Marketing Material Checklist for Businesses

In today’s  marketing, business need to step ahead of everyone.

Since the competition is difficult, for business it’s important to be ready. Also, there are lots of things for a business owner to handle, and to thrive in the business world, you need to have all-powerful tools ready to use when needed. 

Marketing materials are one of those tools that you need. It can help the people to connect with the business, along with getting more customers and clients. 

To make sure, you are using the marketing materials to their full potential. Here are some points that you need to understand. 

marketing material checklist for businesses

What Is Marketing Materials?

Start with understanding what is considered as marketing materials. 

Marketing materials are the tools you use for branding and boosting the consultancy. It includes the materials used for physical promotion that you offer prospective clients such as diagrams, photos, brochures, etc. 

Also, it includes marketing research, website, information regarding sales, and customer data.

With the tools, you can successfully create the first impression of your business to your online and offline customers both. 

marketing material tips for businesses

When you are approaching the marketing materials. Make sure you understand that online and offline both are important aspects. The best you can get from this is to mix both options together. 

You can get a 40 to 80% balance of both to make sure you are not missing anything. 

How Can You Use It Effectively?

Understanding the importance of what you need the marketing along with how you can use it effectively, here are a few points that can help you in that. 

Target To Your Audience 

When you are doing constant branding with your marketing materials, it’s important for you to focus on which audience you want to target the most. 

Not having a clear idea about your audience can make the effectiveness vary. In a worse situation, you might not get the benefit at all. 

Keep your business professional and look polished by approaching the audience you want for your brand. 

Keep the focus in one direction so you can get better results from it. 

Real Value In Return 

Your marketing materials can attract people but in return, you need to give something. However, make sure you are choosing something that can give real value.

It’s important for your customers to feel they are getting something useful from this deal. It will help your marketing materials to do better and reach their goal. 

Easy Call To Action 

No matter if you are using online or offline, both your audience should know where they need to go after engaging with the materials. 

Give clear instructions and easy to action, so they can get in touch with you hassle free. 

You can add the download report button along with your phone or website information.

Checklist For Marketing Material For Your Business 

To make your checklist before you follow the marketing material, it’s important to get everything right so you won’t miss any opportunity for the business. 

When you are choosing the marketing material, here is the checklist of the items you are going to need for the business. 

Social Media Business – Marketing Materials 

There are 40% of customers who follow their brands on different social media. Also, the research says there are one in four buyers who purchase through social media.

The importance of social media is helpful to reach the customers you are targeting much easier. Or just you can check the latest trends and keep yourself updated. 

Also, social media helps attract more traffic to your brand. You can use it for introducing more products and services to the purchase. 

Image source: hubspotblog

It’s helpful in making sure that you and your customers are on the same page.

You can use social media marketing materials for engaging more customers as well as getting a better sales number. 

This is helpful for doing more promotion and creating brand authority. 

Pro tip: make sure you have a marketing campaign that is updated with the social media plan. Also, keep the business easy to connect with when you have a social media presence. It will keep your brand connected with your customer. 

The marketing needs something from which the people can recognize the company. And that’s where a logo is needed. 

It creates an image that hooks your company. The logo is used everywhere from your business cards to your website.

Image source: template

The logo is important and it’s needed to be more about what is your business. It should be something that can express the brand.

Business Cards 

Business cards are visually attractive and have a small cardboard size that contains information about your business. It includes a brand name,  logo, contact information,  website, social channel, etc

Even in 2020, the value of business cards is unmatchable. There are more than 27 million prints of business cards daily. 

Image source: Pinterest 

According to the Statistic Brain Research, The study says that every business owner gets a sales increase by 2.3% on each  2000 business cards.

The overall cost of production, generating such an amount of sales is quite a high return on investment. 

Pro Tip: Business cards are more effective during networking. It’s easy to hand over the card to let the interested one contact you or remember you. 

Also, business cards are professional and it gives good impressions too. 

Email Signature 

An email signature is a  powerful tool that can show the professionalism of yours to the readers. 

Using the signature in each email helps your business to stand out. Also, it gives the impression and looks at your business more professionally. 

Image source: pinterest 

Don’t let your emails be sent without adding the email signature. It’s a great option when it comes to the marketing message. 

Come up with a catchy email signature,  web address,  contact information, business name or announcement for the services, seminars, etc. 

Company Clothing 

Company clothing gives exposure to your business and no matter where you go, it will make other people curious about what you do. 

It’s easy to grab the attention and you can do marketing with this. Also, it’s better for brand promotion and uplifts the team spirit. Along with this, you are getting free advertising too. 

why need company clothings

Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch is needed for networking. The 30-second pitch can lead people to invest in the business and you can get more marketing opportunities. 

Also having an elevator pitch can help you in getting the attention of people so they can understand your business. It gives you more engagement and turns potential customers for your brand. 

Pro Tip: The powerful and catchy elevator pitch can be an ice breaker in events and other paces. Networking, it’s a most powerful tool which gives you an exact idea about what you need to talk about. 


Postcards are helpful if you know how and where to use them. In the real state,  postcards are helpful in attracting more clients as it contains all needed information along with attractive design.

Image source: fixsmallbusiness

According to NAR’s Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends in 2019, postcards outperformed the selling on television or magazine features. 

While you can mail the actual postcards, but you can also use them online as you can turn this into vouchers. 

Along with thank you notes, or a personal invitation, these can be the few things you can use it with. 


There is a huge change in marketing, thanks to the internet. There are more than 64% of small businesses owning their website in the US.

With the right website and understanding, you can create a strong presence for your business in the online world. 

The people do make their purchase now without doing a good inquiry. It’s important to do the transaction after understanding the credibility of the store.

Here you can create a credible website that can help your sales without missing any opportunity.

 Your website also needs to give the information so the potential clients can get the whole idea. 

When you are certain of your website, here is the checklist for you to add in information. 

  • Your business name 
  • Hours of operation
  • About us section
  • Contact information
  • Email address
  • Social media widgets
  • Phone number 
  • Physical store address

Pro tip: Owning a website also helps your marketing target to work better. As you provide a credible source where your clients and customers can reach. 

This gives a boost to the effectiveness of your marketing plans and strategies. 


Brochures are a helpful tool to give an idea about what your business does. It can give an introduction to the business you do.

It’s one of the powerful tools to promote the business, offering it to the press release and its use for marketing purposes too. 

This can help in getting the attention of others, especially for small businesses with a tight budget. The brochures are printed handouts that can be effective in targeting clients.

Well, the hard copy contains the information regarding what you can offer and what your business is all about. This can be the printed version of your website.

For a growing business, brochures can be helpful and highly effective in results that come under budget.

Flyer & Posters

Flyers and posters are cheap and effective marketing materials. You can distribute the flyers as well as a poster to your local areas for getting the attention of local customers. 

Image source: pinterest 

The flyers are helpful in informing you about the existence of your business. With this, you can inform people about your business. It’s effective for creating awareness of what you offer in the products and services. 

When you are choosing the flyers and posters for your business, follow the checklist to make sure you are doing it correctly. 

  • Keep the important points highlighted, for example, what your products and services provide. 
  • Add the information about your business, especially contact information.
  • Keep the briefing on point 
  • Add coupon or free appraise to get new customers. 

Pro Tip: Keep your flyers and posters attractive for the eyes. Also, the position should be easy to gather attention and make it visible to others. 

Referral Networks

Networking is important for small businesses to get more connections and get better help. 

The referral networks can help you in building the name of your business, including you can do the sales and get the business base ready. 

It can help in referring to your loyal customer, and it’s easier too. To make it better and more effective, you can offer incentives that can attract more people to join.

You can also focus on business refers to business. It can help you in getting potential sources and clients for your business. 

Pro Tip: Offer the incentive, free items, or something exclusive for those who are using the referrals. As for the business, make sure you are not creating too much pressure. Keep it friendly and trouble-free for everyone. 

Advertise the offers to your website and let other people participate in this. 

Email Marketing Materials 

Email marketing is one of the effective campaigns in 2020. More than 63% of email marketing campaigns have positive responses. 

Also, 38% of US consumers take action after getting exposed to email marketing.  Well, the email marketing materials include email headers and a newsletter template. 

benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is developed and effective overall over the years. It’s popular and easier when it comes to approaching customers. 

From small to big, every entrepreneur needs email marketing to drive more sales and revenue from it. 

Why Marketing Materials Are Still Important?

In today’s world where everything is switching to digital, it’s normal to believe that pen & paper is no longer needed. However, it’s not the truth. 

Technology becomes an important part of the business but the requirements of pen and paper are going to be there. 

Successful businesses are those who understand the difference and find the balance between both approaches. 

importance of marketing materials

To understand how your business will need the traditional approach along with technology and advanced marketing, here are points to describe why marketing materials hold an important role.

It Easier To Show Then Tell 

Choosing marketing material is important for sales. It can make your sales or break everything. 

Having the right marketing can boost the effectiveness of your strategies and plans. But it can help you in showing the story about your business instead of telling. 

It can be a helpful and effective communication of your company’s value to your clients. It’s important that you and your clients are on the same page so you know how your actions are going to affect you. 

Image source: robertkatai

Sometimes you need more than words, there are lots of sales ramps that fumble up. Using the right material marketing can create great storytelling, you can control how it will begin and end.

You can use it for sharing thoughts and ideas along with reducing errors. Also here you can be creative and keep others entrained. 

Pro Tip: Use your imagination along with the right marketing materials to show how your business is different from others. 

It can be a great way to highlight the differences and keep your business different from the competitors in the market. 

Its Powerful Tool 

Marketing materials are powerful, no matter if they’re online or offline. You require to understand the importance of both and use them in the right way to see the differences and their effectiveness. 

Using the materials for their right purpose can help in exceeding the results. 

For example, use it for brand awareness or sales, if you understand how to use it can be a powerful tool for boosting the results much better than you expected. 

It Boosts Brand Awareness

The quality of your marketing materials and their quantity can tell about your company. Also, it affects the brand in the market. 

When you have quality marketing materials and attract the audience you like, it gives a glimpse of your visions, culture, value proposition, and lots of things about the organization. 

These factors can affect how your brand will be in-market and how others will see it. So understanding how to present your marketing material can contribute to the image of the brand.

Takeaway: Marketing materials are not a waste of money, instead it gives more opportunity to connect your brand with the people. 

When you have good marketing materials you can create a long and lasting impression. It can be an enhancer and show the potential of your brand. 

It Creates Powerful Precipitation 

Marketing material is different depending on what is our business, also it can relate to the big to small, new to already establish a business. 

The marketing material can create a perception of your business. No matter where you start it and how you are coming out, the perception can lead people to believe what you want them to. 

It can help you in the business opportunity, much better options that can show you as a leader. Instead of marketing mistakes,  you can use the powerful perception to do better business. 

Takeaway: Perception in business is important. You might be just started and nobody is taking you seriously. Using your marketing material you can establish yourself strongly. 

This helps you in creating more confidence in your business. 

It Tells What Your Business Is About 

There are several situations where the marketing material shows what your business is all about. It gives the first look and it’s on you how to make the first impression unforgetful. 

You can use the opportunity to say anything you want to, However not using the marketing material to show the great thing as your product and services offered can lead to a dead end. 

Analyze the market,  pinpoint the services and features you offer that can make a difference. 

Highlight those things in your marketing material to show how your business or product is different from others. 

To capitalize on the opportunity,  use the marketing information along with the materials to represent the look of your business to your audience. 

Takeaway: the marketing material can decide how your business will be, deciding the first look can help you in creating an impressive impression.

Using the marketing materials, you can use it for ensuring that values and messages are unified. 

This will help you in connecting with the audience who are genuinely interested and they can be the potential ones in the future. 

It’s Important For Business 

The business needs marketing materials. Maybe not you, but your clients will request it. Maybe it doesn’t happen yet, but it will be as it’s enviable. 

For business, marketing material is crucial, you’re gonna have it even if you don’t think it’s important. When the potential clients will ask, you can’t just use a pamphlet that you neer used. 

Also not having the proper marketing material show you are not ready for the business. 

It questions your professionalism and in business when you are dealing with potential clients, you don’t want that to happen. 

Takeaway: Your marketing material is part of the business. Without it, functioning is a hassle along with dealing with customers and people.  

Make sure you have this ready so whenever your clients ask, you can show it. 

It Keeps You Step Ahead 

Using marketing materials keeps you more connected and needed with your audience than those who are not using it. 

It keeps the constant branding that makes people remember you more than otters. It’s important especially when there are new numbers of businesses are adding to the market. 

The ease for your customers to contact you, the better market you are doing for your business. 

With the marketing materials, you can target your audience online and offline. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What to know about marketing material?

Marketing material includes anything that can help your brand to communicate with the customers. It can be cards, catalogs,  brochures to websites, etc. Marketing material can work online and offline, as the main purpose is to get more elements. 

What are the basic types of marketing materials?

The basic marketing materials consist of emails,  brochures,  sales letters,  blogs post, blog posts, etc.

Why do you need marketing materials?

Marketing materials are helpful in filling the gap between brand and customers. It adds better communication and steps ahead of marketing which gives a major boost in sales.

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