Top 15+ Best Mailchimp Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing services that are used in different industries, businesses, and individuals.

However, you might be looking for other services which can be the alternative and are better than Mailchimp.

There might be reasons like the recent pricing or you ,need something because this one is not working for you

Here, you will dim the best Mailchimp alternatives that can take care of your email marketing needs.

Why People Might Be Switching Away From Mailchimp to its competitor?

Mailchimp is no doubt considered to be an email marketing service, but they become poor because of their free forever plan.

But in recent years, they failed to keep up with the interactions that are happening.

Also, they are now changing businesses for universal uses.

You should not be paying subscribers who are not getting in touch with you.

Also, customer support is downloaded and becoming insightful.

While they are still using the ‘All in one marketing platform’, the users don’t have the ability to delete more than 100 contacts in bulk from the list.

However, the competitors did their game up which offers more options, features, qualities, and practicing for the users.

It helps in making the switch to different Mailchimp alternatives.

What Are The Alternatives Of MailChimp To Consider?

Since there are a lot of options out there, it can be troublesome to pick one.

To understand it better, here is the list.

Mailchimp Alternatives and competitors

The 15+ Top Mailchimp Competitors in 2022


Dodogital is Mailchimp Competitor

DotDigital is one of the Mailchimp alternatives that you can consider for being more innovative and aiming to become more engaging through creating email marketing.

Especially this one you get the engagement platform which is cloud-based.

This one is a great tool that integrates all the basic platforms and sends automated messages.

DotDigital has a fairly useful email editor which is helpful in creating the email newsletter. You can consider this one if you are looking for something much simpler as compared to Mailchimp.


mossend is biggest Mailchimp Competitor

Moosend is really the biggest Mailchimp alternative which has the best email marketing service overall.

It’s highly remedial if you think that you need what MailChimp provides but with a little less pricey.

They have the free forever plan, which is completely free.

Moosend is on average  30% cheaper as compared to Mailchimp, which makes this more value for money.

Also, you get the sophisticated choice if you need a simple option but have a tight budget.

Here you get the free email newsletter that suits every occasion, fantastic customer services, and sophisticated segmentation.


MailJet is leading Mailchimp alternative

Mailjet is a tool that has been around in time, they have the ready as well as willing to grant the better use of automation, experience, and innovation.

This one also has a fairly large number of templates, and it’s branded and free plan.


SendInBlue is a kind of software that is quite similar to Mailchimp but has different aspects of marketing.

This one offers a free plan but also allows the users to get used to most of the features.

They also have a straightforward and simple UI, and they have the SMS marketing option as unique.


Emma is one of the leading Mailchimp competitors that go well with Mailchimp alternatives.

The modern email marketing system can be expired but it has unique features.

This also makes this more suitable for small businesses and email marketing.


The iContact is an email solution that offers much cheaper pricing plans.

They start at $14 per month for 500 contacts. You also get a 15% discount if you are choosing prepaid annually.

It’s certainly the best for businesses that are small-scale and also considered to be Mailchimp competitors.

Mad Mimi

Mailchimp competitors - Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is affordable and quite good for email marketing solutions for small-scale businesses.

They offer a free plan where you can get storage for more than 100 subscribers along with free template customization.

Simply Cast

One of the strong competitors, but also has great features who have an easy-to-use interface.

This also has four plans which induce pay-as-you-go options based on contacts and email distribution.

Also, the pricing plan is divided into two categories, the first one is based on contacts which you can send by email over the course of the month.

The second is based on sends, which means you can send a lot of emails within a month.


Omnisend is a tool for eCommerce marketing automation.

It includes more than 15000 emails that come with limited functions.

The standard plan starts at $10 a month.

This can be one of the options you can consider to better the small but separate extensions.


Mailercolid Is one of the user-friendly email marketing tools.

This has the best and most effective features like contacts, automation, etc.

You can start the free trial to understand more.


MorphyMail is one of the options you can consider to be a great app, especially for someone who refers to sending free bulk emails to email subscribers.

Even though it comes free, you can consider the purchase in order to remove the footer.

AVADA Email Marketing

Mailchimp competitor

AVADA email marketing is a great option if you are looking for a reliable email marketing platform.

It is also simple email development as it allows you to customize the email element right down to the last pixel.

It is free of charge if you want a basic plan, but you can also start the pro plan which costs $9 per month.


Mailchimp has a lot of competition, but this one is the right option that you might consider getting.

The price also has the model extremely flexible, it’s also an additional pay-as-you-go option.

Here you get $7 for 1000 emails.

Freshmail has a free premium plan combined with emails that are unlimited and more than 500 contacts.

The choice is recommended for seasoned email marketers who are trying to be marketing automation action.

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