A Perfect Guide To Make Your Sales Brochure Effective

For small businesses, they need more elements to attract the attention of their buyers.  

However, using a brochure is not just served the purpose but also provides positive press about the company. 

tips make sales brochure effective

A well-designed brochure can help the business introduction and expand its visibility.  It’s considered one of the effective tools especially for attracting more new customers toward your brand. 

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But effective sales brochures need attention during the early stage of printing and to hand out to the customers. 

To make an effective brochure, you are going to need some important points to remember. 

Why Do Small Businesses Need Brochures?

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Even though brochures are one of the old tools in marketing, it still holds importance, especially for the small business. 

reasons why sales brochure effective

Brochures are helpful in several ways including making the brand visibility good and also there are different ways by which small businesses can get benefit from it. 

Here are a few points to know about it – 

Its A Market Kit 

Brochure works well when it comes to combining it with another market kit. 

Market kit si packets that companies or products information are sent to other companies or media for feature stories or reviews

The brochure contains important information about the company as well as the product and that’s why it’s still relevant for companies. 

You don’t have to focus on how to make others know about your brand since your brochure contains every important detail.

It’s Versatile 

It’s one of the most versatile market tools in the market. You can use it for informing about products to your customer whereas it can be used for giving detail to the clients. 

Brochures are also good for sharing the details and marketing your product at the same time. 

You can place your brochure at places like lobby, bank, etc places where people wait like hair salons, campuses, waiting rooms, etc. 

It can be a good time pass for the readers but as for you, it will help you in marketing your product indirectly. 

best places leave sales brochure

It’s Informative 

Brochures are no doubt informative. You can’t give details about your product to every customer and client. 

Also, brochures have space to add all needed information and data which your customer might need. 

You can add stories to make it interesting and easy to read. You can add data according to the information you are adding. 

You can use images for keeping it informative but also interesting at the same time.  It also boosts the element and immediate business. 

It’s Attractive  

Brochures give a professional touch and for small businesses, it’s a good opportunity to use it. Since you add the all basic important data, it gives your customer a sense of trust. 

Also, you can add the images and graphics, to make it look good. For new business, brochures are a good way for leaving the first impression. It’s not just for professionalism but also to make you serious about your work. 

What Are The Important Elements In Sales Brochures?

The brochure aims to make the readers take action which should result in sales. Before you do it, the brochure should contain an all-important element that can be effective and serves the purpose. 

You get important elements in sales brochures. It increases the chances of customers picking it up and reading.  

Well to make sure, you have all these important elements, here is the checklist for you. 

The Cover Image 

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The cover image is the first thing that your audience would notice. It’s important to make it as attractive as you can. 

The cover should have an uncluttered design and other basic three things, it includes: 

  • The image that stands out 
  • Logo of your company 
  • Captivating Phrase 

Pro tip: The large type with ten or fewer words placed on the top. It should be attention-grabbing and easy to read. 

The Text 

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The cover design makes the people stop but your text is the next important element. It makes people read the brochure. 

Make sure that your brochure text is engaging and exciting. Also, keep the text enough so the reader feels curious to real inside the brochure. 

Pro tip: Ask questions along with answers. This naturally attracts people who are looking for the same thing. 

Next is start the phrase and continue the half to the next cover. It makes people curious but chooses wisely what you are going to write. 

The Color Tone 

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 Colors are an important element in making your sales brochure effective. It sets the mood and also helps in conveying your message before the readers even continue reading it. 

Bright colors are used for business which is fun and whimsical. It helps in improving the perception. 

However natural hues are ideal for serious business. 

You can also do different combinations instead of following the same trend. It depends on what kind of business you are doing and what emotions you want to convey through colors. 

The Font & Its Size 

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Next, that includes setting your message’s mood as the font and its size. 

Don’t use fonts that are not for the business, for example, Comic Sans is considered as not appropriate, especially if you have serious business. 

The font should be easy to understand and read. The next includes are the size which plays a vital role in readability. 

Don’t use too small or too big sizes that fail to send your message or cancel out the purpose of brochures. 

It’s helpful to show the visual interest of your brochure. 

The Images & Folds 

Use of image and pictures are an easy way of communicating the message without using the text. 

However, don’t get too dependent on that and use only 2 to 4 images.

There are two types of brochure folds which are common i.e.  Z fold & Trifold.

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Z Fold is used when you need to convey lots of messages and are presented in neat form. In this type, a one-panel shows at a time that helps the reader to focus. 

Instead of bombarding with loss of information, Z fold is much better and easy to read. 

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Trifold is for less information with a large image center. It gives lesser information but with specific details and only needed things. 

Follow These Ways To Get Effective Brochure 

The brochure is a foldable sheet that highlights the benefits of products, services, and other things that hold the interest of the customer. 

But it also needs extra attention to its content and designing. To make sure you are making an Investing and effective brochure, here are ways to follow. 

1. Understand Your Audience First 

Writing brochures takes time and before you do it, you need to understand your targeted audience. 

Consider important questions like why they would buy from you.  What are the most important things for them to make them buy the product? Or what you are offering to solve their problem. 

If you have a clear idea about the answers, you can go ahead and start making your brochure. Add benefits to your brochure to make it look important and problem-solving for your customers. 

2. Avoid Adding Unnecessary Things 

It can be anything from adding your company’s building images to something you are proud of. 

The brochure is for your customers, so does the information that should be for them. It’s not about you and how proud you feel about your work. 

Whatever you add should indicate your brand is problem-solving and how it would affect your customers.

Avoid wasting your space in adding unnecessary things that are not relevant to your customers.  Make sure you are adding the space but for smart use and attracting the audience. 

must things to add in sales brochure

3. Plan According to AIDA 

AIDA stands for Attract, Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

It’s a model for tracing the journey of a buyer with its hierarchical effects. All steps include boosting the customers towards buying the product and trying it. 

Make sure that you are using your brochure according to the AIDA model.  It will help in making the brochure look effective and get the attention of your target audience. 

The idea behind using the AIDA is to highlight the best elements in your brochure to make it look interesting and people trying it out. 

4. Add Images That Looks Important 

Adding image help in making your brochure attractive and your customer will like it too. Not just you can make your brochure look more appealing. but with the help of images, your customer can know about the products and services you are offering. 

tips use stock images for brochure

The important part to remember is to use only the images that hold importance. Instead of adding images of irrelevant things, add images of your products, services, etc. 

Also, make sure you are not adding images in poor quality. It will give an unprofessional look and make it bad in attracting people. 

Add images that are professional, clear, and good in quality. 

5. Pay Attention To Graphics & Headlines 

The attention period of customers is getting lesser and lesser. It’s not their fault since the numbers of brochures are increasing every day. 

Not everyone has enough time to pay attention to every single brochure they get offered. 

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The average span is lesser than 5 seconds. You just get 5 seconds to impress your audience enough to pick your brochure and consider reading it or not. 

Customers only pay attention for such a limited time. That’s why adding graphics and headlines become important parts of brochures. 

Headlines give a stand-out touch to important text that you want your customer to read. That’s why it’s important to focus on writing quality, short, and attractive headlines. 

tips create powerful headline for brochure

Another point is the Graphics of your brochure. If it’s plain, boring, and lifeless, the customer will likely put aside and ignore it. 

6. Show Them Instead Of Telling 

Customers or clients, no matter who, are not into knowing the history of your company. Not even in what you are offering, what products and services you have etc. 

The first interest they have is what they will get from it. If there is no personal benefit they are getting, they will not even look at what you are offering. 

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That’s why brochures should be made in such a way so your customer knows what they are going to get if they buy products from you.

Highlight all the plus points that your customer will enjoy and make sure they know everything but curious at the same time. 

Pro tip – Before you start writing your brochure. Do search on your products and services. Get a list of things you believe your customer will enjoy. Make sure to highlight those points in your brochure. 

7. Use Bullet Points To Focus On Key Features 

The best way of writing your brochure to make it effective is to make it scannable. 

People don’t have time, most importantly they don’t want to waste it. Also, there are lots of things in your brochure which need attention. 

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Instead of writing your content in paragraphs to paragraphs. Go with bullet points. It helps write important points in easily readable and your customer can get it one glance. 

Most importantly, pay attention to language and the words you use. When writing bullet points, make sure you are not adding too chewy words. 

Keep it easy to read but also to remember. Add important features to make the bullets interesting. Give enough spacing so the people don’t feel confused while reading it. 

Writing in bullets also helps the readers to keep what’s important aside from the brochure. Also, it’s helpful for the business to add their stand-out points in the brochure. 

8. Keep Headlines Benefit Oriented 

Headlines are an overlooked point when it comes to brochures. 

Headlines are not just for showing important points but also giving an idea about what brochure is going to be. 

With benefit-oriented headlines, your customer can get an idea about what else they are going to get in the brochure. 

Interesting headlines can hold your customer’s attention and make them read complete brochures. 

Headlines are quite important and it can help you in increasing leads, Since your customers are interested in a brochure, they will also like to read more and it will help them to buy the product as well. 

9. Give Them A Reason 

Your customer is going to need a reason why they should take the next step. Offering them an interesting brochure is not the end of everything. 

Also, add the points so they would like to take the next step as soon as it can. Make sure you are also building their interest and curiosity. 

It’s important since they are easy to forget about what you are offering if they move to the next one. To hold the attention but also push toward buying the product, you are going to give them more reasons than quality brochures. 

10. Make It Look, Professional 

The first impression is important, And for your brochure, it’s important to give a professional vibe. It should be crafted smartly along with making it look attractive and appealing. 

A poorly designed brochure not just gives a bad impression but also reduces the chances of interacting with your audience. 

It makes your customer believe that you are not serious about what you are doing and clients will not like to invest in such business either. 

Even you added all informative and well-written data but if it’s not well crafted. It will give an unprofessional look and people would likely keep it aside instead of reading it. 

You can ask a professional to do it for you but if you are doing it on your own, make sure you know the points that are used for making the brochure look professional. 

There are free templates and designs available online, you can check and choose whatever fits your description. 

Make sure you format your brochure, including the font style, size, spacing, etc.

11.  Pay Attention To Readability 

Readability is important. Too small fonts or too big both are bad for the reading. It’s important to choose a font that looks professional but also easy to read. 

tips improve brochure readability

You can add fonts that are trending but also make sure it’s not something that is not suitable for your overall image. 

Do not blindly follow trends if it’s not for your business. 

12. Give Them What To Do Next 

Give a fast and easy call to action. Your customers should have a clear idea after reading the brochure where they should go. 

Make CTA simple, effective, and easy for them to reach. Do not give them too much pace between reading and reacting, 

Dont assume that your customer will do the work of looking for contact numbers or details to contact you 

Ist your responsibility to pay attention to adding CTA and other information so your audience can directly get in touch with you. 

13. Make It Easier To Respond 

Add all information that your brochures need, It includes social media like Facebook, Pinterest,  Twitter pages if you are using it. 

Don’t forget to mention the website, phone number,  business name, and other basic details that should be in your brochure. 

Also, you can add a QR code so the customer can easily scan it and get in touch with you.  The QR code is scanbel which allows your customer to quickly check your website. 

why us qr code in brochure

You can add the sign-ups for the newsletter and other steps so they can contact you or rescind faster. 

14. Review Copy Before Using It 

Never print out or send brochures without reviewing it. Always make sure to check and recheck. avoid spelling errors, mistakes misguiding details, or lack of information. 

During the review, make sure you have added all the needed details about your company and product. 

Avoid adding words that make no sense or hard to understand. Keep your brochure professional but easy to read. 

ideas make better sales brochure

15. Keep The Risk Away 

The brochure also gives a sense of security. As people know what they are going to get, and the information is written which makes the doubt go away. 

Also with a guarantee of what you can offer, this clears out the misunderstanding and reduces the chances of risk. 

For the people who are interacting with your company for the first time, it would be a huge relief and they will help in building up the trust too. 

Frequently Asked Question about to make sales Brochure effective

What should I put on my brochure?

The brochure should add all basic and standard information about your company including name, contact information, logo, and tagline. If you are adding a product make sure to highlight the features and add images according to that. 

How should I end my brochure?

Add conclusion in paragraph form but make sure it’s short. Begin with what you started, echo the previous statement, and make sure it shows the endpoint.

Why should small businesses have a brochure?

Investing in brochures helps in the long run. However, you must keep updating it. But it will draw the attention of your customers along with making them interested in what you are offering.

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