Louis Vuitton Marketing Strategy: Elevating the Art of Branding

When we talk about luxury and high-end fashion, Louis Vuitton is a name sure to be recalled. ?

Originating from the country of fashion and love, France, Louis Vuitton spread its magic all around the world. ??

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you sure would like to know more about this fashion giant, which has gained unparalleled success in this industry. ?

About Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a division of the LVMH, the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy, along with its other subsidiaries like Dior, Hennesy, etc.

In terms of value, Louis Vuitton is unmatchable among luxury brands. It is also amongst the most profitable businesses out there. ?

The brand specializes in leather items, handbags ?, trunks ?, shoes ?, accessories, watches ⌚️, and jewelry. The classic Monogram of LV has become a well-recognized identity in the fashion world. 

Today, Louis Vuitton has become a status symbol and a synonym for luxury. 


Louis Vuitton was designated as the official box-maker and packer for Empress Eugenie de Monjito of France, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Louis Vuitton’s History in Short

Louis Vuitton was a trunk maker ? even before he founded the company that would become an icon in the fashion industry.

He arrived in Paris in 1837 at the young age of 16 and started working as an apprentice for Monsieur Marechal. He quickly became well-known for his craftsmanship and customization skills. He continued to work for 17 years before finally opening up his own workshop. 

Louis Vuitton’s success led to the expansion of operations resulting in the opening of the Asnieres in 1859 with just 20 employees.

What started as a luggage-building workshop soon became a renowned name across the world. The company set up stores in prime locations in New York, Beijing, etc ?. 

Today, the Asnieres workshop has around 170 excellent craftsmen creating leather goods. 


Louis Vuitton started crafting handbags after the 1892 World’s Fair.

Marketing strategies of Louis Vuitton

Website Overview

If you have not checked Louis Vuitton’s official website yet, hurry! ✅️

The brand has created mesmerizing visual presentations- not boring images, but lively videos of its shows and collections on its website’s homepage. 

The handmade factor ?

Louis Vuitton focuses on creating personalized designs for custom goods to satisfy even the most demanding clients. The brand’s handmade craftsmanship has gained a reputation for being perfect and superior in quality.

It may take around 60 hours to craft each LV trunk and around 15 hours for a suitcase to be completed. ⏰️

This reputation of perfect craftsmanship and immaculate quality has made Louis Vuitton a part of numerous discussions on high-fashion products. When the products speak for the brand, the company need not advertise the superiority of its quality.


Exclusivity remains a key advertising tactic employed by Louis Vuitton. Limited edition products compel customers to make a purchase as soon as possible to avoid missing out on it.

Customers act on the opportunity to get their hands on valuable items at a reasonable cost since exclusive series from Louis Vuitton are not mass-produced. 

People are willing to spend significant money on a limited edition luxury item from Louis Vuitton, often equating it with a status symbol. The brand often unveils its exclusive series on special occasions to attract its target customers to make prompt purchases.

Talented Team?

Louis Vuitton has entrusted its product design and promotion to some exceptionally talented individuals. When the product is flawless, effective promotion can help it gain widespread recognition. 

Celebrity Collaborations ?

Angela Jolie, Sean Connery, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jennifer Lopez, and Kanye West are a few renowned celebrities associated with the luxury of Louis Vuitton.

The brand has also collaborated with fresh faces like Ming Xi, BTS, and Xavier Dolan. Such collaborations with top-notch talent add immensely to the promotion of LV products. 

Constant Innovation?

Louis Vuitton’s products are a favorite among young celebrities like Billie Eilish and Jaden Smith. It shows that the brand’s appeal is intact, even among millennials and GenZ.  

Louis Vuitton is, therefore, now focused on balancing tradition and innovation to create visually stunning content for social media. This strategy helps it connect with its audiences worldwide by portraying a lifestyle rather than just selling products.

The brand has promoted an accessible image while maintaining its luxury status. Through a combination of traditional values with a modern outlook, it has become easier for LV to engage with customers all over the world. ?

Top Products of Louis Vuitton 


The iconic Speedy bag by Louis Vuitton, originally created in 1930, was inspired by the rapid advances in transportation during that decade. ?

The Speedy bag was compact with a lightweight design which made it quite travel-friendly. The bag could still hold all your essential items. 

This timeless classic, designated “House Icon,” is a valuable addition to any wardrobe.


The 1934 Alma bag was a brainchild of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the grandson of Louis Vuitton. 

Its name was inspired by the famous Alma Bridge of Paris, which connected two neighborhoods separated by the Seine River ?. 

With a durable leather base, protective studs, and rolled leather handles, this bag is considered to be the most structured LV bag.


The Neverfull bag introduced in 2007 gained immense popularity and became a part of LVs House Icons. 

This classic piece is known for its generous capacity, preferred for both everyday use and travel?.


The Twist is a recent addition to LVs House Icons. The bag has been designed in such a way that it seamlessly transitions from day to evening. 

With bold LV hardware, the bag is equipped with a short chain hand strap and a leather cross-body strap. 

The bag has a minimalist vibe and features the signature Epi leather. This versatile piece of accessory is available in multiple colors and sizes. 

Petite Boite Chapeau

The Petite Boite Chapeau, priced at $4600, draws inspiration from LVs iconic hatbox. 

This compact bag became a hot piece of street-style accessory when it was unveiled in 2018.

Looping Bag

Even though it has been discontinued, the Looping bag is a popular vintage item from LV.

Originally introduced in 2002 at a price of $1030, this bag now sells for anywhere between $600 to $2000 at resellers like Farfetch, ReBag, and eBay. 

This iconic piece shows off the House’s Monogram coated canvas with Vachetta leather handle, giving it that timeless quality. 


The iconic Monogram Canvas was designed by George Louis Vuitton in 1896 as a homage to his father, the great founder of the company. 

Pochette Accessoires Bag

With leather or a chain strap, the versatile Pochette is slightly bigger than a toiletry bag, with enough space to hold a Zippy wallet and other essential items. 

The bag is available on the LV website, but due to its desirable vintage appeal, it can be purchased on other platforms for a price as low as $400. 

Capucines Bag

The Capucine Bags, recognized as a House Icon, pays homage to Rue des Capucines in Paris, which is the location of LV’s inaugural store in 1854. 

Often considered an embodiment of true luxury, this bag is crafted using high-quality materials like Taurillon leather, crocodilian leather, or soft lambskin. 

Fashion enthusiasts favor the BB, PM, and mini Capucine variants quite well. 

Noe Bag

To fulfill a request from a champagne producer for a durable bag capable of carrying five bottles of champagne ?, Gaston-Louis Vuitton gave life to the Noe bag in 1932. 

This timeless bucket bag is a classic LV that is available in six variants- the NeoNoe, Nano Noe, Petit Noe, Noe BB, Noe Backpack, and Noe Pouch.

Petite Malle Bag

Drawing inspiration from the classic LV trunks, the Petite Malle bag, much like the Petite Boite Chapeau, dons the monogram Canvas with gold-toned locks and fittings.  

You can flaunt it as a clutch or use the detachable strap to wear it as a cross-body.  


In 1996, the brand celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Monogram Canvas. For the anniversary, select designers were asked to create unique pieces of luggage, which were later exhibited across the globe

Louis Vuitton Marketing Mix 4P Analysis


Louis Vuitton is a prestigious luxury brand that specializes in crafting intricate handmade goods. The company has always relied on traditional artisanship and sophisticated designs to deliver superior products. 

LV has never made use of machines to mass produce its offerings. Highly experienced and skilled craftsmen are entrusted with the task of creating distinctive and original products by hand. ?

The company is driven to invest time, effort, and money to ensure that the quality and comfort of its products cannot be replicated.

The Damier and Monogram Canvas has been trusted by the company since early on. Furthermore, LV sells its products exclusively through its stores worldwide to ensure originality in price and quality.   


Louis Vuitton exclusively sells its products in its official stores through limited distribution channels. LVs products are not available in any department stores. LV has invested in a highly professional sales staff adept at handling customers.

Such direct interactions help LV in building efficient, trusting, and friendly relations with its customers. The company does not trust any other platform to deliver the same quality of customer experience as its exclusive stores. 

LV has around 500 stores in prime locations across the globe ?. Only in the United States, the LV products can be purchased online. 


Louis Vuitton focuses immensely on consistently delivering superior quality products. This helps the brand in justifying the premium pricing ? of its timeless products.

LV ensures the application of integrity pricing across its distribution network so that no products can be sold at a lesser price or be available at sale offers or discounts. 

The exclusive quality, design, and value of LV products correspond with the brand’s higher price point as compared to the market. The pricing is targeted at the upper-class segment who perceive LV as a synonym for style and class. 


Louis Vuitton’s advertising strategy focuses on celebrity collaborations. Big names like Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson have been the brand ambassadors for LV. 

The company invests in high-profile campaigns, sponsoring renowned sporting events like motorsport ? and yacht racing ⛵️, targeting the attention of elite members of society.

Such events provide LV with the platform to form direct connections with the elite audience. It emphasizes high fashion ads which resonate with the target audience, creating product awareness and exclusivity. 

Louis Vuitton has built quite a presence on social media platforms. With 24 million followers on Facebook, 45.2 million on Instagram, and 904k subscribers on YouTube, LV has found new canvases to showcase its content and run advertisements.  

Louis Vuitton’s Top Campaigns

The ‘Make a Promise’ collaboration

In 2016, Louis Vuitton partnered with UNICEF for the Make A Promise ? campaign supporting vulnerable children worldwide.

The collaboration involved the sale of exclusive LV bracelets. The revenue raised through the sale was donated to UNICEF for the cause of vulnerable children. 

During the campaign, participants were asked to share photos with the #makeapromise. It resulted in 14k Instagram posts and nearly $10 million in donations.

Cruise 2017 Show

During the 2017 Cruise show, Louis Vuitton showcased a limited edition series of bags available for online purchase after the event ?‍??‍?.

The selection included some iconic styles like the Petite Malle, the Twist, and the City Steamer. This unique amalgamation of glamor and convenience of an online platform also led to increased traffic of people watching the show virtually.

Spring-Summer Show 2021

This show became well known for featuring a diverse cast, including people who have never been on the runway before. This move showcased LV’s appreciation for talented artists. 

The event witnessed the presence of notable personalities such as footballer Hector Bellerin, skateboarder Lucien Clarke, and skateboarder-photographer Evan Mock, as well as guests like Gigi Hadid and Swae Lee.

Key Takeaways

Louis Vuitton crafts premium goods and demands a premium price in return. ?

The company’s appreciation for its craftsmen and its refusal to mass produce its goods through machines showcases its passion for fashion. ?

LV promises a luxury lifestyle, and its customers seem to know that very well. ✅️


What is so special about Louis Vuitton?

The brand delivers handmade goods which are created by the finest craftsmen with utmost care. Louis Vuitton appreciates the originality and craftsmanship of its artisans so much that it refuses to employ machines to mass produce its goods. 

The brand also sells its products only in its exclusive stores worldwide. It also avoids reducing the price of its goods or displaying them on sale or discount any time of the year. This shows the confidence that the brand has in its unbeatable quality and intricate making. 

Which is the target segment of Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand producing exquisite handmade leather goods with superior quality and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Such a hefty investment in the production of goods clearly demands premium pricing. Hence, the target customers for LV are the upper-class elite who can easily afford to maintain the lifestyle that LV portrays. 

What principles does LV follow in marketing?

Louis Vuitton is well known for its premium pricing. The price of goods is not reduced even as competitors enter the game. Moreover, the brand utilizes limited and exclusive stores to sell its products. This helps maintain the premium image that the brand endorses. 

LV engages in celebrity collaborations, elite sporting event sponsorships, and occasional runway showcases to promote its products. 

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