you participate in, the more your brand value increases.

Set up conditions that look inviting yet unique and set your business apart. Like you can send free samples to a potential customer and also send in information about the quality check.

Advertise Affluently

Advertise on television, in papers, billboards, and any place where you see scope for expansion and marketing. You can print pamphlets and leaflets and distribute them randomly.

You can also create a beautiful album with pictures and information about your business and materials and send it to all the important construction centers.

Ensure that you make the share option available to call when you share any content and video promoting your business on digital platforms.

Get Your Business a Personalised Logo

Logo not only sets you apart from other competitors but also lends a hand in creating your brand. Choose a powerful logo like a lion on a pillar to emphasize the strength and durability of your material.

Logos can easily attract clients as a single compelling picture gets the client thinking about your product positively.

Use the Ongoing Projects

If you are already supplying concrete to an ongoing construction project, then you already have solid prepared ground for marketing.

All you need to do is to talk with your client and use a place that has enormous visibility to hang up your hoardings, along with all the signage to make sure that it is visible that your product is being used.

Host Small Events

Marketing a small business is not easy, but to expand, you need to put in some money and sweat into marketing.

You can host small events for target marketing at public places or in your office space and invite your clients and leads for a day of fun. You can also offer discounts and offers if they sign a deal with you on that day.

Use the “Word of the Mouth” Tactic

Seasonal discounts and offers are also desirable to customers, and you can be assured that your leads will spread this message and in turn, get you more customers. Word of mouth is often trusted in this field and is thus a very effective marketing strategy.

Work with Non-Profit Organisations

Working with such an organization will get your charitable side of the business out in the open. You can send in your products at a meager price or give them for free if it suits your business.

“Do good and get good in return” is a concrete company marketing that can get you both national and international clients.

Using Custom Intent Audiences

Use technology for your marketing as much as you can. Custom Intent Audiences lets you sell your business to web users via mediums like Youtube.

The users already get to see about your business based on their recent web searches, and you can get more business out of there in no time.

Create a Campaign Buzz

You can use social media to create a campaign and use content like “contact us now to get a free sampling and expert help” or “buzz us on the numbers and get additional benefits, gift cards, and a whopping discount on bulk order.” This will create a buzz in concrete company marketing for your services.

Success Stories and Reviews

Another critical way to get your concrete company marketing rolling is to put all the stories of your projects together, along with all the hardships faced and overcome to create a success story. You can add the positive reviews you have received to give more effect to the marketing.

These marketing ideas will get your business rolling and spreading in no time at all. Remember to use the ideas by situations and circumstances.

Apply these and get a strong foothold in the market but also compete with the ups and downs of the market.

There are many concrete companies in the US, so do check out the top 10 best concrete companies in the US.

How to drive up the sales of your concrete business

  • Social media will prove itself as your greatest friend when it comes down to reaching out to more people to drive up sales. Constructive usage of social media will ensure higher sales.
  • The paid platforms for advertisements, such as newspapers and television channels, will also ensure that more people get to know about your business, and eventually, the sales will go up.
  • The price of your products must be determined only after a comprehensive market study since this is the most important facet of determining sales.
  • Your sales will certainly go up once you start offering sufficient discounts and lucrative offers to your customers.
  • Reviews from your previous customers who were happy with your product will make you trustworthy in the eyes of the new customers. As a result, sales will go up.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you need to carry insurance for your Concrete business?

Yes. Concrete business requires insurance. Your clients can request you to give you a certificate of insurance from your insurance firm.

If a worker is injured at work, then you would be responsible for the insurance of the worker.

Do you require the portfolio of the pictures of your previous work in your Concrete business?

Many specific concrete contractors can show photos of previous work on their phones if they meet the clients personally. Others would also be able to check out a platform with a digital portfolio.

Does the Concrete require maintenance in your Concrete business?

Though concrete is very robust on its own, you can do anything to keep it in good shape: stop deicing chemicals in winter.

Do not remove the stain by using harsh acids. Regularly clean the concrete and use a sticker to shield it from contaminants.

How is concrete measured in the Concrete business?

Concrete is measured by the three-foot cubic yard (or 27 cubic yards), meaning three feet by three-foot. A cubic yard weighs approximately 4000 pounds of concrete.

Is it possible to recycle the Concrete in your Concrete business?

In reality, recycling takes place with concrete from start to finish. Mixtures of concrete can be added to many waste and industrial by-products, such as ash or furnace slag, which reduces dependency on the material.

The concrete can be recycled for various applications as its life is close.

Here is the Infographic, which contains important stats on Concrete Business. Read Below for detail on this Business.

concrete business stats

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