15+ Tips To Manage Facebook Business Page For Retail Stores

Facebook is a home of more than 2 billion active users monthly.  It’s almost a third of the overall population. 

No doubt why businesses are readjusting their marketing to get the best from the largest social media platform. 

Also, there are 90 million small businesses on Facebook,  lots of them are using free tools like groups, messenger, and page. There are only 24.6% who are using the paid version. 

Well, Tools like Facebook pages are helpful along with a comprehensive strategy. However, it’s not easy to maintain to attract more people and get leads. 

Since Facebook has lots of users, attracting them by simply posting photos and sharing is not enough.  

tips manage facebook page for stores

To create leads, there is a whole Facebook marketing you need.  To make sure you are using the business page for your retail store, here is what you might need. 

Create Your Effective Business Page For Retail On Facebook 

For a small business or retail business,  Facebook is an opportunity to reach out to over 2 billion users. 

It gives a platform where you need to find a way of connecting to the audience who are already there. 

For retail getting traffic is crucial, however, it’s hard and takes a lot of work to attract the customer to enter the stores. 

However, using Facebook can help in understanding the easy way to get traffic. 

reasons why store need facebook page

It starts with creating your business page on Facebook. If you don’t have one, here is how you can create it to easily manage. 

Step 1: Add The Information and Basic

Image source: hootsuiteblog

Create your page by choosing the option.  When you get the page registered,  here you will get two options i.e.  Business or brand and Community & Public figure.

Well, you are creating the page for business, start with clicking on business or brand, and choose the Get started option. 

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Once you land on the page, there will be some fields that you have to fill out. Also, there will be some more but you will get once you choose the category. 

The fields you need to answer are –

  • Page Name
  • Categories 
  • Phone Number 
  • Address

Pro Tip: You can change the category if you don’t like or want to add something. However the page name won’t change, so pay attention to what you are going to name it. 

Step 2: Add The Profile And Cover Photos 

The prompt will require you to add photos to your profile and cover. 

The profile photo should be 170 x 170 pixels. Also, it will appear as the icon appearing every time you comment or publish. 

Pro Tip: Add your retail logo or brand logo if you have one. It will make your brand easy to recognize too. 

Keep the dimension to square so when you add it to the profile, Facebook will crop it to circular size.

Image source: wishpondblog

As for the cover photo, choose the 820 x 462 pixels.  This is the ideal to use the space for delivering the visual element. It can be helpful for supporting your retail store’s branding,  eliciting emotions from your audience. 

The display depends on how your cover photo will show up.  So make sure when you are approaching both mobile and desktop. 

Pro tip: You can either make it your own, use it as a canvas for making a cover photo for your Facebook business page. 

Step 3:  Fill The Asked Questions In Details 

When you create the page, add photos, and do the basic information. You will find the few tips that Facebook will show to set up your business page.

When you click on See All Pages Tips, it will show the important pop up to set up the information. 

Also, you can find it in the Setting or Page Info for adding the details. It includes – 

  • Description –  use 155 characters to tell people what the page is about.
  • Hours-   Mention the hours your store will be open.
  • Locations– if your customer wants to come, where they can reach or the address.
  • Categories –  Use three categories to find what the page is about.
  • More– You can add a price tag if you like doing it. 

This information will show up on the About Tab of your Facebook business. You can also add more, for example, your business menu, awards, etc stuff you like to share. 

Pro Tips:  Use the username, it will make it for the people who are looking for you. Also, you can get a custom URL to share it with others.

Also, you can add a button. Use CTA to the cover photo, as it can be useful for page visitors to know what to do. 

Step 4: Now Start Customizing Your Store Page 

When you are done with the page setup, now it’s time for customizing it. 

Facebook allows you to use the tools for customizing according to the way you want.  You can go to the Setting of your page,  here you will find Templates & Tabs.

Once you get it, now you can use the options available to design the page for your retail store. Also, it will allow you to configure the way your page you like. 

Image source: sproutsocial

Tabs are important and can be different for sections like posts, reviews, photos, etc. Choose the tabs to the device where the customer will go after clicking it.

To keep it much easier to understand,  you can use Facebook to have templates for selections.

The different template comes with its CTA and tabs default. To know how it will look, you can use the view details to get the preview.

You can easily find the templates regarding – 

  • Services
  • Shopping
  • Business
  • Venues
  • Nonprofit
  • Movies
  • Politicians
  • Video Page 

Also, you can rearrange and turn the tabs on or off, here are some tabs you find – 

Offers: Here you can list all of your retail stores that are providing offers.

  • Services:  Use it for highlighting the services you provide.
  • Videos:  Use it for showing the videos about your work, company, store, etc.
  • Shop:  Add products along with features to show.
  • Events: Add events that are going to come soon.
  • Post:  Show posted content on pages. 

Pro Tip: It’s the ideal place to add your Facebook group. You can link the page to make it more visible.

Step 5:  Include The Collaborators 

If you are sharing the marketing duties among your team. You can add the access so your team can know the roles. 

Here are some roles you can choose and assign to your team. 

  • Admin – The role has complete access to anything related to the page. In this case, you are the admin by default. 
  • Editor –  This one can do the editing of the page, post, send messages, creating ads, etc. Also, the editor can see insights, comments, and posts. 
  • Advertiser-  This one can see if the admin is creating comments and posts, ads, and view insights. 
  • Moderator-  This one can delete the comment and respond to messages. Also, the person can create a post, comment, ads, and view insight. 
  • Analyst-  This one can view the insight and follow which admin is creating a post or comment.

Step 6:  Publish The First Post 

When you are all done with creating a page, adding posts, and assigning roles, now you require the first post.

Add the content related to your retail stores, it can be the status update,  photo, link, event, video, etc. 

Pro Tip: For the first post, you need to post something fresh and new for content. This will keep the new visitors engaged in that.

Tips To manage Your Business Page For Retail Stores 

When it comes to managing your business page on Facebook, there are several points you need to focus on. 

Managing your page makes it look approachable and you can successfully gather more people to visit or shop from your store. 

From choosing the best photos to adding captions, everything you do on your business page represents your brand. 

Also for retail stores, the Facebook business page can do major help like getting more reach and making people aware of the store. 

It will help in getting sales but also increasing the numbers in customers. 

tips get more customer to facebook page

To make sure you are managing a powerful and effective page, follow these tips to help. 

1. Avoid Creating a Personal Profile

There is a difference between personal and business profiles. Lots of marketers create a personal profile instead of choosing the business one.

The business one is equipped with tools and an opportunity to promote your content. Whereas a personal profile puts you at a disadvantage where these things are missing. 

Image source: econsultancy

The business page comes with content creation tools,  analytics, insights, and paid promotion. 

Also, a personal page requires the users to send you a friend request and that makes it hard to engage them. 

It creates an unnecessary hurdle that drives your customers away from your business. 

Takeaway: Creating a business page makes your business page much better approachable. You can also easily use the tool for attracting more users. 

Also, don’t make an additional personal page for the business. Having two pages under the same name can confuse your customer and you can lose the authenticity too. 

Also, creating more than one account on Facebook is against its terms & condition. 

2. Keep Your Mishaps Away With Business Page 

There are lots of examples when business owners accidentally publish their personal content on their business social media channel. Not just its one of the marketer’s nightmares but it can be embarrassing too. 

So to avoid such situations.  It’s crucial to assign the role to the employee who can use it when it’s needed instead of everyone who can access it. 

Also provide training to help them know about managing the page, including publishing and scheduling. 

You can do this by choosing the page roles option from settings on your business page. 

Takeaway: When you are sharing the content on the business page, it’s important to pay extra attention. What you do is on your business’s behalf, so keep it that way.

Check this by going to the setting and choosing the page attribution to know. 

3. Add Profile Picture That Can Be Recognizable 

To get easily found on Facebook where you get tons of other companies, it’s important to have an easy to recognize profile picture. 

The profile picture of your business is not just for attracting people but also to make it easier to find when they are searching for it online.  

Also when you choose photos, make sure that you choose correctly. Well, Facebook keeps its picture dimensions changing. 

For publishing, you can choose 170 X 170 pixels for desktop, and for smartphones, it goes 128 X 128 pixels. 

4. Enable  The Message Privately Option 

Well, the option lets your visitors and customers text directly. It’s personal and they can use the page for contacting you. 

This feature helps you in connecting with customers on a personal level. However, it depends if you want it or not. 

Image source: hootsuiteblog

For business owners, it’s recommended to enable it.  With this, you are offering a direct and hassle-free way to connect and share their thoughts with you. 

To enable the feature – 

  • Go to the setting option 
  • Find the General option in the left-hand column
  • Here you will find Message in the list 
  • Click on the Allow button and save it 

Takeaway: Well enabling your message privately option whereas helping you in getting contact with the customer. It’s also important to consider if you can respond fast or not  

Late replies here might hurt customer satisfaction. It also has a section that focuses on response time, so if you don’t have enough time then let it off for you, 

5. Keep Your CTA Added 

Call to action was launched on Facebook in December 2014. The feature was for businesses to add it to their Facebook page.

The options keep expanding to Watch videos, Book Now, Sign up, etc along with customizable destination URL.

With this feature, it becomes much easier for marketers to get traffic for their websites. Also to attract more attention to their page.

Choosing CTA type based on what you want to create and which content on your Facebook you want to direct the visitors.

To understand the number of clicks you are getting, simply click on the View insight option. 

6. Pin What’s Important On Top Of Page 

When you do posing, the old post will go down and be pushed down to your timeline. 

However, there is some content that you want to keep on top of even if you post new stuff. 

Use the pin option launched by Facebook. This allows you to pin the important post from your page and stay on top. 

Image source: Audiologywebsitebuilders

With this, you can use it for getting new leads, an announcement for important products, upcoming events, offers, etc.

For pinning the post, you need to follow these steps – 

  • Choose the post you want to pin first. 
  • Click on the drop-down arrow, it will be on the top right corner.
  • Choose the pin to top option
  • Check the timeline to find it posted on top of the page. 

This feature works like a bookmark, however, makes sure that this pin is used for pinning one post at one time. 

Takeaway: Pinning the post is helpful for the post which consists of some important details or content that you want your customer or visitors to know when they land on your page. 

You can also use it for describing what you sell along with offers and promotions for getting attention. 

7. Update Your About Section 

The About section on the Facebook page contains the vital importance that your customer wants to know. 

However, it doesn’t preview anymore, unless they click on the about option. But still, the page is important for the business. Also, those who want to know how to visit your store might need to click on this first. 

The section needs a general description of company information,  story, your company mission, etc but in a short yet descriptive way. 

With this, your customer understands what your retail store is all about and what the page represents. 

Takeaway: The About section on your business page plays a vital role in driving more people to the store. To make it more popular, You can use it to show the milestones and awards. 

Also, you can do product or service launches or host events to gather more people to your store. 

8. Keep Your Videos & Photos In Your Timeline 

Visual content is playing a huge role, no matter what platform you are using for creating a social presence. 

Especially on Facebook, visuals are popular and easy to target the audience. Visual content gets 40X more times shared as compared to any other form of content. 

Image source: ecosultancy 

Photos are a great option when you want to share some moments and an actual look.  But you also require to pay attention to other forms of visual content. 

It includes videos, and according to the state of inbound in 2017,  video content is named as the main disruptor with 24% of marketers who suggested keeping it as a top priority. 

On Facebook, Watch videos are one of the popular CTAs that allows more content to consume for the audience. 

The research says that people spend 3x more time on Facebook live video on its average watching time as compared to those videos who do not live.

To use this opportunity, you can get more at the moment and look for attracting people. But make sure you are prepared and ready to go.

9. Determine The Frequency & Time For Posts 

It is important to determine the time and frequency of your post. 

When you don’t have a frequency, it makes your page look unreliable as well as not authentic enough. 

People don’t trust the business page where the last update was on a few months back. But if you overdo it, it makes the people frustrated because their feed is flooded with your posts. 

Also, it makes your brand look desperate which drives the customer away. 

Finding the right frequency and time to make sure you are managing your business page ideally is crucial. 

Considering the minimum, you should post at least 3 times per week. However, studies say posting once a day is optimal and you can go two posts per day. 

Avoid doing it too much and fix what kind of content you will be sharing.  You can also use a calendar for this, also while posting considers factors like seasons and trending content.

Takeaway: Frequency and time also help your post to look professional and it gives enough time to enact with each share contents to your viewers. 

10. Promote Your Page Religiously To Get Followers 

Promoting the page should never be out of the option. To get more followers, your page should contain the information and content first. 

When you completely do that, make sure to keep promoting this. 

Well, you can use the ads as an option, and for that, you are going to create the ad. For that – 

  • Click on three dots you get at the menu bar
  • Click on create an ad 
  • From here you will redirect to create an ad
  • Answer the given questions, like share goals for what you want from this. 
  • Choose the option suitable for your purpose
  • Scroll down and continue 
  • Choose the target audience 
  • Get where the ad is going to placed and choose a budget

Takeaway: Also you can create copy ad assets. Well, don’t forget that you are paying to get the extra. Choose what will work for you and help you in getting the attention of customers.

Keep it high in quality so it can represent your business to first-time views. 

Promoting the page will help you in gathering more people which leads to more chances of getting sales and visitors for your store. 

11. Use The Targeting Of Facebook Tool

With a Facebook business page,  you will get the tools that you can take leverage from it. 

Use the targeting tools for keeping your post targeted for the customer or audience you want to see it. 

You can choose as per the gender,  age,  education,  relationship,  internet, language, etc 

With the targeting tools, you can limit your post to people who are genuinely interested in what you offer. 

To use this, click the bullseye symbol on the bottom of your post for publishing.  Now you can set the metrics depending on the audience, and preferences of yours. 

12. Monitor The Responding To Comments 

Monitoring your page is important, including the interaction that you have with your customers and audience. 

You also need to monitor the comment and response time.  Use the notification tab that you get at the top of your page. 

However it’s not important to respond to every single comment, but make sure to monitor the conversation happening. 

Also, respond to queries and problems as fast as you can. 

If you activated the personal contact option, respond to them faster as it will help you in connecting with the customers. 

Takeaways: Monitoring the comments can help you in understanding what your visitors are talking about on your page. 

It can help in knowing what and how they are participating in activities or engagement with the page. 

13. Make Your Post  With Intent 

The small business should be more understanding about how to post and what to post.  It’s important for you to be mindful when you are sharing your content on the Facebook page.

You can’t just post everything, hoping to get the best from it. Posting without intent, and where you want the post to go, and where to reach waste so much of your and others’ time. 

Use facebook insight to understand what is working and what is not. Also, understand what you are posting intending to get the best results from it. 

14.  Manage Your Reviews And Testimonials 

More than 63% of the customers take their decision after considering the reviews. Also, sales can increase by 42%. The reviews and testimonials work as social proof that shows that you offer trustworthy products. 

When you understand the importance and use it in the right way can help in making a big disturbance to the retail business. 

Image source: Tinshingle

To show social proof, using reviews and testimonials are the simplest way to boost the returns of your customers.  

According to Reevo,  using customer reviews can help  the sales increase by 18%,

Also, encourage people to leave the testimonials and reviews,  Use this for building the customers and help in getting more positive ratings to your page.

Takeaway: Testimonial and reviews help create more base for your audience and eventually customers. Also, you can share the best ones on your page too. 

It can be in video format or message. Thank your customers who leave reviews and testimonials.

15. Deal With Negative Side 

For a business, getting a customer who is angry, frustrated, and has problems.  They are your customers and it’s important to deal with their problems. 

Also, your Facebook page is not different from your retail store except you don’t have a location here. 

It’s important to deal with your customers and understand what they are negative about.  The best way to deal is to communicate with them. 

Ask what’s exactly they feel angry about. Solve their problem right away if it’s possible. 

If the issue is not something you can control, then make sure you offer some solution. And still, ist not solving the issue, let it go.

 Not all customers can be satisfied but the best you can do is to try to reach out. 

Takeaway: ignoring negative feedback since social media are easy to access is a bad idea. An angry customer will use social media to express their problem.  Also ignoring them will fire this up in the wrong way. 

 16. Maintain The Community You Build 

When you are managing your business page, it’s important to understand the community you build. 

Having a group of loyal customers who understand what you sell and appreciate it helps you to get more leads. Also, it’s helpful to get sales and expand your business. 

Community and groups on Facebook make it easy to get the reach. Well, to make sure you are managing it well,  focus on such a community, and reward them for their loyalty. 

tips growing community on facebook

Takeaway: For a retail business, community and group can be the loyal customer base. They can be the advocates who help in advertising your retail to more people. 

It’s effective and much more trustworthy marketing for getting more leads. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why does retail need to have a Facebook business page?

For retail, the Facebook business page brings more people toward the store. It reaches a better and target audience, sharing what you sell and what they can get from it. You can share the offers, promotions and encourage them to visit the stores. 

How a business page can increase foot traffic in a retail store?

A business page on Facebook can be used for increasing foot traffic, offering promotions, and offers that can be redeemable when they are in store. It can attract a large number of people to your store. Also, it increases the local customers too. 

What are the important parts to boost the business page?

The business page is important, the basic element it includes is content, frequency of posting, and value for the price. Promoting your content can help you in attracting and engaging more people. 

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