100+ Lead Magnet Ideas To Try In this Year

Lead magnets are important for improving conversion rates.

Getting the attention of your audience is art and science. And for that, a lead magnet is an effective tool as they provide value to a prospect’s business, such as insight, guidance, chuckle, etc.

However, if you are looking for new ideas which can help, here is the list of the best effective ones to consider in 2021.


List Of Best Lead Magnet Ideas To Consider

Well, a lead magnet is a free resource that helps in getting the attraction of potential customers to the niche and to click on.

These are the free content,  due to which the visitors sign up for the email list and eventually end up as paying customers.

A lead magnet can be in different forms, but they have the following characteristics such as :

  • They are free of cost and deliver
  • They are for promoting the business or generating the leads
  • They have a high perceived value, such as being valuable, informative, or helpful.

Here is the list of persuasive lead magnet ideas that can help in boosting your email list, and It includes:

The Toolkit Bundle

Well, a toolkit contains a collection of tools that are helpful for the readers and everything in one place.

It also helps in converting well, and it can be a massive hit if you are considering it as a lead magnet.

Lead Generation Quiz

A quiz can help in converting well as it’s entertaining and also makes your audience feel curious.

In the quiz, the user needs to answer a series of questions, and it helps in getting the results.

But to get the results, the user is required to enter their email address.

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Create A Template

Offering the template can help in an offering that is good for the reader; this allows them to copy and paste in the outline as well as fill in the blanks.

Templates help in working much better and are easy to use.

A Free Guide

One of the most used lead magnets, Guides are considered helpful for the audience which they actually need.

A guide is essential, which includes all the how-to piece content along with the goal attached, and it’s related to a certain topic.

Cheat Sheet

The next you can consider is sharing the Cheatsheet; it can make a leading magnet because the users have the list of guidelines to achieve the benefit.

It’s difficult for people to read the long post even though it contains a lot of info and has videos as well as graphics.

But getting a one-pager cheat sheet that is downloadable help in getting all the information is much better.

Give A Swipe File

Swipe files are better for people, which is helpful in copying it from one to paste it entirely.

Here, they don’t have to tweak or add information; this helps in swiping the files, which makes a great idea for the lead magnet.

Share Manifesto

A manifesto is a simple declaration of your ideas, motives, and views of yours.

It helps the audience to know more about your brand. Also, it offers lead management because it draws the attention of your ideal audience.

Lead Magnet Checklist

The checklist is similar to cheat sheets, but they are much more actionable in nature.

This is also quick to create and helps in summarizing the blogs into the checklist and turning them into a content upgrade.

You can also combine the content updated along with 2 steps opt-in; this helps in boosting the conversions.

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Free Report

You can consider offering the Free report; it’s attractive because here you add all the valuable information without costing anything.

However, it should be something that actually helps in offering value to the customers.

Creating A Ebook For Free

Books are useful, especially if you want to build authority in the field you belong to.

But writing might take time; that’s you are required to consider what topic you should add as well as take away carefully.

It should be something that is vital and hold something unique offering to the audience.

Host 30-Day Challenge

Challenges are also a great way which can help build trust and an audience.

You can start with the ‘ 30 Days Building Challenge’; however, it’s important when you should consider this one; it includes :

Challenges should have their start and end date so they can create urgency and make offers compelling.

Channels also offer a sense of community; it fosters the feeling of everyone participating in this together at the same time.

Challenges are easier to post depending on the behavior through peer pressure.

Resource List

A resource list includes all the collections of the assets which are valuable and huge time savers.

You can put together the stuff which is best, and in a comprehensive format, it helps the users to save time on research.

Free Email Course

Email courses are easy as you don’t have to create anything which is downloadable as well as fancy.

It’s essentially as if you need to autoresponder a series on a daily basis which teachers use to accomplish; however, email courses help in getting the prospects into customers.

Comic Strip

Comics are for the entertainment purpose, but the tool rarely helps in teaching how-to content

But it can be an effective medium to have some interesting thoughts, ideas, and learning on subjects.

Comic strips are unique as well, and if you know how to create them, then your audience might be happy to share emails with you.

Record The Event

So when you do the live sessions, or in-person seminars, regardless of whether it’s free or chargeable, you can record the event.

This can also be used as a lead magnet, as it contains highly valuable video and audio content.

Audio Course

It can be the ideal option to consider for the lead magnet to get the traffic converted into email subscribers.

It’s also a great way of consuming information without spending too much time.

Video Training

Well, when you have subscribers who are into consuming video over text or audio as they perceive it is more valuable.

It is entertaining and helpful, and the video series doesn’t require to feature you or anything,

Simply use the screencast and record your voice; not just that you can do the animated videos, but it will require some investment.

Video Splinter

If you have video courses that are awesome, you can use the initial minutes for the lead magnet.  It can be something like a movie trailer or something.

This is also a great way which might lead to the advice to purchase the course entirely along with the email address.

Audio Splinter

Well, it is quite similar to the video splinter, but here, you need to send the audio file instead of the video.

This is also saving time as some subscribers might find watching videos time-consuming, so they prefer to listen to audio.

Audio Training

Audio training has the same vibe as an audio course as well as a splinter but in a longer format.

It has all stand-alone training courses which help the audience to learn something.


One of the effective ways that you can consider a lead magnet, and when you do, here are some of the points to know.

Qualify the leads by making sure that the relevant prize is on offer; make sure it’s something your target audience wants.

Incentivize participants to share, so you offer entries in addition to each share.

Creating The Private Group On Facebook

Facebook groups also work as great lead magnets, and it is most helpful in achieving more success.

Since people do value the communities, here the poet snails, customers to discuss and talk with others who share the same mind.

Hosting The Webinar

You can use this for the lead magnet, it is similar to a video lead, but webinars are valuable.

It creates urgency and adds value to the interested audience.

Since the live webinars have their set times and are limited to the members, this creates the fear of missing out.

Hosting The Workshop For Free

Well, here you get the offer which includes the in-person meeting.

Instead of living or in-person seminars where the audience has to pay money but the online workshop can be free.

You can pre-record this and offer those who missed out to download in exchange for sharing their email address.

Offer Free Script

Scripts are similar to templates; they are also an ideal option if you want to offer something which helps your audience to write and speak.

Download The Software

You can offer the free version of the software, this helps the visitor to download the version without costing anything, but you get an email address in exchange.

Well, as compared to paid versions, free versions obviously don’t have all features.

But the subscribers get the opportunity to use it; you can get the feedback and even convert them to buy the paid versions.

Add High-Value Content

 You can offer high-value content for free, not just it helps in generating a lead magnet where the audience is willing to share their email address.

But for this, you don’t have to build the course or ebook from starch. If you have the content, it can be a recording of live events, videos, or transcription of lectures; you can pack this in one and offer it to your subscribers.

 Free Trails

Free trials are used as one of the options for lead management by a lot of big names from different industries.

You can also use this to get the email address of the potential audience.

You can offer a sample box or product or 50% off on services in exchange for an email address.      

Demo Of Your Software                

Demos can be free, and they can show what your product is about, and they get the chance to use it by trying it out.

This can be recorded or live demo, and the main benefit you get is that it helps in offering highly qualified leads.

Membership For The Life

The next one is offering free membership of your account to the users.

This helps them in trying the product and online tool to understand, but you get the email address.

Many users also convert into paid users as time passes.

Podcast Transcript

To those who do a lot of podcasts, this can be an intelligent way to get more leads to business.

There are a lot of people who like to listen to podcasts, but sometimes they prefer reading the transcript; maybe the connection is bad or something else.

So you can use this opportunity to get your listeners to convert into subscribers.

You can transcript the podcast into PDF files and offer the free but get the email address in return.

Expert’s Lessons

Everyone wants to know what experts want to say; they want to know what they did, what worked, and whatnot.

So you can add the lessons from experts, you can add what you did and how you are able to stick with schedules or rank high in google search, etc.

Valuable Resources

This freebie offers a lot of value which ensures that the visitors don’t leave without signing up.

Here you don’t need to teach but share what they are looking for most. 

Gated Content

To those who don’t have enough time to create your lead magnet, offering gated content can help in building your email list.

Here you can block or gate the sections of certain posts to which your subscribers need to add an email address to access.

So you are not offering all the content for free, but you can get the email address in exchange.

Free Book And Shipping

You can use a bunch of physical books and use for creating the lead management.

Such offers are more perceived value as compared to the ebooks since getting the free physical book are those deals which are hard to resist.


Worksheets are helpful in delivering deeper into particular sections related to the topics you know.

You can include the exercise to the audience requirement, filling it out in order to get goals accomplished.


Generators can be used for creating something without taking much time or thinking.

This can be useful for the audience, and you can get it.


The spreadsheet is the programming tool basically which is used to create useful resources.

You can offer the free spreadsheet in exchange for email subscribers. You can also add the video guide as a bonus to help the audience to know how to use it.

Curated Newsletter

You also deliver the content, which is handpicked and delivered to the email every week.

The curated newsletter can be of high value; it can help in getting more sign-ups.

This will save their time on researching, and it will help in getting more informative articles.

Roundup Post

Well, such posts are popular, and they are pretty easy to put together, and you can also use this as a lead magnet.

Roundup posts are basically a list of tips and techniques depending on the specific topic you choose and from experts in the industry.

You can summarise the expert responses and put them into actionable takeaways.

Here you can change this into a PDF or download a report.


Another option to consider for the lead magnet is a calculator. You can also use this for getting email signups.

This one delivers a high value on instant and makes the option much more popular for the purpose.

 Content Upgrade

The next more simple way to get is a simple content upgrade, which you can provide as a PDF and easy download.

You can round up the post about the different topics, this can be lengthy, but it can be available in the PDF options where you get the email address in exchange.


The calendar can be useful as well as attractive; it can help you in getting the target audience in a variety of industries.

You can consider this one for you to get the lead magnets.

Sandwich Content

In sandwich content, you offer the content for free. However, there is only a part that is accessible without an email address.

For the rest, they have to share their email address. This helps you in getting the audience’s trust, and they consume the content to offer.

 Free Web Apps

 A web app can be a free tool that needs your users to log in, but the number of applications might come with restricted and unlimited access to some users.

The users require to login in, but they need to share the sign-up first, and you get the email address.


Free samples are also excellent, which helps the audience to use or get the service and product but in a small part.

Usually, if you offer them an amazing experience, they will come back and turn into permanent users.

Because of this, there are a lot of grocery stores that distribute free samples to customers.

The same works for online stores, too; you can use this for using it as a lead magnet.


You can help the customers by teaching something in which you have a master’s.

This can be in PDF or video, along with different steps.

Your tutorial can be divided into series or sequences, along with instructions for the specific topic.

Only For The Members

If you are planning to create your own membership site, you also want to offer free registration to the audience.

You can use social proof and create the feeling of missing out to get more audiences signed up.

Free Job Quote

Instead of offering a free consultation, you can offer a free quote, and it can help in getting detailed information that might not be the lead magnet.

But still, you can consider this for your next lead magnet.


This is another excellent option to consider if you want to offer them access without having the use a device.

This can be something like a list of what your audience can easily print out and use when they need it.

Periodic Content

This one is designed for delivering content on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, depending on what you are offering.

To make this effective, you require to update the audience on what they are looking for.

This also makes them know what to expect in the next email, so it can help in excitement which increases the open rate higher than the user.

Notification Of Book Launch

If you have the book launch and have authority on the subject, this can be a great lead magnet.

This helps in informing prospects as well as visitors to know more about the new book launch.

Sharing The List

A list can be similar to a resource list, but here the items are usually in things that are useful, ideas, sources, etc.

Lists should make things easier as well as faster for the subscribers.

They can learn and know about what they are looking for. It helps in getting the goals accomplished.

Mind Map

Mind maps are also effective when it comes to considering a lead magnet since they are informative and organized depending on how the mind processes the information/

They are useful when you have the information that you want to share but cannot organize it in a linear pattern.

This can be unique and have an interesting format and mind maps that help you in getting the sign-ups.

Doing The Live Chat

Well, there are chances that your audience might want to have a conversation with you instead of reading the content.

A live chat can help in getting the understanding and knowledge directly.

This is more interactive and helps in boosting your trust and confidence in yourself.

It is also effective to get more email addresses.

State Of Industry

You can share a detailed report of the industry you work and this can help in asserting the position of authority.

You can help people to get the inside news and know the information that they won’t get.

Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide works on psychology; it will help in taking action much faster and achieving results.

If you have content that can be useful even if it’s troublesome and complicated, offering a fast guide can help the prospect to add less effort.


Infographics are in high demand. It has visual appeal and a lot of information which helps the users.

The combination makes sharing the email address worth it; however, it’s important that you are careful when it comes to the designs.

Make sure that the designs are right and that the infographic is informative enough.

Survey list And Findings

To those who have a small email list and are looking for ways to boost the number of subscribers, you can do the survey, choose a specific topic you can find, and compile all the reports.

This can help you in getting the lead magnet. Well, people love when they receive industry insights, and the report helps in getting the attention of people who share like-minded individuals too.

Library Of Content

When you have the education context, you can make it a virtual library and give the audience access to the content in exchange for an email address.

They can sign up and take them to a page where they can download all the content available.

Case Studies

Case studies attract your subscribers, but with this, you can establish trust and credibility too.

There are differences in the approach when you design the case study as lead management.

You can show the outcome, which was successful, or narrate how people ended up losing something and messing up.


A planner can be an ideal option, especially if it’s helping the prospect to organize their work and task.      

Planners can be sent a weekly calendar booklet along with the space where they can write or have tips on specific niches.


A scorecard can be unique and fun, which helps in becoming a useful lead magnet.

This is similar to the quiz, with a series of questions. But at the end of the question, was the score calculated depending on progress and achievement to get the goal?

Writing The Whitepaper

White papers are quite similar to free reports, where the readers get the authority’s information on specific issues.

One of the major differences is that they get a detailed analysis of the competitors using specific tools and strategies.

Download Podcast

If you do the regular podcast, you can also use it as a lead magnet. Compile the bunch of the topics which are related into one episode and offer this to your audience.

These episodes can be about specific topics and the best episodes which are relevant to the audience.

Free Consultations

A free consultation can help in getting more subscribers much faster.

This also helps in getting a much better lead magnet much faster, especially if you are offering services such as financial, SEO, and web design.

SlideShare Download

Slides are the favorite; you can fill in the useful information as well as design and add the advantage of lead magnet.

You can plush the slides on SlideShare or the PowerPoint presentations; you can grab the popular ones and get those into the lead magnet.

Free Shipping

If you have a store or online merchant, you can use the free shipping offer as a lead magnet.

People love when they get free shipping if you can offer the coupons which are available to the facility in exchange for an email address.

Comparison Charts

Since there are a lot of options, this can make people confused and make it hard to choose or make decisions.

In order to make the decision, people need a comparison, and you can offer the comparison chart as a lead magnet.

Choose the niche smartly and offer the comparisons based on what your audience might need.

Audio Book

Audiobooks can work extremely well, and if you can get the audience to feel eager to learn something but they don’t have enough time and preferences to do the reading.

Similar to video and audio content, audiobooks help the audience to engage in alternatives in order to learn and get information.


Brochures are better for the marketing funnel, and if someone is showing their interest in products or information, you can increase this by offering them a brochure,

Especially for tourism and hospitality, this can be an effective brochure.

Free Trial Issue

Well, free trial issues can also be used for the lead magnet, especially if you are selling something like physical magazines.

By giving a free copy of the magazine to the audience, here you get the email information but you might also get their attention for a long time.

Discount Coupon Code

There is no one who hates getting discounts. You can also get the opportunity to get more visitors to the email list.

You can offer discounts to visitors in exchange for getting their email and using the website to purchase the products.

Package Bundle

Package bundle of something or small, this lead management can get into a package.

This works because of different aspects, including video, PDFs, templates, calendars, recordings, etc. This contains all the usual stuff that you can offer to the audience in exchange for an email address.

Free Tickets For Events

If you are running a company holding a celebration or going to do a free event, you can also use this for the lead magnet.

Everyone likes to have a free pass; this can help you in getting the signup and email address.

Access To Online Community

People look for the communities so they can feel they belong; smart companies offer the knowledge and are helpful in capturing the leads.

They like to offer the email address to enter exclusive communities online where they can talk as well as interact with common interests.

Promos For Early Bird

This lead magnet helps in working on getting the premise for people who love receiving discounts and saving money.

Early bird promos can help in getting more audience; it has a large number of leads and helps in getting more long-term customers.

Free Product

A business that sells products and consumables, especially in makeup-like industries, can help in getting a lead magnet.

You can send the free samples; this help is likely to come back and make the purchase on their website.

Referral Marketing

Referrals are a no-brainer when it comes to lead magnets; you can offer this for the users as they can share it with their friends along with discount coupons or points.

This can help in getting more signs up for the account.

Webinar Replay

Replays are also great when it comes to lead magnets to attract new visitors who might have missed the live event.

The lead magnet can help in targeting audiences in different time zones since they can replay the recorded versions of live webinars.

Food Recipes

If you have a food or nutrients blog or website which sells cooking related to the product and services, it can lead magnet successfully.

You can send the food recipes in their emails, and in order to get more, they will sign up more.

Exclusive Interviews

Use part of the interviews which are exclusive; this helps you in getting a free lead magnet.

This means you can add the top CEO and successful entrepreneur interviews to attract new subscribers.

Personal Tips

You can share personal tips, inspiration, and other helpful options from influential people.

If it’s backed up with research, visitors will be happy to subscribe and share the email address.

You can also use this as a lead magnet, and it can help you in getting subscribers.

Expert Reviews And Teardown

Well, if you have an expert in what you do and have the most natural lead magnet to demonstrate in showing capabilities which offer the visitor gets the expert review for free.

The webinars give the opportunity to get the landing pages and the possibility of getting the website and having to know more about them.

Newsletter Subscription

Newsletters are common and one of the ideal lead magnets which you can offer.

However, it’s not as compelling enough to get the sign-ups.

So if you are simply using this will end up killing the conversion rate.

That’s why you need to make sure that you offer a compelling copy to entice the audience.

Free Account Registration

This one is a simple option when it comes to lead magnet which is commonly used by eCommerce companies for online stores.

You need to create an online account in order to make the purchase or add the items to the cart.


Predictions are future trends depending on a particular industry, especially as it helps in getting attention.

People want to know about the future, so they make adjustments to their strategies.

With this,  you can build the list and, depending on experience as well as expertise, create a small resource for the upcoming year.

 Event Updates

Everyone likes to know about the events which are going on around them, and special events are helped by favorite restaurants, sports teams, and rock bands.

If you are holding regular events in different towns and various, you can use the event to update the lead magnet.

Save Accounts And Use Tool

Creating the online tool which helps in letting users and asking them to register with their email address if they want to download.

It can be effective and simple; you can consider this for the lead magnet.


The survey comes with compelling calls to action, which can offer an excellent lead magnet.

For example, you can also bring the blog visitor to get the feedback and have the reliability as well as relevance to help in getting the website.

Just make sure that you have surveys that are only present to those who visited four pages on the blog at least and stayed enough to read more.

Free Chapter Of Your Book

Well, if you have written a book or are planning to do it, you can share one chapter for free, but it can also help in making a lead magnet.

You can offer the audience the books, upselling them to get those books and purchase them.

Branded Swag

Here you can brand anything; it can be a cup, mug, pen, or shirt.

There are a lot of free things, and everyone likes to have those things.

You can offer the free branded items to the audience and they will love to share the email address.

You can give the branded material for free, which you get an email but also boost brand awareness.


Catalogs can help in serving as an active lead magnet as it offers the audience who are in the middle of the marketing funnel.

Well, here, if you have the product catalog, you can ask about the email address in the order form.

To keep this more attractive, you can offer discounts on the product’s regular price or limited period; this can be helpful too.

Social Media Contest 

You can do the contest on social media like Instagram or Facebook; these are powerful and effective options for lead generation. 

Not just that, it can help in getting new leads in huge amounts without spending much time. 

This helps in driving more attention and engagement; the contest also makes your people feel excited and share with others. 

So you can get the comments. Liking and sharing make the relationship better, and with that, they are willing to share the email with you.

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