24+ Effective Ice Cream Promotion Ideas

Everyone loves to have a scoop of ice cream on a hot and sunny day. People always search for the best ice cream shop in their area. Selling ice cream can be easy or difficult.

It is easy to sell if you are a known ice cream parlor in your location and you offer high-quality ice cream that people would love to eat again and again. It can be difficult if you don’t devise the right Local marketing strategy for your Ice cream business.

Apart from Strategy, Your Business needs the right skill to begin your company and name it accurately so that people will be able to notice it immediately. So, make sure to choose the right business name and keep Important factors in mind.

How to promote Ice cream?

  • Offer unique flavors than regular flavors to stand out from the crowd.
  • Decorate your store with an informative standee and board, and put up several new offers at the window wall to grab the attention of passing visitors. 
  • Put up a ‘Flavour-Of-The-Day’ on the counter and offer a sample to taste to every visitor of the store. It helps to increase sales if the customer would like the sample.  
  • Sponsor the child charity event or shows, put up an ice cream counter, and ask for very little money for donation purposes of building brand recognization.
  • Start an online contest on social media and offer a discount or coupon to encourage more visitors to your store. 
  • Team up with wedding organizers, restaurants, event planners, catering houses, and relevant partners and offer a discount to grab bulk orders.
  • Create a website or application and enable online delivery of ice cream and relevant food items. 

List of Ice Cream marketing Ways to Grow Business

Create unique flavors

Although traditional flavors sell well, you also need to create new flavors. Many ice cream parlors become successful when coming up with new flavors, and these flavors are loved by customers.


You must know the hard copy newspapers and publications in your city. Make a list of newspapers and magazines that are interested in the advertisement of an ice cream store. Send an introductory letter introducing yourself to the reporter and editor.

Also, include a new press release with a coupon and letter for free ice cream. You must share the schedule of the press releases for the period of at least 6 weeks. The press releases must focus on the launch of new flavors, the favorite flavors of ice cream of celebrities.


You can give regular samples to the person who walks your store. You can offer a sample to the customers as hardly anyone refuses to taste a mini spoon. You can also put the sign of the flavor of the day and may tell your customers about it.

You can also provide samples to your customers. If your customers ask to pack the ice cream for home then you can give the samples in small packages.

Sponsor charitable events

Ice cream is a treat for kids. You can sponsor a child’s charity event. The sponsorship will increase the brand visibility of your store. You can also give them a Special Gift card on behalf of Your business. Gift Card Marketing has much impact on business awareness.

You can also have an ice cream-tasting counter. If each sample is for a Cheap Rate, then this money can go to charity. Another way is to find unique contest ideas about new ice cream flavors. The entry fees can go as a donation.

Gain good public relations

Good public relations promote awareness about your product and create demand for your ice creams. Good public relations depict that you have good connections and are an important part of society.

A good perception of your ice cream store will motivate the customers to buy ice creams from your store.

You must use every resource to make people aware of your parlor. Also, a well-written press release is one of the best mediums to get some free marketing. Put signs and banners that let potential customers know about your ice cream parlors and different kinds of flavors. Be active on social media.

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Market your ice cream store

You can market your shop online and offline with the help of radio, newspaper, and television. Doing publicity with these mediums helps to increase the sales of your ice creams. When people get aware of your shop, then they will come to your shop to satisfy their cravings.

Put some creative pictures in the newspapers and magazines with the help of good content on this. This will really help you to target many customers who are craving ice cream at the same time.

Offer deals and discounts.

The discounts and deals will attract customers to your ice cream shop. The discounts can be offered for kids that will motivate parents to spend extra money on the ice cream.

You can have the concept of happy hours, so many customers can come to taste and buy many ice creams at your store.

Sell in large quantities

Selling ice cream by pint or gallon is a great way to increase the profit of your ice cream shop. The customers love to buy ice cream and save to eat it later. Hence, selling off the come will boost your Retail sales.

What you can do is put discounts on bulk ice creams. This habit allows them to buy in bulk quantities.

Distribute to other venues

Another way to increase sales is to distribute your ice creams to other establishments and venues. They might be looking for locally-made ice creams. You can sell your ice cream to grocery stores, and restaurants often buy local products as it helps them to build good relations and rapport with the local customers.

You can offer packaged ice cream to local establishments all year round and increase the sale of your products. You can make some phone calls to grocery stores and restaurants in your area.

The local market has a lot of potential. But make sure that the ice cream is totally made by you and must have a clear expiration date. Also, contact food authorities to ensure the ice cream can be sold to other local businesses in your area.

Go Social

Social networking is evolving fast nowadays. Hence, you must have a presence on all social platforms. You must post daily. Posts can have information regarding your new launch of the flavors and marketing campaigns.

You must increase the fan followings and organic likes of your website. You can even boost a post to get inorganic likes. The main agenda is to increase website clicks so that there is an increased probability of getting leads and converting those leads into sales.

You must have a Facebook page. Join various groups and communities and increase the richness of your product.

Create and maintain a blog

You must create a blog and write genuine Blog content regularly. You must write content that increases the interest and curiosity level of your targeted customers. The content must be grammar and plagiarism-free.

If the content is duplicated, then it can affect your Google ranking.

Google can punish your blog and will harm the reputation of your store. You can also create backlinks by posting the link of your blogs to other blogs.

Try to maintain story-based blogs for your customers and some creative pictures so that small children can enjoy the blog because children can increase your sales.

Drop a gimmick

Always think of a way to win customers effectively without relying so much on your piggy bank. A gimmick idea can create a big hit in the market because it captures people’s curiosity.  

You cannot show your ice creams in the store; instead, store them individually in beautiful ice cream tub containers because each flavor is given the right temperature while simultaneously keeping them separated from another.

There’s no chance of flavor getting mixed. And people can taste as many flavors as they want.

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How to drive sales to your Ice cream store?

  • Newspaper and radio commercials are the best tools to reach customers at a wider level. 
  • Displays signs, banners, and billboards to inform potential buyers about your product. 
  • Be active on social media by posting new offers, flavors, discounts, store pictures, and many more. 
  • Ask loyal clients to take pictures inside the premises with the Ice-cream and promote it on their social media accounts through hashtags and appreciation words. 
  • Offer deals, discounts, coupons, festive offers, new customer offers, and group or family discounts to grab more Ice-cream lovers.
  • Do not hesitate to ask happy customers to write feedback on the store’s official Facebook page to win the trust of new customers. 
  • Distribute flyers and pamphlets in public areas to inform people about your ice cream store. 
  • Hire food bloggers or Vloggers to write and talk about your ice cream store. 

We have enlisted various Online marketing and offline marketing strategies that can help your ice cream store to increase sales. The most important part is the implementation. You must design a proper marketing plan and implement it on a daily basis.

FAQs about ice Cream Companies to Grow sales and Business

How can you make money through your Ice Cream Business?

The scoop serves most ice cream. Cups, cones, and specialty sundaes are available as standard serving options. Most Ice cream parlors fulfill their customers’ sweet tooth by providing a selection of topping choices that the scoop costs.

The main thing to note is the seasonal ice cream industry. The bulk of your income is produced in the summer, while the winter months are sparse.

How can you market and promote your Ice cream business?

Your goal is to get people at your ice cream parlor. The product will talk for itself afterward. The day of opening is a special day for you, so share it with future customers! Guests will host an opening day event to test their offerings. Make sure that your signage shows prominently and represents your brand correctly.

Your marketing strategy should include social media. You can meet a broader audience and exchange specials with your loyal customers. Be sure that all local directories and mobile app services like Yelp are mentioned.

How can you keep the customers coming back to your Ice cream business?

The place has an impact on customers’ attraction. Let them come back every time by offering quality goods and a friendly experience. You should still be clean and fun, and polite with your employees. We have all seen the joy on the faces of people entering an ice cream store and watching the different flavors.

On a warm summer day, there are few who do not enjoy a scoop of their favorite food. Running your own ice cream shop requires hard work, but it’s a fulfilling career for people with a sweet tooth.

What skills are required to make your ice cream business successful?

You should be business-orientated and competitive, like any successful entrepreneur. You also have strong interpersonal skills and a taste for listening to and identifying the tastes and preferences of your customers. The consistency and taste of the goods determine the success of an ice cream parlor. If you have homemade Ice Cream, you can be imaginative and informed about the complements of spices and foods.

What is the growth potential for the Ice cream business?

Many owners have small choices about their stores. Those with a wider view usually have a franchise partner. Starting your own franchise business is a viable option if you make enough of a name for yourself.

The type of ice cream shop you want and the number of your workers is important for your daily activities.

When you sell ready-made ice cream, it takes your day to bring deliveries and to ensure that all supplies are processed. The bulk of your day will be spent making sweet delights if ice cream is made inside your house.

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