Poultry Business Marketing: 45+ Ideas to Boost Your Sales

The main goal of the poultry business is to increase sales, and people in the poultry business are often stuck. They invest their time and money in feeding and raising birds but do not get desired results when they sell them.

It’s not because there is a demand shortage but because the poultry business people lack promotion and marketing strategies.

How to promote your Poultry business?

  • Connect with hotels, restaurants, catering services, and relevant stores to get bulk orders. 
  • Create a professional website with an eye-catchy logo, and optimize the site with store images, in-house videos, location, and social links to show the reliability of a business.
  • Start a home delivery through a website or an application to increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Get listed on the business directories and Google pages to provide easy access. 
  • Offer a variety of birds in your poultry farm to give variation to customers. 

As in a poultry business, you must not get so much involved in operations that you start to neglect the sales aspect of your poultry business.

Useful Poultry Business Marketing Strategies:

Bypassing middlemen

Many poultry farmers depend on a middleman to sell their products. They sell in bulk to other businessmen, and in turn, they sell to consumers. If you want to sell your products, then sell both in resale and wholesale quantities.

You can sell in retail if you have your own retail outlet. You can look for a good location to open or rent a store.

After that, you can stock your goods from the farm and sell them to retailers and wholesalers.

Do your business online

Everybody uses the internet these days. Many people use the internet in the world and if you want your business to grow, then you cannot close your eyes. You can promote your poultry business through the social media platform.

Increase awareness and market reach through your social media pages. You can start posting images on Facebook and Instagram.

Post attractive pictures of fresh and packaged poultry goods on your page. Increase followers and keep asking people about your products.

If you want to boost the sale of your poultry business, you must have strong networking so people can order products online.

If they cannot buy products online, they must recognize your products and buy from grocery stores or supermarkets.

Become a supplier to restaurants and hotels

You can write a proposal in good English and Grammar and send them to managers of restaurants and hotels.

You can offer your services to a major supplier of poultry eggs and meat. Restaurants and hotels always have food with poultry foods made with eggs or meat on their menu, and they have to get eggs and meat from somewhere. You can give them a regular supply of fresh eggs.

But these restaurants and hotels are already getting supply so you have to give them mouth-watering incentives in order to become their business partner.

Employ marketers

The marketers can increase the sale of your poultry farm. Just give them a commission from a certain percentage of the sales made.

It’s a better idea to employ some online and offline marketers who can help you increase your business and develop your online image of the poultry business. They know what the actual strategy of business marketing is all about.

Feed your birds

It is also a good marketing idea. When you feed your birds, they produce good quality and big eggs. Every consumer wants to buy good quality and big eggs.

If you want your products to be of high quality, then pay attention to the quality of products generated in your poultry farms. Moreover, pay huge attention to the type of food you feed your birds. Good quality food will give you high-quality eggs and meat.

Advertise and promotion

You should engage yourself in promotions and advertising. People will buy your product when you advertise your products and services.

The advertising helps to increase the awareness of your products. And you can advertise your business’s profile in newspapers so that people can reach you.

Carry out market research

Another way to increase the sale of your product is to carry out market research on a regular basis. By doing market research, you get to know what your customers want and the location where there is a scarcity of your poultry products.

You can devise a marketing strategy to improve the quality of products that are offered to the customers.

Try home delivery services

Home delivery services are also one of the best marketing ideas to boost the sale of your poultry business.

The concept of home delivery is important because many people want fresh eggs in the comfort of their home as they don’t want to go to the grocery store.

You can also provide home delivery services to sick people, physically challenged and senior citizens who cannot visit grocery stores and want to buy fresh eggs and meat.

When starting a Poultry business, the first crucial step is to find an attractive name for it. Check out the Creative Poultry Business Names Ideas.

Use attractive packaging

While designing packaging material for your products, you must make sure that the packing is attractive and stand out from your competitors in the market.

Launch a website

Today’s poultry farmers need to be tech-savvy. A website is a cost-effective tool that reaches a wider section of customers.

A website helps you to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. A website helps you to aware the customer of the products and services offered by you.

Join farm associations

It is a cost-effective way to sell your farm products. The membership fees are quite modest and benefits are newsletter subscription and web-based listing in the directory. Hence many people get to know about your business.

Provide good customer service-

You must answer the voicemail and email as soon as possible. You can also give a thank you in your own handwriting when any customer has placed an order.

Establish a marketing calendar and budget

Making a marketing calendar and budget is one of the best ways to set goals and keep yourself on track. If your poultry business has downtime, then it is high time to plan your marketing strategies.

Evaluate your marketing strategies

The success of any marketing plan depends on the monitoring and evaluation of your marketing plan. The proper evaluation helps to monitor the success, failure, and progress of your business.

Build a listing or database

Most importantly, if you want to increase the sale of your poultry business, first build a listing or database of all customers that have ever contacted you.

This is very important as it will give you a ready market that is only a phone call or email away.  

Start with proper research and analysis

Before implementing the marketing, know your market first. Before you even begin raising your chickens, you must have determined that the market for your poultry products is available in your locality.

There can be certain advantages that come with sticking in your territory: not only is the cost of transportation low but you can target the market faster when your products are still fresh.

Join The Instagram World

Instagram marketing is one of those things that can do your poultry business marketing for free. Thousands of artists and celebs are making their way into recognition through this. All that you need to do is make a business account from the ‘Settings.’

Give an attractive bio and adequate details and once you are in, regular posts will do the job for you.

Marketing Through Facebook

Facebook is a massive platform. Millions of businesses are there are extending their brand through marketing. You can do it too by just making a page on Facebook.

You can make a Facebook page right from your account and then make customizations to make it appealing.

Avoiding Middlemen Will Be Beneficial

No matter how appealing the intermediaries and their deals look, it is better to avoid them. These intermediaries sell your product in bulk to some other businessperson who ultimately sells to the consumers.

You can avoid this and directly sell your products to retailers or in the wholesale market. You can also open a store in your locality and stock your poultry products there.

Connect With Restaurants And Hotels Directly

This is the best way to increase your brand’s sales. You can send written applications directly to them and appeal to become their suppliers. In that way, you can get a regular business deal by supplying them with meat and eggs.

In big festive seasons, you can even get orders for big deliveries. Altogether, your business will be the one that will gain a lot.

Hire Marketing Managers

Hiring marketers or marketing managers can be beneficial to your brand. They increase your sales and assist you in developing your marketing both in the online and offline markets. Marketing managers know a lot about the market.

You should create an incentive plan for your employee, which can further increase his/her interests to do more for your brand.

Look After The Growth Of Your Birds

It is highly essential for you to look after the growth and health of the birds in your poultry. This is not any direct marketing policy but an indirect strategy.

Healthy and big birds give big eggs generally, and you get a greater amount of meat from them. You should also take special care of the hygiene of the poultry and feed quality foods only.

An In-Depth Market Research Is Important

Carrying out an extensive market analysis is always necessary for growing up any business. You either can hire employees or can do it yourself. However, you need to do it weekly because this is a very dynamic field.

By doing market research, you can understand which areas need more supply or the areas that need eggs more than meat. As a result, you can focus on those places by increasing or decreasing supplies as needed.

Engage In Promotional Activities

Advertisements and promotional activities can be effective methods for poultry business marketing. Your business needs to reach the eyes of the customers, and for that, advertisements are mandatory.

Ads increase the presence of your product and raise awareness in society. You can post about your business in the newspapers, or stick posters on walls. These will just make the people know about the business you are running.

Doorstep Delivery Is Something That Everyone Loves

It is undoubtedly a fact that everyone loves to get the products delivered to his or her home. In a busy World, people even have no time to go to the nearby grocery store to buy eggs. When you are running a poultry business, it can be an added feature in your inventory that you offer to your customers.

It will boost your presence in the locality. The people will remember you as the only poultry owner who does home delivery.

Perfect Packaging Means Caring

Your extra efforts on a standard packaging that you deliver to the customer’s doorstep can make them satisfied. In this market of competition, customer satisfaction is what everyone craves. So if you are one such lucky owner whose works face appreciation, then what is wrong with that?

If you are delivering eggs, you need to pack them in the safest way possible to avoid breaking them accidentally.

Making a New Website for Your Business

Websites help a lot in developing your business in the online market. Creating a Website is easy too. You can either make a Webpage with your domain name or use any third-party domains.

Create a Website to show interesting pictures of your poultry farm and images of your birds. It can let the customers know that you have a hygienic set up. You can also put details of any new store that you are planning to open soon.

Joining Farm Associations Is A Good Choice

You can join local farm associations or guilds to increase your sales. It can also make your poultry business visible to a wider section of society. The membership fees that you will need to give are quite decent too.

It will not make a huge hole in your pockets. On the other hand, you can get your brand listed in the web-based listing that will ultimately do marketing for you.

Grateful Customer Service

Nothing is more important for you as an executive than to see a smile on your customer’s face. For example, when any customer rates your poultry on your Website, a simple reply can be a gesture of goodwill.

Similarly, you can also do something like this when you get an order. You can send a handwritten thanksgiving note with the home delivery parcel. A happy and satisfied customer is all that you need.

Keep Your Marketing Agendas On Track

Making a marketing calendar can be one of those peripheral things that can help in your poultry business marketing. On that calendar, you can sort out all of your marketing ideas and decide beforehand about what to do on a particular day.

That will be helpful to you as every morning you can look at the calendar and start doing accordingly. Just like that, keeping a trace of your budget, income, or loss of a day or month is equally important.

Evaluate Your Business Performance Monthly

Now, this is something very essential for your business. Evaluate your marketing strategies and look after what went right or wrong in a particular month. Are your strategies facing a loss continuously, or do they see an increase in the profit level?

If the graph is going down, then it is high time for you to think of some new ideas for poultry business marketing.

Do Not Forget Your Customers

Maybe you have fifty customers right now. Alternatively, maybe you have one hundred fifty of them. In both cases, remembering the ones who gave you business is a great idea. Save contact details of the top twenty or thirty regular customers and give them a call every weekend.

Doing so will let the customers feel that they are important to you, as well as they will order more from you.

Discounts And Offers Never Fail

Who does not love to get attractive discounts and jaw-dropping offers? Well, everybody does. This is always one of the best marketing strategies, no matter what kind of business you have.

Announce offers and discounts on special events or occasions of your customers. Wear the shoes of the customers and think about what kind of offers they will love.

Differentiate Your Products From The Rest

Customers get many options in today’s market when it comes to poultry products. Now the question is, why they would choose your farm above the rest? Well, the answer is simple. You will need to raise the mystery in your packaging, delivery methods, and everything else to stand out in the crowd.

for instance, give weird names to your eggs when you pack them. That will increase their curiosity, and they will buy from you.

Sell Fresh, Get The Craze

Health and hygiene are what everyone opts for if there are several options to them. Be sure that when any customer visits your poultry, they do not find dirty conditions that will make them run away.

If you are doing social media marketing for your Poultry business? Then make sure to check out the Trending Hashtags for Poultry Business.

Have Variety Of Birds In Your Poultry

Everyone loves the variation, and that is what you should go for too. At least get more than two birds so that you can give your customers a reason to buy from you.

Send Positive Vibes To The Environment

Sending positive vibes to the customers can indirectly work like your marketing. If you make them know that you reuse and recycle paper bags or do things that do well for the environment, it is a plus for you.

Provide After-Sales Service

Do not quarrel with your customers when they complain about receiving a broken egg. Instead, replace it and compensate with a handwritten note or something else. This will increase your goodwill.

These are some of the best marketing ideas, which you need to execute on your poultry business.

How to drive the sales of your Poultry business

  • Using social media in a witty manner will help you the most as well as in the fastest way to drive your sales up.
  • Newspapers and televisions are the paid platforms for advertising. You can advertise your business using these platforms to drive up your sales.
  • Sufficient discounts and offers on the products will certainly ensure that the sales of your poultry business are going up.
  • Before setting the price of the products, make a thorough study of the market and then set the price properly. This will increase sales.
  • Reviews from some of the happy customers will attract new clients towards buying your business products and increasing sales.

Here are Some Important FAQ’s about Poultry Business which help you do proper Marketing of your Business

Is the poultry business good for beginners?

Yes. It’s one of the best businesses for beginners with proper knowledge in this particular field.

How to market your poultry business?

-Firstly, you are required to advertise your business in the local newspapers
-One can also write some blogs and articles on poultry farming in local newspapers.
-Try to advertise on blogs, websites, social media, etc.
-Do proper research 
-Try to get customers online and get more business
-Supply your product to hotels and to restaurants
-Provide home delivery services along with attractive packages

How social media helps in promoting your Poultry business?

You can make use of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for showcasing your poultry business. You can post short videos of customer testimonials. 

The demand for Chicken is on the rise year by year. People love to eat Chicken and Chicken made Products. Here is the Infographic which gives you more insight into Industry stats and Trends. Read more.

Chicken Industry stats and Trends

We have discussed many marketing tips that will help your poultry business to grow and you can take more benefits if you follow these steps of strong marketing ideas. Hence, you can select any of these marketing tips and start implementing them.

Monitor the progress from time to time. It will help to increase the sale of your poultry business.

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