Candle Advertisement Ideas: 20 Creative Ways to Promote!

Candles have been a part of human civilization for thousands of years. From ancient times to the modern day, they have been used for various purposes, such as lighting, religious ceremonies, decoration, and aromatherapy.

The flickering candles illuminate many special occasions. They are pleasing to the eyes and peaceful to the soul. Owning a candle company makes you enlighten the lives of others and your own.

Nowadays, candles have become a popular gift item and a part of home decor. With the growing demand for candles, the competition has also increased, making it difficult for candle businesses to stand out in the market.

If you have been thinking of ways to grow your candle company, switch off all the absurd marketing tactics from your mind and focus on some of the best marketing ideas.

In this article, we will discuss creative candle advertisement ideas that will help you boost your sales and create a loyal customer base.

  How to promote your Candle company?

  • Design a fantastic logo that constitutes an essential part of the brand identity to attract the attraction of customers.
  • Target your new customers on online sites eBay and Etsy.
  • Make sure to design and distribute pretty business cards to get new and repeat sales.
  • Tie up with other local business like Art gallery, Spa, Interior decorator, Malls, lights and Lamp stores and event organizers, craft shops.
  • Consider up your networks and co-workers on your product line and can be some of your best ambassadors.
  • Make sure to create a web page which showcases your work and of services.
  • Host an event, party and beauty contest and provide gift certificates to attract more customers.

Candle Business Marketing ideas

Get on Important Networking Sites

You have to allow your customers to know you. This can be done in an effective manner by the means of social networking.

Get on to important social sites like Twitter and Facebook and let the customers write their experiences about your candles on your posts. Make sure you link back your social media pages to your online store so that people are able to find them.

Invest Time in Branding and Identity

Nicely designed business cards are a great way to promote your brand name. You can easily give them to your customers during each purchase or distribute them freely to people you meet.

Another good way to market your candle company is to spend a substantial amount of time deciding your company logo. Put a stamp of your logo on each candle package or item before selling it.

Give Advertisements in Local Newspapers

Newspapers are the day makers for many people. With a sip of morning tea, people look into every news headline shown to them.

Therefore, if you are serious about your marketing practice, get into the habit of publishing your advertisements in the newspapers. This way you can create awareness among the people about your company on a large scale.

Participate in Community Events

Sponsoring large events will get your company placed in the demand lists of the more sociable customers. This also helps you to build your business identity within a community.

For instance, if there is a requirement for candles during a grand party, then you can supply the candles free of cost on the condition of getting mentioned during the thank you speech.

Offer Free Giveaways

Free surprises given to the customers are very good to bend their interests towards you. In fact, don’t just give anything to your customers, think deeply about what will be the best giveaway for them.

For a change, you can provide free rings or earrings along with good candle orders. Such presents from your side are definitely going to appeal to your gift-loving customers.

Begin a Fine Referral Program

It is not always necessary that you hire a big TV personality to promote your business in front of your customers. There are better ways to do this. A referral program is an exclusive path to make your customers act like real-life superstars for your company promotions.

Be creative with your customer referral program and reward your customers in a brilliant manner for their efforts.

Having a well-designed website is not a bad idea at all. However, with most businesses implementing this idea, it is nothing new. Instead, think about selling your products on high-rated websites like eBay where listing prices are low and customers are always waiting for you.

Run Interesting Photo Contests

Photo contests can quickly get your audiences involved with you. You realize this only after you announce the contest on your usually operated social media platforms. Anybody can submit a picture for the contest on Facebook and Instagram with your particular tags.

This way you will have plenty of user-generated content that you can apply even on other channels. Convey your appreciation and thanks to the people by giving them discounts or prizes.

Send Weekly Newsletters for Informing Your Regular Customers

Newsletters spread the word about your company in a more convincing tone. They act as reminders and never let your customers forget you. All you need to do is – ‘think of some imposing title that speaks about your newsletter content.

How about the title ‘Bright Crazy Candles’? With this title, your newsletter can speak about brightly colored candles that are new at your company or store.

Write Blogs Consistently

You can introduce new ideas to your readers through the write-ups on your blog. The topics that can be covered in your blogs are:-

  • How to keep candles for a longer period of time?
  • What is the safest way to use a candle?
  • Candle decoration ideas
  • What is the main difference between wax and soy candles?

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Get Some Colorful Flyers Printed

Vibrant flyers with attractive colors can be put on bulletin boards of local business shops to gain attention from other customers as well. You can ask the local shopkeepers to allow you to display the flyers on their bulletin boards. In return, you can pay them some promotional fee or opt to market their products in your own company.

Take Part in Crafts Sales Enthusiastically

It can be really spellbinding for you if you participate enthusiastically in crafts and church bake sales. You can even think of setting up your own inexpensive booth on such occasions and portraying your fantastic candle collections.

Do not worry if you do not get abundant sales on the very first attempt. You can still utilize this opportunity to collect the emails of the customers.

Give Free Classes

A candle is not just a candle today. Many experiments can be done with its look and purpose. You too can offer classes about candle decorations or safety awareness in libraries, churches, or clubs.

For the massive participation of people at these places, you can give them catalogs to motivate their spirits.

Host a Candle Party Online

An online candle party is a fun way to sell your candles to customers. You can arrest the concentration of the customers through chats and games and turn the whole process of simple selling and buying into a different story.

Lit Up Your Company With Varieties of Candles

Your business area should speak about the products that you want to sell. For your candle business, you can illuminate your office or front area with candles of various colors. You can also make use of scented candles to add a touch of freshness to the atmosphere.

How to drive sales to your candle company?

  • Make sure to share your candle promotions on Facebook, Instagram page and youtube.
  • Distribute pamphlets, advertise excellent flyers, and put them around town and communal areas. 
  • Offer referral discounts, gifts and greeting cards and free candles attract new customers.
  • Make sure to give unique services during holidays, festive seasons.
  • Advertise your business On PPC advertising. 
  • Do not forget to share useful tips and tricks about candle making tutorials on your social site to grab the interest of customers.
  • Use unique scent combination, special packaging, and bright names for your candles to target new customers, make them unique, and separate them from the competition.
  • Do not forget to encourage your clients to give your candle business review.

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important FAQs about Candle Company

1. What is the target market for a candle company?

Anyone who wants candles is the end customer. Many people have logistical requirements — for example, lighting in the event of a power outage — whereas others want more subjective experiences.

Many of the other great customers include churches with candles or stores trying to make their showrooms dramatic. You may also ask resellers to buy your products in bulk. Those include owners of shops in or outside your town. At trade shows, you might meet these customers.

2. How can you make money by starting a Candle Company?

Candle-making companies are either directly or indirectly selling candles by outlets such as supermarkets, gift shops, and other retail arts and crafts. Candles making is a very popular field, so make a distinction by the candle form you sell or by the price.

Experiment with scents, colors, and molds to create a different appeal and interest. In addition, look for the lowest possible cost raw material providers for maximum profit margins for your sales at all times.

3. How can you make your Candle Company business profitable?

Once you are an expert at the fundamentals of candles, consider expanding the goods into the styles you sell. For example, you can increase cost and gain potential by learning how to mold or carve candles to any shape.

See also associated sensory items such as perfumed soaps and incense. You will learn how they are added or where to buy them for resale to your can product line in certain situations. Consider offering candle-making classes if you have a studio with the required rooms.

4. What skills are required to start a successful Candle company?

You should love the esthetics of candles and related products and you should know how to brand your service. You need to learn the basic concepts of e-commerce and how to build an online presence.

The presentation skills of displays are relevant online as well as at physical displays when you sell from booths to shows. Personal sales skills are important whether you intend to directly or to the reseller to sell your product line in person. You need to believe in the company and make people feel excited about it.

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