17 Types of Marketing Collateral for Business (Examples)

Marketing collaterals are known as the support system of sales. These products come with or as a part of a marketing spree to support the product on sale. These are all the various media that are used to promote the product and also emphasize the various features that complement it.

This help makes your product known to the people and also answers their various queries on how it will benefit them. These help your customers to make decision while they purchase.

Creating the marketing collateral is a task of the marketing team and is generally given out free of cost to the customers/ prospects. 

Marketing Collaterals For Business

Blog Posts

Blogs from your business are a great way to inform your customers about yourself. With the right amount of information and promotion, your blog can go on to reach millions of readers out there who can be your potential customers in the coming days.

The Coca-Cola Company and its blog section “unbottled” is one of the most interesting and successful examples of how amazing such a marketing collateral can work. Also, the blogs from Walmart are greatly influential in shaping the behavior of the customers.

Company Awards 

If your company has won awards for its great job and contribution to the domain, do not shy in showing it to the customers. Put up the achievement with pictures on your website or even on the advertorials. As people will know that you have won awards, they will trust you more.

The Coca-Cola Company won the awards for the best top-rated company for diversity, and they have used it to a great extent in how they promote their product. The boost in trust with such marketing collateral is worth noticing! 

award recognition marketing collateral
Source: https://www.coca-colaindia.com/about-us/awards


If you want authority over any particular market topic, planning an eBook for the same is a great step. It will inform your audience and, at the same time, keep them entertained because that is why they are different from white paperbacks. Inside your ebook, you can leave social links with which the customer can connect and get closer to the company.

It costs less than paperback in production and, at the same time, does a great job as marketing collateral. Make sure that the content is engaging in the ebook to connect with your customer base.

ebook marketing collateral
Source: Skype.com/Blog

Landing Page 

When customers click on an ad, they land on a specific web page targeted for the particular p[rodcut itself. This page is known as the landing page. Such pages eek your customer’s contact information, and upon filling up, it redirects to the particular campaign. These pages are essential for collecting information that can be later sued for lead generation.

Personalized content for the product will help promote it better and achieve better results in terms of sales. Marketing the landing page will ensure better communication between the client and the brand.  

landing page marketing collateral
Source: Shopify.com

Pillar Page

Pillar pages are web pages that delve into a deep understanding of the promoted or marketed topic. There is a wide range of interlinking done within the content so that it can reach out to other related pieces of content and serve the reader’s curiosity.

Generally, they have a navigation option that allows the user to easily navigate to the part of the page they wish to visit. The keyword count is higher here, and hence they will surely help you to get better rankings!   

Explainer Video

It is a fact that people love to watch videos, and they spend as much as 500 million hours every day watching video content. If your product is a bit complex and needs an explanation to the customer, this can be one of the most effective marketing collateral. It will simplify the product to the customer and will help you to present yourself better to the audience.

These videos are 1-2 minutes long and can be put up on your main website or shared through social media platforms. Such videos can instantly appeal to the customer base that loves to watch videos!  

Branded Content 

Branded content always helps in bringing your brand in front of the customers. It enhances the brand’s exposure and is the most impressive and attractive marketing collateral. Be it your videos, images on your website or social media, and presence in advertisements; branded content will help you score brownie points.

Your brand logo needs to be visible to the customer base, and this will allow you to make your presence felt. Popular media publications working with you and creating your branded content will always be beneficial for the business.   

Event Magazines

If there is an upcoming mega event that you are planning to organize or maybe have organized such an event, publicizing them is essential. A specific event magazine for the same is recommended and possibly the best way to promote the same. 

It will be a good way to let all those people get a recap of the event and also let everyone know the efforts of your company in making it such a grand venture. It spreads positive vibes about the event and makes sure that people get a glimpse into the company.  


If you are trying to spread awareness about the brand, there is no other collateral better than the infographic, which reflects the trends of the consumer. Your infographic can have illustrations, graphs, charts, or a combination of all these.

It can be included in your social media posts or even your domain blogs to substantiate the texts put up there.

The visual quality of these infographics helps them to stand out amongst a host of other content over the internet. Adding animations to the infographic will let customers spend more time on it, creating a win-win situation for your business.   

infographic marketing collateral


Brochures should be designed attractively so that you can get a thumbs up from the recipients. These are physical marketing collaterals that can attract a wide range of customers. Making and printing such collateral will add cost to your marketing budget, but if done with the right approach, they will return on the investment.

With tools like canvas, it has become much easier to create such brochures, and you don’t need a professional for the job. Designs should be reflective of the brand objective so that it stays in the mind of the customers.   

Product Catalogs 

These are generally book-length brochures that offer detailed information to the customer regarding any specific product. These also have some of the inside stories of the company so that the customer is engaged with the brand before they are impressed with the product itself.

If your business wants to showcase a wide range of services or products, this is the right way out as they can show all they want. Catalogs are the best collateral to lay out details about the product because it has the power to enhance the decision of a customer and they are more likely to purchase after they go through it.

product brochure marketing collateral
Source: Bentley.com

Membership Magazines 

While you may think that the membership magazines and the general magazine from the company are the same things, there is a slight difference between the two.

In these membership magazines, you can include details and facts about the brand that is exclusive only to the current members or paying subscribers of the business. This is collateral that helps to maintain customer loyalty because of the subscription that is charged from the customer.

If it isn’t physical, these are generally gated and will need login access on the part of the reader. People will read it only after they register, which will help you generate leads because the login form will have their details.   

Testimonials And Reviews

Based on the kind of product you sell, there will be a set of customers who love what you offer. You need to make sure that you record their testimonials and reviews, which will be further posted on various social media sites and the website as well. This collateral is one of the most genuine forms of PR that you can do, and people will be

happy to know how stuff works from other customers rather than you, the brand itself. If you have great reviews on Google or Yelp, you can pick them up and put them in your website!   

testimonial as marketing collateral
Source: Zendesk.com

Business Card 

For your business, reach out to others and connect with them. It is essential to have business cards. Many people may regard it as old school, but you can use them because they do their job perfectly even today! The information swap possible with this is immense and hence the most effective.

These business cards are great at doing their job for conferences and meetings, and you definitely need to have them. Use canvas or Shopify to make them and services like MOO to print them at bulk rates.

Having such cards creates a physical presence of the business we are talking about.    


This is one of the most effective marketing collateral because of the fact that everyone needs calendars. No one on earth is not happy with free calendars, and this is why they are great for your business. You can etch texts in the calendar that speaks of your expectations from the recipient, and it will surely invoke action because a calendar is something that people look at daily.

Your brand is constantly in the eyes of your prospect, and this increases your possibility of scoring a sale with them. During the new year, these calendars are in high demand, and you can have a great marketing spree during that time.    

Sales Presentation 

The sales presentation is a positive form of marketing collateral that only speaks of the benefits of the product being pitched. You need to keep in mind that they shouldn’t be all about the service or product. Rather, they should aim to solve the problems of the customer.

Your product should solve the problem, and only then can the sales presentation be interesting and successful.

Try and be personalized in your approach rather than generic because your target customer needs to connect with the offer on a personal level. Research well and then make a presentation, or else it will be ineffective in delivering the required results. 

Point Of Sales Display  

At the sales point, a display needs to be present to support the entire sales process. These displays will offer additional information about the brand and the product to the customers so as to help them make better decisions.

During the product launch, these displays are of great use as it spreads out attractive visuals of the new product and it woos the customer.

The recently launched iPhone 11 has been up on the sales point display of most of the mobile stores in the States, and it has had a great result in terms of sales volume. When people are about to purchase, these displays influence their decision to a great extent. 

point of display as marketing collateral
Source: https://d2nzqyyfd6k6c7.cloudfront.net/styles/nova_evo_landscape/s3/article/thumbnail/mcdonalds-campaign.0.0.jpg?itok=lKc3gRcj

Giving out more information to the clients and customers about your product is the first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind. Marketing collaterals do not offer an immediate return on the investment, but when evaluated in the long run, they will surely offer great benefits.

Skillful planning is required when it comes to such collaterals because not every product will have the same requirement, and hence the plan should be different every time.

Communication will drive the entire team in a better manner to create the marketing collateral. All of these collaterals have a lot more explanation which will help you to grow as a brand and deliver better results.

At the end of the day, it is your finances that matter, and this is why every step taken has to be done in compliance with the financial needs of the business.    


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