10 Ways to Leverage Customers Through Facebook

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of expanding your business. And in this digital world, you will always consider social media as a platform to promote your goods. 

One of the most used social media platforms is Facebook. We see how youth, as well as elderly people, engage hours on Facebook. So as a businessman, you will always want to choose this platform in the promotion of your good to leverage more customers.

Strategies that can help you acquire customers through Facebook:

Proper use of your Facebook Page.

If your company promotes products on Facebook, then the very first impression that your customer has on you is through their glance at your official Facebook page. Your Facebook page plays a very important role in the promotion of your product.

To optimize the use of your Facebook page, always give a proper cover photo; maybe you can give your company’s logo. Then use cool taglines. You can also add your company’s motto to the photo. Other than this, you should add links to your website on your page so that users don’t face the problem of visiting your website.

For Example: If you see BookMyShow, you will notice they have a very cool interface in their official Facebook website page. They provide all the essential information on their page for their customer’s benefit.

Posting proper and engaging content.

If you want to increase traffic on your channel, then have a proper content strategy. People come to social media for relaxation, interaction with people, and to have fun.

People will interact with you through your post. So it is very important to have a proper content strategy. You need to post engaging, informative, and funny content so that people see your post, have fun and like, share, and comment on your post. This way, your post will reach a large audience and will help you in gaining more subscriptions.

For Example, Yeti, an American company posts very informative content. They provide information about how to use their product and writes about the feedback of their customers and their customer’s lifestyles in their post.

Proper use of ‘Facebook Live.

The ‘Facebook Live’ feature can be put to great use for promoting a new product. If your company is planning to launch a new product, then you can come live on Facebook and promote your product. With large followers and more shares, you can reach a large population and thus can increase your customers.

It is recommended that if the owner of the company comes live on Facebook, then it will increase your views even more than otherwise. Say, if Bill Gates comes to ‘Facebook Live’ to promote some product, then obviously, it will garner more views than if other members of Microsoft come to promote that product.

Maintain a schedule for posting.

If you want persistent traffic on your channel then you have to post regularly following a strict schedule. If you don’t follow a proper pattern for posting, then you may fail to put up a good impression on people, and you may lose potential customers.

Say you are very new to the business, and you hardly post twice a week. This irregularity in posting that, too, for a newbie, will cost you massively. Such strategies will not help you to gain much popularity.

If you are new to the business, try to be very active on social media, posting twice or thrice every day. This will result in more traffic helping your company to grow. With more and more popularity you may reduce your posts as required.

For Example, Cola-Cola, already a very successful MNC posts almost every day on Facebook. It is one of the most liked and followed pages on Facebook.

Images and videos speak better than words.

Research shows that people react more to images and videos than written posts. So, keeping this in mind, companies can try to promote their products through images and videos rather than written posts.

Obviously, only images and videos will not attract many people. You need to have some written content along with the image or video that you are posting.

For Example Walmart Inc., an American Multinational Retail Corporation often promotes itself on Facebook through images and videos.

Proper Investment.

Investment is the ultimate factor in doing business. Without investment, you can’t do business. If you want to do expand your business through social media, then you have to do proper marketing. To do so, you need to invest properly in marketing tools.

You have to hire specialized people to write your content, provide a suitable image for your post, graphic designing of your cover page, etc. To do this, you need to invest in your page wisely.

Try to deliver social proof.

Maintaining goodwill in the market has always been one of the major goals of big companies. If you want to be in the race for a long time, you need to have good relations with your customers. Your customers need to trust you and should have faith in your product. To achieve this, you need to keep providing them with social proof.

One way to do this is by posting feedback videos of your customers who have already used your product. This way, you can keep a friendly relationship with your existing customers and maintain the trust between them and also acquire new customers.

For Example, Dove always posts videos and photos of people giving feedback on their product.

Collab with influencers who have many followers.

Collaboration with top influencers who have a large number of followers can be very productive in promoting your product. It is one of the best ways to promote products on social media platforms, especially on Facebook. 

People on Facebook generally follow many celebrities. Proofs are:

Cristiano Ronaldo – 126M 

Shakira – 99M

Vin Diesel – 94M

Will Smith – 94M

Lionel Messi – 93M

Companies can look to endorse such popular celebrities to promote their products. This will not only ensure more traffic and subscription to your channel but will also help to increase your sales massively.

For Example, Qatar Airways endorses Neymar. You will see Neymar promoting Qatar Airways by posting about it.

Sharing Inspirational Stories or Non-business related information.

We have seen how people like inspirational stories on Facebook and see how viral sometimes it goes. So keeping this in mind, you can post photos and videos of inspirational stories.

Don’t always post business-related issues; instead, you can sometimes post non-business-related information or can sometimes post inspirational stories about your company.

For Example: McDonald’s, one of the largest food chains in the world, doesn’t always promote itself. Other than the food, they post regarding issues of common people, post inspirational stories, and sometimes post on current burning topics.

Providing excellent customer service facilities.

Lastly, in order to keep your customers satisfied, you need to provide them with excellent customer service facilities. Being very active and helping out customers with their problems puts up a good image of your company in the eyes of people and thus helps in your company’s subscription.

Your customer may often have queries regarding your product and may ask questions about it on your posts and also on your official page. You need to gladly respond to their queries and be very quick in your response. 

For Example, Torrid, an American online market store for women is very active on social media and helps out their customers regarding any issue.


As social marketing is becoming more productive day by day and Facebook is one of the most engaging platforms, companies need to engage more on Facebook to promote their products. 

Along with the above-mentioned strategies, new strategies also need to be developed and as the app itself gets upgraded frequently, the companies need to adjust their marketing strategies quickly so that they can optimally use this platform for promotion purposes.

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