26+ Actionable Financial Planner Marketing Ideas

Are your dreams of becoming a successful financial planner being hindered by the lack of clients? Or do you find it challenging to convince your client to buy your services?

How to promote your financial planner business?

  • Try to get sponsorship in local community events to bring the attention of clients.
  • Create a professional brand image through the website and an attractive logo.
  • Conduct sessions and seminars on finance-related issues to build new connections.
  • Do not forget to enroll in business directories.
  • Distribute business cards handy or spreading through online mediums to build connections.
  • Shake hands with companies, industries, and other business partners to make a new connection.

Here are a few practical financial planner Company ideas to help you to take your business to a new level of success.

  • Give Financial Advice During A Market Dip Or Crisis

As a Financial Advisor, you should always have a strategy during market dip for your existing clients. Most financial advisors are clueless to deal with the situation, or they don’t plan for such a condition. This lead to lead confusion or panic among clients. So expect a strategy and built trust among your existing clients.  

  • Organize A Lunch And Learn Program

Having a Lunch and Learn Program will benefit you to get the attention of your clientele. You should invite new speakers to give financial advice and information to a small businessman while having lunch. It helps you to ease out a difficult topic without giving boring lectures. It is an effective financial planner marketing idea.

  • Giving Small Free Tips Through E-Mail Marketing

You could send bulk email messages through MailChimp to your existing clients and offer them free small tips or advise on financial planning. It is an effective way of getting the attention of your clientele as it helps to build trust among them.

  • Give Free Merchandise With Printed Logo

As a Financial Planner, you could give free gifts like Pen, Flash Drive with a printed logo to your old and loyal customers. This is the easiest way to advertise your company and draw the attention of your new clientele.

  • Conduct Webinars At Regular Intervals

Conducting a webinar is a direct way to reach your clients and give valuable information and updates related to financial planning to your existing clients for complete customer satisfaction. Webinars can be seen from any part of the world. Organizing regular webinars will help you to stay in toes with existing marketing scenarios as well.

  • Podcast Is A Way To Build Your Brand

The podcast has become a popular means to reach your potential client, as it caters to a large audience. Becoming a guest speaker on podcasts will help to build the brand of your company. You could listen to a podcast even on when you are commuting.

  • Use Linkedin To Promote Your Business

Linkedin is a social platform where you could form a small advisory group to provide your services. It is a professional networking site. Giving financial advisory on this platform enables you to get solid clientele. Keep updating your LinkedIn profile from time to time and use it to promote your field of expertise.

  • Make Videos On Youtube About Your Company

Youtube has also become a popular medium to promote your business ideas. These videos are easy to make and cost-effective. You could give updates and simple marketing solution on these videos and establish yourself as thought leaders.

  • Don’t Hesitate To Get Paid Advertisement

Getting paid advertisement can be a game changer as it helps to get the attention of a larger audience. You could get paid advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, and many other social platforms. Without much hassle on your part, you could promote your company by paying for such advertisements.

  • Publishing Newsletters For Your Company

Publishing a monthly or weekly newsletter is also an excellent strategic move for your company. These newsletters contain not only financial advice but help you to advertise your expertise and services. This helps the client to remember your brand or company name too.

  • Write An Article On Newspaper Or Financial Magazines

Writing an article on leading newspaper or financial magazine such as Economic Times, Telegraph, Financial Journal, etc. help you grab the attention of a larger audience. People will also come to know about the expertise and services provided by your company. This will also help you to build goodwill among your existing clientele.

  • Participate Actively In The Local Business Community

By participating and attending your local business community such as the Chamber of Commerce, Small business Owners’ Association will help you to meet small business enterprises and companies which could turn into potential clients. As a financial planner, networking is an essential aspect of your business, and this will help you do so.

  • Referrals From Existing Clients

Another easier way to get a new client is through referrals from an existing customer. Don’t shy away from asking referrals to expand your business and even offer rewards such as coupons, discounts to clients for referrals. This is another direct way to bring in new potential clients.

Create a Facebook Group for your existing clients where you can talk about new launches, updates, and valuable information. Highlighting your expertise in your field helps you to draw attention to your company. It will also help you to engage with your clients and get feedbacks.

  • Form Partnership To Expand Your Business

Forming Partnership with Social Influencer could become a valuable asset for your company. This will help you to get in touch with new potential clients as well as promote each other company. Social Influencer has a group of followers, which helps to direct traffic to your website. They provide trust factor as well.

  • Open A Website Of Your Financial Advisory Company

In this digital era having a website is must to promote your financial planner marketing ideas. They provide valuable insight into your company services and information to your existing clientele. You could use this website for giving updates and offering and promoting the USP of your field of expertise as well.

  • Create A Blog To Give Detailed Information

Creating a Blog for your financial planning business helps you to give detailed information about the services provided by you. The customer comes to know how the company works to provide financial gain. It also helps you to reach a wider audience in the form of views and become a trend online. You could also hire an expert to write a blog for your company.

  • Local Seminar Is The Way To Go To getting Attention For Your Company

Before reaching out to the global audience, it is important to be known face locally. Conduct a local seminar to promote your brand as well as to get new potential clients. This will also help you to build a good rapport among the business community. It is a good financial planner marketing idea to grow your business.

  • Sponsor A Charity Or An Event Locally

Another way to get noticed is by sponsoring a charity or an event locally. It helps to promote your brand by people attending a charity or an event. Sponsoring an event enables you to create awareness about your brand.

  • Hire A Expert

Hiring an expert will help you to manage your website or blog skillfully. An expert can provide valuable insights on how to draw the right audience to your website. The expert will also help to give more links and get more followers.

  • Distribute Attractive Brochures

Getting an attractive brochure, highlighting your expert or USP in your field is a good marketing strategy. You can distribute brochures in shopping malls, fairs, or events to draw new potential clients.

  • Make Your Own Mobile App

Having a mobile app can be added advantage as it provides easy access to clients. This will help you to cater to a broader audience operating from any part of the world. You could have added features on your apps such as Upload your documents, call to action button to make it easier for the customer.

  • Marketing In The Form Of Word Of Mouth

Ask your clients to post online reviews so that your potential clients can get an insight of the company success rate. These reviews are read by many people on social platforms. This will help you to enhance the credibility of your brand.

  • Make Pay Per Click Campaign To Reach Your Customer Directly

Launch a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign to reach your clients directly. It is a much easier and quicker way to draw in new potential clients to your website. You can use this Pay Per click campaign on various popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Getting listed on Google My Business helps you to locate your customers on the broader spectrum. This is a platform which caters to all markets and helps you to promote financial planner marketing tips or ideas. Use this to promote your brand and services globally.

  • Use Approach Such As Customer Relationship Management

Use CRM to follow up your existing clientele to grow your financial planning business. CRM collects data and history of the existing clients and helps you to cater to their individual need.  It drives sales for your company as well. By sending birthday wishes or happy anniversaries messages, you could encourage them to invest in new schemes at the same time, which could help in your company’s growth.

The above financial planning marketing tips will help you establish your brand globally. These tips can work for both a newbie as well as for a small existing firm to expand and grow their business. So go ahead and take advantage of these marketing tips to grow your business.

How to drive sales to your financial planner business?

  1. Be an industry expert and collaborate with journalists or editors to spread information at a local level.
  2. Hire a professional digital marketer to run numerous social media campaigns to attract more clients.
  3. Offer exciting discount packages on financial deals and useful information.
  4. Focus on leverage online reviews to boost your business profit.
  5. Send personalized required expert content to get in touch with potential clients.

Here are Some FAQ”s about Financial Planner Company Tips to Grow it next Level

How are the financial planners paid in their Financial planning business?

Either on a commission or fee basis or on the combination of the two, financial advisors are paid. Committees are usually one-time payments on the basis of each product sold or transaction. Fees may be dependent on the amount, the hourly rate or even a flat fee of the assets under administration.

How often the financial plans must be reviewed in the financial planning business?

The Financial Plan is drawn up taking into account all possible possibilities. There is also no need in the middle of the year to revisit the entire programme. Make it every year. When your financial profile, including work loss, inheritance or windfall benefit, injuries or so on, is substantially modified, then the program will be revised in mid-year.

However, per quarter, you will review the various sections of the program such as savings, insurance, taxes, etc.

What questions people ask to the planners in their Financial Planning business?

They ask about your experience with people in a similar situation to yours. Another important thing people are concerned about is your education and certifications. They also ask about the breadth and depth of products offered and how they is compensated for services. Finally, they check that the financial planner is fully licensed and in good standing.

Doing a financial PLanner role is not easy to manage. There are things you need to care and know to suggest such things to clients because its matter of money. Here is the infographic which gives you more idea on a financial planner.

financial planning stats and trends

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