Top 10 Led Manufacturers In USA That’s Leading the Charge

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, has emerged as one of the most energy-efficient lighting options and is developing rapidly. ?

It saves a lot of energy and will perhaps act as a future lighting source in the United States of America.

They are easy to handle, do not suffer from overheating, and, most importantly, reduce energy consumption.

From residential lighting to commercial and industrial use, LED manufacturers in the USA are at the forefront of the industry, providing innovative and reliable lighting solutions to customers across the country and beyond.?

In this article, we will explore some of the top LED manufacturers in the USA and their contributions to the lighting industry.

What is an LED manufacturer?

A manufacturer of LEDs is a company specialized in producing light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They are involved in the design, production, and distribution of various LED products, such as bulbs, displays, and lighting fixtures. ?

LED manufacturers focus on enhancing energy efficiency, color quality, and durability. They utilize semiconductor materials to create LED chips, which undergo multiple processes like electrode deposition and encapsulation.

LED manufacturers strictly adhere to rigorous quality control standards and international regulations. Their products are utilized in residential and commercial lighting, automotive lighting, and electronic displays.

LED manufacturers play a crucial role in promoting the adoption of energy-efficient lighting solutions and advancing LED technology.?

What are LEDs?

LEDs, short for Light-Emitting Diodes, are semiconductor devices that generate light when an electric current flows through them. They are known for their high efficiency, converting a significant portion of electrical energy into light while generating minimal heat.

This makes LEDs both environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Additionally, they boast a longer lifespan compared to traditional lights, reducing the frequency of replacements. ?‍?

LEDs are available in a wide range of colors and can be easily controlled, enabling dynamic lighting effects. Their versatility, efficiency, and durability have made them immensely popular in various applications, such as residential and commercial lighting, automotive lighting, displays, and indicator lights.

Leading LED Manufacturers in the USA

Mouser Electronics

 Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics produces authorized semiconductors and other electronic components used by electronic engineers, designers, and household buyers.

The company believes in introducing new products and collaborates with various manufacturers. ?

The company has help centers in more than twenty-seven locations throughout the globe which provides efficient customer support to buyers.

The company operates in over two hundred countries and is headquartered in Southern Dallas, Texas.

Mouser Electronics has a portfolio of over five million products. Besides LED lighting, the company also deals with in-circuit protectors, semiconductors, electromechanical hardware, development tools, and industrial automation equipment.?

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Bisco Industries

 Bisco Industries

Another leading LED company in the United States of America is Bisco Industries. It is a leading electronic components distributor which supplies many industries, including communication, instrumentation, aerospace, marine, and the military. ?

The company believes in the principle of world-class service and local presence. Apart from having a broad category of products, the company also provides excellent after-sales customer service. Bisco Industries is known for its availability of products and fast delivery.

The company deals in electronic components, general assembly hardware, and fasteners, including sensors, spacers, ejectors, and LED equipment.?‍?

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Steven Engineering

 Steven Engineering

Steven Engineering is the next name of the largest LED supplier in the United States. It is another leading distributor of industrial components and operates in the western part of the world. ?

The company focuses mainly on serving the people of America. Steven Engineering is known for its extensive inventory maintenance and many available parts.

The company serves many industries, including automation and pneumatic products industries.

It has its headquarters in San Francisco at a distance of about a mile from the International Airport. The company also has warehouses and branch offices in Oregon and Southern California.?

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EGL Company Inc.

 EGL Company Inc.

The next on the list of the biggest LED companies in America would be EGL Company Inc. It manufactures LED sign box systems used in large channel letters applications & sign cabinets. The company initially started as a strictly neon company. ??

But it has ventured into other areas and emerged as a full-service lighting corporation. It operates in more than seventy countries and has over twelve thousand sign shops across the globe.

The company has earned a loyal base of customers because of its efficient architectural lighting and cost-effective signage.

The company deals in many products, including high-performance LEDs like the Boxster II.

Jen-Ter Wire and Element Inc.

 Jen-Ter Wire And Element Inc.

Jen-Ter Wire and Element Inc. were named after Jenny & Terry- the daughters of the founders. The company initially started as a part of a parent company producing heaters and wiring harnesses in September 2000. ??

The company now has its headquarters in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. The company has always been committed to customer support.

Other features of Jen-Ter that distinguish it from other companies are fast delivery, attention to quality, and focus on detail.

It serves hundreds of customers throughout the globe in many industries, including medical facilities, aerospace, and food service.

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Electronic Industries Inc.

 Electronic Industries Inc.

Electronic Industries Inc. is another distributor of LEDs. It is headquartered near Oshkosh in the state of Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1955 to manufacture batteries, tubes, antennas, and wires. ?

It has now ventured into producing control panels, assemblies, harnesses, circuit boards, and models apart from LEDs.

Despite the great change experienced by the electronic industry, the reputation and market prowess of Electronic Industries have remained the same.

This is because it has gained a very loyal customer base in all these years owing to its quality products and efficient understanding of consumer needs.

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JKL Components Corporation

 JKL Components Corporation

JKL Components Corporation has its headquarters in Pacoima, California. The company was founded in 1972 as an engineering firm that provided solutions to all kinds of lighting needs. ?

The company is one of the leaders in supplying and distributing LEDs, ultraviolet lamps, cold cathode fluorescent lamps, and other lighting accessories.

Consumers trust JKL Components Corporation because it believes in maintaining quality and efficient customer support and after-sales service.

JKL has an impressive list of clients like the Department of homeland security, the automotive and aviation industry, Fortune 100 companies, and other large manufacturers.?

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

 Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc distributes military and commercial electronic products. It is a big distributor of LEDs and deals in LED lighting products like high and low bay, canopy, floodlights, flat-panel tube lights, and emergency backup power.?

They also supply neon and incandescent lighting. A special feature of this company is the option to customize designs for specific applications.

They also provide facility programs for LED management solutions. The company also sells inductors, capacitors, resistors, switches, and other electrical products besides LEDs.

LPR Global

 LPR Global

LPR Global is a Canadian company that operates largely in the United States. It collaborates with South Korea and works as an international marketing consultant to facilitate trade between South Korea and North America. ?

The company has been importing cutting-edge technology from the Asian giant and manufacturing industrial machinery and manufacturing products for the North American market.

Strong strategic involvement with various Korean companies has been facilitated by LPR Global, which makes them one of the market leaders.

It has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, and deals in numerous industrial equipment, energy and EPC products, and testing equipment other than LED.??

Core Electronics

 Core Electronics

Core Electronics has earned a lot of renown in the field of crystals, resonators, and oscillator manufacture. With a market experience of more than forty years, the company specializes in Opto, passives, electromechanical components, and semiconductors. ?

It is equally efficient in selling both the products of other companies and their manufacturers. Skilled professionals are hired to take care of sales and marketing.

Efficient employees ensure that they understand the exact need of their customers and serve them accordingly.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it more or less sums up the leading LED companies in the United States.⭐ These names come up at the very beginning while talking about LEDs in the US. Efficient service and skilled market research have helped them to emerge as market leaders.

They have been serving the country’s people for several years and have earned a solid reputation for themselves.

This, along with efficient customer support and prompt after-sales service, ensures these giants’ success in the United States electronic market.

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FAQs for LED Manufacturers in the USA

What are the advantages of using LED lighting?

LED lighting offers numerous advantages such as energy efficiency, long lifespan, durability, low heat emission, instant on/off, and the ability to produce various colors. They also contribute to reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

How do I choose the right LED manufacturer?

When selecting an LED manufacturer, consider factors like their reputation, experience, product quality, certifications, warranty policies, customer support, and adherence to industry standards. Reading customer reviews and comparing options can also help make an informed decision.

Can LED manufacturers provide customized LED solutions?

Yes, many LED manufacturers offer customized solutions to meet specific lighting requirements. They can work with customers to design and produce LED products tailored to their needs, including unique shapes, sizes, colors, and functionalities.

Where can I find LED manufacturers?

LED manufacturers can be found globally, with many operating both online and through physical stores. They may have their own websites, sell through authorized distributors, or exhibit at trade shows dedicated to lighting and electronics.

What is the lifespan of LED products manufactured by LED manufacturers?

LED products have a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting options. On average, LEDs can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours or more, depending on the quality of the product and usage conditions.

Top Led Companies

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