Ultimate Guide to Make Your Email Delightful To Read 

Creating an effective email is all about striking the best combination of an engaging subject line, interesting copy, valuable content along attractive visuals to support the text. 

The human mind is programmed in a way that can consume 60,000 times faster visual information instead of plain text. 

It’s easier to remember information that is presented as a picture instead of using text or words. There are more than 49% of marketers rate visual marketing as extremely important for the marketing strategy. 

Well, to understand how you can make your email delightful to read, here is what you can start with: 

Why Is Visual Considered An Important Part Of Email Marketing? 

There is a reason why visuals are used so much in email marketing; it’s no longer used and limited to static images, it includes a lot of options such as 3D images, illustration, isometric illustration, Cinemagrphs, GIFs, APNGs, and Videos. 

Most email marketers try to think outside of the box, and it needs the combination of all such elements put into an email marketing campaign

Well, understanding why visuals are important in email marketing. 

  • Visuals will help in better engagement in readers. Also, it gets attention fast, and sucrose is likely to get a scan and skim much better instead of reading them. 
  • Including the visuals which are relevant help in facilitating communication and the right kind of visuals that can help users to understand the email much better. 
  • Relevant visuals will help in boosting the user experience to the next level, and it can help in enhancing overall for the subscribers. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Strong Visuals In Email Marketing?

Strong visuals are important for email marketing; there are some major benefits that can help you understand why to focus on improving visuals in email. 

Here are some of the benefits that you get :

reasons using strong visual in email

Helps In Holding The Attention Of Readers 

Large customers have to deal with a lot of emails; there are dozens of emails in their inboxes on a daily basis. 

This leads to dividing their attention and then appraising email much more quickly since they require to know if it’s worth the attention or not. 

The email, which is packed with copy, won’t help the attention of people. Even though the information is useful, still if it’s not aesthetically pleasing, then it won’t grab the attention. 

Visuals serve as a vehicle that helps in covering the copy, which helps in enlarging it in a much better way. 

Help Readers To Easily Process Information 

It’s important to communicate the right message as fast as you can so your audience doesn’t lose their attention. 

The copy plays an important part, but the brain is designed in order to process the visual content much faster than the writing copy.

Consequently, with the right visuals,  you can help the audience to process the information you are sharing much faster. 

Encourage People To Engage With the Message 

One of the reasons why strong visuals are so important is it gets the attention of people and help in engaging with content. 

In the marketing world, how you to present things is everything. So if the first look at the email holds the attention, it will get an engaging audience too. Otherwise, it will look impersonal and cold. 

Types Of  Visuals To Add To Your Email Marketing 

There are different types that can help you in the making your vision better in emails and improve the results for you. 

Here are some of the top visuals that you can consider for your email marketing. 


HTML coding has made it easier to add names and colors to the background in emails. This helps in making the email much more effective for the readers. 

Adding the relevant images can help you in avoiding the long copy and convey much more detailed information, especially when the space is limited.

GIFs Or Animated Images 

Another visual element that can help in email, this can be GIF animation which can be used. 

These animated images consist of dynamic frames which are repeated in a loop. 

In 2014, Dell generated 109% revenue by using GIFs in emails; this also grows the power of using the right animation in email marketing to make it better. 

You can use the GIFs in different ways that can help in the email campaigns, such as : 

  • The travel industry can use animation to inspire wanderlust in subscribers.
  • The eCommerce industry can use GIFs to showcase the different types of products without making it longer for the subscribers. 
  • As for B2B or SaaS companies, they can help in demonstrating the product or services which are used. 
  • Marketers can also use this for triggered occasion-based emails for converting warm wishes. 
  • GIFs can be used for the purpose of creative branding.


Cinemagrpahs are similar to GIFs. However, the one difference you get is that GIFs are short snippets that are taken from the cinematography and emulate a seamless loop that goes endless. 

The visual element, it helps in creating an experience for readers and back to moments that are lost in time.


The visuals of email can be a video; this can also use in different ways, such as : 

Adding the thumbnail image of using the video that comes with the play button and putting it on email. It can redirect the subscribers to the landing page.

Embedded video can email itself; the subscriber can view it without visiting the web page.


This is similar to GIFs; the only difference you get is that APNGs have a higher resolution as compared to GIFs and better quality in the image.

Even though it doesn’t affect the email‘s loading speed and maintains the image size, if you are not satisfied with how GIFs look, you can consider  APNGs as the best bet to start with. 

Not just that, APNGs are also compatible with different popular email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, and Gmail App. 


One of the most popular visuals, it’s a key resource that can help you in sharing information. This can also be easy to put and add much more visuals to boost the effectiveness. 

This type of image also consists of a collection of text, charts, graphics, and illustrations. It can be easily structured, including words and images. 

The infographics present the data and information to make it easier to present and understand; apart from that, it can help in keeping the email more attractive. 

Infographics are more than 30 times more likely to read instead of using content that only includes text. 

Strategic Ways For Creating Strong Visual Impact On Emails 

To make you’re Visual more effective, you also need to plan it strategically, and it can help in boosting the effect and result of email marketing. 

It includes : 

strategies use to make visuals good of your email

Use The Branded Email Themes 

In 2019, According to the report published by LucidPress, consistent branding will boost revenue by 33% on average. 

This proves the importance of branding presentation across different marketing platforms. 

When you are using the right email themes but also keep them consistent so people can get familiar with them, the same goes for the visuals of email marketing. 

When you are creating a new email marketing campaign, it will help you in developing the new design. Using brand email themes can help in easy to recognize but also the colors, fonts, and imagery consistent with the theme. 

Keep Your Visuals Simple 

Although emails are a great form of sharing information, they can be complex if you are adding too many visuals and data in one email. 

This is why you need to focus on fewer elements and precise messages, so  the readers know exactly what they are 

This is why you need to be smart to choose images when you are going for an email. If possible, your images should convert the information. 

Use The Interactive And Video In Email Marketing 

According to the research, there is more than a 300%  up in click-through rates to those emails, which include videos. This also improves the strategies of email marketing.

Since the interest is getting much faster, this is a great idea to add videos to email marketing; this can help in engaging and conveying more information instead of photos. 

The key is to choose the relevant videos that help in boosting the effectiveness. 

Reliance In Your Email Campaign 

It’s important as any other marketing campaign; this is also based on the number of games. 

Sending a lot of emails can help in getting much more chances to have the reactions and behaviors you are looking for. But it is much more effective if you are using market segmentation

Market segmentation helps you in getting insight into the audience you have. With this, you can divide the target market into groups based on criteria they fit into, such as needs, interests, demographics, etc. 

Choosing The Right Concept Of Design 

When you are creating the content for your email marketing, you need to choose the right design concept, and if you have a clear concept, every decision is based on what you are looking for in visuals. 

You require to have a clear idea of how you want to present the information and get ideas successfully across. 

Strategic Font The PLacements In Your Email 

In order to be effective in a visual marketing campaign, you need to be strategic with where you are placing your fonts and other element placements. 

Everything matters when it comes to the fonts you are using; even what size you are choosing can help in improving the vision. 

Use The Right Colors That Suits Emailer 

Color has its effect on the behavior of humans; it pays to know what color is going to be effective in your email marketing since it plays an important role and has its influence on design and impact on customers. 

Using colors in your email can improve it visually and also get the attention of the audience to the message and the information. 

Use Infographics In The Email 

Another effective trick you can use for making your email visually good is using infographics. Not only can you share a lot of information, but it’s also helpful in getting attention due to its visual impact. 

By using infographics, the information can be recognized within 133 milliseconds. 

What Are The Essential Basic Elements In Email? 

So now you know why visuals play an important role and how it affects the results.

But it’s important that you know how to achieve the results, and for that, you need to start with creating the template. In order to start with that, here is the essential foundation, and you can create two or three templates for trying different types of messaging. 

The template requires : 

Email Header 

The email header design is going to be the first thing that readers will see, and it’s crucial to focus on its looks. The following mail header design is simple, but you can add the logo of the brand so the readers know who sent the email. 

The banner also needs to outline the expected content from the email; this can encourage the recipient to read further comments.

When you are creating the email template design, make sure you are leaving space for the branded header; since it doesn’t change often, you can keep the design one or two. This will be enough. 

Brand Colors 

The next basic is the brand colors which work as brand identity; this stands you out and helps in keeping differences between you as well as competitors. 

The brand color, logo, font, and voice are the parts of identity that need to be taken into consideration. With this, you can choose the right visuals that can appeal to recipients without losing the identity of the brand. 

Brand Fonts 

Along with colors, the email your design should have the font that goes with your brand. 

Keep in mind that If you are considering whether your brand has a niche font, this also may not appear in the right way or might end up not showing up at all in some recipients.


Email Signature 

The next thing that you need to consider in choosing an email signature is for boosting brand awareness as well as adding the touch of personalization. 

With this, you can create a connection with your people and help them know that there are people behind the brand. 

Heading And Subheadings 

The email includes a block-off test as compared to any other method which is used in content marketing, this is for getting attention, but it doesn’t mean you can overlook if your design is making content readable or not. 

If you are using multiple stories in the email,  make sure that you are dividing them into sections by using the right headings and subheadings. 

White Space 

A newsletter layout requires white space to make the content readable. It also plays a vital role in visuals; if you add elements too much, it will make it look crowded. 

Also, it becomes hard to read the text, and visuals will be hard to get attention. 

Also, it results in the recipient unsubscribing from the email. So white space is an important part to consider, especially when many emails are opened using mobile devices. 

Calls To Action 

Well, a Call to action is the primary way that helps in tracking the conversation from your email marking. With your visuals, you also need to focus on how and where your call to action is placed. 

Here are some of the points that you need to consider for CTAs

  • Don’t add too many of your CTAs; the best is to choose two or three, as they will make people less confused. 
  • The CTA color should be distant as compared to the rest of your visuals of the email so it stands out. 

Actionable Tips For Using The Visual In Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the strongest content marketing tools which is available for the business and helps in making it much more profitable 

But how will you know if you are using it right or not? Or are visuals in the right manner or not? 

To help you in improving the email design and its visuals, here are some of the actionable tips that can make it better for you. 

mistakes to avoid in email template visuals

Add Visuals Which Are Relevant To Your Email 

For the visuals you are using in the newsletter templates, you need to understand which one is better and more relevant to the email. 

Here is the point that you need to take into consideration:

  • Using stock photos may not be the only option; you can start with other options that can help in making the photos much more personal and appealing. 
  • Take some time to find what makes the brand authentic and the subject relaxed; real poses are much better  
  • You can also hire photographers who can do unique photoshoots, and you can add more pictures in line, including brands and products. 
  • However, If you are a small business, this is expensive, so you need to look for alternative visuals.
  • Add the charts and infographics so they can be good for visuals. Also, a vast amount of information and audience focus on the newsletter. 

Choosing The Right Kind Of Email Visuals 

Finding relevant visuals can help in improving and affecting the results; this can make email marketing campaigns much more effective.

There are different visuals that you get to incorporate across using a newsletter, you can use stock photos but don’t overuse them, so it doesn’t look too irrelevant. 

Illustrations can be unique and captivating; if you can get the designer, you can create the illustrations and make stunning visuals. 

You can use the behind-the-scenes videos and images; this gives much more insight into what company culture you follow and the personal aspects of the content. 

UGC In Your Visuals 

User-generated content is trending and also good for engagement tools using social media, but it can help in creating visuals for email. 

Collecting strong imagination using contests can save marketing teams’ budget and time that would be spent on using the photoshoots. 

Text To Image Ratio  In Emails 

Visuals should be primarily for illustrating text content. And there is a risk of using images on emails which leads to slowing down the loading time, and emails tend to get blocked. 

To avoid this, make sure it contains 80% text and 20%  of visuals, so if the email has a big block of text, you can add the text that can help in improving the reading.

Consider The Size Of the Images 

Image sizes are an important aspect of taking consideration when optimizing websites but also help in playing a role in creating email campaigns. 

Heavy image sizes could slow down the loading speed of email; it can be the website, you can choose an image that is too small, and this can make the quality bad. 

Keep the image small, no more than 1MB each, and keep the resolution of 72 PPI; this can make it view multiple screen sizes. 

Choose the Right Image Format 

You can control the size of email visuals; using the correct image can help in choosing the right format. Some of the popular file types include GIF, JPG, PNG, etc. 

JPG images are much deeper level in detailing, and they are better for using the photographs. . This can generally tend to not be very large file sizes, and this can also be compressed when you are uploading it. 

PNG works for image formats, including illustrations, photos, vectors, etc. This can help in easily scaling without losing the resolution. However, this is much more veer to image sizes. 

GIFs have the smallest sizes, which are good for three formats; this is ideal for quick image loading,  depending on the kind of content you are choosing for the emails, and helps you in choosing images that suit your email marketing. 

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