23+ Effective Paint Business Marketing Ideas

If you are looking forward to some creative marketing ideas for your paint business, then don’t go any further! We are discussing the creative marketing strategies that you can implement to increase sales.

Promoting the paint business through online and offline marketing is getting difficult. It is not sufficient to just have a website. You must also have a strong social media presence.  

How to promote your Paint business? 

  • Design an attractive website and upload product pictures carrying relevant descriptions. 
  • Sponsor local events and charity show to create brand awareness. 
  • Put up a board and decorate the store counter with a product to attract visitors and the passing public.
  • Make sure to list paint stores in business directories and Google maps.
  • Network with relevant business partners and distribute business cards to maintain a connection. 

Both offline and online marketing strategies are important to market your products. Local marketing is getting increasingly competitive, and your marketing ideas need to evolve continuously.

More importantly, we want to convey that you should keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

The marketing field is quite versatile, so creative Paint Company marketing ideas are required to boost sales.

Focus on local SEO-

People have started to search online. The business directors have been replaced by search engines such as Bing, and Google and social media like Twitter and Facebook. Hence, search engine optimization is a compulsory marketing strategy.

You must start making strategies and investing in SEO for your paint business. In order to implement an SEO strategy, you must have a good search engine website that can be optimized to generate conversions.

Make custom landing pages-


Suppose a potential customer visits your website by searching for painters in Delhi or by clicking on an ad. There are great chances that they want to know about your company’s painting service and expertise and want to access pages like client testimonials and recent projects.

Hence, you must design landing pages that will make it easy for the visitor to access the information about your business. Hence, each of your painting services must have a different landing page. You can also create separate landing pages for special offers or promotions.  

Mention your contact number, business hours and location-

You must mention your contact number or mobile number, location, and address on the website. These are the most important elements of your paint business.

It makes it the customer easy to locate important information. You can add a Google map widget to make things easier for your prospects.

Run call-only ads-

Call-only ads are effective for your business. Painting work requires a customized approach.

It is good if a potential customer calls you to discuss their requirements. Call-only ads are available on the Facebook page.

These ads encourage the customers to call you directly rather than click on the landing page. Customers find it much more convenient to call rather than filling the online form.

Utilize scheduling and geo-targeting of AdWords-

A painting company has local customers. Hence, using the AdWord geo-targeting feature can increase the visibility of the painting business.

You can target these ads in specific areas where your prospective customers are. You can choose a radius around the service location and post the ad. You can also select a specific time of the day to display your ads.

The door-to-door marketing

Hire representatives that can go door to door and get 1-2 painting leads daily. You can pick localities that have high incomes and require paint. Some people will say no, while others will say yes.


You can also get leads through referrals. You can get many referrals if you offer high-quality and excellent service.

Many contractors don’t communicate well and are unreliable. So, if the previous customer recommends you, there is a high probability of winning the job.

Lead providers-

These are the companies that create leads for your business. A potential customer submits a request online, and the information is sent with the project details.

You can select led providers such as Craft Jack, Painter Choice, and Thumbtack. With lead providers, you pay pay-per-lead or set a monthly budget.

Lawn signs-

It is one of the best investments that can increase the profit of your painting company. As you paint a house, ask your customer if he can allow you to put a lawn sign with the details of your company in their front yard. This is an excellent way to get leads as people see your work in action.

You can also leave the lawn sign for months after completing your work. In this way, you can get free advertising for months. Make a simple lawn sign, as most people cannot see small details on your lawn signs. The lawn signs must have a logo, phone number, company name, and call to action.

Lead groups-

The painters can increase their sales with lead groups. There are many specific business groups with many trades and professions. People from different industries meet once a month and exchange referrals.

Focus on creating content with a local focus-

Content marketing is very important. The content must be locally focussed and relevant to your customers. Locally focused content enhances your visibility in the search results.

It improves your social media presence and makes your paint business popular in your area. You can write articles on tips on paintings, local news, and resources that your customers may find useful.

Promote customer reviews through social media, website, online ads, and emails-

If you have an active online presence, then your customers will leave their reviews about your painting business. If any customers leave negative reviews, then deal with their queries and try to sort them.

Also, don’t forget to interact with the customers who have given positive reviews. Try to maintain contact with your customers and always try to maintain positive behavior with your valuable customers.

List your business in directories-

Search for relevant directories for your business and list it under the relevant categories. This will improve your visibility and create backlinks.

Use targeted Ads on Facebook.

Facebook always helps you to create targeted ads to reach any particular demographic. If you can identify a specific group of local people as your potential customers, using Facebook ads is the easiest way to reach them.

One more thing to remember is not to make your target too broad because a broader target may show your ads to more people, but you cannot reach to everyone.


Sponsor local events

Sponsoring local events for your pain business and boost those to buy your product can be beneficial for your business.

It will also make your painting business more recognizable. It’s just not about spending a lot of money.

Supporting an important local cause is going to be appreciated by the community and improves the overall profile and brand awareness of your paint business.

How to drive sales to your Paint business?

  • Start a referral program and offer discounts to encourage existing customers to bring in more clients.
  • Ask loyal buyers to write feedback on your website and social media pages.
  • Update all social media pages with the latest product pictures, offers, new arrivals, testimonials, and much more. 
  • Stay connected with existing clients through Email and SMS marketing tools. 
  • Create an impressive blog and promote it on social media platforms.

Here we have discussed some helpful, creative marketing strategies for your painting business. We hope these tips will help boost the sale of your painting business. Also, you must keep tracking what your competitors are doing.

The main key is making the marketing plan and implementing it. With the right implementation, you can increase profits.

Moreover, these marketing strategies are required to be analyzed over a period of time. This allows you to track the progress and which marketing strategy is working and which are not.

FAQs about Paint Company to Know more about it

What is the target market for your Paint Business?

The target clients are people who know what they want and have the resources available to pay for their services. It is unknown to sign an agreement with a potential customer that still fluctuates between almost two or three but not full apricot shades. If you plan to offer a payment plan to expand your business, a comprehensive job and credit test should be carried out for potential clients.

How can you make money through your Paint business?

Depending on the work size, complexity level, amount of equipment, and level of expertise required to complete the job, customers will be paid. Complex brushwork on a two-story house takes more tools, time, and ability than rolling lacquer on a floor surface. With seasonal exterior painting, interior painting jobs are often scheduled for the winter months to ensure a steady year-round revenue stream.

How can one charge the customers in the Paint business?

There are a number of variables in the price you can charge. In estimating an estimate, in addition to the size of the area to be painted, it is necessary to consider the cost of materials, transportation, and ongoing costs. Such considerations include the quality of the walls and the degree of trimming. The accuracy of your estimates is the basis for your profit margin.

How to keep the customers coming back to your Paint business?

Social networking is an effective platform for promotion. Online sales advertising responses can be tracked through Twitter analytics. You can communicate with happy customers who can help you attain new customers by developing a Facebook profile. Targeted advertising in real estate magazines is also a worthwhile investment in discovering which places will be more open for fliers with special advertisements.

What skills are necessary to build a successful paint business?

In order to maintain successful customer ties, all business owners need many of their essential skills, including strong communication skills. Detail attention is as important as a constant hand in the painting sector.

For accurately measuring surface areas, estimating the amount of paint needed, and estimating time and labor costs, mathematics skills are equally important. Creative thinking is also important because unexpected problems may often occur, such as dry red, termite, or water damage.

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