25+ Actionable Storage Locker Business Marketing Ideas

Are you looking forward to marketing strategies for your storage locker business? If yes, then we are here discussing marketing tips to increase the sales of your storage locker business.

How to promote your storage locker business?

  • Design an attractive logo and put a sign board to attract local visitors.
  • Tie up with local related business like furniture stores, interior decorator business and malls. 
  • Register your storage locker business into local business directories.
  • Make sure to visit other business and drop off your business cards to be visible in the customers eye.
  • Host an event and invite your potential customers and business partners and provide the information stating your storage locker business, a description of services you are offering to your clients and customers.
  • Spread pamphlets in location near businesses, apartments ,codons, residential neighbourhoods.

Hence, follow the Storage Company marketing strategies that are as discussed below:

You must have a logo for your business. Logos are tangible expressions and convey key messages of your organisation. Hence you must have a logo for your storage locker business. You can hire a designer to create the logo for your business. Logo is the face for your company, therefore a professional marketing company can do the justice to your logo. 

Promotional calendars

Promotional calendars are important as they helps to promote about your business. Promotional calendars are an excellent source of external and internal resources. You can also incorporate demographic and geographic consumer information in your promotional schedule.

Leverage print ads-

Print advertising is a very important marketing strategy for storage locker business. There are many places in print media like newspaper where you can put your ad.   

Publish good content-

You must publish good content on your website and blog. For publishing good content, you must hire a content professional. You must select interesting topics that interests your customers.

Create Instructional videos-

Video content is an important medium of marketing. You can create a video tutorial depicting about your business and how to make a storage locker safe. These videos will create a clicks and hence will increase the brand visibility.

Get Ad Promo Credits-

The massive marketing ad campaign might be out of your budget but there are many coupons and discounts on Facebook and Google. Also, some web hosting services also offer advertising discount as a part of their membership proposals. Hence, you may look out for these ads with discounts.


Reddit is a powerful tool for the marketing promotion of your safe locker business. It is the front page of the internet and can be beneficial if used strategically. It contains tech-savvy audience. There are many sub categories in Reddit where you can enrol your business.

Be a social networker-

you can create business pages at all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram.

Stumble upon advertising-

If you are looking forward to paid advertising of small budget, and then Stumble upon paid search discovery is for you. This tool delivers users to your website who are searching for same kind of services. You can post visuals, photography and humorous content. Stumble upon is a reasonable tool as compared to other paid ad tools.

DIY infographics-

Infographics is one of the important marketing tool. They are easy to digest visual eye candy that people love to share. They are the best way to drive referral traffic. You can hire a designer to make attractive infographics. If you are aware of features of Adobe Illustrator, then you can try freeing vector kits and creating some stunning infographics.

Provide new life to old data-

If you have low marketing budget then might be you are not able to afford content writers for your blog. You can add a new life to the content that already exists on your website and blog. You can find a study relating to your industry and add interesting part of the studies, images and stats in your article and blog. You are not required to be a master writer for it but the data itself can be a heavy lifter for you.


It is an important social media that is often under- utilised. Add groups, network connections and interact with these connections and share your blog posts. It is a great place to promote your safe locker business, share ideas and build your brand image.

Develop a customer referral program-

You can offer your existing customers with free month of service, a free product and some other rewards. You can also offer reward on referring to new customers. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that help to promote your business.

Industry partnerships-

You can team up with a business that is associated with your industry. This can be done locally through special events and online through webinar. If you are partnering with a business related to your industry, then you can get a whole new set of audience that can be related to your niche.

Apply online for business awards-

The industries offer business awards that provide online badge that can be put on the website. Badges increase the credibility and trust. It also helps to increase sales.

Business cards-

You must have high-quality business cards. These business cards can be exchanged with other people. It will help to increase your sales.

Host an event or class-

You can plan an event or a class to host. Then you can give order to print flyers and place them on community bulletin boards such as local colleges, coffee shops, libraries and adult education centres.

Email marketing-

Email marketing helps to increase your sales as new customers get engaged with your business. It also helps to maintain relations with your customers. You can get new website visitors by asking the visitors to sign newsletter by offering a free e-book about how to make a homemade pizza. You can nurture your subscribers through mail. You can start an email campaigns with free emailers like mail chimp.

Give balloons at local events-

Get few hundred custom made balloons. You can print your business name and contact details.

Car magnets for Company car-

You can place a magnetic sign on your company car. This will build brand awareness and will help to boost the sales.

Offer discounts

In today’s world where everything is so expensive people are constantly looking for ways to save money, so they readily grab any opportunity to achieve that. The best part about this marketing idea that you will get more customers to and you can offer them good discounts for new and regular customers.

Provide gifts

Who doesn’t like gifts, especially girls? So hand a gift to each new customer that rents units at your self storage. This exercise will surely encourage them to check back later. A good idea is to offer company’s merchandises such as T-shirts, umbrellas, pens, notepads, and so on.

Offer additional services

People like it those services which are very much easy to use. What you can do is attract more customers by offering a moving assistance or additional space service. This useful service will surely appeal to those who need storage space but anyway they are having difficulties with moving their stuff down to your facility.

How to drive sales to your storage locker business?

  • Do not forget to place advertisements in newspapers and magazines.
  • Make sure to mail out promotional brochures and flyers to homeowners to advertise and promote your storage locker business.
  • Launch a website and highlight the features of your products and their use.
  • Do not forget to use regionalized television, radio and billboards for the advertisement of your storage locker business.
  • Offer customers additional serviced like free home delivery, packing supplies, and complimentary rental trucks.
  • Make sure to evaluate your services as per opinions of your potential customers to make them happy and to step to your store in future.

We have discussed many marketing tips for your safe lockers business. Hence, you can implement these strategies to increase the sale of your business. Devise a marketing plan and implement the plan. These ideas will help you to grow your business and you make profit out of it.

Here are some Important FAQs about Storage business to Get more detail about it

How can you make money through the storage business?

The income streams include recurring rentals, auction proceeds, commissions and sales of related items, such as movements of supplies and locks. In addition to the normal lease arrangement, these companies make extra funds out of maintenance costs, missing key fees, lock removal, late charges and other charges. Others charge for the rent of storage in an air-conditioned building a premium rate. Others offer insurance to cover the value of the items placed in a storage area for an extra monthly premium.

What is the target market for the storage business?

The best clients are those who are in long-term storage, for example an active military individual outside the US who can pay for a monthly rent using an automated payment method, like a monthly card payment or an E-fund transfer (EFT) from a bank account. The most common storage size is 10 ‘by 10 “and the best customers will rent one for up to two or more years.

How to market and promote your Storage business?

This is a vital aspect to find a self-storage facility. It’s better if it is in a very populated place with many tenants. Big advertisement boards on nearby highways are successful ads. Bus stop ads also operate. It can be very effective if the facilities are decorated with signage to be a popular ad.

It is really important to have convenient access to major highways. Cooperative marketing advertisement strategies that align Internet activities with websites with uniform branding or design include regional organizations that include franchise opportunities. They use radio advertising, physical advertisements and TV ads to create brand awareness and to promote local locations.

How can you keep your Storage business flooded with customers?

Smaller self-storage companies may consider providing competitive rates and covering a previously under-served region to compete with bigger national companies. Discount flyers for the sale of apartment buildings and neighborhoods with prospective tenants help to appeal to customers. The best search engine optimization techniques available are essential for successful online marketing.

Is it necessary to establish web presence for your Storage business?

A corporate website enables consumers to learn more about your company and your goods or services. Social networking may also be used to draw new customers. People who actively engage in this company enjoy working with customers and are outstanding in tenant relations. It helps to have simple maintenance capabilities to fix those problems that may need repair. You need to adjust the light bulbs with a ladder and keep the place beautifully lit.

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