MailerLite Review (2023): Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons

MailerLite started in business in 2005, it began as a web design agency, but in 2010, it developed the first newsletter management tool.

They have focus on giving the business a simple but powerful email solution that can grow.

Also, today they have more than one billion emails per month. To understand more about how Mailerlite works and if it’s worth enough or not, here is a detailed review to know about MailerLite.

What To Know About MailerLite?

Mailerlite offers email marketing software that can be effective and affordable.

They are popular, simple, and effective and a free mail newsletter that performs the job very well.

Also, they have a free plan and paid, which works really well. As well as compared to the competitors, they offer a good and cheaper price range.

Mailerlite helps in creating campaigns that can be personalized and professional.  They offer easy-to-use marketing tools.

This creates mobile responsive, landing pages, newsletter, and website which comes with the drag and drop editors along with ready-made templates.

You don’t need to write or have knowledge of code.

With this, you can grow the list, connect with the audience, and have advanced features, including auto-send campaigns, embedded surveys, pop-ups, and automation.

You can connect to the workplace using the zapper, and also accept the payment online via using Syn and Stripe.

How Does The Mailerlite Pricing Work?

Mailietigte offers pricing which is pretty basic and reasonable,

However, you get different options if you are looking for the price range in their planes.

The Maileite focuses on providing the customer with marketing tools that can be affordable.

Also, they are implementing new as well as expensive tools, so this has made the price change recently.

According to their price changes that happen, the new plans added the fees which are –

The free plan was for more than 1000 subscribers, where you get the restricted features

  • Up to 2500 contacts are charged $15 per month
  • Upto 5000 contacts charge $30 per month
  • Up to  10,000 contact charges $ 50 per month
  • Up to 15,000 contact charges $75 per month.

As the subscriber continues to increase, the price also tends to go up.

This means you can gradually scale the business and ensure that the email marketing tool is also growing along with 

The list has more than 600,00 subscribers, which charge $1915 per month. However, for this, you need to contact the team of Mailerlite to get a quote.

Fees And Extras

The small business plan that you get for up to 5000 success is the affordable plan if you are running a small business.

With this one, you won’t find problems connecting with the list as it charges $10 per month.

Once you scale up, you can also increase it to a minimum which considers more storage and support for the contact list.

Mailerlite offers the option to bolt on when you need the extras for the campaign.

Premium Support

This cost per month is $100; here, you get the opportunity to prioritize support via using email and live chat, where you can get help from the team.

Also, you get a manager that can do the work like analyzing the metrics, building a subscriber list, and creating the campaign for you.

Custom Design Template

It costs $100 per month; here, you can get the team that helps in designing and supporting your landing page design.

Also, they can help in the custom email template, creating a solution that features the content blacks and branding you prefer.

You can use the services if you are planning to implement bespoke options for automation.

What Are The Features You Get In MailerLite?

Mailerlite has a lot of different features that make them really commendable for what they are offering.

However, when you are using mailer lite, there are a lot of cool functions that you might find.

Here are some of the notable ones that you need to know about.

Sending Email Campaign

The feature allows you to create the main newsletter using Mailerlite.

Also, you can send the email promotion or use RSS which makes this automatically send to diest from the blog content.

A/B Split Testing

Email campaign also comes with A/B split testing of subject lines; apart from this, you get the email content, etc.

Grow The Audience

You can create the forms and use the targeted pop-ups for Mailerlite on the site.

You can use this as an email list builder, which can help you in creating more audiences and get more subscribers for yourself.

Segmenting The Subscribers

Marie Kondo is the subspecies that deliver the most relevant messages.

Also, you can grow the group depending on their characteristics which induces their gender, age, and country.

Also, you can use eh activities, including the opened and clicked emails, and use them as the list.

Building The Website And Landing Pages

The Miller lite allows you to build emails, but also you can use this for building your landing pages, mini-sites, and copy information.

Not just that, but they do the hosting for you too.

Marketing Automation

You can start with the automatic welcome email flow, which is simple and builds the platform.

Apart from this, you can do the multi-flow step process for onboarding, especially for customers who are new to this.

Great Pricing And Value For Money

Mailerlite comes very cheaply, especially if you are comparing it with the other options you get in the market.

Apart from this, you get the value of money.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Mailerlite?

There are differences that you will find if you choose MailerLite.

Like other software, Mailerlite has its own pros and cons too.

Here are the pros that you will find.

It’s Free For Everyone

Their free plan has a good amount of features which makes the free plan worth it for a lot of people.

Even the free plan includes marketing automation.

However, you don’t find some of the features, like the newsletter template, in the free plan.

But still, it’s one of the pros that you get as it will get the work done.

It’s Easy To Use

The software offers a simple and clean interface which makes the option a great service for someone who is new and even advanced.

Its Offers Landing Page Editor

The pros that you get while using Mailerlite is that you get the landing page editor, which allows you to create and design the landing page much better

Also, it’s hosted by the domain you are using, or Mailerlite does it for you.

As for the cons, you get

It Doesn’t Have Some Pro Features

For those who are looking for more pro features, this might be a disappointing deal. Not even when you are choosing the paid plans.

It still doesn’t have some of the features such as advanced automation, fill reporting, CRM features, Spam, or design testing.

It Has a Rigorous Approval Process

However, it’s not a bad thing at some level if they keep deliverability rates up.  but it can be overkill if you want to start much faster, as the whole process makes this slow.

Why It’s Recommended And  Not Recommended For You?

The Mailerlite has its own use, and it focuses on people who are looking for a simple, easy, and affordable solutions.

Mailerlite is best for you if you are a small or midsize business, nonprofit, freelancer, writer, administration, large enterprise, etc.

Also, it’s great for anyone who is looking for affordable and great value for email marketing.

However, it might not be for you in some cases.

That’s why it’s important to understand if it’s recommended for your purpose or not.

Mailerlite is for you to consider if –

You Are Small business, Freelancer Or Solopreneur

Mailerlite has features that serve the purpose, which makes the tulle ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs.

Not just that, it comes with a modest budget but has the tool that does more than just need the newsletter.

Here you get some of effective features such as contact tagging, automation workflows, and segmentation.

Along with that, you get the landing editor, which can be helpful in running a sophisticated campaign.

You Are  A Beginner

The Mailerlite has a simple and extremely easy-to-access interface.

Also, they have intuitive navigation and an email editor, which is quite good.

The Mailerlite is also considered to be the best for anyone who is looking for something that doesn’t need unnecessary or professionalism.

This is best for you if you just started and are a complete beginner.

Here you get the introduction of Mailerlite academy, where you get the courses that can help you in getting a marketing expert with Mailerlite certification, which makes everything much easier, and on top of that, it’s free of cost.

You Are A Creative Or A blogger.

The Mailerlite is quiet for you if you are looking for affordable pricing 

But if you are someone who is creative in doing work like blogging, this can be suitable for you.

The Mailerlite comes with features that are for bloggers, including WordPress integration, RSS campaign, and video marketing.

However, the software is not for you if you are –

You Are Looking For Comprehensive Reporting

The reports that you get in Mailerlite are pretty standard ones that you get in any other tool for email marketing.

Along with the purchase tracking of sites like WooCommece and Shopify, which don’t add social tracking.

So you don’t get the comprehensive reporting in this one.

You Are Looking For Complex Automation

While you are getting the automated workflow-based which allows you the handful triggers, including clicking a link, joining a group, having a const field update, etc

But still, it lacks the automation if you are looking for the much-advanced triggers, including when they visit the website’s page, etc. y

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