Famous 10+ Lifestyle Vloggers You Should Subscribe on YouTube

When you are tired of everything on offline or paid online shows, YouTube channel videos are for you to feel cheerful again by giving you some full-quality content. Today we are going to discuss some of these awesome channels which are famous for their powerful content on YouTube.

Lifestyle vloggers on YouTube share almost everything which is happening in their life’s daily events. Lifestyle is a term that can be defined as many aspects which can cover things like cooking, fashion, travel, and various kind of things about these vloggers’ own lifestyles.

We have a lot of things to learn from these YouTube videomakers. so it will be a wise decision to watch videos of these YouTube vloggers video rather than wasting time watching bring television programs on idle time.

These video makers are too famous on YouTube, which can give you various hacks that can be very helpful in your daily life.

Let’s discuss the top 10 YouTube vloggers who make a video on Lifestyle.

Jenna Marbles

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube with a huge subscribers and is 32nd in number with the number of subscribers on the channel.

She has a subscriber base of 18 million subscribers who have made her 32nd YouTube channel in case of the subscriber.

More Interesting Facts:

  • Her videos have a view of around 2.5 billion views on the videos channel, which is huge on YouTube.
  • Her channel is not very old to the YouTube world. She uploaded her first video in 2010 and very soon after she becomes famous on the internet.
  • She received around 5.3 million views for her first video immediately within a week.
  • She is well known for highly hilarious videos and an eccentric personality that create funny videos that are highly enjoyable and social as well as relatable to the viewers.

Casey Neistat

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

Casey Neistat is the best lifestyle YouTuber having a subscriber base of 9.4 million subscribers with video footage of her daily adventurous life, by which he uploads inspirational videos to her videos to raise and run after their dreams.

More Interesting Facts:

  • His videos are about traveling and extravagant excursions which motivates his viewers and followers to lead their life to the best of their limits.
  • He has a spotlight video on the home page of his YouTube channel named “Do What You Can’t,” Which is very much motivational and inspirational to his millions of followers and subscribers.
  • Unlike other YouTube vloggers, he had a show on the channel HBO once, which helped him to get a wider range of audiences to his channel.
  • His videos are too much motivational and inspirational to the followers and viewers of his vlogging channel, and the number of followers is increasing day by day.


best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

This channel on YouTube is owned by the YouTube video maker on lifestyle named Eva Gutowski. She is better known as MyLifeAsEva to the subscriber or viewers of her channel of lifestyle-related videos. She has a subscriber base of over 8.5 million subscribers to her lifestyle-related YouTube channel.

More Interesting Facts:

  • About 87% of her audience is female, as most of the videos are related to her own life.
  • She was named “YouTube’s Fastest Growing Star” by viewers and subscribers for her tremendous lifestyle-related content on YouTube.
  • She has been listed on top of Billboard’s “Social Media Star” list for her amazing contribution to the YouTube video archive through her video about lifestyle.
  • She basically makes videos about her personal life-related topics on her channel.
  • Her video topics are her fitness and beauty routines of herself, updates on her relationship, and comedic skits about her life.
  • Her video is so realistic that each and every video of her gets more than a million views, whatever she unloads in her account.
  • Her videos related to her lifestyle enables her viewers and subscribers to live their day of life as Eva Gutowski by enjoying and following these things about her life.
  • She keeps her audience’s attention on her channel’s video through her unique personal characteristics and differentiated video concepts.
  • These characteristics enable her to earn her third nomination to give her a chance to win Teen Choice’s “Choice Female Web Star.”

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David Dobrik

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

David Dobrik is another best lifestyle YouTuber with a subscriber base of about 6.5 million subscribers on his channel.

He was awarded the “Breakout Creator” and “Vlogger of the Year” at the Streamy Awards 2017 for his amazing YouTube videos.

More Interesting Facts:

  • He posts videos three days a week, and each and every video on his channel gets millions of views for his content’s excellence.
  • He shows his awesome personality through his YouTube videos as he records and publishes his unique and comedic life on his lifestyle-related channel.
  • He adds her girlfriend, Liza Koshy, to his videos, who is as awesome and comedic as this YouTube celebrity and is also very well known on YouTube.
  • Though he is famous for his comedic video, that doesn’t mean that he is only a hilarious person, rather his videos provide lifestyle or meaningful life hacks to the audience through the content on his channel.
  • This lifestyle-related vlogger increases and captive his subscribers and viewers loyal and active to his channel and keeps them wanting more with his funny personality and his tricky video captions.

Joey Graceffa

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

This lifestyle vlogger has two YouTube channels of his own. These two are used for different reasons. One channel is used for his personal lifestyle, and another one is used for gaming use.

His lifestyle-related vlogging channel has approximately about 8.7 million subscribers, and his channel is a mixture of various kinds of content.

More Interesting Facts:

  • And he sometimes collaborates with other YouTube artists and makes videos on various topics to make something interesting and new to the audience he has.
  • He shares his personal life story with his audience to get insights into his life to the audiences of his channel.
  • He is worthy of subscribing and following as he shares worthy learning-type videos.

Tyler Oakley

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

Tyler Oakley first joined YouTube by sharing his first video on YouTube in 2007. he as a subscriber base of about 8 million viewers on his channel. His page has been viewed by more than 650 million visitors, which is pretty awesome.

More Interesting Facts:

  • He is an open gay; that’s why he posts videos about LGBT rights and other social issues to society by his videos.
  • He shows his personality through his videos which shine like a star attracting his audience and other celebrities more to his channel.
  • He collaborated with other famous YouTube artists and appeared on TV shows, and he also made a video with former First Lady Michelle Obama at that time.
  • Nowadays, he is continuously sharing his videos daily on his channel, and it is increasing his ever-growing fan base at a turbulent speed.

Cloe Couture

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

Cloe Feldman is a 20-year-old lifestyle vlogger famously known as Cloe Couture on her YouTube channel about lifestyle. She has a subscriber base of approximately about 3.7 million subscribers on her channel.

She posts videos about her daily life routine on her channel, as well as YouTube challenges and many more things to her channel to attract her audience to her channel.

More Interesting Facts:

  • As she is very young, she attracts the young audience to her channel more than others.
  • She captures her audience and continuously increases the number of audience day by day.

Ingrid Nilsen

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

Ingrid Nilsen is a 29-year-old lifestyle YouTube vlogger who lives in California. She has a subscriber base of approximately about 3.8 million subscribers on her channel. Her weekly videos get approximately about .1 million views on average on her channel.

More Interesting Facts:

  • She makes about beauty products she uses in her personal life, which you must use to get a smooth life.
  • Interestingly, she got about 17 million views on a video in which she came out as a lesbian in it and gave insight by this video by her identity as a gay Asian woman in this video.
  • She shares her experience as a lesbian and still does to this day in her videos to help other girls in similar circumstances in her videos.
  • She is getting support from her current audience as well as getting new audiences to her channel to get many insights about a girl’s life.

Tess Christine

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

Tess Christine has a subscriber base of approximately about 2.3 million subscribers.  She gives her audience insights into her personal life along with her videos about fashion-related tips on her videos.

More Interesting Facts:

  • She has a personal life-related series named “Week in My Life.”
  • She sometimes posts travel vlogs on her channel featuring herself and her boyfriend’s lavish lifestyle to her videos. Her videos are worthy of watching.

Anna Saccone

best lifestyle vbloggers to subscribe

Anna Saccone has a subscriber base of approximately about 1.1 million subscribers. She is a 30-year-old lifestyle blogger who shares her busy life as a mother of two in her channel.

More Interesting Facts:

  • She creates content that covers various topics like her pregnancies and the situations of her children.
  • She is very much open to her audience about her personal lifestyle videos. She uploads videos about her motherhood on her channel.
  • She is worthy of following if you are a mother.

To Sum Up

Though we think that YouTube is only here for you to show some music videos or movie clips or some funny video clips to make you amused by those astonishing clips, there is something many of us don’t know about or know the importance of those channels.

But there are thousands of online vloggers on YouTube who share videos about lifestyles. These lifestyle bloggers shares almost all scenarios of their lives to their subscriber and viewer around the world, which is profitable for both the audience and them.

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