24+ Effective Nursery Business Marketing Ideas

Managing or owning a nursery business is like a dream job for people who love the outdoors, helping people to transform barren land into a beautiful landscape and grow plants. The nursery is like any other business.

How to promote your Nursery business?

  • Put boards and signs, and decorate nursery premises with relevant plants to capture the attention of passing visitors. 
  • Make sure to list businesses in the web directories, Google pages, and Google maps to enable easy access to customers.  
  • Participate in numerous fairs, shows, and events to showcase your product and offer a gift or discount on every purchase.
  • Promote your organization by visiting corporate houses and event organizers, and give an exciting discount offer to grab bulk leads. 
  • Be a volunteer in social events and charity shows to get media exposure and build networking. Do not forget to distribute business cards to your new connection. 

Top Nursery marketing tips to increase sales:


Defining your nursery product line is the initial step in your marketing plan. For example, you can sell cacti, exotic plants, and big trees in 24 to 36-inch boxes.

Additionally, to plants, the nursery might offer landscape services or designs like landscape maintenance and delivery. You can also sell garden tools, gardening books, garden accessories, and pottery.


You must understand your market niche and whom you sell to. Your prospects can be retail plant nurseries or landscapers that may buy plants in bulk.

The customers can be home gardeners who prefer to do the work by themselves and homeowners who don’t have sufficient time and want a well-maintained landscape.

A homeowner is a prime market for your installation and design services. If you sell exotic plants, then your customers can order plants through the internet or phone.


You must know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. It is necessary to market your nursery business.

Make a list of each nursery, including home improvement stores and big box stores, and analyze the marketing strategies of your nursery so that it can do better.

For example, home improvement stores can have less price but don’t have experienced staff.


The message that you want to convey to your customers through digital media, press, and other formats is devised based on your strengths and your competitor’s weakness.  

You can deliver the message through social media marketing, website, flyers, advertising, and attending trade shows. You can also plan a publicity program. Distribute and develop news releases.


The marketing strategies will not be successful if you don’t have sufficient resources to implement them.

You must prepare your marketing budget as per the target marketing strategies. You can also plan for other alternatives like social media, advertising, and publicity.


Accreditation from trusted governing bodies imparts confidence and trust to your customers. Make sure that certifications are up to date and are displayed in the nursery.

It must be displayed at the places where customers may come, such as you can post these certifications on a company website and social media pages. Or you can try to win some awards based on your performance and services.

This helps you to grab the attention of your targeted audiences. Nursery management’s given awards give you more recognition in the market. So, try to achieve them.

Company website-

Nursery-website-ideas-by- themktgboy
Nursery-website-ideas-by- themktgboy

If you want to compete with other nursery businesses in your area, then you have to be present online. You must invest money in a high-quality website. The website must have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

You can include content that is an area of interest to customers. You can incorporate gardening tips and how to take care of your plants.

You must also post information like company address, contact number, and email id. Also, hire a professional photographer and put high-quality images on your website and blog.

Ensure the website content is professional and proofread for grammatical and spelling errors. Also, make your website engaging.

Facebook Profile-

Many people in the world use Facebook. They are used by people of all age groups. You can create a Facebook business page of your business and fill it with business details like opening time, contact details, and photos.

Hire a graphic designer and post high-quality photos on a regular basis. You can post updates on nursery tips, new plants, and the benefits of plants. Update the page regularly to increase the fan following.

You can also promote your website and, in this way, can increase website clicks and get leads. You can convert these leads.

Word of Mouth

The online presence is very important, but the word-of-mouth strategy is also very powerful. Your current satisfied customers can give recommendations of your good work to their relatives and friends.

You can also create a review section on your website and social media pages. Facebook is a good medium and works on the rating system.

Facebook users can also leave their comments. Also, they can leave their reviews regarding the improvement in your service.

Create video tutorials

The most effective way to increase your business is to create video tutorials. Today YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Hence, by creating video tutorials, you can promote your nursery business.


You can also start a blog for your nursery business. You can post your ideas on the blog. Answers various questions on Reddit and Quora. You can post the blog link on your social media pages.

Write quality content with correct grammar, English, and spelling. Your content must be free from any kind of duplication. Otherwise, Google will punish you.

Understand SEO-

SEO helps to improve Google’s ranking. SEO if done in the right manner, is a great tool for promotion. You can increase website clicks and leads. Hence, the sale of your nursery business can be improved with the right SEO.

Use the LinkedIn platform right away-

Add your business video on LinkedIn. You can link the video with your profile description. This is one of the effective ways to market your business, and it can result in increasing the sale of your nursery business.

If you have many connections on LinkedIn and you have not been posting blogs or videos linked to your business, then start doing. You can also talk about the customer stories. Join groups and collaborate with like-minded businessmen on LinkedIn.

Put your business’s posters in community centers-

Ask permission to put up posters advertising your setting in local community centers, leisure centers, and other places where parents are like to take their babies and toddlers on a regular basis.

Because if you put posters in your known to the community, this will help your business to a recognition and mouth-to-mouth publicity. Many people also get to know a familiar person to whom they can send their children.

Weekly or monthly magazines-

After finding the targeted market, then make full use of print media. Many people go for weekly or monthly magazines. Hence, garb your customers there as well. You can find advertisements over there or can put some good articles related to the problems faced by the working classes.

Try to put many facilities in your nursery. This will certainly work for your nursery business, and you can target many customers throughout this platform.  

How to drive sales to your Nursery business? 

  • Advertise in the local newspaper and monthly or weekly magazines to create awareness at a broader level. 
  • Put up posters at several community centers, leisure centers, and others. 
  • Promote your nursery business through LinkedIn by posting videos and blogs, and join with numerous business people and groups.
  • Blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate your business knowledge of services and products
  • Create video tutorials related to your business and promote it on YouTube and social media platforms.
  • Keep on updating all social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others, regularly.
  • Do not hesitate to tell clients to post reviews on your official social sites and website.
  • Start giving out welcome discounts, group offers, and referral offers to increase customer visits and make the sales double your business. 

We have discussed various marketing strategies that can help you to increase your sale. The main component is the implementation. First, you have to make a marketing plan, decide on the strategies and then implement them. We hope that these marketing ideas will prove beneficial to boost the sale of your business. Also, keep track of your competitors.

FAQs about Nursery Company to grow your business 

Who is the target market for the Nursery business?

You may want to target, depending on your place, landscapers who maintain elite properties for the wealthy homeowner indoors and outdoors. Municipalities must regularly buy significant quantities of trees and plants. You should take care of the owner who is looking to grow his own garden plot or flowering landscape in a suburban area with heavy foot traffic.

How can you make money from a Nursery business?

While unique plants such as orchids or rare trees and tubes could be sold at a much higher cost than a flat of tomato plants, it does so by selling large amounts of common, healthy, and easily cultivated plants in a profitable nursery. Eternal trees, common trees like maples and pines and landscape havens are not very important to grow.

This ensures that you won’t take care of all of your expenses, and your buyers are more likely to purchase them. With enough goods and strong customer service, the customers would be willing to return.

How can you make your Nursery business profitable?

Determine which facilities are most needed and concentrate on supplying them to satisfy the requirements of your customers. Follow this by the introduction of species with a low selling price and that need the least effort to reach retail size so that your investment will optimize returns.

How to promote and market your Nursery business?

For flower and garden shows, check out your area. Create an amazing view and work the crowd during the weekend. Direct mail flyers promoting existing plants in the next season are an excellent reminder of routine marketing. You may want to offer samples so that the quality of your plant can be experienced in an application in order to establish a new relationship with a commercial landscape owner.

How can you keep your Nursery business flooded with your clients?

Pushes for publicity must be timed for the seasons. During the holidays, your large customers plan to buy a rose bush a month before they begin a new garden. Personal contact with your bigger firms helps maintain your phone number in the top of your contact list. In early spring and fall homeowners look for specials. With the flowers, soils and conditioners that they are looking for, they can rely on you again.

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