25 Ways To Make Money On Amazon in 2023

When it comes to making money, there are different options and platforms to choose from. Amazon is one of those options which you can consider. 

Amazon is the world largest retailer platform that once started by selling books is now worth more than $1.7 trillion, 

Most Effective Ways To Make Money On Amazon

  • Earn part-time from Mechanical Turk 
  • Join Merch by Amazon 
  • Earn from Amazon Flex program 
  • Get some seasonal money from CamperForce
  • Sell your private label products on Amazon 
  • Start a blog and earn from Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Flip products from store with retail arbitrage 
  • Sell products on Amazon Handmade 
  • Online arbitrage by buying on ebay & selling on Amazon 
  • Publish your own books on KDP
  • Trade in the unwanted stuff with Amazon Trade-in Program
  • Go for Amazon dropshipping 
  • Get a freelancing opportunity from Amazon
  • Sell wholesale items on Amazon

However, now it is just not limited to placing orderers and shopping online.

 For any entrepreneur who wants to earn money, Amazon has different ways which can help you in achieving that. To know how you can do that, here are the top 20 listed ways for your consideration. 

1. Sell Your Products With FBA

FBA is also known as Fulfilled by Amazon is a program offered by the company to the sellers. This helps in covering all needs from picking your products to shipping them to customers. 

They also store the product in the warehouse, and the team manages the customer experience services. 

amazon fba choosing tips

Well, some merchants skip this for the fees as it’s not free and it can be expensive. No doubt, FBA got some majors pros and cons that depend on your considerations first. 

When you starting with FBA, make sure you have all entails and understanding of how this works,

Pro Tip: Focus on your research first, it’s a critical factor that can help a lot. 

Do your research properly related to products you want to sell, shipping charges, and fees. Including FBA and how it will affect your business 

2. Use Affiliate Marketing 

If you don’t want to sell anything directly on Amazon, well the most straightforward option you can consider here is Amazon affiliate. 

The program is one of the giant ways that play a vital role in the money-making world of Amazon. 

For this, you need to reach customers and more people. You can do that by your website, blog, community, moderator, etc. 

The more people you are connected with, the better chances of earning money you make. 

Once you have that, you need to recommend the products selected from Amazon and appeal to people to purchase them. 

Image source: business2community

You will get the links that will connect your medium to Amazon, and when people click on links, they will be redirected to the product page.

If the person is convinced and bought the product using the affiliate link, you get the commission for it.

Generally, the percentage goes 4 to 10, based on the product price. This is an easy and lucrative way to earn money from amazon. 

3. Private Labeling The Products 

Well, sellers who don’t want to participate in the competition on Amazon, private label their products, which means they register their products as their own on Amazon. 

This is a little bit complicated and it requires more attention which brings the pros and cons of this method. 

Image source: Hellium10

The biggest pro is when you brand your product and sell it on Amazon, you get complete control over listing, changes, and other points.

For example, if you get complaints regarding your product, let’s say some feature is not working, you have the control to modify it and sell your item again. 

4. Selling Handmade Products On Amazon 

Similar to Etsy, Amazon Handmade offers a platform where you can sell quality handmade goods like clothing, art, accessories, jewelry, etc. 

To find your shop easily for the customers, here you get the custom URL. Selling on Amazon will keep your experience much affordable and convenient. 

Image source: merchantmaverick 

However you need to have a professional seller account which costs $39,99 per month, this cost is waived for the sellers who are selling the handmade products.

You require to pay the 15% referral fees from your overall sales price. 

5. Self Publish A Book 

If you are interested in writing a book, you can start selling it on Amazon kindle. It’s an opportunity for those who want to sell their books but without going through the publisher process. 

Amazon offers self-publish services where you can sell your ebooks on amazon kindle. This will also help in earning income. 

Image source: lifewire 

The seller can choose whatever they want to write, it can be fiction or nonfiction. However, the market for fiction books is tough but the earnings are better than the non-fictions.

But if you are looking to sell your book easily, non-fiction can be good to choose from. When you are choosing self-publishing, the cost is much lesser and if you are writing a book on your own, then you need to pay for

  • Editing the book 
  • Cover designing 
  • Formating 

These are basics and their cost minimal. Also if you are into writing, this option offers you to publish more of your work.

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the ways which you can choose if you are planning to earn extra money. Here you don’t need to start something big or invest.

One of the easy types of amazon work where you can become a part of a vast army of amazon as a remote worker. Here you are required to involve in surveys and moderating the content.

Image source: Thehustle

Like it was mentioned earlier, this one is not going to make lots of money. But you can earn $15 per hour. The tasks are not too hard, you can adjust according to yourself.

This will be helpful if you are looking for simple ways to get extra earnings. The tasks are fun and simple too. 

7. Become A Wholesale Seller 

Amazon offers a competitive price that can be found to wholesale sellers. You can purchase the products in very large quantities and sell them on Amazon. 

This gives you an option where you can purchase it at the lowest price and sell it at an affordable but reasonable rate. 

Image source: Junglescout

This one got the competitive environment since the wholesales try to outcompete each other for selling the products at bottom line prices. 

You will also be required to have your warehouse for storing the products. It’s much better to not rely on the FBA program. It will help you in saving money and getting better incomes.

8. Amazon Trade-In 

Amazon Trade-In might not help in earning money but you can get amazon gift cards. It’s similar to money, you can purchase things from amazon. And it’s beneficial because Amazon has a wide range of products. 

You can trade the used items, no matter if it’s from a garage sale or yours, you can use it to sell and get the more than 25% original rate of the product.

Image source: AMZfinder

However make sure what you are using for the trading, as amazon is very selective in this scenario. You can choose the niche items where the suppliers are low but the demand is high. 

9. Online Arbitrage

Retail Artage means you are purchasing the items at a low price and selling it to the highest. This can help you in getting better lucrative and there are lots of people who are earning their complete business on it. 

Well, sellers avoid the shipping cost as it might be too much. For example, if you are shipping from China, the price might be too expensive and it will affect the profit. That’s why the sellers do the direct to the location and get the cheapest items that they sell later. 

This is the reason the seller looks for the locals and markets to get the cheapest deals. They buy the products which are on clearance and sell it on Amazon.

You can get the products that have more selling on amazon, gather those products, and sell them. However this is not as easy as it seems, you are going to need a lot of research. 

You require the places from where you can find the liquidation and clearance sales in crazy amounts.  

Also, this will need people from inside who help you to get the discounts and cheapest sales. 

10. Amazon Influencer 

This is an affiliate program that is different compared to being Amazon associates. When you are an amazon influencer, it includes you to promote the products on your social media. 

It requires strong followers instead of any other forum, blog website, etc. This will be the perfect choice for you to choose. 

When you sign up as an amazon influencer, you get a unique URL where you can showcase the products that you want to recommend. 

Image source: Amazonaffilate 

If your followers of anyone who follow you on your social media like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, or Twitter do purchase the products, you will get the commission on each purchase. 

Well, the important point here to notice is what products are getting more attention and who you are targeting. The niche and the audience are important for you to choose. 

11. Create Your Brand 

You can start with choosing the product you like and order from the manufacturer.

Once you get it, you can add your brand name, logo and sell it. List the products on Amazon and choose the price that fits your range.

When you choose to be an amazon seller, you get total control over what you are selling and products.

Also, you can register your brand on Amazon, it will help in protecting your label product.

12. Work From Home 

If you are looking for a home-based job, Amazon is offering that too.

They have jobs like virtual customer services which is known as Amazon Work from home customer service associate. 

However there are chances that you don’t find this opportunity in your area, make sure you check the availability first.

If it is available, then you can apply for the position. After they check your qualifications and find you perfect for the position, you will get your job.

13. Amazon Flex

Amazon flex is a good option to earn money, however, for this, you have a vehicle and a smartphone. You can deliver for Amazon Prime.

Since Amazon offers the same delivery option, they need more help to make these deliveries fast in metropolitan areas.

Image source : quora

The pay rate can be anything between  $18 to 25 per hour. To start this, you are going to need an app and answer the questions. 

Well if you can be flexible and available for shifts, this will be a good option for you. 

However, the only downside you get is not always opportunities in your place. 

14. Warehouse Associate Job

For those people who have the proper location, you can apply to become a delivery warehouse associate. 

Amazon requires fulfillment centers, delivery stations,  sortation centers, campus pick points, customer services, and new locations. 

You can apply for any of these if you have a proper location where amazon can extend the services. 

15. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

 Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as Mturk is another way for you to earn money. 

However you are not earning too much,  but if you are looking for completing the mindless and easy task, and earn small amounts. This one is for your consideration. 

It’s a crowdfunding marketplace that is created for filling the gap between what humans can do and computers can’t.

According to Amazon, this is a Human Intelligence Task.

The usual work it includes is image recognition, categorizing, transcription, and data entry.

16. Sell Design To Amazon Merch 

To those people who are either artists or have skills for becoming a designer, they can earn through Amazon Merch. 

This is the right option because you don’t need to be an expert to earn money from it. 

Also, you just needed to make designs that are focused on trending things, culture and have knowledge of basic design software.

There are different things you can sell like hoodies, T-shirts, etc which can carry the design yours. 

Image source: Amazondevloper 

Here you don’t need to pay for merchandise, Amazon covers the price and also takes responsibility to get those designs printed, ship, package, and deliver to the customers. 

You just need to get your account and design whatever you want. Upload it and price your design along with a description as well as color.

With the very design you sell, you earn royalty. This means you need to focus on what you are selling and what sells on Amazon. 

17. CamperForce

 CamperForce is for those people who moved into a bus, RV, van, or tiny house. 

This is when the minimalist trend was on fire and lots of people decided to choose RV vans, so they could hit the road anytime and live anywhere.

This work is focused on those people and it’s a great option to earn money. Even though the wage is not clear, it’s still decent. 

Well, the work you require to do here is helping amazon to pick, stow, and receive their merchant orders.

Amazon offers overtime pay along with bonuses depending on how long you worked. 

Also if you are staying for the complete holiday season and it’s designated by Amazon, then you can get the campsite fees along with payment for some of the utilities. 

19. Amazon Services 

If you have a skill set like you can fix a leaky faucet, clean, organize, landscape, etc. Then you can apply for the Amazon services.

Amazon services help you to connect with different work locales, and you get different households to deal with.

Amazon services include work for a handyman, plumbing, house cleaning, etc.

20. Amazon Delivery Service

Amazon has its own large network and for obvious reasons, they can’t offer thousands of vehicles on their own.

Also, it needs different vehicles in shapes and sizes to make sure to deliver the products on time. 

For that, they have the program which is called Amazon Delivery Service Partner. This helps amazon by connecting them with small to large owners who can offer a fleet of vehicles.

If you have the vehicle options, you can become the Amazon Delivery Services  Partner.

When you become the partner, you are going to truckload all the orders from Amazon fulfillment centers to the nearest local delivery station. 

21. Amazon Prime Direct 

Amazon Prime videos require people who can manage the library of their top music as well as videos.

Image source: jerrybanfeild

Also streaming the favorites videos worldwide and getting more subscribers, you can become the affiliate partner 

For this, you get the payments and also you can help in managing the work. 

22. Amazon Games

For those who love playing games on the computer. Amazon has a way which can help you in earning money through playing online games with others or you can watch the battles as a spector.

Image source: Howtogeek

There is a wide range of games where interested people can join. Here you just need to get the live stream on and join your audience with you. 

Amazon earns money through it by posting the ads and generating more audience during your gaming period. 

23. Sell Apps On Amazon 

If you are a software developer, you can also earn money by developing apps for amazon. 

The apps are for Amazon fire stick, Tv and android based.

To start, you are going to need your account on Amazon Developer. However, it’s free and easy to open.

You can run tests for the app without any cost and also publish it for sale using the Amazon app store. 

24 . Sell On Amazon Business

Amazon’s business focuses on encouraging B2B or Business To Business sales and purchase. 

This includes different items such as industrial applications,  machinery, chemicals, etc that can be used in other businesses. 

To promote this, Amazon also provides economical B2B facilities for advertising.

Image source: industrialdistribution 

Well, Amazon works on the responsible system, and because of that, they don’t permit anything which is not legal or doesn’t have authorization. 

So you can’t export or import anything if your products are falling under these categories. 

But it’s an ideal platform if you are a small business and you want to have speedy growth. 

25. Sell Services 

If you have any professional services that you can sell, Amazon offers you the opportunity to earn money through it. 

You can sell the services to large or small companies both via using the services on Amazon.

There is no limit as you can offer any services. It can be housekeeping to moving, maintenance, etc.

If you have high professional skills like consultation, you can offer that too. 

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