10 Best Linkedin Competitors in the Professional Networking Space

LinkedIn is a platform for making business connections with customers, partners, and coworkers.

Users can build networking opportunities, trade technical experience and skills, and establish a personal profile.

Additionally, the website offers a variety of resources and services to help users obtain jobs.


Year founded: 2002
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California
CEO: Ryan Roslansky

Key features: 

  • Allows to make a profile. 
  • Great networking. 
  • Incredible for a job search. 
  • Taking advantage of learning possibilities.

Pricing Info:

Premium plans start at $29.99/month.

•Insights on the industry.• Have various privacy issues.
•Job prospects.• It takes time.
• Networking websites.• Possibility of spam.

LinkedIn Competitors: Future of Professional Networking


Year founded: 2003
Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
CEO: Thomas Vollmoeller

A business social website is Xing. It is primarily aimed just at a German-speaking audience and has a considerable customer base in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Visitors may develop creative profiles, connect with others in related professions, and hunt for job openings.

Users may connect and communicate with others using various tools provided by Xing, such as groups, events, and business websites.

Xing is an added feature website comparable to LinkedIn. Since it places a lot of attention here on the European market and offers extensive made to satisfy their needs, it is seen as an option.

Key features:

  • Enables individuals to attend online classes, 
  • Enables users to host invitational tournaments, 
  • Enabling customers to seek suitable prospects, 
  • Enables users to complete assessments.

Pricing Info:

Xing has both free and paid options.

•Have professional contacts.• Limited to the German-speaking business.
•Job openings.• Fewer users than LinkedIn.
• Relationships within a certain industry.• Restricted to a smaller global audience.


Year founded: 2004
Headquarters: Paris, France
CEO: Thierry Lefebvre

A professional networking site like Xing and LinkedIn is called Viadeo. It was introduced in 2004 and has a sizable potential audience in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

It is largely targeted toward the French-speaking market. Users may make professional profiles, network with others in similar fields, and look for employment prospects.

Viadeo is a professional networking platform that is considered an apt alternative to LinkedIn because it strongly focuses on the French-speaking market and offers features tailored to the needs of French professionals. 

Key Features:

  • Keep customers informed about business updates.
  • Produce fresh corporate updates.
  • Activate the Viadeo connections you have.
  • Check the local Viadeo networking stream for changes.

Pricing Info:

Viadeo has both free and paid options.

•Useful for employment opportunities.• Fewer people even than LinkedIn.
•Effective for hiring.• Only available inside the European market.
• Professional networking.• Smaller worldwide footprint


Year founded: 2004
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
CEO: Todd Masonis

A platform for professional development and a contacts list consultancy business, Plaxo.

Users may create professional profiles, connect with others in related professions, and hunt for job openings.

Additionally, Plaxo provides individuals with a variety of options for connecting and interacting with everyone, such as organizations, activities, and business websites.

Plaxo, a medium for career advancement, is seen as a suitable substitute for LinkedIn since it offers a more thorough method of communication by connecting with other systems like Hotmail and Email.

Key features:

  • Data about users’ connections were continually updated.
  • Integration using social media platforms.
  • Career possibilities.
  • Email address administration.

Pricing Info:

Plaxo has both free and paid options.

•Using an address book monitoring system.• Not as well-known as LinkedIn.
•A professional networking tool.• Most users are reporting having trouble.
• Maintaining account information organization.• Less global influence.


Year founded: 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
CEO: Rick Marini

Established in 2010, BranchOut is a portal for career advancement that is connected using Facebook.

It enables members to create profile information, interact with people in their sector, and locate employment prospects.

In addition, BranchOut offers a number of tools for individuals to interact and communicate with others, including communities, conferences, and corporate profiles.

Given that it is developed on Facebook and makes utilization of the digital marketing platform’s characteristics like news feed, and communities, including conferences, BranchOut is a social sharing tool that is seen as a suitable substitute for LinkedIn.

Key features:

  • Customers could maintain track of recommendations made.
  • Look for employment possibilities.
  • Help recruiters locate possible applicants.
  • Users might establish connections with other experts.

Pricing Info:

BranchOut is a free service.

•People might advertise their own brands.• Only available to Facebook members.
•International candidates might be discovered by interviewers.• On the basis of the user’s profile, suggest employment.
• Make use of your Facebook relationships.• Less global influence.


Year founded: 2007
Headquarters: New York City, USA
CEO: Jeff D’Onofrio

Users of the weblog and social networking site Tumblr may add text, photographs, videos, and music to their blog, or “tumblelog,” which is a type of website.

It was introduced in 2007 and has grown to be one of the most widely used online blogging systems. Along with customary blogging capabilities like text and video sharing.

For workers trying to build their own brands, connect with other experts, and showcase their businesses, Tumblr is a popular weblog and virtual communities platform.

It simplifies sharing multimedia data, such as images, movies, and music.

Key features:

  • The use of Tumblr is free.
  • No advertisements.
  • Publishing app.
  • SEO is included.

Pricing Info:

Free membership with a premium plan higher possibilities.

•Access to a sizable audience.• Few possibilities for modification.
•Availability of various media.• NSFW content might be present.
• HTML proficiency.• There are no built-in metrics.


Year founded: 2010
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, USA
CEO: Kevin Systrom

Users may share their material with others via Instagram, a free online picture and video-sharing service.

Although it may be viewed online, mobile devices are where it is most frequently utilized.

In addition to applying different effects and filters to their material, users may share photographs and videos.

Instagram users may also connect with other users’ material by following them.

Because it enables individuals to highlight their career and personal brands via the use of aesthetically pleasing content, including photographs and videos, Instagram is seen as an appropriate substitute for LinkedIn.

Key features:

  • Search for Instagram users who are not signed in.
  • Hide advertising you don’t find interesting. 
  • Hide pictures you’ve been mentioned in.
  • Receive alerts when your favorite users post.

Pricing Info:

Although Instagram is freeware, it also provides sponsored advertising.

•Strong Privacy.• Fewer capabilities on the web.
•Business Social media Profile.• The requirement for a fake life. 
• More Attractive User Interface.Technological drawbacks.


Year founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, U.S.
CEO: Bill Ready

Recipes, ideas for your house and wardrobe, and more may be found on Pinterest, a visual search engine.

You can always get inspiration from Pinterest because of its enormous collection of pins. Save the Pins you find that you like to board so that they will stay organized and simple to find.

You may also create Pins on Pinterest to communicate your ideas to other users.

Because it enables individuals to highlight their abilities, goods, and solutions via the use of aesthetically pleasing content, such as photographs and videos, Pinterest is viewed as a suitable substitute for LinkedIn.


  • Pins that tag products.
  • Video in the Catalog.
  • Shop Tab on Company Profiles. 
  • The API for online shopping.

Pricing Info:

A paid advertising option is also available on the free Pinterest app. 

•Widen Your Horizons. • More repins aren’t always a good thing.
•Return the affection. • The images you use must be extremely specific.
• Written pin descriptions. There are legal problems that must be taken into mind. 


Year founded: 2000
Headquarters: Vancouver, Washington
CEO: Henry Schuc

ZoomInfo is a contact-generating and business analytics solution that offers firms comprehensive data about individuals and companies.

With its extreme amount of more than 200 million partnerships and 8 million organizations, it also provides sophisticated searching and sorting tools.

Research on product marketing is done using this instrument.

Because it offers detailed reports about businesses, contacts, and sectors, ZoomInfo is seen as a suitable substitute for LinkedIn.

Additionally, it enables connections and powerful search features.

Key Features:

  • Provides thorough company information 
  • connected with other applications like CRM. 
  • Connection to CRM/Marketing Automated.
  • Comprehensive search capability.

Pricing Info:

ZoomInfo is a paid service, pricing varies based on plan and usage.

•Has precise data about each person. • Sometimes, the service might be sluggish.
•Information retrieval options. • Need one function that always gets you hooked.
• Detailed telephone number.The program does occasionally fail.


Year founded: 2015
Headquarters: Paris, France
CEO: Mathieu Lecarme

With the help of the online application Hunter, you can easily locate and validate business email accounts as well as monitor email marketing.

Searching for someone’s name, business, or hostname, enables users to locate the email account of any individual, again from the CEO of an organization to an individual freelancer.

The application also offers a mechanism to confirm the validity of the discovered email list.

Because it enables individuals to rapidly identify and authenticate email accounts of individuals and organizations they wish to connect with, Hunter is indeed an email automation software that is thought to be an appropriate substitute for LinkedIn.

Key Features:

  • Validates in mass a huge collection of user accounts.
  • Discovering contact details for a business or website 
  • enables you to locate all messages connected to that site.
  • The predator checks the accuracy.

Pricing Info:

Hunter Prince is not a known product or service any reputable company offers.

•The program is simple to use even for non-techies.• If used frequently, the product could be expensive.
•A well-constructed method of locating contact information.• Some people might find it challenging to use the UI.
• The simplicity of usage was beneficial.Few alternatives for sending files.

Linkedin Local

Year founded: 2003
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, U.S.
CEO: Mike Massey

As part of a neighborhood program called LinkedIn Local, users are encouraged to interact and meet casually.

It’s a way to take the LinkedIn business networking experiences outdoors and give users.

The chance to engage with their LinkedIn connections more meaningfully and develop strong connections.

Because it enables in-person connections between individuals instead of merely online ones, LinkedIn Local is seen as a suitable substitute for the online network.

It offers a chance for networking, knowledge exchange, and developing ties with individuals in your field and neighborhood.

Key features:

  • Participants can pick up tips from professionals in their field.
  • The gatherings are made to help guests feel a sense of belonging.
  • Academic advancement
  • Nurturing relationships.

Pricing Info:

LinkedIn Local is a free app.

•It enables face-to-face interactions with others.• Restricted to a certain region.
•Economic advancement• A modest turnout.
• Nurturing relationships.A dearth of possibilities for connecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I modify the photo on my LinkedIn profile?

A second version may be uploaded by clicking the webcam icon in the upper right corner of any LinkedIn profile and choosing “Change Photo.”

How can I add someone to my LinkedIn connections?

Visit a person’s LinkedIn profile, then select the “Connect” option to link up to them.

How can I edit my LinkedIn profile?

Go to your account on LinkedIn and select the “Edit Profile” option to make changes. Anyone may change their degree, skills, and work experience here.

How can I update my LinkedIn profile with a job?

Go to your Profile page and click the “Add Position” option under the “Experience” column to add a career. You may enter your business and job description below.

Conclusion- The Best LinkedIn Alternatives

There are several factors that an individual might decide to utilize a LinkedIn substitute rather than LinkedIn directly.

Although some users might like the functionality or capabilities of another site, others could be concerned about their safety or security when utilizing LinkedIn.

Eventually, a person’s unique tastes and needs will determine whether they choose to utilize LinkedIn or perhaps an alternative.

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