12 Tips to Write Market Analysis Section of a Business Plan

Marketing analysis provides information about a market how much interesting the market is for the product or services us offer in the market is researched in the marketing research. The market analysis starts when the product or service department provides a detailed info about the product or service to the research and development team.

They provide information regarding the products or services and many trends or statistics about that product or service. They provide some assumption regarding the product or service. The work of the analysis is to check whether the product is fit for the market and the customer which are shown in the statistics and assumption of the product or service department.

The market analysis includes several parts like information regarding industry, the target market you want to serve, the competitors, substitute products of our products or service, the chance of new entrants, the supply system and transportation system of that certain product or service’s market as a whole. These elements of marketing system can affect the marketing of a product or service according to the porter.

Another intention of marketing analysis is to attain a perfect place in the heart of the target customer whom we will serve our product or service. The more perfectly we can conduct the analysis, the better the placement of our product or service will be to the customers in comparison to the competitor’s product or service.

Statistics data would be added to the analysis after once the analysis is done by doing all the necessary staffs. This marketing analysis includes several parts. These part are important to follow as missing one part will result in an incomplete result or faulty result which is very much harmful to the business as the business may fall apart for choosing the wrong product mix or targeting and serving the wrong customer base.

Steps to Write Market Analysis Section of a Business Plan

-Industry Description

First thing an analyzer has to do is to analyze the industry first. The industry’s product or service, the overall growth rate in the industry, the size of the industry whether it is small or large and the trends of the industry and customer characteristics and competitors size and characteristics should be analyzed properly before selecting the market’s operations.

-Target Market

The analysis of geographic, demographic psychographic and behavioral characteristics of the market’s customer base. Here the demographic behavior includes age life stage, life cycle, income, education, generation, preferences, social class and anything that are related to the population of the target customers.

The market size and the purchase pattern of the market are included in this part to properly analyze the target markets population.

The economic condition and the psychological conditions of the customer base is also tested in this market analysis part. In this part, we need to analyze two things very carefully. They are:

-User’s characteristics

You need to analyze the basic info about the customer base such as age, income, and lifecycle and buying a pattern of the customer.

You need to analyze your customers’ psychographics as well to know well about their buying pattern which is very much needed to calculate the customers thought about a certain product or service. Then you can serve the best to the customer which will fit best in the market.

-Market size

The market size determines the business growth and success. If you target wrong sized customer for your product or service. You won’t be able to make a profit.

How much product should be consumed by your customer in his whole life is a determinant of the market size.

Market Test Results:

The initial investigation’s results should be included in the analysis of the market. Marketing analysis includes those initial information which was gathered at the time of starting should be included in the analysis along with the appendix and the statistics of the analysis.

Lead Time:  

Lead time refers to the time needed to complete an order after getting this from the customers. The time between the order placement and the order fulfillment is the lead time of that order.

You need to know how much time is needed to fulfill an order after getting the order from your customers.

The research will be fruitful if you can know how much time is permissible by the customer of the product or service to place the product of the order to them after the order has been placed to them to serve the customer to remain competitive in the long run.

Competitive Analysis:

You need to know about the competitors of your product or service. As they are one of the most important factors of a business as they can change the luck of the business.

If the customer gets a low price and better quality from your business, they will switch the product with your product or service.

If we can produce a better quality product than the competitors by keeping the same price or lowering the price of the product or service by keeping same quality, I can tackle the competitors to gain the market from the competitor. If you fail to do so, you can no longer run the business as you want.


After getting data from the analysis we need to protect our product to the market to get the actual view. The market forecast is an estimate or forecast of a future situation of the sales of a product or service based on a study of present trends. It can be calculated by calculating two types of data. These are:

Market share:

You need to calculate the market share you will gain through your product or service. Market share is the portion of the market’s customers who will buy your product or service.

The more market share of a certain product or service, the more chance of success in the market. So if the market share is high, you should invest in the market.

Pricing and gross margin:

Gross margin means the difference between your costs and the price of the product. The more the profit margin will be, the more chance of success will be there.

So you need to be careful about pricing that will ensure a minimum gross margin and not more than that as fixing the price too high will reduce the sales volume of the product or services.

Here are Tips for Writing a Market Analysis

If you follow some tips to make a business analysis, you can get a competitive edge in the business. These steps will make sure about your success in the long run. These tips of writing a market analysis are given below:

-Using the Internet

The Internet is the most needed thing to continue the analysis as we need to have some information to conduct the analysis. A researcher needs to have various kinds of customer-related information to conduct the research.

He cannot get the proper information by conducting the research offline. You can gather information that is quite accurate than the offline information in many cases rather than depending on the offline information which will show a few samples, you need to take the support of the online platform by using the internet which is much more easy and reliable.

-Think you as a customer of your own product:

You can think of yourself as a customer and just what kind of needs or wants we want from that certain product or service.

Putting you on others’ show will allow you to find your own product’s flaw or problem and take actions to remove those problems and develop the products or service quality by experiencing it first hand. Then you will be able to understand what the customer needs to be served.

-Summarize the plan to the audience

The summary of the analysis should be presented to the audience before going into any conclusion of the analysis. That will enable the audience to get insights into the analysis and get a proper idea and find out any flaws in the analysis.

-Collect as much data as you can

Collect as much information as you can before completing the analysis. The more data is collected to make the analysis, the more accurate the analysis will be.

We can use observation, surveys, conduct focus groups, and ask for feedback and try a test marketing approach to collect as much data as we can to make the research more accurate. The more source of data, the more chance of getting accurate data will be there.

-Take Visual Support

It will be easier for the analyzer to understand the scenario if they take visual support to show their collected data and statistics. When data is presented via a visual medium, its impact is more than the normal statistics on the analysis.

-Be Concise

You need to be more concise about the data collection and presentation to the marketing team. The more concise the data collection and presentation will be the more effect it will have on the analysis.

You need to be concise about presenting the important data and results in the market analysis section and support and the analysis of the report.

Market Analysis is the Most important section in the Business Plan. For that, you need to analyze the comparative market with different businesses. Here is the infographic which helps you by providing more information. Read Below

market analysis ideas infographic

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