21+ Actionable LED Company Marketing Ideas

At present, LED lights are widely used to save electricity and the environment. Due to its eco-Friendly nature, this product has been changing the entire light industry.

It has now become very popular as it is very beneficial due to its life span, lower carbon emission, and also reduces the requirement of frequent replacement.

It is 80% more efficient than traditional lights such as fluorescent and incandescent.LED lights are generally utilized by individuals (residence)in factories, hospitals, street lights, and many other important places of government and non-government sectors also.

some best marketing ideas for LED business

-Products of LED Lights:

Producers can produce from factories by efficient and trained workers under the supervision of an electrical engineer for the production of LED lights. Your produced article needs to be attractive in appearance, well-shaped, and with good quality in its technical side.

Sometimes readymade lights can also be assembled from other factories in a bulk order. While purchasing you should be satisfied with the quality, size, voltage, etc. After purchasing the articles check thoroughly for giving a fit certificate.

Then branding can be done on the LED lights for marketing. Before marketing the Lights you need to have some knowledge of the market you are about to cater to.

-Pricing of the Lights:

Price fixing is an important job before the placement of your light for marketing. Fixing of price needs all costs to be taken into account such as production or buying, carrying charges, commissions to the agents, any tax amount, percentage of profit, advertisement cost, and other miscellaneous expenditure involved from production to selling point.

After fixation, a sticker has to be pasted having details of manufacturing date, unit no., and MRP on every packet of the lights.

-Placement for marketing of LED lights

After pricing your article is ready for marketing. This part of the business is very important because many companies are struggling to increase their LED lighting sales because of a lack of knowledge of LED Lighting.

Salesmen should have a fair knowledge of the lights watts, voltage, percentage of savings of electricity; warranty period of the light to help the customer about their requirement in the market. Marketing can be done in different ways. Through sales representative, opening a retail counter, sending to the wholesale market.

Apart from that, your best representative can make contact with the government and non-government sectors like offices, hospitals, city malls, different government offices, corporations, and municipalities, about their requirement.

You can participate in e-Tenders of the government and semi- governments about their requirement to get a good business also.

-Research & Development:

If you are in a good position for the production of LED lights you can have a research and development section.

By engaging an electrical/electronic engineer who could be able to develop, upgrade, quality your LED lighting by which you can satisfy the customer according to their needs and keep in mind the views of the customers for improved service.

This will help to get a superior hold on the market with your newly upgraded LED lights from time to time.

-Advertisement in Media:

In present-day science and technology to uphold sales, every company needs to advertise their products, articles on social and other media by which customers will be aware of the necessity for use of LED lights.

A short ad- film with a good slot, including lucrative photographs, can be prepared by a well-reputed Ad-agency about LED lighting products. This slot can be telecast on Television at the interval of the program. This will definitely reach the customers for the promotion of your product.

A good blog writer can be appointed who could be able to write a good article for publishing in a daily newspaper stating the need LED lights comparing normal and fluorescent lights, is more beneficial for use by the customer.

Apart from the above, you have to print a good brochure with good and lucrative photographs of LED lighting which is always needed whenever you think to promote your business.

-To be active in social Media:

In the twenty-first century,  social media plays a significant role in conveying information about different businesses to their particular targeted customers. So it is imperative to remain active on social media to create consciousness about your business in the minds of people and make people notice you more.

The social media account of Facebook and Instagram needs to be well managed with product photographs, comments including address, offers, contact numbers, and your place. It also needs to update from time to time whenever you feel necessary.

-Opening a Website:

One of the most effective marketing strategies is to open a website. Websites create tailored content like blogs, newsletters, e-booklets, etc. with the aim to retain the existing and to attract new customers.

It provides a well-crafted policy to create and market the content that helps reap long-term rewards. Website strengthens online presence and allows SEO work to be done for better marketing of the business.

Online Marketing:

In present times, humans are unable to give time for going to market for buying their various articles. To give them relief, online marketing is growing up day by day. Therefore online facilities have to be given by you to the customer who needs LED lights for illumination.

You have to open a seller account on different online sites. Tie-up should be done with reputed companies to sell and reach your lights to the customers at distant places.

-Direct email marketing

Traditional marketing with the help of direct emails can be done effectively so as to gain customers and also maintain relationships.

Your existing customers can get to know about the LED business and also the various offers through such mails and the “call to action” feature in each of the mail is sure to rake in sales!

-To attend in Electric and Electronic Trade Fair:

There is a good trend that both government and non-government sectors are arranging various national and international fairs to promote the business of various products and articles.

In industrial trade fair, there is a scope to get stalls to demonstrate and disseminate the facilities, warranty for using of LED lights which definitely develops an attraction for your product of LED lighting.

Searching for some catchy slogans and taglines that stick in your head for days!? So check out the Catchy LED Light Slogans and Taglines.

In Fair, your stall should be well fitted and decorated with LED lights in various shapes and sizes. Your representatives should be well aware to deliver good speaking to make the customer understood about their utility.

Web directories

Most people these days tend to search web directories whenever they need any product. Effective internet searching skills are what people have in abundance these days and hence listing your LED business in such directories can help you to rake in more moolah!

-Reviews and Feedbacks

Ask your customers to share their feedback and reviews after using your products on the website and social media pages.

You should monitor the reviews regularly to know the opinion of your customers. It will help you to enhance the quality and design of your products.

You can also request an expert to share his/her reviews on your products. Positive reviews by an expert will make your store popular among customers and they can also trust the quality of your products without any hesitation.


Entice new customers to visit your website and store through blogging. Write creative articles about new technology in LED, new design, and advice your customers on buying and using different types of perfume products.

You can also write about your products and their specialty. Mention the link of your blog on the website and social media pages.

-Discounts and deals

The best way of promoting your products is to offer discounts and exciting deals to your regular and new customers. Offer a discount on popular LED during the festive and holiday seasons.

Collaborate with a daily deals site that will help in promoting your business by offering lucrative daily deals to your customers.

Reward your loyal customers by offering them cash vouchers, discounts, and free products.

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. So read out the LED Company About us.

How to drive sales to your led company?

  • Give discounts offers, exciting deals, cash vouchers, gifts to regular and new customers.
  • Request customers to share feedbacks/reviews on your website and your social media accounts.
  • Promote your brand through blogging with the help of original articles, new designs, suggestions or latest styles.
  • Make sure to promote business through direct e-mails to gain customers and also maintain relationships. 
  • Manage social media pages with product photographs, promotional contents, videos and other offers.

How to promote your led company?

  • Promote your brand through a professional logo and a creative website.
  • Attend an electric and electronic trade fair to make a new connection.
  • Join with reputed companies to sell and promote the business at distant places.
  • List your business in web directories.
  • Sell products through its website and list items on other e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay.
  • Distribute business cards to partners, vendor or new visitors to stay connected with them.
  • Put signs at the entrance and decorate the entrance window to attract roadside visitors.

FAQs about LED company to get more detail about business

How to use Twitter for promoting your LED Company?

Twitter is another free platform for online promotion for your company. It appears to take a little more effort in building an audience, but it can be easier to create an audience than on Facebook if you are regularly involved.

Twitter may be a tyrant in the first place, and definitely isn’t an instant tool you master. However, it can go a long journey even if you just play and experiment with stuff every day.

Facebook is the perfect way to understand it. So if you are trying to meet young people aged 18-24, you need to give it a try.

Why you need a marketing plan to start a LEDE company?

Your company takes decisions on the fly without a formal marketing strategy. This leads to disjointed marketing campaigns, time, and money being spent on initiatives that can or cannot work for your company.

You become more concentrated when the strategy is written down. Making a written log of your goals, plans, and actions is the best way to avoid losing sight of what we want to accomplish – to transform our ideas into concrete facts.

Is marketing important for your LED Company business to succeed?

You need to view marketing like a method, a set of actions to achieve your specific marketing objective if you want your marketing to be successful. You, however, could be inefficient and inconsistent and deliver less than you hoped results if you do not build a marketing strategy.

So ensure it aligns with your marketing strategy and determines the steps you take to execute an efficient marketing program, the key thing is to introduce a productive marketing funnel in the market.

Do you need excellent blogs for your LED Company to flourish?

Not all businesses would be able to satisfy the demands of a blog, but companies that make blogs earn greater traffic than people who do not. A quality blog makes this traffic a reality as your company is being developed as a body in your industry.

Whenever you post a blog you increase the website presence by another page which gives your business another chance to appear in search engines and drive organic searching to your site.

Why your LED business website needs SEO?

Optimizing your website involves making sure your websites are available when someone is looking for your company using the most relevant keyword phrases. When you take the time to optimize every page and post on your blog, your organic traffic can have a huge impact.

Having your website high in search engines organically is one of the core elements of your marketing strategy. Traffic originating from search results for organic engines is very economical and high ROIs are generated if this traffic is paying customers.

Do you need an email service provider for your LED Company?

You need to use an email service provider to contact a wide number of recipients. Most ISPs block e-mails that have too many recipients in the cc or BCC fields when the volume of spam is being sent.

You can register with a reliable email provider, build on that provide your email list, and use that to email to your list in order to ensure that your emails reach your intended audience.

We are the witness of technology up-gradation in every sector and products. here is the infographic that gives more detailed ideas why switching to the led bulb is a good decision. Read below.

led company marketing ideas

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