23+ Actionable Makeup Company Marketing Ideas

As of now, you must have gotten a certain glimpse of what it is like to open a makeup business. Frankly, it is challenging like most other business. You may face some difficulties in attracting clients in order to maintain a profitable outcome. But nothing in the world of business that cannot be overcome with sheer determination and a bag full of marketing ideas.

How to promote your makeup business?

  • Promote your brand through an attractive website and list your portfolio, services, products on the site.
  • Set up a bright signboard, flex at the entrance and keep a standee at the door to attract visitors.
  • Collaborate with business partners, salons, parlor to get more orders.
  • Deliver makeup services at the client’s home through launching an application or website.
  • Hold a makeup contest, beauty seminars or other beauty-related events at the premises to connect with new customers.
  • Make sure to list business in online web directories.

So here are the top marketing ideas that will help you in promoting your makeup business and increase your Customer Base.

-Choosing a niche

Believe it or not, there are niches available in every segment of the business. Even the makeup business is not spared from having to select a niche of your own. Niches generally help you in catering to your audience efficiently in terms of their demands and your services.

Some of the popular niches in the world of makeup are wedding makeup, Eye art, lip art, anime looks, and body painting. Your marketing tactics shall vary from each and every niche.

-Trained Artist

Firstly you have to get yourself certified in specialized makeup courses. Or hire someone.  It doesn’t matter until and unless one of you is doing a great job in the applications of makeup.

A client’s good word of mouth is going to help you in generating an early customer base when the business is just off the ground.

This can only be achieved by satisfying your each and every customer’s expectations and outcomes in the form of how they are looking. So a specialized and trained makeup artist will help you in boosting the business in the right direction.

-Work Portfolio

A work portfolio of a makeup artist generally consists of pictures that document the artists’ work. It helps you in tabulating some of the proofs of your artistry expertise.

With the help of portfolios, you can easily hand out your sample of work to interested potential customers visiting your business premises.

While creating your work portfolio, you can ask the professional photographer to make the photos that are documenting your work more appealing and capturing all the details of your fine work.

-Business Bookmarks

This type of marketing strategy is evolved from the idea of handing out business cards. But this is proving to be more effective than the former.

A business bookmark shall consist of some of the best photographic shots from the portfolio. It must contain a contact number and an address so as they don’t face any difficulties while reaching you. Once the bookmarks are created, you can visit the nearest library and insert the bookmarks in relevant books concerning makeup and beauty.

If you can place the bookmarks in the section of books such as bridal makeup and wedding planning, you will get the immediate attention of your target audience.

-Networking Within

Networking within the same profession as yours will make you interact with lots of other makeup artists who are already established.

So socializing with them will help you learn a lot more about this business than you’ve ever known. Perks that have resulted out from networking with such individuals are the best means for creating a stronger relationship within the same community.

Be reactive to some situations such as receiving their clients in the cause of overflow and doing the same for them. This will help you in impressing your skeptic potential customers at the initial stage of your makeup business.


You need to form some alliances with some other relevant business owners in order to see your business blossoming in front of your own eyes.

You will need to visit business shops like cosmetics, accessories, wedding planners and bridal shops to form an alliance. You can ask them with utmost modesty to share your business information to their customers who are yet to hire any makeup artist for themselves.

And in return, you can do the same to your own customers or you can offer the shops some commissions or discounts. This way both the parties have benefitted themselves in their respective businesses.

-Customer referrals

Existing customers play a huge role in making this marketing strategy a success. What you really need to do is, introduce a referral bonus program so that all the customers are instantly psyched about earning easy money.

Their only job is to spread the news of this makeup business to a greater number of potential customers. The more clients they bring, the higher their bonuses get. Customers with their pockets full are the happiest and satisfied bunch of them all.


Whenever you go out, do yourself a professional looking makeup that is noticeable yet in a subtle way. People who are absolutely mesmerized by your look will begin to address you and compliment you. Don’t let this opportunity go fruitless.

While casually conversing with them, let them know more about whom you are what your business is by handing out business cards.

-Video Tutorials

Nowadays one can easily make any type of informal tutorial video and advertise themselves or their business in any of the video sharing and social media platforms.

But there are some basic video making guidelines to follow in order to make an appealing tutorial video.

Guidelines such as good lighting, high definition video, and the need to speak clearly for making informative videos can make the tutorial popular. Once the videos are popular you can expect a huge growth of potential customers knocking at your business door.

-Makeup Artistry Fairs

Apart from working on your video tutorials on various social media site, you can showcase your talents at numerous beauty care fairs.

You can easily rent a booth to demonstrate your work portfolio and ask the potential clients for their feedbacks. In order to have their presence on your physical store, you need to offer some free and discounted makeup procedures.

Keeping some business cards handy will help you advertise your business services in those fairs.

-Website and Blogs

It is extremely important for any makeup artist to have a website that showcases the range of work one can offer.

It is a great mode of internet presence to have and conveying the transparent information and the services your business has to offer has never been easy. But just creating a business website will not be enough to promote your business.

That’s where blogs can power themselves as the most effective tool to increase the much-needed traffic that is required on the website on a daily basis. Blogs that are highly informative can boost the website traffic with the help of a hired SEO writer.

-Online business listings

Almost everything can be found with the help of internet. So it is very important for the business to be on the internet as well.

Nowadays, it is easily achievable with the help of Google My Business, Facebook and yelp. In the case of Google My business, you can set up a profile by providing all the necessary information such as name, address phone number etc.

And then you can claim your business listings on My Business. You can also put the location of your physical presence so that the internet can directly locate your business to a nearby needful.

-Social Media Participation

When you are just starting off, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the term “spread the word”? Of course, it’s social media.

In these days of altering changes occurring in digital marketing, it has become an absolute necessity to build some sort of social network for your makeup business.

There are platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube where you can easily market your makeup business by offering the best package deals or discounts.

How to Increase sales of your makeup business?

  • Keep updating social media pages regularly with activities, offers, images of the salon or other event-related happenings.
  • Run a social media contest and offer free vouchers, discounts or some small portion like free eye-makeup, etc.
  • Promote your makeup business through video marketing and share it on your youtube channel.
  • Ask influencers/personalities to share reviews or videos by mentioning your brand through a hashtag.
  • Request clients to give video testimonials or write feedback on your website or social media pages.
  • Give discount offers, festive deals, referral programs, loyalty cards, and group discount offers to increase customer’s visits to the premises.
  • Advertise your makeup business through newspapers, radio, magazines or blogging, etc.
  • Distribute flyers, pamphlets at the community areas and put up a hoarding, banners at the crossroads.

here are some important faqs about Makeup Company to get more detail and grow business

1. Who is the target market for a Makeup business?

The marketing efforts must target the specific demographics. Learn which products would benefit most, their specific needs, and define what distinguishes you from the competition. You need to consider the below demographics:
-Actresses and actors
-The local broadcasters  
-Hobbyists and sportspeople
-Men and women of different ages-men are a growing market, which is now largely untapped
-Consultants and Makeup artists

2. How to keep the customers coming back to your Makeup business?

Recent studies have shown that consumers are directly interested in falling product quality and bad customer service for the largest explanation for a new maquila brand. To ensure retention of customers, track customers and seek customer feedback. Provide birthday or significant life activities for special deals or free items. It helps you to test new goods on consumers and leads to creating a loyal consumer base.

3. How can you make your Makeup business profitable?

Makeup entrepreneurs have reported success implementing the following strategies:

-Host a makeup or skincare clinic, specifically geared towards your target audience.
-Offer makeup artist services.
-Get involved in photo shoots with local and national magazines.

4. What is the growth potential for a makeup business?

The beauty industry is rising 6% in 2016 and continues to expand year after year. The maquillage class contributed most to the overall growth of the industry, accounting for 82 percent. Although brick and morter businesses have the largest profit potential, online beauty sales have increased by 20 percent each year. There is no indication that this sector is slowing down and gives the committed, creative entrepreneur ample opportunities.

Cosmetic is the integral part of women life. It has very strong proof of the existence. Since, Ancient Egyptian time, its very trending thing among the human. Directly and indirectly people use it to look good. Here is the infographic which gives you more idea about make up history. Read below

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