An Ultimate Guide For Managing Your Team Remotely

There are lots of businesses that had remote workers but since the pandemic started,  most of the businesses either closed or switched to work from home concept. 

Handling the team when they are working remotely is not difficult  

But for the managers who are handling the situation for the first time, it can be scary to do the navigation for keeping the team productive,  engaged, and thriving. 

Well, to start with the team that can work even from work from home. And you can handle the people without getting tied up with tons of things. 

However, to manage your team here is a guide that will help you. 

howto manage business team remotely

Common Challenges You Might Face In Remote Working 

To understand how to handle the situation beforehand, you need to understand that some factors will affect the remote work, Not just it makes it more demanding but also the high performances and engagement might get declined. 

reasons companies choose remote team

These things mostly happen when there is an absence of proper training, preparation, and communication among the team.

 Apart from these, here is the common challenge that you might face. 

Less Of Face To Face Supervision 

The common problem that occurs and not just the managers get affected by this but also the employees suffer is lack of face to face supervision. 

Supervisors feel worried that the employees might not do the task properly. Whereas employees struggle as they have less access to communication and managerial support.

In some cases, employees feel that they can’t reach their remote managers, and this out of touch makes them nervous about performing the work. 

What To Do: You can manage people by giving them a flexible time.

 There are some big differences when people work in the office and remote. And it’s important to understand those differences.

Issue With Access To Information 

The most common but crucial problem that employees face is not having access to information when it’s needed. 

It can be due to the coworkers or just a simple question that is taking too much time. The lack of mutual knowledge among co-workers gives a bad impression on how to handle the situation. 

For example, if a person is working in the same environment, He or she can see and understand that their co-worker is having a bad day. In this situation, if something happens, the employees are much more forgiving and understanding of it. 

But in the remote working scenario, people might not understand the situation of someone else. This removes the benefit of the doubt which affects the professionalism of the team. 

What To Do: you can use the different software that gives you much access. Also, the right tools help you in sharing information to access. 

Also, you make yourself available so people can get in touch when they are confused

Distractions & Issue With Working Culture  At Home 

Every company has its working culture but it’s hard to manage when people are working from their home. 

In lots of seniors, either workers are with their family, pets, or someone else working on the bed, sofas, etc. 

There are lots of examples where people are seen working managing their kids and doing work at the same time. 

These are the problems that occur and for the person who is managing them, it should be expected. 

What To Do: Aim for better time management, share the tips, and help them to arrange their work. However, give them space if they have some important work to handle. 

Lack Of Touch With People 

There are lots of people who feel lonely when they are working remotely. It’s one of the common complaints and people miss the interactions they do when they are in office. 

This gets more if they are not having any other ways of meeting. Feeling such emotions for a long time also causes problems like feeling less belonging to the workplace. 

What To Do: To improve this, you can give more options so people can get in touch. Also, you can do some free time, let your team have a great time together. 

 It increases the intention of leaving the company. 

Difficult To Hold Accountability 

The monitoring team is much easier if you are doing it in an office but when you are managing the remote team, you need to understand how to build trust and keep productivity high. 

There are lots of things that you might be considering such as what if your team is not working but spending time watching shows?

How you can keep productivity and manage them during office hours. There is no way to check them physically but understanding the better ways becomes important. 

What To Do: One of the ways is to manage their time and set deadlines so they don’t skip. Avoid doing micromanaging but also keep your team hyped up for the work. 

How To Manage Your Remote Workers  Effectively 

For a small business, there are challenges however it is manageable if you understand how to deal with them. 

Also, working from home has its benefits which can be used during such a period. 

benefits get team remotely

If you are handling this scenario for the first time, here are a few things that can help you in managing your remote workers. 

Start With Right People 

Not every person can work from home. Some people can handle the distraction but keep themselves disciplined as well as productive when they are remote employees.

When you are making a team, make sure you pick those people who can actually do the work. These people are easier to handle and manage since they know how to work remotely. 

When you choose the right people, they have a positive attitude and motivation for performing the work. 

Here you don’t have to push them again and again to do their work. Also, it’s hard to do micromanaging everything for your employees. 

When you start with the right team, they don’t wait for the instruction, you will get the updates and assigned work completed on time. 

Define What They Need To Do Clearly 

Confusion is one of the common issues when people are working from home. Make sure your team knows what they are dealing with and their respective roles. 

Explain their work and set your expectations clearly, so they understand what work they need to do and when.

There is no better way than defining measurable goals and keeping them easy to understand. 

Keep Tracking The Progress 

Be sure that you are doing this daily, keep tracking how far your employees progressed. With this, you can always step ahead and clear any kind of problem before it arises. 

Also, it eliminates the chances of getting nasty surprises when an important day arrives. Get good tools and manage the process, also keep doing the tracking to stay updated.

Do Frequent Communications 

When you handle remote employees, it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page.  There are people from different locations and managing their work is messy if you don’t do it right. 

Also since you are not in the office, you can’t just walk to them and discuss their problems. That’s why you need to keep the communication strong. 

With this, you can identify problems much faster and in an early stage where it can be managed or removed permanently. 

You can do the emails, phone calls, or chats as team communication. Also, you can : 

  • Use screen sharing for doing the explanation of important work
  • Use the chat tools for doing the real-time discussion
  • Schedule the meeting weekly to ask a feedbacks 

There are lots of apps that allow you to do better communication along with these features. For example, you can use Skype,  Google Hangout, Slack, and Hipchat. 

Measure Their Performance And Outputs 

If you want to get the most of the remote employees, it’s important to perform and compare the output.

At least do it once a month, it gives much deeper information about how your team is working and handling the situation. 

Analyze the time that you and your employees are spending on each task.  With this, you can use the data for measuring productivity.

Apart from this, you can monitor the quality to understand the first time. With this, you save time as well as money that might you need to fix it. 

What Important Factors To Consider For Building A Better Remote Team?

When you switch to remote work, there are lots of problems that cause, and to handle such situations, you are going to need an effective team. 

When you have a good team you can always be assured that your team will manage things on its own too. 

So, to understand how to form a good team, here are a few points that you understand. 

Understand The Importance Of Right Tools 

When you have the right tools, you can do a smooth operation and handle the work even if you are working remotely. 

With the right tools, you can manage the team and keep it efficiently on point.  For such work, you can consider using CloudDesk as its helpful for  monitoring remote employers,

Also, you can do check-ins that need face verification and eliminate when employees are cheating. 

Also, you can look for a productive time tracker to keep your employee-focused and productive. 

Consider Your Team Size 

When it comes to choosing the size of the team, there is no hard and fast rule. You can choose your team from 10 to 1000 people depending on how much you can handle. 

In a pandemic situation, companies like Facebook and Google did turn remote working. 

No matter what the size, some problems can occur. It can be collarabartion issues,  miscommunication,  meetings.

The easy way you can choose is to make policies so you can avoid such problems or can solve them if they happen faster. 

Choose The Setup Type 

There are different types that you can find in a remote team, and it depends on how you are operating your business. 

The common types are divided into three different categories and are also mostly seen in the world. When you choosing the team, you can choose the setup up, it includes: 

Fully Remote Team 

The full remote team means everyone is working from home. The whole office, including employers to senior executives, all go remote. 

Here the company runs in such conditions. And the meetings are done by using video conferencing. 

The company uses employee monitoring software to do team management as well as handling their employee’s overall work. 

Partial Remote Team 

Well with this one, the companies have two different teams in their workplace. One of them does their work from their home which means remotely. and the rest have to attend the office. 

This is divided according to the type of work and requirement of the presence of the workers. 

The team is divided so the people who can do their work from home can easily manage. Also, this allows the company to cover more work without investing too much. 

Partial Remote  Option 

This one is more like options instead of the type, where companies give some days an option from which the employees can choose when they will do the work remotely. 

Most companies give once a week to choose a day for remote work. 

 Consider The Budget & Benefits 

When you are choosing a remote team, it’s important to fix your budget first.  However, in remote works, you don’t have to invest much and save money on real estate, office furniture, maintenance costs, supplies, etc. 

Well, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to spend money when you are choosing remote, you also choose internet allowance,  remote office setup,  and other plans. 

It’s important to understand where you are going to spend money and how to utilize it so you get the benefits from it. 

The Preferences Of Your Employee 

You can’t pressure people to choose remote working or office. The research says lost of employers prefer working remotely anyways 

According to the survey,  more than 37% of people prefer to switch their job if they get the option between choosing office and remote.

Even though the stats say this, it’s important to ask your employee if they are comfortable with new settings. Also, make sure to ask their opinion or feedback.

Tips To Manage Your Team Remotely 

To understand how to manage, you can also consider the important points. These tips will help in managing your team much easier and efficiently. 

For managers, it’s important to keep their team up to date, check their work, keep their productivity boost up, and manage the work along with motivating them. 

Those companies who are working in an office can easily manage this, however, when you switch to remote, communication becomes an issue especially when you have lots of people in the team. 

Here are a few tips that can help you in handling the whole situation much better.

Keep It Flexible & Organised 

The important key that you should remember is to be flexible with hours. This will help in managing the consistency. 

However, make sure you have a solid plan as it will guide you and your team to achieve the set goals. But make sure your strategies are flexible when needed. 

Also, let your employees feel free to choose hours of work.  It doesn’t matter if they are doing their work in the morning or evening. The important point is that they are doing their work and completing it. 

Make sure not to let the quality of work degrade and keep things organized to achieve it. 

Track The Process Time To Time 

Tracking helps in keeping your employees managed and organized. This helps you to understand if your employees are working or slacking off. 

Assign the work to them along with the time when they have to submit it. For you, it’s helpful to manage their work as you get the structure to work with. 

Also, you are not in the office to surprise them over, so give them space and trust that they are working. 

Set Expectations Often And Early 

Setting up your project and team is important but the most crucial step is providing guidelines,  boundaries, and rules. 

There are some problems that mostly cause when a lack of communication and access have. That’s why you must be easily available when some of your team needs some help. 

Also, you can poutine other team availability and ensure to reach people to avoid any kind of information. 

Keep your staff and work up to date regarding your policy.  If there are any changes or tips, you can easily communicate with people. 

This will also help you in maintaining a healthy balance between life and work. 

Adapt Length Of Meetings 

Keep the meetings and feedback sessions short.  When you are working from home, there are lots of thighs that people need to do. 

It’s important to keep meetings valuable and instead of keeping them lengthy.  Keep the focus on shorting things and taking less time.  

Not just for the meetings, but also for other processes related to team resourcing,  scheduling, and action. 

Build Connections Among Team 

When people work from home, they feel isolated and disheartened. This is not just demotivating but also makes the work affected. 

It’s important to have a  build connection, so people can talk and understand each other. It’s important to share positive feedback, do fun chat, and spend time on building a team. 

It can help people to feel like they belong somewhere and keep them interested when they work. 

Also, it’s important to keep the open door policy to remote employees. Keep yourself available so people can connect and share the problem. 

Resist The Habit Of Micromanaging 

There are lots of things that you might want to manage. Also, there is a change in situation and place. It becomes important for the manager to handle the situation and organize things. 

However, resist the micromanaging. You don’t have to be looking over your team again and again.  And when you are working remotely, you should not be micromanaging at all. 

Trust on your team and communication, set your goals and deadlines. Keep the work productive but don’t keep it too forced either. 

Listen More 

The good managers listen, in fact, they do it a lot. They trust people and respect them. 

To manage your team remotely, it’s important to remember this. Make sure you listen to what your employees want to say. Do the feedback and take their points into consideration. 

When you are asking for feedback, make sure you do something about that advice. Don’t just talk and let it go, make sure you take their works seriously. 

Emphasize On Better Communication 

It’s crucial for the managers to keep the communication on point.  When you are managing your staff remotely, emphasis on better communication. 

It’s important to have more ways and give options so the people can contact you as well as each other to the conversation. 

The best method you can opt for is to manage work by asking what your team wants. Also, help the employees to have better manage each other and work as a team. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to boost trust among your team remotely?

Offer a transparent system so you can measure who is performing well and also celebrate small success and help people to do better in their work.

 The transparency and expectation setting can help in building mutual trust. 

What can destroy your remote team?

Not telling the expectations, setting goals, and telling lies. These are some factors that can make your remote team bad.

Also, it ruins the trust and degrades the work. Apart from this, there are unexpected situations that can be major damage if you don’t handle them properly.

How to improve productivity in your team remotely?

There are a few things that you can manage such as using a collaboration platform. Also, you can be patient and flexible. Make sure you are maximizing the efforts, and do feedback to know how they are managing.

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